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5, Richmond Road, Ashok Nagar, Bangalore 560025, KA

Reviews on Gopalan Enterprises, Bangalore

Dec 28, 2019 03:39 PM Read

Good Builder, good reputation, staff is friendly, competitive prices, I have good experience so far.
Oct 05, 2018 01:04 AM Read (via Mobile)

If you are opting for an apartment in A block, Don't go for it. It's too noisy and dusty you are practically living on the road.All other facilities are quite average, The no backup part is horrendous. With rents increasing here and the quality deteoriating as the apartments are aging..Don't know how feasible it is to be here.
Aug 02, 2017 09:09 PM Read

Gopalan Enterprises though growing is one of the worst developers in the city and has a reputation of being non committal. Their properties are also located in the outskirts of the city or mostly in the border line areas.

Customer service is pathetic and one can never expect a decent support. Even the professionalism of their staffs are poor . Most of the projects cross their deadline of completion and there is total lack of transparency


Gopalan Enterprises - Bangalore
Aug 02, 2017 03:34 PM Read (via Mobile)

We sold a flat of their habitat splendor challenge, first they promised that a separate access avenue will be furnished for the habitat beauty humans and they'll no longer proportion the unmarried small slim avenue that become being used by their previous project( millennium habitat) . Then now they r saying they by no means promised something of that kind.

it's miles most effective 6 months due to the fact we've got moved to our new domestic( that too after a delay of 1 year) already all the balcony ground ties has been chipped and the top masking has come off . you'll not believe it, it seems like a ten year old building. On top the carry in H block is never working . human beings has been stuck interior it n variety of times. Plus my house there has been electricity failure 4 times and that they say the fuse has were given burnt. I do now not have personal heavy obligation matters or AC and things like that. If I ask them the renovation guy says that the electrician may have completed the wiring incorrect. And so he says contact the builder and the builder says he has no clue.

now not handiest this from the time I moved in i've been complaining that there's water leakage inside the toilet, no response. The STP has not been treated well, so it's far like residing in a sewage tank day in and day out.
May 31, 2017 10:56 PM Read

Bought a flat at Gopalan 3 years back.

The parking lot bought for around Rs. 3 lakh always damages the vehicles as the drain water pipeline above always leaks. Have complained more than 20 times to Gopalan Enterprise but no use.

They just put a patch every time and never bother about our problems after you buy a flat.

Bought a flat at Gopalan 3 years back.

The parking lot bought for around Rs. 3 lakh always damages the vehicles as the drain water pipeline above always leaks. Have complained more than 20 times to Gopalan Enterprise but no use.

They just put a patch every time and never bother about our problems after you buy a flat.
Jul 09, 2016 10:50 AM Read

I am a resident in one of the Housing Projects of Gopalan Homes -Gopalan Grandeur- for the last eight years. Both during construction stage before occupation and after occupation my impression is one of happy association. The builder has been fair and reasonable and is always willing to go an extra mile to accommodate the client.

Even with regard to maintenance of the complex, I found the builder to be very reasonable and fair. Even after handing over of the complex to the residents’ association, it is heartening to note that they are willing to help in maintenance issues which need not necessarily be in their scope. The problems are addressed and sorted out unmindful of the cost which sometimes is quite huge.

Overall the builders are very good and can be trusted totally with our money for providing us with a wonderful life experience.
Mar 10, 2016 09:21 AM Read

Staying in one of their Apartment in Bangalore for the last two year. Though the building is 10 years old, construction is quite good. The walls have a smooth finishing and there is no such seepage problem. Also the overall maintenance is Good. .

The common area is maintained well from cleanliness and security aspect. They also have a electrician and plumber on call to fix individual issues. Swimming pool is well maintained and the gym is also well equipped. Overall a nice environment.
Feb 27, 2015 03:04 PM Read

Temple Trees D & E blocks are connected with cauvery water connection, this arrangement was completed more than one year back and they have sufficient cauvery water. Apart from that we have given them a additional bore well which yeals surplus water, the question of water scarcity does not arise at all.

Flats owners are happy with property and now that metro is in the offing. The property rate  is as increased manifold.
Oct 15, 2014 08:50 AM Read

I had been living in Gopalan Grandeur for last three years on rent. Here is my honest review.


  1. The flat are spacious. 3BHK of 1925 sft is really big.

  2. Design of flat is long rather than square shaped. So, the sound from your living room does not reach bedroom. So, if you baby is sleeping in bedroom you can watch movie in living room. Of course, you would need a baby monitor to see your baby. For this we used google hangout on laptop and mobile.

  3. Society is clean.

  4. Balconies are really big - 6ft length.

  5. The house is airy and enough sunlight


  1. [Major] The lifts always have problems. For reasons unknown, there has not been a single day when the lift were behaving well in last 3 years.

  2. [Major] The water piping is not done correctly. The pipes are of iron which have corroded. One fine day the pipe of someone burst in kitchen and their living room, kitchen and rooms were flooded with water. Ideally the pipes should have been made of CPVC. I came to know that except of A&B blocks all other flats are having same issue.

  3. [Major] Flooring is bad. One fine day, people living below us started making complaints about the dripping of water from roof in their bathroom. The people not only just below us but three floor below were badly impacted by the water going into tiles in our bathroom while there was no water logging in our bathroom. The flooring had to be redone. Later on, we came to know via plumber that there are many people suffering with the same issue.

  4. [Major] The electricity backup is not there. The only backup provided is a single light in living room. Recently due to the frequent power failures, everyone ended up buying inverter.

  5. [Major] The Gym maintenance is poor. Recently while doing dumbbells one of the weights fell down on a residents head. Also, there is some BESCOM dispute that is on going with respect to electricity for Gym.

  6. [Minor] The Swimming Pool is small.

  7. [Minor] There is not enough area for kids to play. The ground is too small and restrictive.

  8. [Minor] Poor construction quality of door glasses of balcony. During a rain our glass suddenly broke and our house was full of water.

  9. [Minor] Poor construction quality of wall plaster. Because of banging of the door due to wind, the plaster has fallen from wall.

  10. [Minor] The only place to jog is around the building. The lane is small and if a car is coming you have to stop and stand on the side.

Aug 30, 2014 10:00 AM Read

Last month I purchased a  5 bedroom house  in Urban Woods. When I purchased it, I came to know that Urban Woods project have  been awarded the best project for amenities & Connectivity.

I have placed my son in Gopalan National School which is very close to urban woods. I am really happy, thanks to the Gopalan Enterprises.
Jan 12, 2014 03:45 PM Read

I have been staying in Gopalan Temple Trees Apartment (D&E block) on Kanakapura Road for almost 3 years now. The D&E blocks were built later than the other blocks. The D&E owners paid separately for BWSSB water and sewage connection at the time of possession.

Till date (2009-2014), Gopalan builders has not provided BWSSB water connection to this block.

The associations for D&E every year has been talking to the partners at Gopalan, even threatening with legal action but to no avail.

I was under the impression that Gopalan was a reputed builder but I am really sorry to say that they do not have any reputation in the eyes of the D&E owners at Temple Trees.

A builder who collects money, earns huge interest on it over 4 years but still does not provide a basic water connection is nothing more than an unprofessional. Moreover he claims to be part of CREDAI. Is this how members of CREDAI provide services after collecting money?

I have many friends who have purchased flats with smaller builders but have a BWSSB connection obtained within 1 month of occupying the flats.

Needless to say my faith in Gopalan builders has eroded and I have advised all my acquaintances who ask for advice to not consider buying from Gopalan.
Sep 29, 2013 04:15 PM Read

We have a beautiful home being built by Gopalan Enterprises. In fact it is very much a show piece and something we are proud to show off and is admired. We have a quality home on its way and had no issues when building with Gopalan Enterprises.

Their service has been great and their staff was always helpful. I would have no issue recommending this builder knowing their quality and the 'livability' of the house. We have enjoyed the process of construction every second.

Thanks to all at Gopalan Enterprises.
Jul 21, 2013 07:04 PM Read

We are seriously considering the property. Has anyone been to the property and heard the rather loud shrill noise coming out of Bhuraka Gases from right opposite?

We visited today and the sound was unbearable, and will be so for units in A block. Was this just an one-off occurrence that I heard today or have others experienced the same? Thanks!
Apr 17, 2012 10:55 PM Read

When I mailed them I did get a reply but when I call them with a promise of calling back they disappeared and couldn't have the sense to even say not feasible.

I would expect a sensible staff to talk reasonably. Terrible customer service. They tell customers on face that showing a site to them is wastage of time for Gopalan? That too after only 2-3 emails requesting details. I haven't have had this kind of response from anyone till now!

If before investing with them this is the attitude I wonder how do they plan to grow further?
Apr 01, 2012 01:37 PM Read

Please don't buy any residential things from Gopalan. I bought flat In casa gopalan borewell road. What ever they showed in model flat and in reality they are not giving any thing. Very cheap quality and no proper services.

They are not reliable any point of time. And keep on changing their design and there is no landscaping area at all. Please let me know if want to aky thing else about them. Write a mil to me at ankushpatni at yahoo.
Jan 25, 2012 05:55 AM Read

The builder as a brand is definitely a plus. In my personal opinion, the son's continue to carry forward the legacy of their father and founder in terms of quality of architecture. Most often their projects have airy, well ventilated and fairly solid constructions.

However, their flaws are their lack of principles and one would often find them having compromised on etiquette. They are open about bribing govt officials to move their files or for obtaining favorable decisions. Almost always compromise of basic amenities like quality drinking water, Rain water harvesting and one can have a headache after being a resident and moving in.

Cost of living and maintenance almost often are found to be spiraling due to their miss or having compromised in some way. Prospective customers are advised to demand for a sizable negotiation to ensure this is comforting when one has these headaches later on...... Do not trust the Layout plan they share...this is often not true.... Very satisfied in terms of investment but devastated in terms of etiquette....
Nov 29, 2011 01:52 PM Read

I am working for TCS and My brother is looking for a stall in Gopalan Enterprises. he is already running stalls in commercial, forum, garuda mall etc. I am not sure whom to contact and how to go ahead.

It will be of great help if anyone can provide me the contact details and name of the person to contact. You can mail me the details to my email id Looking forward for a prompt answer.

Thank You
May 24, 2011 10:11 PM Read

I had a bad experience while booking my flat with Gopalan Enterprises and hence moved to Prestige Park View project which has a far better location and amenities with little higher price. I have wasted my 2 months time with Gopalan and they returned my booking cheque stating that they don't want to sell few flats now. They will sell them on higher price when project will be near completion.

I have not heard any other case where any builder first took the cheque and confirmed the booking and later cancelled the booking unilaterally.
Apr 29, 2011 03:37 PM Read

I booked my flat in August 2010, they promised to deliver by August/September 2011. It now seems that this will be delayed by atleast 6 months. I bought it for the price of 2700 per sq/ft. When bargained for they asked me to pay upto 15 lacs in cash and will get 75000 discount i.e 5000 discount for each lakh paid in cash.

This is how they take black money. while booking their marketing executive will tell all stories of customer service etc and once booked till date he has never taken a single phone call of mine or replied to my emails. I had few alterations to be done and they are so expensive to get it done with them. One A/C point costs around 2000/, inverter point 4000/- just for a 2 metre wire and 2 15 amps switch and this costing is during the construction phase itself where they do not have to break anything. Imagine if they had to break something and alter then they will charge more.

For alterations, I have paid them cash and they have given me paper bills and when requested for proper bill they are asking my to pay additional money for tax. This group is just a bunch of money mongers and do not care for customer service. During the discussions of the Alterations, I wanted to discuss with their director and called his PA so many times, everytime he will refuse me to talk with him saying so many reasons and tell that they will call me back but it never happened till date.

Anyways, the only reason for buying this property was for the location and hoping that they will give atleast a decent quality construction which I doubt after my experience with them.
Mar 10, 2011 12:44 AM Read

I recently visited the Gopalan Grandeur apartments at Hoodi Circle with the intention of purchasing an apartment from a renowned builder. Had gone through the various reviews posted here but thought I would see for myself(how bad could it be;) My experience can be best summarized via the below points.

1) The first thing that struck me was the dark dirty yellow colour at the base of each apartment block as someone pointed out in one of the other reviews. The brochure showed something entirely different than the view which unfolded in front of my eyes.

2) The brochure showed the flats in a decent light brown/dark brown combination with greenery all around but what you see when you get there is light yellow/dark yellow combination which gives the feel of a sarkari colony.

3) There is concrete running all over the complex  with little boxes of greenery thrown in here and there. There is no sign of palm trees anywhere. I read in one of the responses here that this has been done to allow easy access for fire engines but surely that can be done in a manner which keeps aesthetics in mind as well. After all I am sure other leading builders are just as concerned about the residents safety and their reputations but you don't see such a sight in any of those.

4) The flat itself was very spacious(3BHK at 1925 sq ft) and had ample balconies. But one thing which I noticed immediately was that most of the walls of the flat were not straight but slightly slanting. This could be easily made out by the width of the different points along the same wall. How tough can it be to make a straight wall! We were told that it was too late to fix this since the construction was mostly complete and even the tiles were in place.

5) There were cracks on some of the walls and seepage in some places leading me to suspect the construction quality as well.

6) The lifts we took to reach the apartment were filthy and had peeling paint and graffiti.

To summarize, the visit was a total waste of time and the apartment is not worth it for the price being asked by the builder(more than Rs 3200 per sq foot). I understand that the Resident's association has taken over maintenance but I guess there is little even they can do to give the complex a facelift.

My advice would be too look at the other apartments in the vicinity and I am sure we can find a better deal. As for this apartment complex, I do hope that the builder takes note of these comments and improves the exteriors of the complex. After all, first impression is the last impression:)

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Gopalan Enterprises - Bangalore

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