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Lifebuoy Soap Reviews

Very good Soap.

1 day ago 32 Views (via Android App)

Hello friends today I am telling about Lifebuoy Soap. This is very good soap. I am using this soap every day. All in my family using it. Very good smell . Very nice Fragrance. It is avillable in market and all shoap. Very good for everyone. Its gives you germs protection. If you use it every day...Read More

Fragrance less lifebuoy

3 days ago 50+ Views (via Android App)

They says that lifebuoy soap is used for protecting our skin from germs but, really it's not so. even th smell that is fragrance of this soap is not much good and this never gets melt. we can use this for than a month. may be this soap suits for boys but in case of girls it doesn't suits for the...Read More


5 days ago 82 Views

Lifebuoy soap is not good as I use this soap for only one month although i, m not get benefitted with this product. The fragrance of the soap is also not good, it smells like a medicated soap, we see the ad as it shown on the television as it is germ resistant i.e free from germs. After I ...Read More

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Sivasagar, India, India

31 Reviews


Not Satisfied

5 days ago 77 Views

This soap gives protection from the germs. I donot use regularly this soap, but I ain't satisfied with this soap. My friend suggested me to use this shop in the face instead of Facewash to remove the oils and dusts as I faced pimple problems. Actually this can remove the oils but makes the fa...Read More

Skin become oily !!!

10 days ago 110 Views

The soap is not that good . The fragrance of the soap is good at initial use then after some days you won't get any of the fragrance. Please don't use this soap on the face, the face will get oily and you will get acne. The soap also does not develops enough foam. Also after some days the soap b...Read More

Waste of money

10 days ago 104 Views (via Android App)

Lifebuoy is a old brand. Many people were using it in absence of other good brand.it is harsh for skin. It is a low fragrance soap. In market we can find more fragrance soap at this price.many brand like santoor, doycare are better than this soap.foam is not more and smell is not better.it is ha...Read More

Lifebuoy is a Germ protection Cover

11 days ago 124 Views

Lifebuoy is a good soap, it protect us from germs, and price is also affordable for every pocket, Now we have a options to buy it in other fragrances also now available in market, most of people in my family is using Red Lifebuoy, but I like the Lemon Fragrance soap, after taking bath from it, I...Read More

Bad soap

12 days ago 107 Views (via Android App)

The life buoy soap is a very bad soap . I hate this this soap us banned in many countries friends don't use this soap . If you don't believe me then buy a lifebuoy soap and let it stay in washroom for a period of seven days and see the situation of the soap after seven days you will throw away t...Read More

Best germ protection

20 days ago 191 Views (via Android App)

Lifeboy soap is the soap I m using since my childhood It is the best soap for the gentle use Best soap with all kind of water Really good and pleasant fragrance of the soap This is a certified clinicly proven soap to kill the bacteria It can wash above 95 % of germs like the flew ...Read More

The best germ protection soap.!

26 days ago 230 Views

Lifebuoy soap is the best germ protection soap which I ever seen. Lifebuoy has very good fragrance. it protects us from every kind of germs and bactiria. and if I talk about the fragrance of the soap so I will say the fragrance of the is too good. when I bath with lifebuoy soap I fee...Read More

Lifebuoy soap tan durasti wala

Dec 15, 2016 01:24 AM 327 Views

This shop is very good. I am using this from my childhood.This soap fragrance is also good. Ye soap Hindustan Unilever k sabse behtarin products me se ek hai.y e soap 95%jerms ko mar deta hai.iske use Karne se tan ki sundarta to milti hi hai sath hi is se nahane se man bhi Sundar ho jata hai. ...Read More


Visakhapatnam District, India

25 Reviews

1 Follower

Lifebuoy Clini-care 10

Dec 13, 2016 09:34 PM 329 Views

The fragrance of soap is very nice, it gives some positive view on this soap. Rate also very reasonable which meets middle class economy. This soap is approved by RSPH, London. It looks like very hard but while we bath with that soap it was very nice and soft. This product is from mo...Read More

I found it little glumpy

Dec 11, 2016 07:58 PM 347 Views (via Android App)

Life bouy it might vanish 90% of germs but it doesnt work with every water type. It doesnot fragnance good. It is not even capable to remove underarm odour. And it has lot of chemical which are not far benefitial for skin, specially small childrens. I personally dialike this soap for being glums...Read More

Leader of hand washing soap

Dec 05, 2016 03:14 PM 390 Views (via Android App)

Just go to slum area or any palace you will find it sure, the product which is so essential for our life and keeps our hands clean from so many years, no other soap gives you satisfaction like lifebuoy soap. Thank you hindustan uni lever for making product like this and careing our life prote...Read More


Mumbai, India

3 Reviews

Best soap

Dec 05, 2016 01:04 AM 436 Views (via Android App)

It's very nice soap and it's easy to use But if it's too splashy around you then it could cause a big trouble Thus it's pocket friendly Rs.10 for a soap is not bad at all! ! It comes in two colours which is BLUE RED The red is mostly seen in cheap packets Rs 10 lifebuoy h...Read More


Kushinagar, India, India

161 Reviews


Good bathing soap

Nov 25, 2016 11:55 AM 495 Views (via Android App)

Lifebuoy soap which is also known as the germ killing or germ protecting soap. It prevents us from the various bacteria and viruses which are present in our surrounding. It is suitable for everyone and we can not getting worried about any precautions while using it because it is prepared by vari...Read More


-, India

1 Review

The cheap soap fornyou

Nov 21, 2016 02:53 PM 561 Views (via Android App)

I love this soap because it has some benifits the first benfit lifbuoy soap give to us that it is cheaper then other soaps and any one can buy this soap easily like poor people e.t.c and the second benifit is that in it, s cheap price it has a very good quality and it not harms over skin and the...Read More

Bad product and bad experience..

Nov 17, 2016 12:16 AM 598 Views

Hello friends, I didn't like lifebuoy soap because I feel that the ingredients used are harmful. I used lifebuoy soap when my friend recommended me. when I used it for first time and came out of shower, after few minutes I saw some white small patches on my hands. I got scared. when checked that...Read More

Active silver soap is good

Oct 25, 2016 12:16 PM 807 Views (via Android App)

Among all soaps available in market in that some are chemical and some are chemical free. In which lifebuoy is chemical soap but no body till now has explain that the silver which is coated in soap and some of the food items what is the benifit of that. But now its better because its germ ...Read More


Bangalore, India

7 Reviews

Lifebuoy soap is awesome

Oct 01, 2016 01:37 AM 1043 Views

Actually every person is used to lifebuoy . Lifebuoy is best for me amongest all soap.Well, I think we just trust it to Lifebuoy Soap.It’s been long time we use this product. When I was little girl and boy, and my mom always buy this product for family soap always and Now, I always use lifebuoy ...Read More

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