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All about Strings and My Choice

By: | Apr 18, 2005 08:48 AM

Strings is the Pakistani band formed by the Karachi based Bilal Maqsood and Faisal Kapadia, the dynamic duo.

Strings is among the first of the musical bands to experiment with new styles and concepts. The main members of Strings, Bilal Maqsood and Faisal Kapadia, along with two other friends Rafiq and Karim formed the band in'88-'89 while studying in college. Their haunting melody and song *Sarkiye yeh pahar back in the late 80's stirred listeners not only in Pakistan but all over the world. At the time a few of their single numbers were aired on the popular television programme, Music Channel Charts.

Their first album titled 'Strings' was released in 1990. The band's second album titled 'Strings-2' was released in 1992 with the hit song Sarkiye yeh pahar which later, went on to became their identity & they got instant success. Soon after the release of their second album, Strings disbanded much to the dismay of their fans. They disappeared to make their career, marriage, fatherhood and other domestic bliss. After a hibernation period of eight years, Strings are back with a bang, this time only two of them, Faisal and Bilal made the Strings. Faisal is the voice behind Strings and Bilal, the brain.

Let me introduce with these two sizzling duo?

Faisal? Among two, he is the handsome one:) and cool guy, he is the lead vocalist. He has the management degree from the US. Faisal?s family includes his wife and 2 children.

Bilal? He is the taller one among two. He is the composer & guitarist. By nature he is quiet and reserved. He is also a graphic designer and filmmaker. Bilal?s family includes his wife and 3 kids. Bilal?s father Anwar Maqsood is a writer and artist, pens the lyrics of their songs.

And the combination of these both makes the powerful ?Strings?.

Musically, Strings have mostly been on the romantic side.

The duo, Faisal as lead singer and Bilal as guitarist, sprang back into the limelight in September 2000 and worked on their third album 'Duur' which took a year and half to complete it and was released in 2001. A blend of pop and rock, Duur offers a fresh-feel music style. The album has lyrics by Anwar Mqsood(Bilal?s father & aunt Zehra Nigah). All the songs have been composed by Bilal. The first track from this album is their golden oldie *?Sar kiye yeh pahar? *. They had sung this song in their age of 17/18 and later they vanished but this song got hit so again they included this song in their album?Duur? with some better guitar riffs. Later they came in the spotlight with their latest album ?Dhaani?. And this album came up to their high expectations. All the songs from this album is very good one

STRINGS achievement:

  • Strings have been nominated for'Most Stylish Person in Music(Male)' in MTV STYLE AWARDS 2004.

  • Strings won the award for THE BEST BAND at the first Sangeet Awards ceremony held at the famous Royal Albert Hall in London.

  • Strings have been nominated as the most favourite act in MTV ASIA AWARDS 2005 It?s the first time a Pakistani band has been nominated for the MTV ASIAN AWARDS.

My personal favorite Five Best Songs of Strings:

1. Anjane(album?Duur?)

This song is from Strings hit album?Duur? and it?s a hit number sung by Bilal with sound of guitars is very good one. I think I have written almost everything about this album in the intro. Part. So, lets see some lines of this song? and if not listened to this song, then u are missing a good one from Strings so give it a hear.

Dekha Tujhay To Hua?. Hua Main Deewana

Dekh Kay Aisa Laga?. Laga Saathi Puraana

Huay.Begaanay Kyun?. Huay. Anjanee Kyun

Dekha Tujhay To Hua? Hua Main Deewana.

2. Duur(album?Duur?)

Another one is the title track?Duur? which is very melodious and this song has hit the indi-pop chart. From this song also they got much recognized. The lyrics is awesome, it goes on:

Duur Say Koi Aaye?. Kahin Chupkay Say Woh

Dil Main Sama Jaaye? Saajana.Saajanaa.


3. Dhaani(album?Dhaani)

Strings? album?Dhaani? had good melodies, soothing vocals, tasteful arrangements, a little bit of classical, a little bit of folk and a little bit of pop and rock, isn?t that wonderful!

In Dhaani, you will not have the same taste in all the songs, they are different.

The song Dhaani is directly related to nature if you closely go through its lyrics. You?ll find many references to nature. In the title track one constantly hears words like badal, nadiya, and more. Dhaani, stands for light green. It comes from the green dhaan, which is the outer covering of a grain of raw rice, that is the meaning of the album?s name. The song is a simple melody with memorable phrases. This album Dhaani is launched nearly after five years of their album?Duur?.

I wanted to write few lines of this song, but I think the space won't support so. u should listen to this once. its beautiful.

4. Chaaye Chaaye(album?Dhaani?)

The song?Chaaye Chaaye? from the album Dhaani is another great number and the video of this song is sizzling and it is a little puzzling at places. The song been featured on Bilal and Faisal, the video wanted to show these duo being arrested by an FBI agent and trying to tell the agent through song that the crime is committed by a girl, who with the help of her glamour causes the prob. It says.

Phir hua kya? Phir hua yun?. Kaun janay

Ek jhonka chuu k guzra?. phool khil k aap jhoomein

Uss ki zulfein khulein to laga yun mujhe

Ghata Chaye Chaye Chaye Chaye Chaye Chaye Chaye Chaye

5. Najanay Kyun(album?Dhaani?)

It?s the 2nd track from their album?Dhaani?. In this song the soundtrack of Spiderman 2 is included. The lyrics is wonderfully composed by Bilal, it goes on like this?

Dekho kaisey parbat se badal gaye?.barsein gey ye ab kahan!

Dekho kaisey pholon se khusboo gayee? mehkey gee ye ab kahan!

Sukh ban gaye sapney?. sab kho gaye apney

Dil bujh gaya?. ghar jal gaya

Na janey kyun. Na janey kyun!

Here I finish my Five Best Songs of Strings.

Not to forget, Strings have sung one of the theme songs for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2003, they merged both music and cricket together and its main aim was to spread the message of friendship and it did worked as it got great response, the song is rocking and it boost up ur energy.

So, I would like to recommend the songs by Strings whoever haven?t gone through it? and all the tracks of their album Dhaani is beautiful one, do check it out.

Thanks for Reading, Do Not Forget to Rate & Post Ur Comments?


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