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Unhealthy wine in the old bottle

By: | Mar 22, 2007 01:38 PM

"Jeethe Hain Jiske Liye" is the new serial started recently on Sony TV on weekdays at 10.30 p.m. This one is from the stable of DJ creations, the makers of "Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin" and "Left Right Left". I was interested in the serial as it is produced by Djs and it has some fine actors from tellydom, including Renuka Shahane who made a come back after marriage and motherhood.

I missed the initial episodes but watched the serial after one week. But I felt I did not miss much as the story line is usual clich├ęd one which gave me a feeling of dejavu. If we go into the story,

it is the story of a simple and plain Anjali, played by Renuka Shahane who is brought up in an orphanage. She is married to a rich guy Aman(Ayub Khan) and enters his elite family much to the dismay of many of his family members including his scheming aunt played by Aswini Kaleskar. In addition Anjali is unhappy as she is not able to conceive and there is trouble for Anjali from other corner too in the form of her sister in law Avni(Pooja Ghai).

Avni was in love with Anjali's husband Aman but could not marry him but ends up marrying his younger brother and she is hell bent on snatching her lost love and starts plotting usual weird plans to separate Anjali and Aman. Wait. if you want to stop me and ask whether I am narrating any old story from Ekta's camp then you have every reason to do it as I myself got confused whether I switched on to a wrong channel. To add to my confusion there are scenes on Holi where Avni applies color to brother in law Aman and says "I love You" and pretends that she is drowning( even though she knows swimming), forcing him to save her etc. etc. Then followed the mother of all scenes, where Avni tells Aman about their love child and blackmails him that she will reveal the fact to every one. a straight lift from K series. I could not take it further.

If I consider Ekta a business woman with out any ethics and morals who can do every thing and anything to keep her serials running(she can make her vamps and heroines have n number of affairs even with their own sisters' husbands), I considered the likes of DJs, Ajay Sinha( maker of Astitva), Hats off productions(makers of Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, Baa Bahoo aur Baby & Resham Dank) to be different as they follow some ethics and do not mind taking their serials off air instead of resorting to cheap twists and turns.

But recently, I had to change my opinion when DJs gave me a jerk in Left Right Left by portraying love triangles between students and teachers in a military academy, Jeethe Hain. seconded it. It has the usual K series stuff like a woman hugging her husband but at his back blowing kisses to her ex lover(now brother in law). It is very sad that most of the serial makers are stooping too low for high TRPs. Luckily, the TRPs of JHJL are not rising either, so It is high time they realized that their set of faithful audiences are the ones who are fed up of Balaji camp.

One note before conclusion, It may be too early to dismiss JHJL, if some one finds it better or improving I will be happy to know their openion.

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