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Lgf-6, Dr White House Building, Atta Market, Sector 27, Noida 201301, UP

Reviews on Jaypee Greens, Noida

Sep 04, 2017 05:33 PM Read

The National Company Tribunal has recommended the hand over of 600 flats by the builder from November had been rejected by the buyers association stating the builder is evading its commitment and if this happens it will only be able to hand over the flats by 2022.

Buyers want the Noida Authority and State Government should make the builder accountable towards the buyers Liabilities and Flats.

Buyers are also planning to appeal in the Supreme Court for them to be accepted and financial Creditors in the Insolvency case.

Again how will the Flats will be allotted as all the booking were made around the same time and who will get the flat first and and what happens to the penalties for delayed possessions is not clear.

The Group has been given 9 mounts time by the NCLT for a resolution how will this be done is a big question.

What are the Legal consequences for all the above is to be answered.
Jul 01, 2017 08:51 PM Read

Putting this review for those who wants to come in Jaypee Kosmos Sector 134 for Rent. I moved in 2 months back as this location was near to my office. I want to highlight few things which one looks before moving to new place. So let me start with Pros of this society.


1) Very good open green area- it has 3 parks which are well maintained.

2) Option of 2 and 3 BHK flat  in easy rent. 2BHK you can easily get in 9000(Including 2.5K maintenance) and 3 BHK in 11-11.5K(Including 2.5K maintenance) . Paying more than this is worthless here.

3) Good connectivity to Jaypee Hospital, school, office provided you should have your own vehicle.

4) Occupancy is very less, so you don't feel crowded.

Cons -

1) Lot of Under construction building around you, it feels little bad to see those around you and also get construction noises.

2) No Club house facility, Japee does not give CLUB house facility as its not complete. Broker will say you that You can use Jaypee Klassic  property, but thats not true, as per jaypee rules, club/gym can only be use after payment of Rs 25000 . So please be clear on this part, as I came to know about this after joining, and please note after payment of Rs 25000 you will get only Gym, no Swiming pool, other club facility.

3) Construction quality if very poor. I feel all window and door can be broken with a little pull. It seems they forgot to mix Cement in Sand which constructing. Bathroom item, kitchen, lighting, flooring is poorest of poor quality. needs frequent maintenance.

4) Future of  development is this project is minimum, as we all know Jaypee group condition.

5) This has only 1 Kriyana shop inside for daily things milk etc. It charges extra for everything, as you all know the concept of Monopoly. For any small thing at least you need to travel 7-8 km.

6) Security - Inside apartment security gaurds are doing fairly good job. But Outside apartment is lonely area, you can not come late in this area, be strict with your timings.

7) With electricity bill - there is flat charge of~1500 ruppes which you have to pay, your bill will come above this, for example, if you consume 1600 electricity, your bill will be Rs 3100( Rs 1500 flat+ 1600)

8) Maintenance service is not up to the mark. you have to run behind the people, Jaypee(FMG) does not have enough people to work.

9) There is no public transport facility in this area.
Jun 15, 2017 11:27 PM Read

Earlier Jaypee was a Brand Name in Noida.But in last 2 years the company is not doing well.The Buyers are unhappy with the company and every now and then the buyers are approaching the Govt. of Uttar Pradesh and Greater Noida Development Authority in order to help them in getting the flats.Recently Greater Noida Development Authorities have conducted a meeting between the buyers and builders.And they have asked the owners of Jaypee also to address the Unsatisfied customers.Nowdays they have poor customer service.The staff courtesy is also worst.And the Product Implementation Rate is also bad.


Jaypee Greens - Noida
May 17, 2017 10:49 PM Read

Jp group was doing so good before entering into real estate, They got such big land bank at the time of BSP Govt. in barter for making Expressway to Agra. Greater Noida was nicely built and they gained trust of people and got the huge response for JP Grees and JP sports city, but since last 4 years people are just waiting for there homes to be delivered and they are getting delayed and delayed. Like most of all builders they are not delivering on time and having lots of issues running. Still they are not bankrupt and hope to deliver with delay.
May 17, 2017 10:33 PM Read (via iOS App)

Jaypee greens is the one and the best name in property. Most lavish and amazing projects are given by jaypee greens. if you go to noida where jaypee greens buildinga are then you will find what cleaniness, proper management means. Everything in jaypee greens society is in systamatic way. And possession by jaypee greens is considered as best among its contemporary. Quality of houses is really good, no patch work required after possession. Abd the staff pf jaypee green is very cooperatinve and decent.
Apr 26, 2017 09:14 AM Read

My uncle had booked a flat with Jaypee in Noida, sector 128 since 2009. He took a loan of about 80% of the flat rate in hope of getting the flat and would retire peacefully and calmly.

The hard to believe fact is that the flat is not delivered till date.

I personally have visited the flat construction site, only the skeleton is built till date. All further constructions are stopped.

We talked to authorities also, every time they assure us to deliver the flat in next 6 months.

We created a group against the JAYPEE GROUP and filed a case against them. I hope my uncle will get the flat soon.
Jan 27, 2017 10:08 PM Read

Hello Friends, I am Vikas Kumar Raghav. Now I am just sharing a our best experience with Noida's best Builders - Jaypee Greens - Noida. Jaypee Greens is the famous and most reputed developer or builders in Delhi NCR - Noida region.  Jaypee Greens has been develops new world class or biggest townships in the National Capital Region since 2002.  Jaypee Greens have or offers a holistic living standard through the perfect uniting of residential, commercial, institutional and recreational facilities in a self-sustainable format.

if you are talking about customer care services of Jaypee Greens then you will find stunning and satisfied services by Jaypee Greens. and gives the wonderful moment or thinking to every customer when any customer ask any query or issue then customer care provides the world class services and gives the best & satisfied answer.

Jaypee Greens have a professional staff in your offices because staff gives the reposed on time and gives the exacts details of all real estate projects. and also explain market value of Jaypee Greens. so lots of investor or end user want a your dreams homes in Jaypee Greens Townships.  Jaypee Greens Townships have a best quality contraction and gives the best views means pioneered the concept of golf-centric living in India.

In Next Jaypee Greens not develop few flats or areas. they built a new city or Townships for example - In noida expressway - Jaypee Greens develop a Jaypee Wishtown who are covered lots of areas.  so if we are talking project implementation on time then we can says that if you want a good quality and good contraction then not compare with any projects. because Jaypee Greens is a most valuable Iconic of real estate market and its a biggest real estate developers or Builders and develop lots of areas so need a proper time to built in perfect manner.

Only one think Negative so we can says that Jaypee Greens projects have a few time delay due to some reason but we hope that as soon as Jaypee Greens delivered all projects on time and hand over as soon as. otherwise if you are compare with any other real estate developer then Jaypee Greens are the best to Others.

In the last if you are looking a any real estate projects in Noida or Greater Noida then we highly recommend Jaypee greens and gives the 3 Out 5 rating.
Jan 15, 2017 01:31 AM Read

Hello All,

My name is Sumit and we purchased plots in J P sports city. Plots has no construction to do, probably easiest property to deliver especially when land has no issue. Even on that part money was taken in full and no commitment being fulfilled. They are able to do simple demarcation and handover plots.We all have put our hard earned money into it and not getting any result. I would appeal to authorities to take action.
Oct 25, 2016 02:05 PM Read (via Mobile)

Hello there, I have bought two pads in Jaypee Greens Wish Town on Noida-Greater Noida Expressway in Kensington Park Apartments and Garden Isles. I have still not gotten ownership of both pads and have paid very nearly 85% of the cash to Jaypee Greens. They are postponing ownership every year with some senseless reasons. Presently the organization has no reply. Could We take care of this? I see a few people are documenting appeal or FIR in Court against Jaypee Greens for this deferral in possesion as somewhere in the range of 30k purchasers are influenced. If it's not too much trouble get in touch with me as I am likewise enthusiasm for recording lawful activity against Jaypee Greens.
Sep 23, 2016 04:41 PM Read

I booked one flat in Jaypee Kube about 4 years ago. Builder stopped construction. More than Rs. 75 lacs has been paid. Do not know when the possession will be given. Like minded sufferers and allottees of Jaypee Kube, please co-ordinate with me to take the matter collectively. Otherwise, money doomed. Interested for refund of money even with deduction. Had taken bank loan and paying pre-EMI.

Please share your views.

Builder is under severe financial crunch due to over-trading and diversion of funds. Total borrowed funds by builder, approx. Rs. 70, 000/- crores. Yearly interest pay-out approx. Rs. 9, 000 crores. Builder selling hard core assets to pay banks as interest to avoid NPA status. Share has fallen to Rs. 11.50.

Better to get refund with some cut.
Aug 12, 2016 02:21 PM Read

Jul 24, 2016 11:30 AM Read


I have purchased two flats in Jaypee Greens Wish Town on Noida-Greater Noida Expressway in Kensington Park Apartments and Garden Isles.

I have still not gotten possession of both flats and have paid almost 85% of the money to Jaypee Greens.

They are delaying possession each year with some silly excuses. Now the company has no answer.

Can We do something about this?

I understand some people are filing petition or FIR in Court against Jaypee Greens for this delay in possesion as some 30k buyers are affected.

Please contact me as I am also interest in filing legal action against Jaypee Greens.
Jul 21, 2016 06:27 PM Read (via Mobile)

This is a caution to all people who are even thinking to buy any property even remotely related to Jaypee Group. I bought a flat in Jaypee sports city.The project was kove. It has been almost five years and the company has not even constructed 5% of the project. They have one of the most shameless employees in CRC .You will die calling them but they will not answer your call. They never reply to your mails or letters. It was definitely one of the most trusted brands at one time but today under Mr.Manoj Gaur it has fallen to a state where they are surviving on money of middle class people who trusted them. I have taken up a case for refund will fight these guys in court. Beware guys.it's your hard earned money. Don't give it to them
Jan 12, 2016 09:07 AM Read

'Maintenance and security' is a big concern. Guards are not properly trained to understand the problems of the residents.

Many stray dogs roam around in Pavilion Court 3. Guards feed them. Dogs chase children and elderly. I have written mails to the facility maintenance group, but they don't act.

There is no proper system to address your concerns. Your mails go unanswered for days.
Dec 31, 2015 03:52 PM Read

Kingswood oriental are independent homes at wishtown noida and are set on 5 basic pillars of life- Long life, Harmony, Beautiful, Happiness and blessed.

Architecture for these jaypee homes is inspired by the oriental values using wood, Bamboo and colourful stones. These are limited number of exclusive villas with restricted entry and special golf cart assisted transportation facility and a lot of other hi end exclusive benefits.
Oct 03, 2015 05:22 PM Read (via Mobile)

We invested in one of their projects in the wish town. And now that we are stuck, we realize that they are pathetic for more than one reasons.

They ain't giving us the position in time and I are not speaking about the compensation.They had some technical issues because of which they told us not to make the payment. They even gave to us in written that we need not pay till the matter is resolved and no interest will be charged. Obviously we didn't pay but they are asking for interest of 80000rs for late payment. After that we haven't delayed any payment and have been writing mails to them but they are behaving like government office babus and are not paying attention to our mails / calls.

We are now hoping that they post attention to this at the time of final possession.
Feb 19, 2015 08:55 AM Read

Bakwass builder. Don't book any flat or property with jaypee, they are not commited to complete the project on time and asking instalment despite of closer of construction work.

And also threat to cancle and forfit the entire deposit amount. this is totaly loot by safedposh jaypee builder. so many invester invest their hard earn money wih jaypee in their project but they dont care about their problems
Jun 17, 2011 01:37 PM Read

For last six months I have been visiting Prithivee Propmart Pvt Ltd. sec -18 Noida there office for refund of my 4% BSP. I was cordinating with rupesh from Jan every day he use to tell me that the payment is not received from Jaypee.

In feb I got the confirmation from Jaypee that the payments is already made to them. I contacted him in Feb & stated that since Jaypee has already made the payments why are they still holding my payments.

I was then diverted to Mr Shailender Sharma who told that there payments are pending from the builders but assured me that in Month of April I would get my payments. I visited them again & I was told that I will get my payments from 15-29th May.

Entire month has passed but no Payments have been recived it is really painful to go every day to there office and ask for our rights.

Apr 30, 2011 12:42 PM Read

I had booked a flat in Pavilion Court Jaypee Greens Noida on 27 Apr 2008 and was allotted flat in Pavilion Court tower No 5 vide allotment letter dated 14 Jun 2008.

In last one year I have made at least four site visits and every time I was shown PVC 5 building under construction. During interaction with the CRM personnel, Ms Aradhana Talwar, Ms Shashi Singh, Ms Monica and Mr Venktesh I was told that the project is on schedule and during my last visit PVC5 building was shown as constructed up to fifth floor.

Satisfied with the progress of construction I requested for change over from construction linked payment (CLP) to down payment (DP) plan and made payment of Approx 95% of total cost. Not only this I even mortgaged the house to bank for obtaining loan of remaining amount.

As per the allotment letter dated 14 Jun 2008 the flat is to be delivered with in a period of 36 months hereof. However, in the last week March 2011 i.e Just 2 month before scheduled date of handing over I was telephonically informed that the PVC 5 building is not being constructed. They called me to their office and showed deep concern and promised a bigger house. But after two days they informed that management is not agreeing to it. I wrote to their CEO Ms Rita Dixit, Mr KC Batra Director Commercial but no reply. They do not pick up the phone.

So if any one of you or your dear one has booked or planning to book the flat with Jaiprakash Associates in Noida watch out and take adequate precautions.
Apr 08, 2011 02:57 AM Read

We should not criticize JAY PEE without any reason. its Best in its class, ITS Paradise on Earth once its ready. its going to be a city by itself. one neednt go out of this town for any thing. Recreation jobs, living & medical facllities, all in one campus. God bless us all & Jay Pee.

KUBE WHARE we will stay is clode to GOLF AND BOOMRANG CLUB. So lets feel happy that we have bought our house in a really nice place. I personally feel that there is no place like JAY PEE green of Noida in whole of NCR and even in India.

My suggestion to JAY PEE group is to make the world class buildings in this project which has high earthquake resistance. Since its a sandy soil very next to Yamuna river we need to be more careful for designing and implementing earthquake resistance buildings. I hope someone is listening

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Jaypee Greens - Noida

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