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Commented on oveshpatel007's review

1 day ago

Very nice written, you have written a much better review, I hope you should get an ROD for this review.

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1 day ago


Reviewed Ender's Game - Orson Scott Card

1 day ago 38 Views

Book's name- Ender's Game

Author- Orson Scott Card

I had heard about the novel years ago from my friends who read it. So I had been expecting much from the novel by Orson Scott Card. Ender's Game is the story of a young genius, Ender Wiggin, who is admitted into the military. This a story whic... Read more

Reviewed Tips on choosing shoes

1 day ago 23 Views

(Updated 1 day ago)

Choosing shoes is one of the easiest job that can be done by every individual . Putting more emphasis on the Dress Code is important. The shoe must match your Top. If you are wearing a multicolored combination, then that is not supposed to be callled a Dress Code. That gets Mis-matched.So, for the l... Read more

Commented on Uttam_S's review

1 day ago

Thank you for the Review, very nicely explained. Congratulations for the ROD.

Reviewed Tips on Reading Books

2 days ago 43 Views

(Updated 1 day ago)

Generally what happens with most of the enthusiastic readers, is that they do want to the read books but are not able to read just because of 2 reasons- Firstly, they feel like reading the book as so many days passed but one did not initiate though there was ample free time. Secondly, they feel like... Read more

Commented on own review

4 days ago

Thank you everyone for commenting and viewing my review. Thanks to Mouthshut as well.

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8 days ago



Commented on Paulsb02's review

8 days ago

your elephant -tree -rope is quite convincing. and yes the Watch man thing was largely insane.

Reviewed Malgudi Days - R K Narayan

9 days ago 3261 Views

Malgudi Days is a  collection of short stories written by the famous Indian Writer- RK Narayan.

The stories are all in and around the place Malgudi.

Those were the stories whcih are included in our School literature syllabus also. Especially included in the subject of Value Education( A subjec... Read more

Commented on NormalOpinion's review

9 days ago (Updated 9 days ago)

Congratulations fo the Review of the Day. Like your 'Blood Pressure' thing.

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9 days ago


Commented on manishbhardwaj789's review

9 days ago

There are many other products much better than this

Commented on abrarsaquib786's review

9 days ago

You have written a nice review, appreciated.

Commented on vkxyz894's review

9 days ago

You have writtena nice review, framed it well.

Commented on 4alltalk's review

9 days ago

Students who cannot afford the fees can atleast afford the DLPs, if not then at least the Test Series.

Commented on roshan12345566's review

9 days ago

Oh the faculties are not ATM centres, that they are available 24 hours.

Commented on raghuvanshisourab's review

9 days ago

Oh so where do you study,i mean your college?

Commented on rinkukalwaniya18's review

9 days ago

It would be better if you share your true experience with the viewers.

Commented on anuragroc's review

9 days ago

Happy for your sister. See, Allen is Great!