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Fogg Scent Intensio Reviews

Sweet smell

2 days agoRead (via Android App)

Fogg scent has a super smell .it contains better fragrance useful for men and womens.There are somany type of scent, at older days I used enchantah body spray it is better but it full of gas I don't like it.Now iam using fogg scent it is gas free full of liquid and perfect one.The bo...Read More

Fogg the best body spray

2 days agoRead (via Android App)

Fogg is the best product I am using from last two months. It feels me special when I am in the university campus with my some of friends.The bottle design of fogg I just love it.It is long lastingI think I badly need fogg. Thanks very much fogg because you make me very special every ...Read More


8 days agoRead (via Android App)

Fogg is liquid body spray and they tell that it contain only spray no gas. It comes in normal design and not so attractive. Fogg was in demand but nowadays its not the people choice. I have also used it but the fragrance will not long lasting effect. It rrmain only for 2 hour in a day use. Its n...Read More

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8 days agoRead

THIS FOGG SCENT INTENSIO is having great pleasant smell for a longer duration.the bottle is made from iron.very good looking and attractive bottle.it comes in different colours like red blue and black.it gives great feeling with the sweet smell of this scent.it is good for both men and women.it ...Read More

Fogg scent Intensio

9 days agoRead (via Android App)

Fogg scent is most likely product by the people. It comes in blue, red etc colored bottle.Bottle is made up of iron.This scent having very long lasting durable and gave pleasant smell.I am using it from many years so I am fully satisfied with this product so I am suggesting you to bu...Read More

Fogg ni chal rahaa

20 days agoRead (via Android App)

I m not happy with fogg scent intensio . What we saw in advertisments all were fake promises . Although the design of bottle is very attractive but except the bottle all othet things are useless . Its effect is not lasting long .at the time of use of fogg till 2 hours its smell will there but af...Read More

Don't fulfill what they advertise

21 days agoRead (via Mobile)

Fascinated by the going advertisements on the television about so much good in fogg scent I also decided to try some for myself. But after buying and using for sometime I came to realise something about the fogg scent. Based on that experience I am writing this review. First thing that these fog...Read More


21 days agoRead

This brand is not that great to utilize and hatchet fragrances are superior to anything fogg scents. furthermore, it is not long lastic.I didnot discover it esteem for money.Its exorbitant however that is not the problem.the issue was I didn't get the outcome I had expected.The smell isnt truly ...Read More

Only Name Is Fancy

22 days agoRead

Only the name of the scent is fancy . as far as the bottle is concerned the design is unique and look good in hand but the fragrance is not nice at all and it just disappears as quickly as you apply it and it does not help in longer run which is not a good thing . also the smell is very strong a...Read More

Genuine Review on Fogg Scent Intensio

23 days agoRead

Hey Guys, I would to write a review regarding Fogg Scent Intensio, I bought this scent because I am a user of Fogg deodorant and almost all fragrances I have used and those are very good in smell and relaxation for mind also and I personally liked very much Black deodorant. When comes to Fogg sc...Read More

Unbearable strong fragrance

27 days agoRead

Fogg is a good company. I usually use the deoderants produced by it. Few months ago, its new apparel, that is, Fogg Scent Intensio came in the market. Excitedly, I thought to buy a bottle of this scent. I was happy when I saw it as its bottle had an attractive design. I thought that I will use i...Read More

What Is This

30 days agoRead

Hey guystoday I am sharing my experience About Scent.I personally Love deodorant and Scent very much. last week I brought Scent. Fog Scent Intens iso .I feel this is not good and the fragnance is also not so good night see compliment for my friend that this is very bad. this is only popular ...Read More

Fogg Scent Intensio

30 days agoRead

Fogg is a very branded and very popular when we see the advertisement of Fogg scent we have started to use this scent in our family and its became very nice and awesomeThe design of bottle is so nice and very impressive and the effect of scent smell is also very powerful and for long time, W...Read More

This is not done

Jan 17, 2017 04:12 PMRead

Hi India,Today I will share my experience about Fogg scent. I love perfumes and deodorant. I use every new perfume if any one suggest me any new. so I tried Fogg Scent Intensio. but it was not up to my expectations as my friend told me.let me tell you point wise.Bottle Design:I l...Read More

Worst fragrance......i dont like this..

Jan 17, 2017 12:22 PMRead

Today fogg scent is very big brand in indian market. becoz if its quality and durability. and it lounched fogg scent intensio. personally I am not like this product.its smell is too too strong. so that is why I am not like this product.This brand is not that good to use and axe perfumes are ...Read More

Very strong smell

Jan 11, 2017 10:08 PMRead (via Android App)

The fogg scent Intensio has very strong and pungent smell now I am saying clearly that it is not made for peaple who likes sweet, soft smell and it will give headache to them .Although the bottle design is very good and looks very expensive .The scent odour last for almost 3-4 days if u ...Read More

Too strong smell : Fogg Intensio

Jan 11, 2017 12:53 PMRead

What a strong and pungent smell. If you don't like strong smell, then don't go for it. I bought a bottle of these from a local shop and now I'm very much worried why I brought this scent. I thought it may very smooth smell, but when I applied first time on my body my family members first give ba...Read More

It will give you cold and flu

Jan 06, 2017 05:30 PMRead (via Android App)

Hello guys this is zeeshan shaikh and today I am here to review about the fogf scent intensio that this perfume is not that cool to use as its smells goes after sometime no matter how much you apply it or put it. As once I had used this at my friends house, when I applyed it as smelled it , it g...Read More

My honest Review on Fogg Scent

Jan 02, 2017 12:05 AMRead

Hi friends, I want to share my feeling on Fogg scent intensio. I love using perfumes very much. I have started using this Fogg scent intensio by watching many ads on TV, but it's not reached my expectation.First instance I was attracted to the ads of this scent and started using it. The bott...Read More

Gogg Intensio review

Dec 29, 2016 10:07 AMRead

I bought the product by Amazon.com.The item received had the cap cracked and I also did not like the fragrance.The smell is too pungent and strong .The bottle design and the brand appeal is great however product does not justify for the price.It is not worth the money as the lasting effect is fo...Read More

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