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702 Natraj, M. V. Road Junction, Western Express Highway, Andheri East, Mumbai 400069, MH

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Reviews on Rustomjee Builders Private Limited, Mumbai

Apr 12, 2019 05:09 PM Read (via Mobile)

They are cheating their customers, in many flats they have put different flooring of marbles for reasons best known to them and when questioned only one answermarble is a natural . stone so there would be deviations they are just enjoying their reputation as a good builder and fooling people I am very surprised by the look and get up of the flat , very very disappointed.
Dec 24, 2018 12:56 AM Read (via Mobile)

This is the worst company to work for and even give an interview, Rustomjee has a very bad name in the market and also thier staff are even worst, Dont buy any plots from them, and if you are looking for a job dont approach them rather than that stay jobless...They are the worst creatures on this planet...HR people like Roshni ask stupid questions on your physical abilities and laugh on it...They dont deserve to be taken an interview...Guys please stay away from such people...Rather stay jobless then work for such pathetic company...


Jul 18, 2018 01:37 PM Read (via Android App)

Hello guys I am here to review on Rustomjee builders private limited.Friends my I have booked my own apartment in this company.But I am so disappointed by it. Here are Few points why it is not good company. 1) They provide worst apartments.2) The workers of it are not working properly.3) The quality of apartments are not good.4) They use worst raw material for in apartments.5) They make unsatisfied to all.


Rustomjee Builders Private Limited - Mumbai
Jun 06, 2018 03:27 PM Read

Be very careful about dealings with this builder, they will conveniently forget to mention that there is a huge sewage near the property and the entire complex is sitting on the sewage area in Thane Urbania Azziano. I had to burn my 50k INR on this property when they told me that they are not going to return the same. The Sales RM was Sriram Kannan and will lie tooth and nail to sell you anything.
May 28, 2018 02:38 PM Read

My close friend lives in Dahisar west Rustami constructed building. Apart from amenities, they are particular about the quality of material used, they make flats look aesthetics, with a decent buildup to carpet ratio. There are no hidden charges. Dealings are crystal clear. If somebody wants to sell his flat also, because it constructed by Rustomjee, the resale value is good. Hence to all prospective buyers falling in the upper-middle-class category with at least 2 earning members, Rustomjee flats are a blind buy, if you can afford.
Dec 21, 2017 01:58 PM Read

Dear friends,

The Rustomjee Builders Private Limited does not provide the required quality in the apartments as they are supposed to provide to their customers. The apartments sold by this company are not well furnished and lacks in quality material. I bought a apartment in the central Mumbai through this company and I am not at all satisfied by what this company has provided to me. The apartment for which I paid was supposed to be furnished but what I got was an unfinished house which was complete in the good but lacks in the paint job and some cracks were there in some corners. The finishing of the house was not done properly and it doesn't feel that good to live in it. I paid some extra bucks to get it done from the painters in the city.

I am not at all satisfied from what I get after spending so much of my money and hence I will recommend all of you to buy the houses directly from the owner or by visiting the society. I will not recommend any of you to rely on Rustomjee Builders to get your apartment done.

Thank you.
Dec 01, 2017 10:15 AM Read (via Android App)

Hai friends

I would like to write a review about this builders. I had been stayed in this apartment for few months. To be frankly I didn't like this apartment because of their poor services and support.

The customer service is not active. If we seek their help or calling them for our needs they should give reply very late. Or else they would not understand the customers satisfaction and their needs.

The staffs are also the same. They are not maintaining the surroundings and rooms properly. Everywhere we can see some dirty things which they are not trashing it daily.

The raw materials that they used was also very less quality. The product implementation rate is comparatively very high which is not affordable for the poor people.

So overall I am not satisfied with this builders.
Oct 16, 2017 11:35 PM Read (via Mobile)

I actually blindly trusted honesty of parsi community before investing in this property.project head very proudly says that they do not stand accountable for what their sales person has committed.what else can be expected out of them. The lift and other materials are all of poor quality.we have seen more than 15 breakdowns in less than a year.
Sep 23, 2017 09:17 PM Read (via Android App)

Hi friends now I am here to share my review on Rustomjee builders Private Limited. The office is placed in Mumbai. I hear these builder name from my friends. They told me about this builder then I go to their site and collect many information about them. I want to build a house so I think To give the Contract to Rustomjee Builders.

But when I search about them when I found that there customer service is not so good and their product quality is average. So I did not give them contract to construct my house.
Sep 09, 2017 08:04 PM Read

Every night till 1-2AM Rustomjee management carries Loud constrcution at Azianno site.

So many requests and complaints have made but no action taken.

Day - night loud construction noise is beyond bearable .

Rustomjee Urbania is pathetic management in whole Thane, people who had already bought flats over here are crying every day.

So many problems and no solution from management.

They are just busy in acquiring new customers by giving flashy advertisements.

Think 100000 times before buying flat over here, I am one of the existing customer who's frustrated and harassed like anything.

Please refer the link to view the proofs, all the videos taken at midnight around 12 - 1 AM
Aug 02, 2017 08:07 PM Read

Rustomjee a trusted brand for your future investment, as in mumbai there are many builders and developers but rusomjee is the one with perfect service to the coustomer who wants a secured investment for future if you want to buy your own house there is no one better then the name rustomjee your investment will never go false becausethey are the only trusted names in mubai the staff the service the products are just awfull go for thier homes
Jul 10, 2017 05:48 PM Read

I have visited Rustomjee Builders Private Limited - Mumbai's office in Virar and I must tell you that the Customer Service was not up to the mark. They greet well but, they fail to explain all the details about their projects. Project looks good in brochures but even after being a branded builder's project, it doesn't deliver as per it's big name. Just like any other builder they try to give jazz but buy Virar property at your own risk.

Staff Courtesy was good. Product Implementation Rate is low in Virar but very high in other places. I will rate 1 out of 5.
Feb 19, 2017 06:46 PM Read

I am genuinely giving this review about Rustomjee Urbania Thane West. It's all over hyped and awards are definitely bought to fool people about this 127 acre township with international standards. In reality no standard.

  1. Architecture - Pathetic as the builder has planned it in such a manner that, kitchen has a duct with a platform which is difficult to reach physically to clean the mess cos all the trash comes heavily down from the 32nd floor to the ground level creating an unhealthy environment & health hazards. It's the people or their maids who throw it but the provision is created by the builder. People have no civic sense & to date they take public places for granted.

Even the dry balcony where you place the washing machine all pipes are passing through has become a breeding & play ground for Rats, cockroaches etc etc. Here also these ill mannered people throw away trash, again a sick provision given by the builder.

  1. Garden - Approx 550 flats in Rustomjee Acura but the garden is so so so so so petite small and overall very risky for kids to play. They have left open 2 sides from the rock climbing & rope and God forbid if any kid falls from that height he surely will hit the marble katta which is so damn close made available for people to sit.

  2. Parking - Useless hydraulic system & cumbersome for society people. He could have jolly well cut down on top 3 floors and given proper parking but the big question is which builder will do that. Here every Square foot is premium and from where these builders are going to reward us with that much of extra space.

  3. Leakages - Supervision & work is slack, many owners have complained about the leakages from the dry balcony, from master bath to bedroom. True incident that happened - Due to wash basin pipeline in MBath that got choked as by mistake cement was filled in, pipe was left lying on floor. Maintenance people from the builder were supposed to do it immediately but as usual they were throwing mud at each others face.yeh mera kaam nahi hai, yeh kaam dusre ka hai etc etc. more than 6 months passed. Eventually bcos of the sloppy job they did it in MBath while fixing tiles, down floor owner had to face the leakage problem in his toilet & MBed. So now they had no excuse & got both the work done finally.

  4. French Windows - have provided very good quality sliding windows but no provision for making a mosquito mesh as there is no additional track. Had asked 2 big well reputed vendors on the solution but they turned out to be very complex & pricey.

After this I came to know roughly 30 odd complaints are lodged for leakages etc etc. Rustomjee is truly an exceptional builder & regretting why I bought a flat here.

God bless this Parsi Builder and his associates. Greed is running in there blood and one fine day they will pay for it.
Jan 19, 2017 06:52 PM Read

I am one among the many fooled customers by Rustomji.

1.The Architecture of our Acura Building is the most pathetic among all the other towers in the township.Our common floor lobby has a view of other flat washroom and dry area windows which looks so shabby and disgracful. Its like you come out of your house to see windows of others flats washrooms.


The water supply system is based on the gravitational force and n no of prv values which control the water pressure, speed, volume are placed inside dry balconies of specific floor flats.(there is no alternate arrangement made by builder in case of emergency if the flats are not accessible)

3.As a result of this faulty design these specific flat owners have to keep themselves or there flat keys available 24/7 throughout the year for any repair work related to water supply for all the below flats.

4.As many are investors, some are out of state or abroad as a result many times there are heavy water leakage issue, pipe burst or pressure issues which cannot be attended due to non availability of flat keys.Again a lot of followup and reminders, hustle and tussle happens between the Committee members, maintenance team and the owners of such flats for resolving such issues.

5.By the time the keys are received a lot of time and energy goes waste and many times there is heavy water loss due to leakage.

All this complications due to our great and extra thoughtful builder RUSTOMJEE.

Installing common utility controls in anybodies private property has which kind of thoughfulness no idea.

Why are these controls not installed in common areas, what kind of design model is this which causes heavy inconvenience to the members.

6.By the way pipe burst, water pressure issue leakages are a daily affair in rustomji, now it has become a part and parcel of our living.

7.In our Acura premises we have 4 towers each of 32 floors and a 5th tower comprising of 17th or 18th floors is accommodated forcefully in such a way which reminds me of the fourth seat of regular mumbai train commuter. There atleast it is a neccessity and here it purely shows builder's excessive greed .

Few years back I had posted some of my first hand observations about Rustomji and now again I am forced to express my frustration due to a recent fresh encounter.

I stay on the 13th floor and all diff valves are placed in my dry balcony, due to lockdown I am stranded at my native place and unfortunately below flats are facing some flush water issue in there common washrooms.

Now the problem is I am far away and safe were I am so obviously not prefering travel in this covid 19 pandemic, my keys are with my in laws who are senior citizens staying in Worli, My sis and her family are very much in Thane but I feel its risky to make them vulnerable to the current situation by involving them to travel to Worli for keys and again visit my place get the repair done and go back.She also has her elderly in laws and her small son staying in the same house.

My regular caretaker is also stuck in the containment zone in worli .

My another concern is how and why should I allow any strangers into my flat for repairs in this current covid crisis.

Before this there where any repair issues I have cooperated with the maintenance team but this time it is a unusaul situation which was never planned or purposely imposed by anybody.

At one point I feel the guilt that my fellow members are at inconvenience because of my non availability but at the sometime I will have to risk my family members to complete this process.

All this mental trauma because of our great and thoughtful Rustomjee.

Yes its true greed is in there blood and they will pay for it some day.
Apr 05, 2016 10:29 AM Read

Hi!Mr. Boman R Irani, this is just need to inform that.ur project Rustomje Ezone mall.which the possession was to be given in year 2011-12 is still under possession.and all the staff of ur office and the people involved in selling it are still making fool to clients like us that OC wil be coming in few day.

So kindly Let us Know when we wil get the OC and Mall will start operating.its really high time as we are suffering losses from it.and u guys are making money of Your stupid Ezone Client.:!

Regards Vivek Gupta
May 14, 2015 07:26 PM Read (via Mobile)

Rustomjee is a trusted name in real estate industry for over years . This group has marked an impression in the users mind regarding the quality, planning and execution of various projects.

They are using high technology to strengthened the construction by using mivan technology and also using Earth quake resistant technology which protects the building with Natural calamity like Earthquake.

They also provides good customer service in terms of pre-sales or post sales. Their staff showing the courtesy regarding project explanation or object handling. All the details shared by them are crystal clear and one can easily understand each and every thing related to project.
Apr 06, 2014 10:36 AM Read

I had booked a flat in March 2009 in Thane with so called reputed builder named Rustomjee and the property name is Rustomjee Urbania (Acura Building). So it’s been more than 5 years now since booking the flat.

At the time of booking the possession date for the said building was April 2011. I made my agreement in the year 11th January 2010 and as per agreement the possession date was May 2012. So, it’s been more than 4 years for agreement now and the possession has been delayed by exactly 4 years (1460 days).

The possession dates kept on changing 4-5 times in last 1460 days. Now today is April 2014 and Rustomjee’s pathetic management is not in a position to give us any confirmed date for possession of the property. Rustomjee is literally torturing us and we are thinking of going to the consumer court. We have paid more than 96% of the total cost of the flat and we are even not getting tax benefit being, under construction property. We have been paying hefty EMI’s and interest to banks and some of us are also staying on rent. Many of us are literally frustrated and regretting their decision to book with Rustomjee. I will not be surprised if somebody from us commits suicide.

It is my sincere request to everybody not to book any property with Rustomjee at any location in Thane, Mumbai or Virar. You will be only losing your hard earned money and will be only buying frustration.

Please spread this message to every individual whom you know and who is thinking of buying property with Rustomjee.
Apr 05, 2014 09:03 PM Read

I had bought a flat in Rustomjee Urbania township, Thane project in 2009.

Possession date initially when I paid booking amount was April 2011. Later in agreement they changed to May 2012. Today its April 2014, still its nowhere near to completion. Its been 5 years, I don't get any benefit. No tax benefit since its an incomplete project, no compensation for the delay.

When we go to Rustomjee office, the staff behaves rudely. When I ask for compensation they tell we won't pay and the delay is due to raw material unavailability and some nonsensical justification.They will say its not their problem if we are paying huge interest on loan taken and rent paying for staying in rented accommodation for non-deliverability of flat on time.

They make agreement which won't create problem for them but they would levy fine on customers for delayed payment. They will charge astronomical charge for car parking. They are charging 8 lacs for car parking. All the owners in this project are repenting their decision of investing here.I won't be surprised if some owners will commit suicide!

All the owners are fed up the torture. If some advocate is reading this article please reach out.

May 21, 2013 02:57 PM Read

Bought this flat at Urbania, Thane in Atelier in February. It was told that the sale agreement will be signed in two weeks. After that all the staff has been making me run from pillar to post as nobody has answer for when the agreement is signed. In my view it must be illegal to hold the payment of the customer for so long without signing the sales agreement. Each staff blames another department, nobody feels sorry about the delay, instead blames me for not understanding their issues.

Staff is not courteous, nobody picks up their phones during office hours. They ask us to contact during office hours, if you call them after office hours. Even when they see the missed calls, they do not have minimum courtesy to call back the number. The builder appears to be in total mess - not organized well, doesn't have a responsible person who owns the issue as their own instead of blaming IT department or operations department. I do not know how difficult will it be get my money back as this is what I would like to do now as the builder has turned out to be totally un-trustworthy, not meeting commitments.

I am not comfortable with anybody, dealing with my money, who does not feel obligated to their commitments.

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