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Five Point Someone - Chetan Bhagat Reviews


Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, India

2 Reviews

Nice book by chetan bhagat

4 hrs 52 mins ago 47 Views (via Mobile)

The book change my life its make me glad to read. It has all phehseabl thing which could either best of carfted. So that the book is more copying fille in the market. O suggest to all my friends to read this book. Its is beatifull to read it I suggest to all. Thankyou very much


Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan, India, India

2 Reviews

This Book Can Change Your Life........!!!!!!!!!

6 hrs 14 mins ago 30 Views

This is a very awesome book or we can say one of the greatest book wriiten by chetan sir. Last Sunday my father give me advice to read Five Point Someone so I purchage this book and read it. I give thanks a lot to My father and Chetan sir because after reading this book I will very lucky. ...Read More


Desuri, Rajasthan, India, India

3 Reviews

1 Follower

This book change my life.

1 day ago 50+ Views (via Mobile)

This is a very very very greatest book . Last years my friends give advice me to read this book so I purchage this book and read it. I give thanks a lot to dear chatan sir this book changed my life. I read this book when I realise it ki ek study is not a complete honour. This is a nice ...Read More

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Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh, India

2 Reviews


1 day ago 64 Views (via Mobile)

The book starts with a disclaimer, "This is not a book to teach you how to get into IIT or even how to live in college".In fact, it describes how screwed up things can get if you don't think straight. Three hostelmates-Alok, Hari and Ryan get off to a bad start in IIT-they screw up the first cla...Read More

This is a crap !!

1 day ago 50+ Views (via Mobile)

Another great piece of trash from CB. Just because I could relate, a little bit, with the college life depicted; and because of mentioning Pink Floyd at one place; that this book has earned one extra. This book is only for those whom English is not strong enough but as I say story is good but En...Read More

Ofcourse chetsn bhagat is the king of writing...Mu

2 days ago 50+ Views

Pleasure to share that the book is awesome succfully plotted. All the characters are appearing live in front of eyes.great imagination sir. Five point someone really depicts the real story. Novel like this should be producef usual ad it provides lots of sentiments humour intelligence an...Read More

A diary entry instead of a Novel

3 days ago 69 Views

This book is more like a diary entry. This book is seriously overrated. I read this during my graduation and I must say that a lot of things are too exaggerated to gain publicity. The story is about three IITians Alok Hari and Ryan and their college life which has lots of troubles. It doesn't en...Read More


-Bhopal, India

1 Review

Best novel by chetan bhagat

4 days ago 87 Views

This is my first novel by chetan bhagat and after tha i"ve read almost every novels by him but this one is better among all by chetan bhagat the story of this book is very nice and you will never get bored wile reading this novel, every chapter is very interesting and the story of this nov...Read More

Life style society demands

5 days ago 80 Views

This was my first novel I read you know guys what make me enjoy most in the novel is witty that it offers . the only novel I love to read millions of time dear readers it is a story worth writing and worth reading too my dear friends I must tell you that in a college life it is not necessary ...Read More

Snazzy story telling. Love to read it

8 days ago 239 Views

Appears to be straight from the heart. Clear composition. As of now a smash hit; so a forecast in that line is not so much vital, is it?Really a perceptible acclaim is vital for the creator which he genuinely merits. He truly prevails with regards to making those characters which anybody peru...Read More


Dondaicha, Maharashtra, India, India

1 Review

Five point someone

8 days ago 208 Views (via Mobile)

Class book .defenetly read .nice story Chetan book is always good .i love it good book I always read.you also read this book and how life is going to see in this book .plz my friends in life once read this book .i love it you also read it .good book and we'll present

FIve Point Someone - Chetan Bhagat

9 days ago 127 Views

The language is simple yet interesting . The book five point someone tells the story about three boys studding in Il't New Delhi the reowned Indian university. The story revolves around three best friends about ragging issues and how students stay in the pressure for getting highest marks and gr...Read More

Five Point Someone - Chetan Bhagat

9 days ago 135 Views

Well another book and that too the principal which got such an assortment of slip-ups and what happened to bumble fixing or something I mean since when you have the dollar in Europe and I genuinely get bewildered about the arranging in this book.third year starts and unexpectedly indem class goe...Read More

Wonderful book to boost you creativity & thinking

10 days ago 125 Views

Wonderful book which says that do whatever you want that really you really deserve it. This book really inspired me a lot because which is absolutely about creativity. This particularly says that true education comes from critical thinking and not by memorizing something for the sake of exam. Re...Read More


Kolkata, India, India

2 Reviews

1 Follower

Good book to read

11 days ago 147 Views

This book from Mr. chetan bhagat .is a very interesting book to read. Chetan bhagat has done a wonderful job, with storyline, the characters in play, and everything else.this book of his stands out as one of his best.this book has the class of his thinking and writing.and I just loved it.i sugge...Read More

A real life story for every engineer

11 days ago 173 Views (via Mobile)

Guys if you have seen 3 idiots and you think this book has the same story, so my friends you are completely wrong because the story of movie is based on the novel, it's story wt we see in 3 idiots, to relive Ur engineering life you must read this novel


Tarn Taran Sahib, India

5 Reviews

Wonderfull and attractive novel

11 days ago 184 Views

I have read many chetan bhagat books but five point someone is something I can read more times. The writer has a great quality he delivers his words in such a way that the reader falls for it. The language is simple yet interesting . The book five point someone tells the story about three boys s...Read More

College Days

11 days ago 196 Views

This story really touch my soul.and I also inspired by this story.there are many challenges in the life as we are a college scholars.but how can we manage all this challenges ant and get success over this, that's the main thing.All this things cover in this story.The story displays the details h...Read More


Swat Pakistan, India

1 Review


12 days ago 177 Views (via Mobile)

I have read many Chetan Bhagats books but Five point someone, is something I can read more times. This writer has a great quality he delivers his words in such a way that the reader falls for it. The language is very simple yet interesting. This book Five point someone(FPS) tells the story about...Read More

It is wonderful and attractive novel

12 days ago 206 Views

Now I am fan of chetan bhahat sab. I really enjoyed this book because the characters are so real, and being a student myself I can relate to their pressure. There are many hilarious episodes, including where Ryan changes a few key words in a speech to be given by a competitor named Chatur. Th...Read More

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