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"Kaff Chimney Ideal DX 60."
Review on: Kaff Chimney Ideal DX 60
Rating: By: 0141mec108 | 7 days ago

I bought this chimney from a showroom. This chimney is very easy to use and control is very simple, its everything is ok but I want to share my problems with it. I bought this chimney and call to customer care representative and the technician came t
"Best chimney at great privce."
Review on: Kaff 60cm VERONA MX -60 Chimney
Rating: By: jaspreet9089 | 14 days ago

Good about the chimney is good suction power and great design .another good about the chimney is easy to clean its filter.filter are made of stainless steel .i like the design which is impressive .durability and service support of kaff chimney is goo
"Kaff chimney"
Review on: Kaff Chimney Opec BGX 90
Rating: By: utkarshkakodia | 14 days ago

MY close friend buy this product and he say that this product is not work well after some it causes some type of problems.And its built quality is not very strong if and any think like cooker is hit by chance on this chimney it will be crack, it is
"Not a great Chimney"
Review on: Kaff Chimney Opec BGX 90
Rating: By: akashdeepsingh123 | 15 days ago

Kaff Chimney Opec BGX90 is not a good product.The design is good and the buttons are working fine from the last 7 months.The material used is not good.Once Keeping a cooker in the showcase hit the chimney and the chimney cracked from a small hit.Its
"Worse KAFF service... don't buy KAFF"
Review on: Kaff 60cm OPEC - 60 Chimney
Rating: By: aporupa1511 | 18 days ago

I purchased the chimney on 28th Nov, 2015. The chimney stpped working on 17th Nov, 2016 and the technician came and took the switch PCB for repair. I am living in Ranchi, capital of Jharkhand; the technician told me that the pcb will be sent to Gurg
"Amazing experience with Kaff 60cm VERONA MX"
Review on: Kaff 60cm VERONA MX -60 Chimney
Rating: By: bestfrnz91 | Dec 13, 2016

Chimney is something I wanted for a very long time for my kitchen. Having a chimney has it's own advantages and I decided to go with kaff.The chimney is quite effective at working. Makes very less sound. The quality of material is good and really giv
"Kaff- Classy Chimney"
Review on: Kaff 60cm VELUX - 60 Chimney
Rating: By: d3khatri | Nov 21, 2016

I would rate this chimney 10/10. I didn't like the smoke in my house when there were parantas, tadka or fried food being cooked in my kitchen and I use to sneeze and not feel so good because of the smoke. Now my house never has smoke, thanks to the c
"Bad product"
Review on: Kaff Chimney Opec BGX 90
Rating: By: lakhanojha1 | Nov 04, 2016

I had purchased this kaff chimney for a digital store and I am sharing my experience about this product. The product is delivered and installed on the same day of my purchase which is good. The product works good for 20 days but after that it started
"Kaff Base Chimney Review"
Review on: Kaff Base 60 Electric Chimney
Rating: By: vrandhawa | Oct 10, 2016

Bought this chimney from a dealer in Mumbai. The dealer's staff was really helpful. Installation was done in a few hours.The chimney doesn't make noise at all and it is very reasonable.It is quite efficient as it doesn't let any smoke leave the kitch
"Best in its class"
Review on: Kaff Chimney EXPO 60
Rating: By: aakashslive | Oct 05, 2016

Bought it from Kaff experience centre in Gurgaon. It makes my kitchen look better now. ??Before buying this chimney d walls in my kitchen use to get spoiled and even the lights and fans in the house use to get dirty.??This was the first time I purcha
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