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Five Point Someone - Chetan Bhagat Reviews

Awesome story

1 day ago 20 Views (via Mobile)

This is a book basically based on IITians what are their routine and what all problems the face during their college time and we all know that chetan bhagat is a awesome writer with some of his great books like half girlfriend which has proven to be the best seller book in India so I would great...Read More

Best book

3 days ago 48 Views (via Mobile)

I think it is very good book.it give the actual struggle of the people of India. Three hostelmates – Alok, Hari and Ryan get off to a bad start in IIT – they screw up the first class quiz. And while they try to make amends, things only get worse. It takes them a while to realize: If you try a...Read More

The inspired book

7 days ago 62 Views (via Mobile)

Five point someone is a book written with the aid of Chetan Bhagat. Chetan is constantly make it very simple that each reader can easily examine. Chetan is usually believes in simplicity. Now come to the story. The story is set the university days of three students from IIT Delhi. The good-looki...Read More

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Must for Youngsters

9 days ago 64 Views (via Mobile)

This story revolves around three friends of college days.It beautifully describes their college life through very lucrative and simple language. The story guides youngers and points out the value of college time.One should not misuse or screw the college life.Moreover, Chetan Bhagat's style of n...Read More

Sad story

9 days ago 64 Views (via Mobile)

Five point someone book Chetan Bhagat new write ki ha. Me ne is ki story read ki ha. It's story so sad.jab me nemy is your prh a to me but bore hua. Itni sad story prh k me zra b Acha ni lga. Iski wording b achi nhi ha. Is ka title b acha nhi ha. Yeh story buhat boring ha. Is book ko smjna b boh...Read More

Friends who care for friendship

11 days ago 95 Views (via Mobile)

In this book, they have said about friends and there life at IIT. There were three bright students there who mass up, enjoy and study there. One of them was really worried about his financial problems. This book really make me feel happy, enthusiastic.

Five point someone

13 days ago 146 Views (via Mobile)

Its an awesome nobel of Chetan bhagat. Story depends on friends. Chatan bhagat is a great writer . He always make nobels from our society. He wrote many nobels like halfgirlfriend, revolution2020. Five point nobel is also a great nobel from chetan. He use very simple english for his nob...Read More

It is not you who reads the book, the book reads u

17 days ago 108 Views

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one. This book is so good that you will fall in love with it. You're never alone when you're reading a book, the characters are always with you and the writter too. Maybe this is why we read, and why i...Read More


Sirsa, Haryana, India

4 Reviews

Important thought of chatan bhagat

19 days ago 130 Views

Chaten bhagat is very good poet and writter and filospher . His althought is releated with real life . His books totally dedicated for world people . The ppint some one is very nice thpught . In this book mr. Chatan bhagat presents the real view of human life  so this is totally good and motvati...Read More

A good book

20 days ago 156 Views (via Mobile)

It is a very good book written by chetan bhagat the characters are raju rastogi, farhan, ranchoddas chanchad, veru shahetsbudhe and pia the story tells how life sholud be lived in positive way and how can you overcome your problems in the positive way.so please read it, i am sure you will surely...Read More


Hinganghat, India

8 Reviews

Really awesome book

23 days ago 153 Views (via Mobile)

The story is awesome, book is in great look and the bookmark provided by Flipkart is very cute! Delivery service of Flipkart is always awesome! Really pleased and now, dying to read! ACTUALLY I READ THE BOOK WHEN IT WAS RELEASED FIRST AND I REPEAT IT TO REGAIN MY COLLEGE DAYS MEMORIES AND IT ...Read More


New Delhi, India

30 Reviews


Five point someone .. by Chetan Bhagat

24 days ago 173 Views (via Mobile)

Five point someone is a book written by Chetan Bhagat. Chetan is always make it very simple that every reader can easily read. Chetan is always believes in simplicity. Now come to the story. The story is about the college days of three students from IIT Delhi. The handsome, rich and brilli...Read More

Five Point someone is awesome book

25 days ago 183 Views

It so much interesting. This book is written by Writer Mr Chetan Bhagat. The book of Five point someone is one of the best work of Chetan Bhagatji. Story about the friendship which takes twists and turn in different stages of life. Very good book for the youngster to read. The journey from study...Read More


Chandigarh, India, India

1 Review

1 Follower

Best book ever read till now

26 days ago 182 Views

This was the best book ever read. it was in a very easy english language which was understandable to maximum number of people. it was about his own life experiences and how he tackled every situation. best book and this is my favourate book I must say. five point someone is a story of an enginee...Read More

Better version of 3 idiots

26 days ago 184 Views (via Mobile)

Almost everyone would have watched 3 idiots but this book is way more cooler and fun than the movie. It is in detail n every one would enjoy and relate to it . For those who is or was a college student. It has everything that a college student has love, heartbreaks, friendship, jealousy, fun, cr...Read More


26 days ago 188 Views

Having read all the other works of Chetan, This book is definitely not his best. This book has all the traits of chetan's books, easy language, fast pace, regular down to earth characters and not so great ending. I wouldnt expect Chetan to write flowery language with pages of descriptions about ...Read More


Distt Mandi, India

16 Reviews


Five points means Five six in over

26 days ago 205 Views

Hello frds This is the first book I ever read and so I choose this book. This is basically of what I like about the book . Really awesome novel about engineering college life, every page is enjoyable and and the plot is very good, it is one of the best novel.it is very nice book.it is insp...Read More


Lucknow, India, India

4 Reviews

1 Follower

Unique book on friendship n engineering lifestyle.

27 days ago 218 Views (via Mobile)

Awesome.book.based on true friendship n engineering lifestyle, that deals with all d bc's that actually Er.do n all d klpd's they face during their engineering lifestyle especially hostel lifestyle.i really enjoyed a lot reason being it has simple language n that also Er waali.

Chetan bhagat is best

27 days ago 205 Views (via Android App)

Five point someone is one of the best work of chetan bhagatji. It is a story based on friends studying at iit and about their journey from studying to having a good career or not. The story is so well written that you can compare each character's with any of your college friend or maybe yourself...Read More

Awesome book

27 days ago 198 Views (via Mobile)

I read this book . It so much intersting. This book is written by my fav. Wrritter mr chetan bhagat ji . It almost about our life. Motivation a perfect example n moral give us that book. So keep reading be motivated and keep your dreams alive. Guys purchase it and read it I hope it gives jn uour...Read More

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