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380 Ittina Center, 16th Main, 3rd Block, Kormangala, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore 560034, KA

Reviews on Ittina Builder

Nov 07, 2023 12:36 PM Read (via Mobile)

It's good at work, and very well constructed in the builder, so many faculty are's very beautiful builders.
Feb 06, 2022 10:09 AM Read (via Mobile)

I'm the owner here, saw many feedbacks that paper issue is there, builder is not good and all. If SBI/HDFC can give loan to you then I don't think paper should be here.
Apr 23, 2020 04:53 PM Read (via Mobile)

While problems were plenty, I am guessing because of recession and financial issues, today I'm happily living in the project which has reveived OC, has a healthy community, good maintenance and good quality of construction. The fact that I was able to afford the apartment and today is still maintaining good value while other flats in the same area has deteriorated a lot makes me happy that I bought this flat. Apart from that my neighbours is also good and it is overall a good decision to buy. If there was no problem and delay in handing over the apartment, I would've been extremely happy. I have given 4 stars for the reason of delay and lot of pending works for which I had to follow up like anything. I don't think builder has any projects now or is active anymore, but the project is a good purchase for me and lot of happy customers. I disagree about quality issues, as I have not faced any mentioned problems.

Please mouthshut suggest what improvements to be made, I clicked on the link but found nothing.


Ittina Builder
Apr 26, 2017 12:22 PM Read

I am a resident here and can assure that project is entirely complete now. Ya it took a bit more time but now its one of the best apartment in Electronic City with big green landscape and amenities. Its a huge apartment with lots of open space to walk or play inside the compound itself. Its very well managed by the association.

There is no legal issues with any flat or construction.

Only thing I can see on the improvements is its outer walls paint quality.
Nov 14, 2016 03:45 PM Read (via Mobile)

Bangalore Property Buyers - Experiences of an Ittina Customer I happened to buy various Ittina pads. All pads were bought in Ittina Neela, one of the supposed'Stroll to work' extend from Ittina.(For's the love of all that is pure and holy, the separation from Ittina Neela's door to any office in Electronics City is at least 6 - 7 km! These individuals must be sued for false promotion in any case. In any case, this is nothing. To perceive how terrible things can get at Ittina, read on.) I have a place with the IT business and am mindful that these developers have their direction since we continue pouring cash. I trust my partners must profit by my(reliably awful) encounter(for every one of the pads from Ittina). The lesson I learnt was that I should never purchase a level from Ittina again – and obviously, never prescribe it to anyone. Perused the encounters, and settle on your own choices. Quality? What's that? One perspective we IT parents swear by is quality. We realize that without it our clients will toss us out and get a contending merchant. At Ittina, you need to show them how to spell QUALITY. For them, there is nothing that quality needs to do with their pads. They will fabricate the level – the proprietor can enhance its quality after ownership, if s/he needs – regardless of the possibility that it implies essentially reproducing your level. I am not misrepresenting. Subsequent to investing colossal measure of time and vitality yelling at the client mind officials, site directors, circuit testers and handymen, I surrendered. Flooring – wretched quality – tiles laid in an uneven way – even broken tiles. Completing – No aim to make an all around got done with showing with regards to – seriously completed electrical outlets, restroom tiles and cabinet, putting. Water, Water wherever – Seepage in for all intents and purposes each lavatory divider(so you see it in the neighboring room as well) and also under generally windows. Level is prepared to have sir – quite recently that the entryways are broken – Terrible woodwork – you will need to get them supplanted. Workers – Deal with them yourselves – ABSENCE(yes, nonappearance) of client administration – there used to be only 2 client tend to whole Ittina when I needed to manage them, sitting in Koramangala – bolster at the site after ownership is woeful – particularly since nature of development is extremely poor. Delay under lock and key: Possession postponed by more then a year! Solicit some from the proprietors yourselves. 2 Years into ownership – No Lift – No Generator – These have not been settled even following 2 Years of the "deferred" ownership. Prepared to have – however your flush tanks won't work sir – flush tanks not in any case settled legitimately on the divider – no water for the flush tanks – on the grounds that the sewage treatment plant is not yet prepared! This was at long last made to work following 1 year of postponement. Auto stop is prepared – yet our workers will remain there – Even 4 – 5 months into ownership, workers remain in the storm cellar implied for auto stop. Why watch over the client? We have our cash! Uneven floor levels in the bathrooms – have some good times clearing water into the channels for whatever is left of your lives in your level Bathroom without any showers – no divider blenders – fundamental pleasantries – in the event that you need an essential luxury like a shower, get it altered yourself. What's more, we are discussing pads that were sold at 12 – 15 lakhs. One fair quality shower fitting costs under Rs.1000 or even Rs.500. Regrettable client benefit group: With a group of only 2 individuals overseeing whole Ittina's client benefit, the administration was wretched. The experience is fundamentally the same as managing a Govt. office – where the onus of taking care of business is on you. On the day we should enroll one of the pads, they basically rang and said it won't continue since the'recorder office ceased enlistmen
Aug 14, 2016 10:13 AM Read

Ittina Mahaveer Apartment review, Electronic City - August 2016

Recently, I visited Ittina Mahaveer Apartments thinking it would be a good place to buy since location would be easy to commute to my workplace in Electronic City.

After visiting some flats, I was in the process of finalizing a 1 BHK(approx. 550 sq ft) for 16 Lacs. It looked like great offer as it was coming to Rs 2900 per sq ft.


While doing the legal verification, it turned out as follows:

The flat is mortgaged to a lender(eg LIC by the buyer). The flat would also be rented out to some tenants. The real owner is not available as he is in the USA/Delhi/Canada/Australia/elsewhere. The person who would be selling the property has either posted the advertisement online or got some brokers to post the advertisement of sale of the flat. The person who is supposedly selling the flat claims to be the father/relative of the actual owner. The person would also be a reputed businessman(yes businessman. Correct businessman means business by hook or crook).

Plan 1) He will ask you for advance 10K to 1 lac cash as a token money and will provide you zerox copies of the sale deed in a time period of 1 month. In any case the original sale deed would be with the home loan lender. You will try to get a loan for yourself but will not succeed as no major banks are giving home loans for this project.

Also if you get the home loan from LIC(who seems to be the only lender with a higher interest rate for this property as it does not have clear title/ court cases going on), the fraud seller will try clearing the loan of the original seller and selling the property to you. This is not a valid sale. LIC will not cross check that the fraudulent person who is paying back the sum is NOT the original seller. Eventually you would be stuck with a property which is NOT yours. The tenants would not know as they would be transferring rent the so called new buyer as they are least concerned what is the true title of the property etc.

Plan 2) In case your lawyer is good and detects the fraud, then you will need to back off out of the deal. If the agreement does not have the appropriate clauses, the fraudulent seller will return NOTHING back. Even then you would have your peace of mind as only a small amount(token money) would be lost.

Plan 3) The fraudulent sellers are some persons who once upon a time had purchased property from the builder but after lots of hardship and running around lost their cool and realized that they can do nothing against mighty builders. Since they were cheated “once upon a time”, they have resorted to cheating others who are unsuspecting buyers.

Mostly the so called fraudulent sellers would hold a “POWER OF ATTORNEY”(obviously a fake one) of the original buyer.

The fraudulent seller would also be one who was taking care of the flat/apartment while the original buyer is abroad, etc.


Although you take your OWN DECISION, my personal advice is DO NOT BUY ANY FLAT/APARTMENT in ITTINA MAHAVEER. Yes, I lost some money, but it is very difficult to detect this type of fraud, especially with most lawyers who are least bothered about doing a deep check/verification.

My personal advice is:

  1. Leave this Ittina Mahaveer apartment alone however much good it might look or feel – DO NOT BUY here.

  2. It is OK to take on rent in ITTINA MAHAVEER

  3. Occupancy Certificate is not being issued(has not been issued for last 11+ years) by the Govt. authorities for this project. Not sure if they might plan demolition someday.

  4. Completion of construction is not complete(J block is still pending) which has got target date of 2017(nobody knows Jan or Dec), when J block is pending for last 8 years.

  5. Several cases are pending against the builder, unsuspecting buyers have purchased and now trying to sell. DO NOT BUY… don’t say you were not warned.

  6. Building structure is very weak. And to hide the problems, the residents have done repairs and painting / renovation of the complete building with the hope of selling off.

  7. Leakages are too much in all flats due to poor quality construction.

  8. The construction quality is SO BAD that even tubelights have fallen down along with the frame and socket…. AND CANNOT BE FITTED BACK due to poor cement quality.

  9. The lifts are of pathetic quality, extremely slow and frequent breakdowns(definitely 1 time per 2 weeks) and it will remain UNREPAIRED for 15 days.

  10. Some people say that the place is haunted as many workers who worked there since long were not paid salary and finally fell sick etc and went off there itself. Construction was stopped several years.

  11. Have a look at all flats in the apartment, you will see many abandoned flats in most blocks G, H, I, J, etc.

  12. 4 feet floods in the parking lot every year during rains. which destroys the car engine(2-3 lacs). So what is the use of buying here? Better to put some more money and buy a better house. It is once in a lifetime decision, so don’t make the wrong decision.

If the above has not convinced you about getting trapped. You should consider it your OWN FAULT in the years to come.

The builder cannot sell the apartments as the rights to sell on behalf of LALITHA DEVELOPERS HAS EXPIRED. All sales done in the last 5 years approx. are illegal.

Some have created PG(paying guest) inside their flats as well especially for ladies. Very bad for family stay…  mostly this apartment preferred by “Escorts”!

BUILDING is SO WEAK that it can FALL DOWN any time. If you  are really looking for cheap, then “Ittina Neela” is available in Phase 2, Electronic City at half the rates(2BHK for Rs 11-12 lacs as on date – Aug 2016) Link:

Still cheaper is  “Ittina Deva, Attibele, Bangalore” – 1 BHK for Rs 6 lacs but don’t expect much from Ittina construction anyway.

This is just a review, I have done my part in warning you about the problems, you have to take your own decision!


It is the first time in history real estate has fallen 5 – 10% in 2016 in India(Delhi/Mumbai/Bangalore). In Australia and Canada, real estate has fallen much more


Just google search “Ittina Mahavir review” and “Ittina Mahavir complaints”. Kindly comment on any findings and share information to help un-suspecting buyers.
Dec 05, 2015 09:05 PM Read

I purchased Ittina Neela in Electronic city in 2006. I purchased 2 BHK(550 sq ft) for Rs 8 lac. Overall I am satisfied with the project. I am getting good rent of Rs 6000 per month. I am not seeing any project giving such a decent rental return. Current price is around 15 lacs+/_ 2 lacs depending upon flat location and condition. Overall complex is very spacious with good market and temple inside the complex.

In my 10 years, I didn't spend any extra money on it's maintenance. Some of Ittina's project got bad name. I don't know the reason. It could be due to bad construction.

But in Ittina Neela, my experience is very good.
Jul 21, 2014 07:54 PM Read

This is a genuine review not a complaint on Ittina Lakshmi Villas.

What is a Villa? A villa was originally an ancient Roman upper-class country house. Nowadays a low cost housing builder like Ittina Builder has started construction of low cost upper-class country houses.

“Lakshmi” is also known as the goddess of wealth in India.

Ittina developers have taken the bold step of constructing these low-cost houses and calling them “Lakshmi Villas”. Obviously villas sell at a much higher price than apartments.

Before booking anything with Ittina Builders please research for yourself the following issues -

  1. Have the previous projects started by Ittina builders been completed?

  2. Have any completed projects got the “occupancy Certificate” e.g. Ittina Mahavir in Electronic City project was started in the year 2004 and till date July 21, 2014, the occupancy certificate has not been issued by the BDA authority for whatever reasons, the most obvious of them is that there are deviations from that was promised and what has been constructed.

  3. Does Ittina builder ever return the money in case you have paid them? In case you need to back out of the barren land in Ittina Lakshmi Villas, Sarjapur, Bangalore(East)

  4. Does Ittina builder deliver the project on time? e.g. Ittina Mahaveer apartments in Electronic city has been started in the year 2004 and it seems that the “J block” is still under construction.(The blocks start from ‘a block’ to ‘p block’). what about Ittina Lakshmi Villas?

  5. Is there any quality work done by Ittina Builder in any of his projects? Water leakages, lack of govt approvals, expensive electricity(due to lack of govt. approvals), then what about Ittina Lakshmi Villas? are they going to individual houses constructed like dustbins?

  6. “Occupancy Certificate” is a document issued by a local government agency or building department certifying a building's compliance with applicable building codes and other laws, and indicating it to be in a condition suitable for occupancy.  NONE of Ittina projects have an occupancy certificate. In short, the  apartments / construction by them is not fit for occupation. Ask Ittina Builders about the “Ittina Mahavir”  project in Electronic City Bangalore which has over 1000 flats but not fit for occupation, and NO Occupancy certificate issued by the BDA/BMRDA.

  7. More about the suffering and woes of customers of Ittina Mahavir(just an example) . there are many other projects which do not have any mention anywhere e.g. Ittina Deva, Attibele, Bangalore.

  8. Complaints of Ittina Mahavir customers

Basically just ask for the completion proof of any project - the question to be asked is is "Where is the Occupancy Certificate issued by the BDA/BMRDA for any of your Ittina projects? "

In case you find this piece of information useful, please click ‘thumbs up’ or ‘like’ and share it with friends. Let’s make this world a better place . starting with our own city Bangalore.


Ittina Lakshmi Villas Overview:

Ittina Lakshmi Villas is the most un-popular residential project in Sarjapur Road, Bangalore.

Introduction: Ittina Lakshmi Villas is a Residential project located in Bangalore. This complex hosts all facilities and features that a contemporary residence buyer would wish to have. The project is a part of the suburban region of Sarjapur. Great connectivity is ensured right here via many wide roads. Residents of the area get easy access to general public resources like colleges, hospitals, leisure zones and areas. Roads within the complex are dotted by woods. Ittina Lakshmi Villas floor plan provides best utilization of the space. From stylish floor to spacious balconies, standard kitchen and high-quality accessories, every little thing right here gives it an appealing look.

The truth is: No connectivity except by village road, not even tarred. Just a mud road . what is easy access? bluff.bluff.bluff.

Features and Security:The master plan of the project includes a large number of and desirable amenities that together guarantee a serene lifestyle. Safe playground has already been provided for children. Complete energy supply has already been ensured here with total safety via high-quality line and PVC conduits. Safety is certainly one of the biggest issues while purchasing an apartment. Owing to its safety functions this project is a safe haven for you and your family members.

The truth is: No master plan is ready yet. even the barren land is not in their name. Safe playground? its just barran land. so call it a safe playground. maybe for football. Piping for all Ittina projects is done with PVS+ plastic pipes which leak in 6-8 months. The safe haven is just like a jail. full of misery.

Builder:The project has been created by Ittina Properties. It is a leading name in real estate market in Bangalore. The team is understood for its high-quality work and timely delivery of projects. It is engaged in growth of residential and commercial structures. Now purchasing an apartment in Ittina Lakshmi Villas is simpler with mortgage facility from leading monetary organizations. The project also has attractive payment plan with diverse payment methods to suit your needs.

The truth is: Ittina is a leading name in Realty market for so much misery he has caused to so many families. The popular name owner is no more and left for hid heavenly abode and company is now being run by his son Manu Ittina.

Who are these leading monetary organizations? HDFC Ltd, SBI bank, ICICI Bank, etc are no longer giving loans to any Ittina projects. so you can understand how good the "Ittina" name is in the realty market . popular for all the wrong reasons.

Construction Status:As per brochure, The project is within ready-to-move-in phase. You can also check updated images, walkthrough videos and user reviews of the project right here. Download Ittina Lakshmi Villas brochure pdf to get various other details or get in touch with our team.

The truth is: HAHAHAHAHAHA. this one got me! it is in ready to move status. barren land. ready to move. Yes this is true Ittina builders project completion. not strated and. ready to move in phase. looks like barren land is all that you will get.

KEEP SAFE DISTANCE FROM ITTINA BUILDERS. Ask them about any completed project e.g. Ittina Mahavir(aka Ittina Mahaveer) in Electronic City, Phase 1, Bangalore - 560100 .

Has the project received a Occupancy Certificate from the government yet?

Ittina Mahavir Project started in the year 2004 and it is 2014 with no hope of completion.

It is very clear, ittina properties / builders have nothing to sell. they just want to scam innocent public.

How many have been advertised? Any have been completed fully? Where is the occupancy certificate?

List Of Ittina Projects that I have heard of till July 2014:

Ittina Abby

Ittina Akkala

Ittina Anu

Ittina Akya

Ittina Abha

Ittina Arni

Ittina Cooke

Ittina Chaitanya

Ittina Deva

Ittina Anai

Ittina Haveli

Ittina Anagha

Ittina Avani

Ittina Amaya

Ittina Hara

Ittina Ashutosh

Ittina Bhramara

Ittina Kantha

Ittina Mahavir

Ittina Neela

Ittina Orcha

Ittina Padma

Ittina Piankin

Ittina Raje

Ittina RRV

Ittina Sarva

Ittina Sarva 2

Ittina Shivas

Ittina Siri

Ittina Soupernika



Jan 16, 2014 06:12 PM Read

I have found this builder to be providing most carpet area in the super-built up area. While most of the builders cheats on quoting very high super built up area and hardly provide 1000 sq ft while you pay for 1700/1800 sq ft area. The ittina anai project is nicely done. In 1546 super built up area, you have a very nice duplex apartment. The community is also very good and all the apartments are already occupied. The association is already managing the complex nicely.

The builder had some problems in finishing especially the Mahavir project because of recession and because of death of its founder(Mr. Mahabaleshwar Ittina). Please do your calculations what is the value you are getting versus what you are paying to other builders then it will be the apple to apple comparison.
Sep 29, 2013 05:00 PM Read

We would highly recommend anyone to use Ittina group The team is working like anything they worked together on a project they was in charge of, not only is he a highly skilled Builder, we wish to convey our sincere appreciation for the construction of our beautiful flat at this builder.

I am very happy to say that they are very professional, helpful, friendly in nature and accommodating. They worked with us until we had the flat designed to our liking. I have worked with numerous Builders over the years and can say that the Ittina group Builders is one of the best among all.

Your expertise and timeliness they are yet to completing before the time given was very reassuring and we would not hesitate in recommending you to other purchasers.
Jun 16, 2013 12:50 PM Read

I still do not understand, how can the builder still hold his head high and walk into the Ittina Mahavir Apartments and attend meetings held (the meetings held for him to complete the project) with such pride. This guy needs to hide his face for the terrible and most horrible commitments given by him and not kept to his work. Whoever is reading this and if you think of buying a flat from this builder, let me tell you YOU MUST BE

THE BIGGEST FOOL TO EVER TAKE A DECISION FOR THIS. If the apartments are in a good to look at state today its only becoz of the Association which has taken steps to make it look good. The most Shameless person I have ever seen in my entire life is MR.Manu, the owner and builder. I think even if a group of people slap him, he will still smile, even if they abuse him he will still stand there and grin.

We had received our flat with cracks in the bedroom walls, balcony and utility not painted. It looked like a typical HOUSING BOARD flat given by the govt. Lift was fixed after a year and half we moved in. The corridor is in a terrible shape, and the interesting part is that they take all your money, they make you pay the entire amount and then give you rubbish of a flat to stay in. The trouble the builder had put us through, I dont think you will want to go thru it.
May 28, 2013 03:54 PM Read

Ittina Akkala has been my home for the last 1 year. I'm really enjoying my stay here as I have everything that I require and much more. From the infrastructure of the society to the way it functions, I'm more than happy being here. My fellow residents are also having a great time around here and we just leave an ode of appraisal about how amazing this place is. It is quite user friendly in the way that the security guard helps me park my car and gets heavy luggage to my house when needed.

Everything around here is great. I have a kid who just turned 12 this year, has a great time out here. Vacations are on so you'd probably find him playing with his friends in the society or having a dip in the pool. My wife goes for walks with her friends as there is ample of space around the complex. It is so well-spaced out that nothing really comes in the way of our enjoyment. Well, talking about my house, it is really big. My residence has 3 bedrooms which are humongous. So large that in spite of all my furniture, the rooms look well-spaced and neat.

My family is happy here. That's what I ultimately look for. So I'm happy. It's great to be a part of this place.
Apr 18, 2013 07:11 PM Read

I am only a tenant.But I feel bad for having chosen this. I only think of the condition of  the owners in this.

*The Apartments are handed over to the owners after so many Problems.

The Appearance is so bad. It is NOT PAINTED at all. No proper planning and Lift is not working.*

The following amenities advertised


Swimming Pool

Play Area

Recreation Facilities

24Hr Backup

Maintenance Staff



Club House

Rain Water Harvesting


Tennis Court

Badminton Court


Indoor Games

*Basket Ball Court

Community Hall*

the items IN BOLD LETTERSare not provided at all.

the paperwala comes at 9 am and only one milk man comes in side the apartments and he is not prepared to serve Milk packets at the doorstep.


Apr 09, 2013 01:28 PM Read

I bought flat from Ittina Properties in Jul'2007 with a promised delivery in Dec'2007. I received delivery in Apr'2010 after going through all the troubles I had never faced in life before. I filed police complaint, filed consumer court case, did agitation in front of the builder's office and spoiled most of my week-ends. Finally, we the association of buyers, completed the project by taking control of several aspects of project completion. It forced me learn legal aspects of buying property, made me learn construction project management and group dynamics.

Finally, we have a lovely Apartment at Munnekolala, Marathahalli. Ittina Abha. All the current beauty, eco-friendly features like Sewage Treatment, gardens, rain-water harvesting etc. are due to efforts of few hand full committee member of Ittina Abha Apartment Owners' Association. It is a project to be studied and learn how group of people can make things work for them.

Ittina had talented engineers and good staff in engineering department. (they have lost all the good guys, now). The project design and construction base is one of the best. However, their customer service is worst of all.

A thing I want to appreciate about the builder - Manu Ittina that despite of all the issues and mess he did not run away (may be because they had crores of property locked up). Though often lied and told hardly any truth, he did work with association in completion. Grabbed lot of our money and did not compensate for our losses but worked with us till the lifts were operation in all the blocks. Still working with us for property handover to association.

Sadly, the consumer court in Bangalore is ineffective. Though they were supposed to dispose the cases in 90 days, it took more than a year and still justice was not given. We had to withdraw the cases due to pressure from builder to do so. We completed the project working with builder but the possession document etc. had to be received from builder and he refused to do so unless we withdraw the cases. Its a sad part of our system.
Aug 29, 2012 07:17 AM Read

Ittina fraud builder. I bought apartment in ittina souparnika in 2007. I paid 1, 40.000/ for car park. Till now, they have not  allotted parking for me. Every time they will tell me story when I ask them parking if they give free flat also.

Don't buy. They are big cheaters in the market.
Jul 09, 2012 10:02 PM Read

I have been going through this ordeal of dealing with a dual mortgage of my apartment at Ittina Akkala. The first mortgage by the builder's (Ittina) bank. Ittina through Orchha, a group company had taken loan by mortgaging the apartment and later sold it to me without clearing the loan. The second mortage is by my banker who sanctioned loan for me to buy the apartment. I came to know of this 3 years back through a newspaper notice. Since then it has been a nightmare for me, looking at ways of getting this issue resolved. Several meetings with earlier management of Ittina and several with the current management took place. The new management took over due to untimely demise of Mr.Ittina Mahabaleswarappa.

Several promises were made on clearance of the loan by both the managment, but it was never closed on the said date and was prolonging. However, the new management under Manu Ittina had been showing some progress by remitting amounts in installment and kept my hope alive. Manu was easily reachable throughout this period and he showed commitment in remitting the funds to the Bank to clear the loan. Finally, in March 2012, the said loan was closed by  Manu bringing a great relief for me. He is now in the process of obtaining No Due Certificate from the Bank, which I am confident, given the experience I had with him, he would pursue and obtain it from the Bank.

I hope with the same level of commitment Manu resolves other customer issues and re-builds Brand Ittina.

Jul 09, 2012 05:58 AM Read

Beware of ITTINA builder. I bought ITTINA ANAI flat in 2007. till now they havent finished the project. All of us have paid the complete money. most of us tool possession and completed the internal works ourselves spending extra money. But ITTINA is not finishing the external common works till now.

Manu ittina is a big liar and never keeps any commitment. We are behind them for last 4 years, still he is not finishing the project. Never buy any of the projects from ITTINA.

They are big frauds.
Jul 06, 2012 01:04 AM Read

I reside in one of the spacious 3 BHK - DUPLEX Apartments of Ittina Properties - ITTINA ANAI. After some initial glitch the Builder has really gave his best ( still providing) efforts to make the project one of the best in the Marathalli / Bellandur and Wind tunnel road area.

After completing all work ( which is just couple of weeks time-line from now ) , would be undoubtedly a good investment because of the small (72 Flats ) community with amenities like Swimming pool, Gym, Play area and of course the design of the 3 BHK Duplex flats.
Jul 05, 2012 09:47 PM Read

First time I saw this property in 2007 and liked it and believed words from builder that it would be complete by Sept "007. The way the sales guy were behind me I thought these guys will finish the project fast. Then started the saga which never ended till now.

I have interacted with 2 generation of owners and all of them know how to show a bright future to the customers and never keep their word. I have run from Police to lawyers and found these guys have channels every where to escape.

If you buy with these guys, your dream flat/house will remain a dream and never be reality.
Jul 05, 2012 09:02 PM Read

I just wanted to share with everyone know that you should never trust Ittina Group to deliver on their promise or buy any of their unfinished properties.

I bought a flat a flat from them and have regretted it ever since. The builder turned out to be a total cheat. He has cheated not only his joint venture partner (the land owner) but also all the people who bought an apartment in it. As is always the case with property developers, Ittina showed people lofty dreams of what they would get for their investment and particularly in this case, as I cannot generalize it to other reputed builders in the city, it turns out that even after starting the project 10 years ago, it is still incomplete. Any amount of requests, trips to their office, meeting the MD of the group etc have all fallen to deaf ears.

Everytime we go there, the MD of Ittina Group, Mr. Manu, gives us all assurance that he will finish all pending work in the next 15 days. Infact on numerous occasions he even played the trick of calling the concerned vendors on his cell and asking them for quotes to finish the pending work. I guess they know better that they are no better doing busines with this group, they also play along to enact the elaborate drama. By now, we are all aware that it is all a hogwash and he is totally dishonest about the whole thing.

I am sharing this with everyone with the intension that no one should experience this kind of dishonesty and cheating from Ittina Group.

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