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manishrvce's Timeline

Reviewed Major

13 days ago 28 Views

Watched the multilingual Major based on late NSg commando Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, on Netflix -the Hindi version. The film is a gripping patriotic saga about the real-life brave commando who laid his life to protect the hostages of Hotel Taj-Mumbai@26/11. Adivi Sesh looks smashing and gets in...Read more

Reviewed RRR

18 days ago 37 Views

Finally watched S.Rajamaoulis's grand epic blockbuster-RRR on Netflix India. I am sure most of you might have already watched this mega-actioner set in the British era, but I would still like to give my views on this. I know many film fans and critics loath Manoj Kumar's mega hit-Kranti(which I ...Read more

Followed amateurabe

18 days ago


Commented on amateurabe's review

18 days ago

great review!! I just watched this unheard film and just writing few line son it.But m really impressed by the detailed dway you have written

Reviewed Jugjugg Jeeyo

18 days ago 86 Views

Watched Dharma Productions Jug Jug Jiyo, which happens to be my first theatre watch in the last 2.5 years post covid. The film is a family drama with a divorce angle added. The film has funny moments and some emotional scenes as well. While Neetu Kapoor and Anil play the elder couple competen...Read more

Reviewed Tiger Zinda Hai

Jan 05, 2018 02:16 PM 594 Views

Writing on Mouthshut after long! Before coming to my write-up on Ek Tha Tiger, let's rewind to 5 years back 2012. Salmans revamped image had become the latest formula of box office and Salman films were being blockbusters. Still, as always a section of Filmgoers was sceptical of his 201...Read more

Reviewed Mera Gaon Mera Desh

Jun 17, 2015 08:58 AM 3349 Views

One of the cult and best action films ever made was/is Raj Khoslas superhit-Mera Gaon mera Desh. Ashok Kumar did action movies like Howrah Bridge and Dev Anand did crime sagas like Baazi but somehow action came in its full force in the form of He-Man Dharamendra. Although Dharam did all type ...Read more

Commented on jmathur's review

Jun 03, 2015 02:28 PM

amazing review jmathur

Reviewed Andaz (1971)

Jun 03, 2015 02:16 PM 3765 Views

(Updated Jun 03, 2015 02:17 PM)

Writing back on Mouthshut after a 7 year hiatus and decided to write on one of the hits of 1971 was Andaz. The film is about a widower(shammi kapoor) who has a kid from his now dead wife(Simi Girewal) and a young widow(Hema Malini) who has a young son from her now dead lover(Rajesh Khanna) an...Read more

Commented on RAGHUBHAI's review

Sep 08, 2012 01:27 AM

Well Faraar without doubt is a well made film with commendable performances between amitabh and Sanjev Kumar with able support from Sharmila tagore.This is the first film of Sanjeev Kumar and amitabh Bachchan together and both are in their form.It is also the only time Amitabh and Sharmila looked ro...mantic together onscreen.Their chemistry in the timeless song-Main Pyaasa Tum saawan is simply amazing.Although the film was good yet probably due to other big films of Amitabh in 1975-Sholay,deewar,Chupke chupke,Mili and Zameer-farar somehow did only average business and it was only later that it gained popularity thanks to screening on Doordarshan.The plot was well made and although on the lines on Ittefaq and 36 Ghante still stands out although the production values are not that great.Also a very interesting thing is that both Amitabh and rajesh Khanna had 2 films in 1975-Faraar and Prem Kahani where the plot was similar.While Faraar was an intersting casting Amitabh-Sanjeev-Sharmila yet Raj Khoslas Prem Khanai with Rajesh Khanna-Shashi Kapoor-Mumtaz-Vinod Khanna was the BIGGER film.yet to each his/her own-both films are good and well made. However there is a very interesting fact about Faraar-whether aby dies in the end or not.The end which we see is Big B dying in it(which is the end which keeps coming) .However I have a very very distinct memory of Big b surviving and being shown in the hospital(extremely rare one) and master raju is talking to him.However,I have tried watching it many times over but never watched the surviving Amitabh end again.I asked this with many fans of Amitabh so many times but nonone remembers.Infact i had dismised it as some of my dream sequence probably.Finally getting confirmation from 1-2 people that the other end was infact a very very very rare version and got to see the end where he survives on youtube.So it is the first of a kind where there are 2 ends!!!Read More

Commented on own review

Mar 03, 2008 07:20 PM

Last but definitely not the least is the inspiration behind one of Amitabh’s best movies-Aakhree Raasta is also in a way dalat.Although Aakhree Raasta was a remake of the Tamil film starring Kamal Hassan and also had inspiration from Dilip Kumar starrer Duniya,yet one cannot doubt the presence of Ad...alat angle in the film.The plot of an honest person being wronged by 3 evil men and his revenge on them followed by his son growing up was infact presence in Duniya,Aakhree Raasta and its Tamil original as well.However the fact that both father and son in Aakhree Raasta were Amitabh makes it closest to Adalat.However unlike a rural setup,Aakhree Raasta had an urban setup and the fact that it was technically superb and very gripping gave an almost death blow to the under rated aspect of Adalat.The son’s role was also better developed in Aakhree Raasta.Its wrong to compare the 2 yet even to this day,Adalat can hold its own to a more mature and slick Aakhree Raasta. The music by Kalyanji Anandji is average but has a chartbuster in the form of “Tumse Door Rahke..”.The songs “Bahna O Bahna..” and “Humka Aisa waisa Mat..” are also likeable.By 1976 Amitabh was still not a singing star and Kishoreda had not become his screen voice.The music directors use the voice of Mukesh(his voice in the blockbuster Kabhi kabhie) for the older Amitabh and that of Mohd.Rafi effectively for the younger Amitabh. Read More

Commented on own review

Mar 03, 2008 07:20 PM

The elder strict father’s anger over his offspring’s choice of life partner was shown in Adalat decades before it was shown in Mohabbatein and Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham.Amitabh fleeing from the hospital to kill his enemy and then returning back to hospital before the police comes to know about it fou...nd its repetition 14 years later in the cult-Agneepath.When Amitabh comes to kill the villain Sujit Kumar he reaches his floor by using a rope tied to the top of building.this was shown again in the mega hit Don(when Vijay comes to meet D’Silva) and later in the climax of Aaj Ka Arjun.The problem faced by Aby son’s to get married to a respectable girl cause his father is a mafia Don came 3 decades later in Sarkaar.Even as far as action is concerned Adalat is the first film where Amitabh fought on screen with a tiger before Khoon Pasina and Mr.Natwarlal.The film when released in 1976 was a surefire hit.Fortunately for Amitabh and unfortunately for the film the later films-Yaarana,Don,Namak Halaal,Agneepath and later Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham became much more popular and people slowly but steadily forgot that even these blockbusters had taken a leaf or two from Adalat.Another interesting thing about Adalat is that when Aby goes to the forest he keeps on humming-“Eer Kahe,Veer kahe,Hum kaha hamau..” the very lines were from a song which was released as a full fledged album 2 decades later as Aby Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Read More

Commented on own review

Mar 03, 2008 07:19 PM

Like 1975,1976 was another dream year for Amitabh Bachchan as a superstar and actor.he had back to back hits like Hera Pheri and Kabhi Kabhie and also had the critically acclaimed Do Anjaane.However,as far as range of emotions is concerned-Adalat takes the cake from the other 3 movies.This was Bachc...han’s second film with director Narender Bedi after the successful Benaam in 1974.However Adalat was a much bigger film than Benaam and it can be safely called as one of the cult and most inspriring movies of Amitabh,in the sense that many sequences,character nusances of later Amitabh movies were based on his dual role in Adalat.The film also has many firsts to its credit as far as Amitabh’s filmography is concerned.Among the firsts of the first is that Adalat is the first full fledged double role film of Big B.His first double role was in the disastrous Bandhe Haath-1973, where the other Big B had just 5-10 minutes of screen presence.His double role in Adalat was so successful that Amitabh did many hit double role films later.he did hits like Desh Premee and Aakhree Raasta where he played father and son successfully.Adalat is also the first hit of Big B where he played the village simpleton(he played a villager in the acclaimed but flop Saudagar-1973) who comes to city so perfectly.Later,he did these parts in superhits-Yaarana and Namak Halaal where unlike Adalat a lot of comedy sequences happen when he comes to the city.This is the first film where Big B was paired with Waheeda Rahman(in Reshma Aur Shera he was not exactly paired opposite her).Like ,Adalat Waheeda played both the wife and mother of Big B in the flop Mahaan-1983.The film is also the first film where Big B was paired opposite Neetu Singh.A villain cheating Big B’s sister and Big B later killing the man was re-used several years later in the potboiler-Aaj Ka Arjun.Read More

Commented on own review

Mar 03, 2008 07:18 PM

The story of Adalat was brilliantly written by ace writer-Narendra Bedi.Although like all mafia based films,The Godfather element is very much there and the film also borrows from Dilip Kumar’s masterpiece Ganga Jamuna,yet the story is very different and quite powerful.In1975 Amitabh exploded as the... don in Deewar and Feroz Khan made the hit adaptation of The Godfather-Dharmatma ,yet Bedi makes the film as different from Deewar and Dharmatma as he can.Besides the solid story,the film has a neat screenplay which ensures that the pace is always maintained.Although Bedi had written hits like Benaam,Rafoo Chakkar to name a few yet Adalat is his best work both as a writer and as a director.The script is quite real and it touches complex issues within commercial formats like the scare of Dharma(the elder Aby) that if he cheats on his employee,the employee will become another Dharma is a shown beautifully.The way Amitabh buys a hotel and makes forge documents are also shown authentically.The direction is good and the film doesn’t lose its focus although some scenes in the first half are too heavy and in the second half the Amitabh-Neetu love story hampers the pace to an extent.There is a flaw in the script which I always wonder about.When Amitabh becomes a mafia king he gets information from his messenger on the phone.Even though his colleague ask him about the messenger Dharma says that”Main Marne Se Pehle Uske Baare Mein Bata Doonga”,However even though the film ends we are never told that who was his secret messenger.Probably Bedi wanted his viewers to think something on their own,yet one misses the revelation of the messenger’s identity.Read More

Commented on own review

Mar 03, 2008 07:17 PM

The production values of the film however is somewhat not so great and some scenes have a shoddy look.Although produced by Nadiadwala,the film lacks the fine look and that is one reason that film looks dated now.Thats a weak department of Adalat and its technically not close to Deewar or Dharmatma a...s far as cinematography,set location and sound recording are concerned.Some sets also look fake.One of the biggest triumphs of the movie are the dialogues by Kadar Khan.Kadar Khan was given a break as a dialogue writer by Rajendra Bedi and his son Narendra Bedi in Jawani Diwani.His dialogues in hits like Bedi’s Benaam and Manmohan Desai’s Roti(both in 1974) made his carrier as a dialogue writer but it was with Adalat that he showed that except Salim-Javed he could also give powerful dialogues to Big B.The dialogues have the right U.P. side village dialect for elder Amitabh as compared to the suave urban for the junior B.Infact years after Ganga Jamuna if the main character speaks such rural language its Adalat.The good part about the dialogues is that unlike Yaarana(dialogues again by Kadar Khan) and Namak Halaal,where the village simpleton switches his accent and language from Bhojpuri to city English after getting used to the city,in Adalat the elder Amitabh and Waheeda speaks in the village accent till the very end.The association af Amitabh and Kadar Khan worked in many hit films thereafter.Read More

Commented on own review

Mar 03, 2008 07:14 PM

Waheeda Rahman also does justice to her role and it was her second role with Big B in 1976-the other being Kabhi Kabhie.Neetu Singh looks silly but still is adequate.Anwar-the brother of Nargis is menacing as the villain.Sujit Kumar plays the rapist adequately.K.N.Singh also shows his class of villa...iny.the 3rd villain(whom I don’t know the name) is just about okay.however,the performance of the actror who plays Amitabh’s friend and later his enemy is worth praising.he is the same actor who played the short role of his father in Zanjeer. Read More

Reviewed Adalat

Mar 03, 2008 07:12 PM 6097 Views

(Updated Apr 27, 2011 10:46 PM)

In our society we have certain rules to abide for.There is a certain way of social justice and most citizens follow that in getting justice.However, sometimes the so called social norms of giving justice fails and few troubled souls take law and court in their hand to deliver justice. Numerou...Read more

Commented on own review

May 04, 2007 08:39 AM

In 1960’s he broke his tragic image with the comic Kohinoor ironically opposite tragedy queen Meena Kumari where he did action as well.Then he portrayed the character of Mughal prince Salim in the masterpiece-Mughal-e-Azam to perfection.the dialogues of this rebel hero is still remembered by countl...ess fans to millions Salim is Dilip Saab just as Akbar is Prithvi Rajkapoor and Anarkali is Madhubala.His romance with Madhubala though ended on a sour note.Although Dilip lost Birju’s role to Sunil Dutt in Mehboob’s Mother India yet he was determined to make another classic with a rebel hero and background of dacoits.To realize his dream he produced and wrote the classic Ganga Jamuna which is the reference point of all brothers saga including Deewar.He even ghost directed the film which became a milestone of hindi cinema and which boasts of his best performance as the villager cum dacoit Ganga.In Leader he portrayed the first time the hero as a youth who is an editor cum critic of politics of 60’s.However he had a flop in the form of Dil Diya Dard Liya which was based on his favourite book Wutherin Heights.He bounced back with his marriage to Saira Banu and with the cult hit Ram Aur Shyam which is a classic for all double role sagas.He portrayed a psycho cum crippled man to perfection and showed his self confessed fan Manoj Kumar that he was still the ace actor.He matched Balraj Sahani and upcoming star Sanjeev Kumar in the periodical Sunghursh.However after Gopi with his wife Saira Banu Dilip’s magic started dimming.Read More

Commented on own review

May 04, 2007 08:37 AM

In 1953 he took tragic hero to other heights with Daag where he played the drunkard tragic hero to perfection.His portrayal is a landmark as the performance won him the first ever Best Actor trophy at Filmfare awards.He made a great pairing with Kamini Kaushal in Nadiya Ke Paar,Arzoo and others.In f...ilms like Sangdil,Taraana and Amar he rocked with his most fampus co-star Madhubala.Amar is also a landmark of sorts where the leading actor has shades of grey which includes being weak anad even sexually involved with an innocent young gal.In Azaad(1955) he enetered the superhero genre also with panache winning another Filmfare.He did another big budget action,costume drama with Dev Anand titled Insaniyat in 1955 itself where he portrayed the rough,village guy Mangal to perfection.If these films broke his tragic hero image he gave the biggest tragic hero in the form of Bimal Roy’s Devdas the next year which is a landmark performance and arguably his most famous as well.SRK’s version also was a hit but he is hardly able to match Dilip saab’s perfect work.Infact Amitabh’s mega hit Muqaddar Ka Sikandar was also loosely inspired by it. He did Hrishida’s offbeat debut Musafir and gave B.R.chopra’s classic Naya Daur(even a masterpiece like Lagaan is heavily inspired by the classic) a whole new dimension.He gave huge hits with Bimal Da in the form of Roman costume drama-Yahudi and first re-incarnation and gostly love story-Madhumati.He matched rising star Raaj Kumar in the socialist Paighaaam where he portrayed whats arguably the first authentic portrayal of an engineer by a leading man.He formed successful pair with Vyjanathimala and Meena Kumari as well.He played a negative character in Footpath and did a fantasy-Udaan Khatola with style.Read More

Commented on own review

May 04, 2007 08:36 AM

From the 40’s moving to 50’s the Dilip Kumar phenomena grew more and more.He gave one hit after another throughout the decade.He made his mark even in women oriented films like Jogan and Babul both with Nargis.Infact alongwith Raj Kapoor and Nargis legendary pair Nargis made a supersuccesful couple ...with Dilip Saab due to blockbusters-Mela,Jogan,Baabul and Deedar.His character of the blind singer in Deedar is regarded as one of the earliest portrayal of a blind man by the leading actor.The film pitted him against his inspiration Ashok Kumar and Dilip proved his charisma even opposite the first superstar of Hindi cinema.Dilip Kumar also brought in a style of preparing for a role and doing much research in Hindi cinema.For Deedar he supposedly studied the mannerisms of a real blind singer.These movies were generally tragic and they gave Dilip the title of tragic hero although before him many actors including K.L.Saigal excelled in tragedy.If you follow the list of movies in 50’s one will realize that it’s a big myth that Dilip used to do only 1 film a year.that happened much later in 60’s but in 50’s he used to do many films and in the process excelled as an actor and star.Dilip Saab can also be credited with the honour of being in films which are now landmarks in almost every genre and thus proves his verstality.He excelled in Mehboob Khan’s Aan which was the first A-grade swash buckling,big budget action costume drama.The film was a huge hit and it earned acclaim and popularity even abroad as it was premiered in London and BBC also took Dilip saab’s interview.His character of sword fencing Jai was a welcome change from his tragedy king avtar.Read More