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Wise and Otherwise - Sudha Murthy Reviews


Apr 20, 2017 10:46 AM Read

Book lovers and regular readers should never waste their time and money on this book the rating for this book is deceptive . Like another reviewer has said I completely agree this book has only got published because sudha murthy is Narayan Murthy's wife . the stories are poorly constructed and t...Read More

The name says it all!!

Dec 07, 2016 09:51 PM Read

Wise and otherwise is a'short stories' book of well known writer sSudha Murty. for all of you who are unaware, she is the wife of ex-Infosys ceo and a recognised linguist herself. The book has been successful in bringing out the true image of the Indian society. If you are bored of the usual ste...Read More

Wise and Otherwise - Sudha Murthy

Dec 01, 2016 10:11 PM Read (via Mobile)

To the considerable degree the book intrigued me to peruse however in the wake of flipping a couple of the pages, I understood that it is generally an uneven stories that arrangements with social issues which a large portion of us overlook in our day – to-day life. About The Book -'Astute And So...Read More

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Wise and Otherwise

Nov 29, 2016 12:50 AM Read

Standard book beaus others and steady followers should never misuse their time or money on this book. The rating for this book is deceiving. I watched this book to be unreasonably foolhardy, yet prosper by fundamental truths of life. An amazingly light read with fundamental tongue and style. Inc...Read More

Not interesting

Nov 11, 2016 12:54 PM Read (via Mobile)

Regular book lovers others and consistent pursuers ought to never squander their time or cash on this book. The rating for this book is misleading. I observed this book to be excessively shortsighted, yet flourish by basic truths of life. An amazingly light read with basic dialect and style. Gre...Read More

Not Entertaining

Sep 08, 2016 09:35 AM Read (via Mobile)

Getting this book was presumably not a smart thought. I needed to go by bus for seven hours journey and I required a book to keep me possessed amid the trip. So I purchased this book at the store supposing it would be a decent and basic read that wouldn't be excessively requesting in the general...Read More

A real work absolutely worth reading

Nov 27, 2015 10:35 AM Read

Wise and otherwise - A Salute to Life, is a collection of 50 short real life stories by Sudha Murthy from penguin books publications. I received this as a gift from my aunt who boasted a lot about the book while gifting it to me. Once I started reading, I realized that she was correct. The book ...Read More

Wise and otherwise

Jul 09, 2015 10:06 PM Read (via Mobile)

Hello, Wise and otherwise is an amazing book written by sudha murti.who showcases the reality of the real world and people.this book consists of many short stories highlighting the heratwrecking stories of the cruel world, finding happiness in small things, the lessons of humanity, dignity et...Read More

Must read book

Apr 25, 2015 05:04 PM Read

I happened to read this book as I was given this book to keep.though reading is not my hobby yet I read it as I found it interesting. Sudha Murthy has gathered the small stories occurred to her in her real life which made me think twice and look at the life differently, I have become a huge f...Read More

Flesson learners

Apr 21, 2015 11:40 PM Read

If youu r a lesson seeker in every incident of life then youu must buy this book immediately, every story has its new meaning which can bring happiness to your life. If you are a philanthropist, read this book. The author has made us acquainted with what we experience in our daily life yet fa...Read More

Wonderful experience to read...

Apr 15, 2015 08:31 PM Read

Read about the book in a website and had ordered it from the flipkart. In this book, sudha Murty has narrated a few simple(but thought-provoking) instances in "Wise & Otherwise". She has again put forth her real life experience in simple words however with great amount of learning. Many a...Read More

Worth Reading...

Apr 13, 2015 08:43 PM Read

Its a collection of real life situations which we may face in ours. Worthy to know different kinds of attitudes, which will help to understand people and taking wise decisions. The moment you begin reading this book, a movie starts in front of you describing vividly the picturesque landscape ...Read More

Arunraj UDHAMURTY - Wise and otherwise

Jul 21, 2014 05:30 AM Read

Wise & Otherwise is a book written by Sudha Murthy, the wife of Narayan Murthy. It is published by Penguin Books. There is a revised edition in which there is one extra chapter. The book shows encounters Sudha Murthy has had with people during her travels and her lifetime. Be it the story...Read More

A very good writer

Aug 05, 2012 02:13 AM Read

Sudha is one such writer who uses everything that happens around her to weave it into stories, or I should better call the moral lessons. She is an inspiration for many. As I said, the story gets less space than what Sudha thinks about it. I feel its better to let the reader use his own mind ...Read More

Book Review - 'Wise And Otherwise - A Salute To Li

May 07, 2012 05:37 PM Read

I started reading the book with great enthusiasm hoping to learn something different about the Indian author and their take on life. To the great extent the book interested me to read but after flipping a few of the pages, I realized that it is mostly a one sided stories that deals with social p...Read More


Apr 29, 2011 10:34 AM Read


Wise and Otherwise

Mar 21, 2011 02:30 PM Read

If u do not belong to the sweatshop then its an easy and fun read. In fact, I was thinking of doing this book in Braille for the blind children. her lessons are old fashioned(the way I like them) and they are good lessons. As a book, I loved the brevity of each chapter and the old fashioned m...Read More

About wise and otherwise

Jan 31, 2011 03:19 PM Read

THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST BOOK BY SUDHA MURTHY.The book has inspired me by all 51 stories.I loved the book thoroughly, all stories are very pleasing and heart touching. The book is in very simple language due to which even a 7 year old cud understand the meaning and the depth of the book.Every ...Read More

What a book!!

Jun 13, 2010 01:28 PM Read

It was such a pleasure reading this book. There are so many incidents in it that have really touched my heart n could completely relate to my life experiences!!!The deeds done for the education of the people who really need it is so credible. She has personally gone and given her time and effort...Read More

Human understanding at its best

Feb 11, 2010 04:10 PM Read

One of the best books I have read in the recent times. As a woman myself I could not but admire Sudha murthy for her excellent understanding of human behavior, her excellent manner of presentation, her determination to travel around the world and understand the problems of the people, her tenaci...Read More

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