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Pepsi Reviews

The best drink

0 hrs 37 mins ago Read (via Android App)

It is the best cold drink .i had drink. it has good quality .it has a good taste and it is not too much harmfull.it has been very popular in outer countries and also in india .it is a good cold drink it has paked in a glass bottle and .it also design good . it has no harmfull chemicals ...Read More

Refreshing and addictive

1 hr 33 mins ago Read (via Android App)

Pepsi is one of the soft drink that I drink to get refreshed after a workout or sometime when I hangout with friends It is the most popular beverages And it is also the sponsor of IPL I used Pepsi first time to get Paytm Cashback The product taste good and make you feel refreshed and co...Read More

Pepsi is dangerous

1 day ago Read (via Mobile)

Pepsi is one of the popular drink no doubt. I used drink a lot during my hostel time. But the at the end I got problem of fatty liver. It was all due to over drinking of pepsi. Drinking pepsi occasionally does not harm but drinking it regularly damages your liver a lot. Packing of pepsi is very ...Read More

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Harmful for you!

3 days ago Read (via Android App)

Well! Everybody in the world may have ever drink pepsi but what is behind it .you dont know what it does to your body tastes better but internally it damages you there many many rumours that it contains this and that but dont know they may right to some extent .pepsi is israeli company and plz j...Read More


4 days ago Read (via Android App)

Don't use pepsi its contain artificial colors to improve the taste and reliability. So they want money only.pesico company is taking more water from rural area to making pepsico products .then drink every day pepsi is not a good habit .they will kills you in slowly.so please dont drink any pepsi...Read More

Only pepsi,pepsi,pepsi

4 days ago Read

Hello friends, today I am giving reviews on pepsi cold drink .pepsi is very good brand . I love drinking pepsi since childhood. it is really better than other cold drink brand because it is very tasty cold drink. now lets us on some of its qualities 1 price:- if you will compare the price of pep...Read More

Pepsi (cold drinks)

17 days ago Read

I am addicted to this. This is from one of my favorite soft drinks and I using this normally in all my parties. this is best for time pass and its taste original from all but I think drinking pepsi in more quantity is dangerous for our health as I notice but this is not so bad. Some time they...Read More

Not good

18 days ago Read (via Android App)

Hello friends today , I am giving my review on pepsi cold drink.It is a very popular cold drink in market but it has very more carbon di oxide which is harmful for our health and its colour are not good like as dark brown colour .Overall its product quality are not good.Its packing is good I lik...Read More


19 days ago Read (via iOS App)

I didnt like pepsi because the taste was really too bad. even my family also doesnt like it very much. the after taste is bad at all. the product qulity is also too worst . I just like pacakging of this product because it was nice . but the taste is worst at all. then why should we waste our mon...Read More

Pepsi contains caffeine..

21 days ago Read

Hello friends today I am going to review on pepsi cold drink. pepsi is not a indian company its origin is united states. drinking pepsi is just waste of money because it not provide any benefits for human health even it is harmful for human health. It not contains any natural things it contai...Read More

Pepsi A harmful drink

23 days ago Read (via Mobile)

Guys I am one of the person among those who are addicted towards Pepsi .I take almost 4 to 5 cans a day but after some time I realised my metabolism going to be decrease and I get fat in my body and also I get dehydration problems . Drinking Pepsi is harmful for everyone because it contains s...Read More

Pepsi injurious to health

23 days ago Read (via Android App)

Hi every one iam glade to share exprience about a pepsi . Iam sumit from lucknow, I was addicted to pepsi . I would drink like 5 cans a day, iam probablly going to have a lots of problems . Because of it in my futures . But I relized I had a problem and I was able to get  my self ...Read More

It is very chilld pepsi

25 days ago Read

Pepsi is very good brand.i can't live without pepsi because pepsi is too much good and popular brand.i love pepsi because it is very low price pepsi but some farud company Are very shamefully.pepsi is like as a too much strange power.i love pepsi. Pepsi is sponsored by ranbir kapoor. Pepsi fa...Read More

Not good for health

27 days ago Read (via Android App)

The cold drinks are not good for health. The taste also not good. And it is just waste of money. It causes many problems to human body. In cold drinks the company waste very much water and they use sugar which not visible and it harms our body. It's very bad for our health. So request to all fri...Read More

My thinks for pepsi

29 days ago Read (via Android App)

Pepsi is a very good brand.i have been suffering from it 8 years it is very good test.i have got a bad habit of it, it is very good for me, it is always to eat it. It is wrong to drink pepsi anytime with alcohol, It stops the stomuch and neither does it cause Harm to the drink before it...Read More


30 days ago Read (via Android App)

Pespi cold drink is too good friends, I lovd it this pepsi, this pepsi taste is too good friends. now time many people also lkke this pepsi, becsuse its a awesome for drink, awesome taste of this pepsi. mini pack , small pack, also available, more than cen available of this pepsi. bottl...Read More


30 days ago Read (via Android App)

Hey guys its madhu I am going to say that it is a worst Pepsi I have ever brought. I found only soda water inside it. I drinker it and I found really a bad taste I have not expected this from Pepsi that they made such a worst product for drinking and it's price is also very high as a result of w...Read More

Its gives a real pleasure

30 days ago Read (via Android App)

Pepsi is a really fabolous by its flabour.Its gives real pleasure being thrusty.From begining to till now its flabour is same and this is the main reason why we all love pepsi.Many soft drink came in market but it cant take the position of it.Too much comsumption of soft drink is bad for health....Read More


30 days ago Read (via Android App)

I love drinking cold drink since childhood .I like to enjoy it with my friends but as soon I grow up.I come to know about the bad effects of having cold drink .although the taste is nice and it comes in a nice air tight packaging .but it's not good for our health .which led to many diseases .I c...Read More

Sweet love

Apr 17, 2017 11:04 PM Read (via Android App)

Pepsi was brand that make the world of cold drink.in my opinion nothing is good then pepsi if a human was thirsty and come from sunlight and he/she want something to drink pepsi was best brand of colddrinks.it have bught that every person in world atleast afford it by making some people left.the...Read More

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