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2nd Floor, Chitra Avenue, Old No 5, Choolaimedu High Road, Chennai 600094, TN

Reviews on Arrattukulam Developers, Bangalore

Jun 14, 2024 08:57 PM Read (via Mobile)

I am the owner of Aratt Firenza. They don’t complete the work as per their promises. Also, read the sales deed carefully before registration. There will be lot of deviation from the initial agreement.
Jul 24, 2023 04:18 PM Read (via Mobile)

Been 3 years still waiting for possession. It's been a story of false promises and lack of accountability from the builders end. As soon as you book the story of pain and agony kicks off. No one from builder including the group of CRM team will be available to get your concerns clarified, literally no one will give you update and you will end up chasing them without any concrete answers. You will end up losing lot of money on rent as there will be no clarity on handover along with continuous mental tension. Think 100 times before you invest!!!!!
Jul 24, 2023 12:47 PM Read

I am an owner from Aratt Cityscapes project and I booked my flat about 3+ years ago. The builder promised me the possession within 1 year of my booking but it has been 2+ years of long wait(after the promised 1 year for possession) and delay in the project.

If you want to waste your hard earned money, if you don't want peace in your life, please invest in this project. No one in Aratt is bothered about their customer and they will treat you like dustbin can.

Along with me, rest of all the owners are having nightmares because of long delays, false commitments, lack of ownership & accountability. Our dream of owning our 1st home is all but gone.

Aratt Builder is in the business of spoiling and ruining people's dreams and if you also want to screw your life and happiness, please don't think twice and immediately invest in this builder.

I would have given -5 Stars rating if I would have that option here.


Arrattukulam Developers - Bangalore
Jun 29, 2023 12:16 PM Read (via Mobile)

I am Owner of christ nagar Arrat project. They never fulfilled their promise to maintain the project after taking maintenance money from us. They hesitate to join for meeting. They nicely cheated the church and all buyer
Mar 28, 2022 01:48 PM Read

Just avoid this builder projects, what ever project it is. They are cheaters. Wont do anything they promise.
Apr 22, 2019 05:58 PM Read

This comment is a made up one by the group itself. They are absolutely cheaters and 100% unprofessional. A-class lies, every one gets medical emergencies.etc(all possible excused in the world) when they supposed to deliver something. A-class cheaters. I'm trapped in their sht project for almost 10 years now, its in bangalore. pretty bad quality, no commitments respected. A group full of waste folks formed as a group and claim they have done many, but its just a multimedia scam.
Mar 21, 2019 12:35 AM Read

Had very bad experience with the builder, no commitment to project and timelines. It is over 7 years and still they are not able to finish the project. No compensation given for huge delay in completion. On the other hand they keep asking for money for everything, Even when you sell, they will ask money by threatening. Fraud and cheaters.

I could give negative for staff courtesy.
Oct 26, 2018 09:32 PM Read

My villa property at Aratt Amora is under construction for the last two years. They promised to deliver in the month of April 2018. Still the work is not complete. It is very common for any project to get delayed by 3 to 6 months. But the arrogance and irresponsibility from the builder is intolerable. Not a single person in the staff or the builder has the the courtesy to respond to the customer or meet the customer to give an explanation for the delay. Even if we make 100 calls and 1000 mails no one ever responds. Not a single person from the management can be met in their office even if we visit 100 times. Extremely bad builders and they take the customer for a ride once we pay the money. Stay away from this highly irresponsible and arrogant builders.
Jun 02, 2017 07:34 PM Read

Project is good but after sales, worst support, for payment for sure will call 100 times but for support will not pick customer phone. Their management is least bother on customer complaints and support issue.

Priya/Bhadra/Johney all useless people, you keep on raise your issue but none of them will support.

Friends, I strongly suggest not to deal with this builder else have to suffer a lot.
May 03, 2017 01:28 PM Read

Basically a low grade(less than B or C) builder. Shows off an B-Class builder. But actually they are not. Why, some unknown builder give better quality than them. Delays projects by diverting funds. I am one of the sufferers due to this. Check their quality buy visiting one of their constructed apartments. Pathetic for the amount they charge. Still if you go ahead and buy I can only wish you good luck
Mar 24, 2015 11:03 AM Read

Not only read, make sure your lawyer goes through it in detail.

"It is also agreed by the PURCHASER that in the event of pre-closure of the loan by the client, he shall not collect the sale deed deposited with the financial institutions for creating mortgage without written permission from the BUILDERS/VENDORS".

Make sure you understand what clause is this. Ask them to delete it and they will not agree. Ask them for an explanation, and see if you can buy the explanation provided by them for retaining this clause in the agreement
Feb 02, 2014 09:46 AM Read

I invested in one of their lake facing project few years back (2009 end) and this turned out to be one of the worst investments made in my life. So, I would advice anyone considering to invest in any of their projects to back off. I really don't know where to start with, there are so many things. Right from the Sales guys to the architect, engineer and workers. (Oh yeah, you have to deal with all of them)

Some highlights:

  1. Its been two and half years since we moved in and my car park has not been completed yet. I have followed up some hundred times (only slightly exaggerated) and the guys don't even bother. What they have to say is, "We don't have workers to finish your job!" When I call these days, they don't even bother to pick the call.

  2. There are no roads to the place. We have a one kilometer stretch of "kachcha road" full of pot holes. The apartment association has been running after them for more than 3 years. But they have washed off their hands citing some lame reasons.

  3. They duped us on various items from the initial agreement. eg:- Power backup was promised, but that was conveniently removed later

  4. There were amenities promised (eg:- swimming pool) that they never finished.

  5. There are no stairs from the basement to our homes. You have to enter and exit from where you cars/ motorbikes enter and exit. With children running around, an accident is just waiting to happen.

The above points are just the tip of the iceberg. Guys, please do not do the mistake I did.
Dec 17, 2013 02:05 PM Read

Please don't waste your hard earned money just because their rates may be marginally cheaper from others. I am a resident and have invested in one of their apartments in Begur Road. I am regretting on wasting my money and time on them, just listening to their pathetic lame excuses all the time. There is no option to give negative or zero star, else I would have done that.

Here are the main reasons you must avoid them:

  1. First and foremost, their management is screwed up. They take you for granted like anything. So careless about their commitments. I am staying currently in the apartment and facing all kind of issues - water problem, everyday issues related to bad construction quality, sliding window problem, rain water coming inside and flooding the flat, bad quality fittings.

  2. No uniformity in utilizing the common areas, bad maintenance. What else can you expect with cheap labor.

  3. Their staffs, just don't do any work properly, full of excuses, that's all. If you go to Mr. C, who is the GM of projects for Aratt builders, he will just try to justify the wrong doings instead of helping you out. And if you go as individual, he will just try to shoo you away. Pretending to be very busy all the time.

I am just regretting and repenting on my decision to by here.

I would like to suggest please AVOID them.

Some people praise them only because of two reasons:

A) They don't want to talk bad about the place they have invested in or staying in.

B) As per their'standard' and budget, they are happy with what they are getting.

Trust me, try to arrange some more amount and invest in a
Sep 05, 2013 07:43 PM Read

Friends I will put all the facts before you in episodes Before starting please keep it in mind.




The quality of the construction is very poor. Seepage inside the flats , seepage in common amenities like Badminton court, poor finishing of walls , low quality of plastering, even a door banged by the wind pressure is enough to see that your plastering of wall come out. The building cannot withstand even low intensity rains. Water clogging inside parking , water inside car of the passenger lift !!!! . Really dangerous place.


Here are the email experts written by few residents to the builder of ARATT's project.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Water clogging in ground floor parking after every rain



Atul Maheshwari Sep 1 (4 days ago)

Hi Cyril/Amit, From past 1 month or so, we are facing the problem of water cl...

9 older messages

Vipin AK 5:29 PM (2 hours ago)

Shuttle court is badly leaking (again), not only in the sides, but some place...

Joe Varghese

6:13 PM (1 hour ago)

To Vipin, Arattukulam, cherian, kamalnayak, rahulroyphilip1, captvijish, LVC

Is Aratt expecting the rain to go away by the 10th!!  As Vipin said, you have "fixed" the badminton court issue, I don't know, how many times..  When will you stop fixing these things, I wonder!!  think about a heavy rain for the tournament finals.. we may then change the tournament to water polo than Badminton...

On a serious note, do you really care about these issues on a long term.. If so, you would stop doing these 5 day old fixes and do something about it..

Taking about water logging, I still see water getting logged a good feet or more in front of C Block when there is a good rain..  I am sure the concreting will not solve it.  Do you have any plan for that as well ??

Best regards

Joe Varghese

Atul Maheshwari  Sep 1 (4 days ago)

to Arattukulam, LVC

Hi Cyril/Amit,

From past 1 month or so, we are facing the problem of water clogging in ground floor parking area after every rain (even if rains for 30 mins, I have noticed this multiple times), this wasn't there before, not sure what has changed in past few weeks. It takes 3-4 days for water to dry out and invites heavy mosquito breeding in the area. It makes difficult to go to the parking. Please note this area is very close to A-block lift and community hall.

I learned from a security guard that water clogging started after a drainage is made in the area recently (it's behind parking #182), according to him water&mud comes out of that drainage whenever it rains. I have attached few pics which I took today evening. Please check and solve the problem ASAP.. Thanks,


Vipin AK

5:29 PM (2 hours ago)

to Arattukulam, cherian, kamalnayak, rahulroyphilip1, captvijish, LVC

Shuttle court is badly leaking (again), not only in the sides, but some places towards the middle as well. Please get a permanent waterproofing done for it.
Oct 27, 2012 12:20 PM Read

Arattukulam Review - One of my friend referred me to Arattukulam Developers and I am really glad that he did.After going through several other projects and finalizing the best one was a hard task.

I visited few of there old projects like royal heights , lake view and royal castle and was very happy with the way they have gone about the project.Maximum carpet area is provided and also almost all flats have very good ventilation.Very spacious rooms and probably offer the biggest living room compared to other builders.

I highly recommend them and also visit few of their old projects so that you can get a clear idea about their work.


Joseph simon
Jun 18, 2012 09:06 PM Read

After 1 year of constant follow ups, I finally managed to get the 5 lakhs deposit back. It appears Tony Vincent the MD has issues/trouble signing checks. If you are not in Bangalore and cannot follow up with them consistently don't risk your hard earned money with these guys.

The development of the land is also happening at snails pace. There are better developers out there with better value for money prospects.

So suggest you look elsewhere.
Nov 04, 2011 03:27 PM Read

I was forced to write this review after lot of follow ups with Arrattukulam Developers.

I have taken an apartment in their Lake Point Tower project near to the Begur Lake and moved in more than an year back. They have not provided any access road to my apartment till now. I am yet to find out the road that they have shown to BBMP/BDA for approval to this remote place. All the families(around 80) are taking so called road with full of patholes.

Apart from the access road all the stuffs in this project has a unique touch(below par quality) of the developers. They have done everything using below standard quality materials.

  1. They have provided 2 swimming pools, one rain-made swimming pool in the basement parking and the other swimming pool filled with excess chlorine. Almost all the pillars in the basement are leaking and the builder always ask for a 2-3 months to fix this issue and once the monsoon ends they will inform you that everything is fixed.

  2. No enough light for the Tennis Court. All the resident has to switch on their lights for the players to see the oppenents standing other side of the court.

  3. They have got an MD(Tony) who doesn't know how to check his emails. So he has appointed a guy(Vinay) for this purpose. But whatever happend none of them will respond to your email if it is a complaint.

  4. Every monsoon one of the compound wall will colapse and the builder will have a unique reason for you everytime.

  5. They have taken extra money(Rs.100/sqft) from me saying my house has got lake view, but later they themself built another project(LakeBay) there and blocked my lake view and made it "Lake Bay View". Now they are saying they never promised Lake View but only Lake Side.

So please avoid this buider if you are planning to buy any property of them. The quality of their project is the same through out and beware before booking anything from this builder.

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