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The samsung sch-w339 not quite there

By: | May 13, 2009 02:19 PM
(Updated Sep 20, 2009 03:04 PM)

I bought my samsung sch-w339(named samsung duo) on july 11 2008..so today its been 10 months and 2 days....

reason of buying: looks and touch screen(i love touch screen phone) and also tata indicom(cdma)

cost:8999(including vat)

showroom: directly from tata indicom outlet at patny hyderabad.

living with it:after buying my brand new mobile I inserted my new sim shock u know what it said invalid sim!!!!! the guys at the tata indicom show room replaced the sim with a new sim and it worked happy:)....the phone began to restart if a message more than 40 characters is entered.. I had 2 rush 2 samsung service centers which are horrible....at last after 10 days of waiting they updated the software..it worked just fine till the last month and the phone began restarting again and once again s/w update


-> professional looks

->sharp touch screen

->good music clarity(not the best guys)

->auto answer feature is cool

-> file viewer is easy 2 use and I can carry ppts and pdf's anywhere easily


->reliability not up to mark

->key pad should b present because msg typin is difficult on the move.

-> horrible stylus

->bluetooth raises eyebrows guys u know what u cannot name our phone!!!!(device name)

->music stops when we come out of the music player(horrible for phones in its range)

->1 gb expandable guys!!!!!! what the hell even 4, 500 nokias have 2 gb support

->video support horrible only plays video support horrible only plays short mp4 clips

->camera average guys!!

-> no parallel 2 sim operation

my personal opinion:

guys I love complexity and I believe our mobiles phones reflect who we are.. message typin is really diffcult trust me..but it looks cool...i feel at a price of 9000 it is not up there really guys...my stylus broke!! we dont get that anywhere..lcd has a problem it is 2 b replaced...no reliability guys!!!samsung needs 2 seriously rethink this product and there are no themes, games available!!!!!!!!!! hell lots is desired....

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