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World Toilet Day

Posted on Nov 19, 2018 02:22 PM under General

The study shows, more people in the world have phones than toilets, and guess what we need more?

Sanitation and health have been a long-running topic around the world. Many countries, including our own, face the grave issue of not having enough toilets for people to use. This creates concerns in so many levels.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan was created and toilets were just one of the issues on their list.

Every day, thousands of children are affected because we have not created proper systems. The unhygienic environment not only affects the people living in and around that area but create conditions for new diseases to exist. It gives life to a vicious cycle that will become very difficult to break after a while. It already is affecting our world.

Poor hygiene leads to a lot of troubles – diseases, fatalities, and even the mere invasion of privacy that we as humans deserve. We have had brilliant movies such as “Toilet Ek Prem Katha” bringing the glaring realities to our homes. Today, the conversation is out in the open. There is an increase in awareness.

As citizens of this country, and the world, it is our responsibility to increase the awareness for clean toilets. Additionally, we need to encourage people to start using these toilets.

Change is always difficult, and is always met with resistance. The idea is to keep at it so we can create a clean and beautiful world.

This World Toilet Day, we must all strive to do what we can. Donate to the nearest NGO, educate your help, or just rally to construct new toilets in your area! Every little attempt counts. Every step counts!

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Should we really watch that movie?

Posted on Sep 25, 2018 05:31 PM under General

Should we really watch that movie? - Well, this question always comes in our mind every week for released movies.

We all love watching movies or series. Some like it more than others.

Every week the box office fills with new movies and we just can’t wait to watch them all! But is it worth spending all that money on tickets and popcorn?

Here’s a sure way to know whether or not that movie is worth it!

1.The cast! – A movie depends on two major factors – story line and cast.

We can guess the brilliance of the story by the writers, but the cast never disappoints. Actors like Rajkumar Rao always give hits, and even if the story is trashy, we know their acting won’t leave us disappointed.

2.Trailers and teasers – A trailer is like a brief of the movie.

A little peek into how good or bad it could be. Usually, a good trailer always means a good movie. And it’s a safe bet that you won’t be wasting your money on the first day first show.

3.Reviews! – The most important factor has got to be reviews!

A movie can have amazing direction, cinematography, songs and a whole lot of other things, but is it worth the watch, only

reviews will tell. And obviously, people’s reviews are more trusted!

When I want to watch a movie, I will always check its ratings and reviews first! No questions asked.

So, don’t waste your money on something you can watch later on Netflix or Amazon Prime. Watch the best. Don’t regret!

P.S. has amazing reviews for movies. Definitely trusted!

Check out the list of all upcoming movies here:

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Your Dream Home

Posted on Apr 19, 2018 05:53 PM under General

Home. A place, a sentiment, an emotion. We all love it. We all need it. And the perfect home makes everything else in life perfect.

So many of us spend a lifetime renting out our houses, and not being able to find the perfect house with the perfect price. It's a struggle to find what we know we deserve.

We at understand what it takes to look for a house. The amount of time and energy used cannot be compared with anything.

But wouldn't it be amazing if you could make your decision before you actually step out to see your new home? Simply click on our NEW Real Estate page, and find everything you could possibly need to look for your dream home. We have specific guides on how you can choose the perfect builder, and be able to choose the best loan for your home.

Our buying guides will help you understand the intricasies that go into a house hunt, and will prevent you from making the wrong choice.

Coupled with genuine user reviews, it is the perfect platform to cater to all your needs.

What are you waiting for? Click NOW

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Real Estate

Posted on Apr 18, 2018 05:24 PM under General

Real Estate

Your dream home. Imagine walking in the front door and having a room decorated exactly how you imagined. To be able to find the perfect home today is a challenge.

You have to know who's a good builder, and take so many factors into consideration before you give your OK. So many of us spend a lifetime looking for the perfect home at the perfect price.

We at understand your plight. And so we have started the Real Estate page for everyone looking to purchase a new home. You have access to all details relevant to when you have to hunt for your dream home. Amenities in and around the building, facilities available, important requirements in the locality, we provide you information about everything. This includes the price too!

Cherry on top are the genuine reviews from people who currently live there, or have stayed there previously. You can read reviews and make wise choices for you and your family.

So what are you waiting for? Click on and let the hunt begin!

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New Contest Alert.

Posted on Feb 20, 2018 05:31 PM under General

March is around the corner, and the tax season is upon us. Mouthshut is ready to help you all! And we aim to make it fun, because work hard, party harder! is launching its next competition. Something to help everyone make the right choice during this transition.

Here’s what you have to do – all of us know banks. A lot of us know numbers. So many of us know the best practices to follow to save taxes. All you have to do is put it down in words and post reviews in our Personal Finance category. The rules are as follows:

1.Your review should be a reflection of your genuine experience.

2.Add a proof if possible to increase reliability.

3.You cannot use any offensive/abusive language.

4.The review should be framed properly with the good use of language.

5.It should be from the “Personal Finance” category only.

6.Don’t forget to use #HumaraBudget in your review.

7.Each week we will announce minimum 5 finalists, out of which we will choose 2 winners.

8.The finalists’ reviews will be featured on our social media platforms.

9.You must follow Mouthshut on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to be eligible for the competition.

10.The review should be of minimum 500 words.

11.Do not copy!

Winners will be given goodie bags with exciting Mouthshut merchandise.

So what are you waiting for? Log in and start writing reviews!

Click to share your experience now:

We have only a limited number of goodie bags, and a lot of knowledge to pass on!


MouthShut Team.

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Be a Financial Adviser. #HumaraBudget

Posted on Feb 06, 2018 11:47 AM under General

The tax season is upon us. It’s time to start collecting all the documents and start making sense out of them.

A lot of people are highly aware of how to file their taxes. They are aware of the dos and don’ts, and know when to show what to get the highest returns.

For a lot of people out there, taxes is a complicated subject. Its finance and finance usually screams scary. There are plenty of working professionals out there who seek the help of CAs to do the needful. The CAs, in exchange for a fee, help these people file their taxes.

A lot of students find themselves in a difficult position when taking up their first job and filing their first tax returns. We are taught a million subjects in school, but how to file tax returns is not one of them. Yes, it can be a scary subject, but that’s only an illusion.

Once you know the basics, the most is easy to figure out. Be it Mutual Funds, Charity, GST, or even Stocks; they’re all easy to understand.

So, for all our readers out there who want to learn the basics and not be fooled by anyone, we suggest you stick around. We at understand what people need, which is why, throughout the month of February and March, we will be putting up blogs and promoting finance related reviews for our readers.

We will get on board industry experts who can talk to you all about the intricacies of tax, and help you save your money! So stay tuned! And keep following us on Facebook(/mouthshut), Twitter(/MouthShut), and Instagram(/mouthshut_com) for constant updates.

Oh! And we’re even going to throw in a few competitions. Because there’s no fun if you can’t win some MS Points, is there?

Do share your financial experience here with & stand a chance to win MS Points.

Click to participate now:

Steps to be followed get rewards!

1.Login to

2.Share your genuine experience w.r.t Personal Finance category.

3.Only well-formatted reviews having more than 1000 characters will be eligible.

4.Also, add any Purchase proofs [Invoice, Bill etc] along with your reviews to increase the winning chances.

5.Share it on Facebook/Twitter to get eligible for competition.

6.Don’t forget to use #HumaraBudget in your review.

7.Best review will be selected as the winner for MS points.


MouthShut Team.

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Share & Earn 100 MS Points.

Posted on Jan 15, 2018 05:14 PM under General

Time for a new competition to get an additional reward.

Now that everyone’s back from their holidays, we know you have a million stories to share. Among those stories are your reviews. The places you went, the food you ate, the quality of services provided, we know you have an opinion about it all.

If so, time to pen it down. Quickly head on over to travel category and write about your trip! The good, bad, ugly, we accept it all. Share your sweet memories with us & get 100 MS Points for your stories.

Starting tomorrow, one winner will be selected every day for this week. These winners will be rewarded with 100 MS Points each for their best story write-ups.

So write about your vacation & spread your stories with other fellow members!

Click to participate now:

Steps to get rewards

1.Login to

2.Share your genuine experience on Travel Category.

3.Review having more than 1000 character will be eligible.

4.Also, share images/video of your visited place to increase winning chances.

5.Share it on Facebook/Twitter to get eligible for competition.

6.Best review will be selected as the winner on each day.

7.Don’t forget to use #MouthShutTraveller in your review.


MouthShut Team.

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Merry Christmas & a Very Happy New Year in advance!

Posted on Dec 22, 2017 06:35 PM under General

Dear Members,

Team MouthShut would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year in advance.

We would like to inform you that few of our MouthShut staff members will not be working between 23rd December 2017 and 1st January 2018. Due to this, the support & contest queries could take longer than usual. We request you to bear with us during this joyful holiday season.

We do assure you that during this time, our website, mobile app, and social media will be completely active and available to you.

Kindly write us at and for any query.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

-Team MouthShut

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Winners of MouthShut Presents Village Cricket League!!

Posted on Dec 18, 2017 05:02 PM under General

After two days of intense competition, we finally have a winner for MouthShut presents Village Cricket League.

After a series of matches between the teams, the Flying Falcons and Cobol Gladiators came out as the strong two contenders for the finals.

The whole MouthShut team was present at the Islam Gymkhana, cheering and hooting as their favourite teams entered the grounds one by one. The players proved themselves time and time again. Some even managed half centuries.

The finals match was intense. Both the strong teams were prepared to go head to head against each other. Each team had its strengths and weaknesses, but in the 12 over match, the Flying Falcons took the cup home! With excellent batting and fielding, they proved themselves against the Cobol Gladiators.

In the toss, the Cobol Gladiators won and chose to bowl first. The Flying Falcons took to the field and displayed their excellent talent, as one after another they hit boundaries. With a score of 143/3, the Flying Falcons had set the bar high for the Cobol Gladiators.

The Cobol Gladiators had to keep up a run rate of 12 runs per over if they wished to win against the Flying Falcons.

Although their batting was impeccable, they didn’t stand a chance against the tight and strong defence the Flying Falcons had set up. They saved boundaries and prevented runs, and in the end, the Flying Falcons picked up the trophy, winning by 46 runs!

Celebrations continued after the match as the prize distribution took place. Players were honoured and medals were given to the deserving.

But the cherry on top was the gleaming Village Cricket League Trophy!

To know in detail how each match played out, follow us on Twitter and read all about it!

Twitter Handle: @MouthShut

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MouthShut Presents Village Cricket League!!

Posted on Dec 14, 2017 12:53 PM under MouthShut Postings

As Indians, whether or not an enthusiast, we all love cricket. And we love having an office environment where we are awarded for working hard. has been a pioneer when it comes to employee satisfaction. To add to that, the company has introduced Village Cricket League - Season 4.

Like the famous IPL, VCL follows the same rules and excitement, except here they organize in the form of T10. There are four internal teams – Cobol Gladiators, Java Strikers, Flying Falcons and C-Sharp Warriors. Staying true to form and following the company culture, to represent various areas of the office, each team is named after a programming language. The owners of the teams are also picked right from within the company.

Entering into its fourth season, the excitement has been building up steadily since the beginning of the year. In true IPL style, MouthShut first organizes the screening where each player shows off their skills and strengths. Some bowl like Kapil Dev and some can compete with Sachin Tendulkar in batting!

After that comes the auction. Excitement levels are always high when the owners put on their finest jackets and walk on to the grounds, ready to outbid each other for the finest players. Once the teams are made, the promotions begin! Each team promotes themselves and try to gain as many supporters as possible. These supporters stay loyal to the team they choose, adorning the jerseys that are selected, designed and revealed each year in a grand manner!

The practices are filled with fun and enthusiasm. The players find any time that they can to cram in a few throws to stay fit and ready for the matches.

When the final day of the matches rolls in, enthusiasm is palpable! Two days of teams competing with each other to win the trophy, to become champions!

Every year during the VCL, one can see the employees bonding and be building up each other, going the extra mile. MouthShut is a company that cherishes and respects its employees. The VCL is a place for team building and creating memories that everyone cherishes! Because didn’t we all just want to go out and play when we were kids?

The matches are organized every year at the Islamic Gymkhana Cricket Ground at Marine Lines. This year, the matches will be conducted over a two-day period on Friday, 15th December 2017; and Saturday, 16th December 2017. Come on over, support the players, and stand a chance to win MS Points! Be a part of the two-day fun! Competition details will be posted on our social media platforms. Follow to know more.

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