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8, Sapthaswara Apts, I, J & L, 2nd Floor, 1st Avenue, Ashok Nagar, Chennai 600083, TN

Reviews on Manju Foundations, Chennai

Jan 08, 2017 08:46 PM Read

In chennai, Manju foundations is the one of the best constructions group with good naming. Because they are doing their work very sincerely and dedicate.

So our people are believe and giving project with them. They also giving good respect and completing their project within the given time period.

My uncle having experience with them. He purchased one apartment in chennai. I went with him and I saw their works.

They showed a lot of project plans with kind manner and asking our opinion and then they explaining about their project that why they are planned like that. In-case our opinion is good they are note it down and appreciate them.

They are working together and they know that union is strength. They are concentrating more on middle class family members. Because in the public percentage of people is more in this category.

So, The plan is basically to satisfy the middle class people. They are doing a lot of project in and around chennai and other states itself.

After confirmation of the project, within the mentioned days or months they are completing the project also the foundation of the building as well as the strength of the building is measured by the latest machines and technology.

So the manju groups is named very popular in the public pupil.
Dec 24, 2016 12:47 PM Read


  • Delay on development and taking such a variety of days for completing reason.

  • Land deceiving like we are building clubs, doctor's facilities close to your property so purchase from us and so on .

  • Arrangement of patta's was bamboozled and fake patta's was given to clients.

  • Check issues like conveying shamed check, bobbing check and so forth.

  • Payment money won't be discounted in due date or they will destroy your cash .

  • Incomplete building and exceptionally poor reaction.

MY VERDICT:- If you prefer to go with manju foundations, read my review then take a good choice.
Dec 01, 2016 10:32 PM Read (via Mobile)

One the worst construction business enterprise. This award must be given to them and they deserve it too. Proper from manager to nearby site in-fee. Every body might be atrocious and adamant too. They'll virtually act in the front of us, and could never respond to you. My name is Ezhil. You could reach me at sskarthicks@yahoo.Com. I'm able to send u pix of my residence. There's water leakage inside a year. Doorways do not close.You may never see this sort of waste window production. Tiles are also of very cheap quality. Portray, u can in no way consider. It's far ordinary white wash that's done in village side.(with limestone). I would suggest now not to shop for MANJU basis homes, any in which at any value . Its honestly a waste of cash.


Manju Foundations - Chennai
Oct 30, 2016 09:22 PM Read

You would have watched the advertisement in the TV that they are saying that they will construct club house, restaurent, swimming pool etc. They gave the brochure saying the same. So I bought a plot there for 10L for 1000sqft. I got one acre land for 10L in the same area. Due to facilities offered and promised, I bought it from Manju. But they didn't do anything. Just go to Marakanam Bakshna beach property(pondichery). manu foundation. you will see no amenties over there. Everone got cheated. We are just forming a community now to apply a court case against them. Please don't get cheated from these liars.
Oct 25, 2016 02:03 PM Read (via Mobile)

Be vigilant about purchasing land or and arrive from Manju Group builders.My father has propelled their business and they ought to pay him Rs.30, 000. They conned him and another buddy similarly. Exactly when these people undermine who propel their business how might you think and what sum do you think they will cheat significantly more. So be wary about them.Please spread this to your allies and be vigilant about them. They have started propelling region in Pondy also. Regards,
Sep 09, 2016 10:09 PM Read

I booked their plot in oragadam locality for 1.85 lacs. Suddenly due my mom’s health issues, I requested for cancellation of my booking and refund of my amount. Initially they said that refund is not possible. But I spoke with them and they agreed to pay back my amount provided I have to submit doctor certificate. Accordingly I also submitted the medial certificated. Finally they returned back my amount via 3 PDC’s of 50k, 70k and 65k dated Aug, Sep and Nov 2016. However, when I deposited the cheque of 50k on 31-Aug-2016 the same got returned back due to insufficient funds. When I checked with them they said that they will return the 50k via DD but after 10 days. Now am in need of money to take care of my mom’s medical expenses. But no proper response from their side. Everyone pls think twice when transacting with Manju groups. Even if ur personal issue is worse and u want refund of money, u will not get it at the right time. Pls take care.
Sep 08, 2016 12:48 AM Read (via Mobile)

Be watchful about buying land or and land from Manju Group builders.My father has advanced their business and they should pay him Rs.30, 000. They conned him and another companion in the same way. At the point when these individuals undermine who advance their business how would you think and what amount do you think they will cheat considerably more. So be cautious about them.Please spread this to your companions and be watchful about them. They have begun advancing area in Pondy as well. Respects,
Jul 16, 2016 03:45 PM Read

This is the giving minimum Amount for buy this Building.

Customer service and Handing customer is good in this Builder service.

Whatever I think is actually having in this builders. my friends are like to go there because of Safety and it's like a new Features. Car parking and Swimming pool and school and college are easy to Reach. for the Visit their Providing a vehicle to visit and the then Building.
Nov 03, 2015 03:42 PM Read

Dear All, This is K.M.Balaji 17.oct.0215  I visited binaya beach property from manju  group Near Pondycherry. Its closer to the ECR So I plan to buy the property So I am getting regular call from the Manju group Mr. Hemachandran(Executive) after a week even paid the advance for Rs 50000 by Card But What all the problem I faced in the Manju group are follow.

  1. While booking Mr.Abdul General Manager said my Plot number is 190 from binaya Beach and I gave 50K Cheque Both GM and Executive committed without my knowledge we won't deposit the Cheque . But while confirmation that plot was booked by someone So Mr Prasan Marketing manager they gave a corner plot No 191 Bhavitha Beach and Paid 50k in by card.

He committed next day I will get all the details with sale deed, Receipt, plan and other But Again Tuesday is leave for Manju Group so Mr Hemachandran promise me  on Tuesday 11.30 am "He will give all the necessary document without fail  next day" So next day(28th)  I took a half day leave and waiting for him He reached around 11.30 am with big Issue he is giving Plot No 204 again from binaya Beach with all the document except Receipt moreover he is saying Plot No 204 is good take it and also ask me to confirm the plot but I denied to take the plot because I book a plot 191 not 204 so I denied he try to convince me then he called Mr . Fazil(A.G.M) over the phone he try to convince me also and  he committed You will get Plot No 191 without fail over the phone.So I thought Problem was solved I am going to get Plot no 191. So Same day evening  I visited Manju Group office R.K.Salai 5th street waiting for Mr.Hemachandran  fortunately I meet G.M  Mr.Abdul I Explained everything but this people hide everything to him After big discussion almost two hour we came to another solution because Plot No 191 Bhavitha Beach was sold to another customer So he allotted me Plot No 1 Barnitha Beach on  28th Oct 2015.

About this I discuss with my wife she got mad and ask me to cancel the book because Manju Group is not organised after all this issue still I believe Manju group and staff after 2 days I convenience my wife and confirm my book and plot detail on  31st  oct 2015 Mr Hemachandran committed on sat  promise me Monday without fail I will give all the necessary document except some details again on Monday while calling him he is busy with some other client so He cant come but my Manager Mr.Prasana will give he receipt on or before 8 pm But Around 8 PM I called Mr.Prasana today its not possible tomorrow is Tuesday I will send the receipt on Wednesday(04.11.2015) without fail  So I am waiting for the Receipt Lets hope I will get all the details on Tomorrow(Wednesday(04.11.2015).

I came to one solution Manju Foundation Don't have proper communication tech each one have different Idea thry dont have proper tools to handle the problems.  This is not a mistake of One person issue is happen all the levels from

GM - Not properly communicated to lower levels  plot was changed to 204 instead of 190 if  happen there itself Problem solved.

AGM - Dont have proper tools to see what all the plot was sold  they are using Whatup to check the available so he commited me after all issue I will Get 191 because he dont know that 191 was sold.

MM - If  GM  communicate that 190 was changed to 204.

Executive - Even higher level is not have proper tools then how come we except lower level to have proper tools.

Meanwhile My Cheque is Deposited on 27th Oct 2015 without my Knowledge So Cheque also bounced and charged me Rs 250 for Cheque bounce.

So Before booking Manju group consider everthing and go head.
Oct 10, 2015 02:21 PM Read

This is the worst group of real estate developed you can encounter with, so many complaints and zero customer care.

Property will also have many issue in papers and won't commit anything in paper.just build up villa coming, resort coming etc etc.and ask in papers hey won't, future value won't be there.better avoid and stay away. So many people are following up for months to get refund and response, never go # Manju foundations
Oct 01, 2015 12:29 PM Read

Be careful about purchasing land or and real estate from Manju Group builders.My father has promoted their business and they were supposed to pay him Rs.30, 000. They cheated him and another friend in the same manner.

When these people cheat on who promote their business how do you think and how much do you think they will cheat even more.

So be careful about them.Please spread this to your friends and be careful about them. They have started promoting land in Pondy too.


Dec 12, 2013 12:38 AM Read

One the worst construction company. This award should be given to them and they deserve it too.

Right from manager to local site in-charge. everybody will be atrocious and adamant too. They will simply act in front of us, and will never reply to you.

My name is Ezhil. You can reach me at I can send u photos of my house. There is water leakage within a year. Doors do not close.You will never see such a waste window construction. Tiles are also of very cheap quality.

Painting, u can never imagine. It is normal white wash which is done in village side.(with limestone).

I would suggest  NOT TO BUY MANJU Foundation homes, any where at any cost . Its really a waste of money.

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Manju Foundations - Chennai

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