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4th Floor, Salarpuria Windsor, 3 Ulsoor Road, Bangalore 560042, KA

Reviews on Salarpuria Group, Bangalore

May 22, 2019 08:12 PM Read

These people demand more money at the time of possession and deny giving you possession of the flat if you refuse to do so. There was nothing mentioned about money that needs to be payed during the time of possession so it is quite horrible that they would cheat people of their hard-earned money like that!
May 22, 2019 10:21 AM Read

The government needs to actively lay the foundation for commencing many initiatives that include taking care of the fiscal benefits, tax benefits and subsidies such that more buyers that fall in the age of first time buyer are able to rent out apartments.
May 20, 2019 07:48 AM Read

The builders are very sweet till the time of possession, but once the possession date starts nearing, they show their true colors. No one will answer your phone and they will not even give any explanation for the delay in possession of the flat on which you have invested your heard earned money!


Salarpuria Group - Bangalore
May 14, 2019 09:14 AM Read

I was really impressed when I saw the building from outside, but there are some areas in the building where they have constructed it using cheap quality materials and it is a huge pain.
May 12, 2019 05:48 PM Read

The builders are very slow on implementation. They will take the advance money on time and will not shy away from claiming interest if any payments are late, but they have delayed the project so much.
Apr 28, 2019 03:31 AM Read

There are no proper amenities and facilities in this place even though we were promised over the top things that they could not deliver. We paied a huge price for this place for the amenities and facilities and we did not get anything in return.
Feb 04, 2018 10:44 AM Read

Actually you will see some positive commets from paid supporters, Lets go on data

1) For laurel heights which was pre launch project of 2 years they collected the money in 6 month almost 80percent and the possesion date was Aug 2017, they took 6 month grace period, initially they demanded 80% money claiming because of new technology of precast block the schedule is 1.5 years ahead they crossed the deadline of Aug 17 and grace period of 6 months still the project is not complete, they just took the money and diverted to other projects, is this not a cheating?

2) they were showing kitchen slab in model house and whenever we visited they told the real flat will be same as model flat and only difference would be interiors, Now they are saying slab they will not provide, is this not a cheating?

3) There CRM told that the demands will be arround one un 3 months, but for early 80% we received demand once in 15 days and then no work, Is this not a cheating?

4) Quality of there construction is very bad as we can get the reference of the greenage which is there prime project
Mar 28, 2017 09:08 AM Read

This is a good project. But the agreement is totally one sided in favour of the builder and leaves the buyer at the mercy of the builder. For example, in case of delay in construction, late penalty is hardly 8000-9000 per month. Even that penalty is unlikely to be realized given the fine print in the agreement. You must get a copy of the final agreement and read it very carefully before you give the first cheque. Other than that, it is a good project. The quoted price is 5390/sq feet and if you negotiate hard, they give about 300/sq ft discount, which makes it attractive.
Mar 05, 2017 02:09 AM Read

Salarpuria Gardenia is a 5 star CRISIL rated project that is located in DURGAPUR, KOLKATA, BANGALORE, HYDERABAD. it is one of the leading builders in india and the customer srervice is satisfactory. The project implementation was quite easy and fast and was delivered within 2 years of booking. It consists of 8 towers and total of 324 flats. staff courtesy wasnt upto the mark as they were not present all the time and used to run us around during the registration. otherwise perfect place to live in located in the heart of the city.
Feb 01, 2016 06:48 PM Read

I am owner of one of the flat with this builder, My intention is not to degrade them but make them realize that if they will keep on cheating there customers that will impact them as well. If some one dose a mistake he can improve but if there intention is just to cheat there customers by all the means, nothing can change, then be it be any project of theirs, you will never get ROI on your investment, the Quality can never be good, we already seen that with there greenage project and from investment prospective its not a group to go with as they will do all the things to take the money from customer and you will never realize the benefits of investment as salarpuria will reap it. its a group of thugs without any moral values so be aware the project which was 1 year ahead of schedule( laurel heights) when they need to raise the demand is now 6 months delayed( with all amenities) when its possession time.
Jan 30, 2016 08:25 PM Read

I recently purchased a property in Bangalore and honestly, I never want anyone to go through the same hassle as me. The building consists of over 300 flats and it's been 2 years since the time the flat is registered but the builder has been very unprofessional in every ground. Firstly, the flat was handed over late and they tried to compensate few without any paper work( under the table) and while others are still taking rounds of their office, .

Quality: very poor and cheap material. Toilets leak, doors break, latches - poor quality. They claim they are 5 star builders but no where close to a 5 star build quality.

Once the flat is registered, they are not bothered what goes wrong with the property. It's your issue and it doesn't bother them.

And now, they have started back dating the maintenance bills, DG bills and want everyone to pay them before the handover. Just ridiculous.

They are now having to redo the drive way as there is water logging. poor quality of work again.

No doubt a few apartment owners barged their office recently and there was a media coverage of the same.

AVOID at all cost. Go for other builders or wait until the time the real estate bill becomes a reality and Govt start enforcing them

Sep 15, 2015 07:23 PM Read

Salarpuria Group is good for constructing affordable flats in which I bought very good home at my own budget; they have provided me all the amenities which are providing by other builders.

Their services are very good and the most important thing which I like in their projects is their construction design is totally differ compare to other builders. Salarpuria team supports their customers in any kind of situations.
Sep 09, 2015 10:29 AM Read

Security is a issue in this apartment, many cases reported, molested on daily basis. if you complain to the security superviser, they say your girl is small, whats the big deal. here are links:

There are thousand of issues from construction quality, phase2 labour roaming in phase1, stray dogs roaming in complex, water leakage, car running at 60km/h in complex without any fear, no security, no visitor checks, drinking water TDS is more than 1000

I have two apartments in Greenage, I am ready to sell at price less than 10 laks what builder is offering. contact me if anyone is interested to buy these apartments. I fed up with the bad attitude of builder towards residents.
Oct 01, 2013 04:48 PM Read

Salarpuria is making my home with in a very responsible manner and putting the effort to make all customers satisfied by all means. I and one of my friends had bought two houses with Salarpuria. It is a great experience in life to buy homes with them and pleasure to deal with this builder.

I had deposited my money to another builder before come to hear about Salarpuria. I am so lucky I found this builder later. Otherwise, I am sure I couldn't build my house at all due to that high cost of home in city. I am very happy with the cost and quality of the building. They would be using at such a realistic price. I can confidently say Salarpuria are the best.
Sep 23, 2012 07:47 AM Read

Hope the management team at Salarpuria is reading this! 2nd week of August I hear an advertisement on FM regarding Greenage project on Hosur Road and pay a visit to the site. I meet a sales person called Mr.Kumar at their site office. The gentleman was polite to begin with. To show the sample flat he instructs a security guard to accompany us. Fine that's also ok maybe Mr.Salesman has too many prospective buyers and every minute is precious(Benefit of Doubt). Then once we get back I am genuinely interested in the property we start discussing. I wanted some flexibility in payment terms (spread out payments over next 3 months). Considering that they are expecting a payment of around 78 lacs for a 2bhk I don't think that was an unjustified request. The shocking apathy starts now immediately ultra busy Mr.Kumar retorts with a "NO Not possible" . As per him they need money within 45 days and that's it.

All this drama when he still has 200 + 2bhk apartments alone left unsold as inventory and even higher number of 3bhk apartments which will be ready for occupation either early 2013 or latest by Dec 2013. Fine I walked out though interested in the product didn't want to deal with such a transactional sales guy. Next called up another so called senior person Mr.Uday. He mentions he will check with management and call back. That call back never came even after 2 days. Since I was still interested in the product I called him back(foolish me!!!). He replies that he had already discussed but since the management didn't agree he didn't bother to call me back. WOW!

Salarpuria group please note that today I have gone ahead and invested my hard earned money with another leading builder who builds projects which are far more grander/better than your properties. Please get your act in place and first and foremost replace your imbecile sales team rather than putting ads on FM every 20mins. Trust me having such an insensitive and transactional sales force does no value add to any firm. You might as well employ a clerk at much lower salary to do transactions (as sharing price and already printed matter details).

Unless you replace this stupid sales team your inventory woes are not going anywhere soon!

I am thankful to my stars that I am not associated with your group. Don't know if pre-sales experience is so callous what lies in store post sales.

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Salarpuria Group - Bangalore

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