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Hyderabad, India

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The samsung sch-w339 not quite there

May 13, 2009 02:19 PM 11947 views

(Updated Sep 20, 2009 03:04 PM)

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I bought my samsung sch-w339(named samsung duo) on july 11 today its been 10 months and 2 days....

reason of buying: looks and touch screen(i love touch screen phone) and also tata indicom(cdma)

cost:8999(including vat)

showroom: directly from tata indicom outlet at patny hyderabad.

living with it:after buying my brand new mobile I inserted my new sim shock u know what it said invalid sim!!!!! the guys at the tata indicom show room replaced the sim with a new sim and it worked happy:)....the phone began to restart if a message more than 40 characters is entered.. I had 2 rush 2 samsung service centers which are last after 10 days of waiting they updated the worked just fine till the last month and the phone began restarting again and once again s/w update


-> professional looks

->sharp touch screen

->good music clarity(not the best guys)

->auto answer feature is cool

-> file viewer is easy 2 use and I can carry ppts and pdf's anywhere easily


->reliability not up to mark

->key pad should b present because msg typin is difficult on the move.

-> horrible stylus

->bluetooth raises eyebrows guys u know what u cannot name our phone!!!!(device name)

->music stops when we come out of the music player(horrible for phones in its range)

->1 gb expandable guys!!!!!! what the hell even 4, 500 nokias have 2 gb support

->video support horrible only plays video support horrible only plays short mp4 clips

->camera average guys!!

-> no parallel 2 sim operation

my personal opinion:

guys I love complexity and I believe our mobiles phones reflect who we are.. message typin is really diffcult trust me..but it looks cool...i feel at a price of 9000 it is not up there really stylus broke!! we dont get that anywhere..lcd has a problem it is 2 b reliability guys!!!samsung needs 2 seriously rethink this product and there are no themes, games available!!!!!!!!!! hell lots is desired....

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