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Cinthol Original Soap Reviews

I like cinthol original soap.

3 hrs 58 mins ago Read

Cinthol is always popular in this field.It is an old brand and still going .This means this product has demand.The packing is very simple and the content inside is very satisfying.The fragrance is addicting.This product will sell for long lime and they are evolving with time I feel.Anybody buy t...Read More

Cinthol Original Soap.

3 days ago Read

I am using many soaps for bathing and Cinthol original soap using last four months. This Cinthol original soap gives good fragrance every time. This is very useful in the summer time but did not good for skin in winter time. Cinthol original soap is made skin rough in winter weather and this soa...Read More

I dont like

4 days ago Read (via Android App)

I have bought it from Amazon it's worest quality. It's make my skin is very dry. I use it lux due to bed response of cinthol. I never reccomend this to anyone it's waste of money in my views I don't like it. Due to dry skin people don't like my face. I irritate to my self . Soap is not good e...Read More


4 days ago Read (via Mobile)

I like the cinthol soap it's good for sensitive skin, it's fragrance is good& it is used for fairer skin it's an old method which people does not know about the soap.its an old branded soaap of 90's I guess my grandparents used the soap& recommended me for the soap. Viewers I think it's ...Read More

Astonishing soap for bath!

6 days ago Read (via Mobile)

Im using cinthol beside dettol because I do not prefer to take bath with toilet soap, so I use this soap and this is great, I love the smell either. its fragnance is too good and skin dont fade dried after using it, but other soap do the wrong and youre skin get dried soon and you feel like i...Read More

Cinthol Original Soap

7 days ago Read

Cinthol: using it since 2001 very complexion nothing gonna beat. this it works very well for me I think for most peoples well so there is nothing to tell new about it-old-gold! if you ever tried this try it you may like it on time delivery with prime I have been using this product for a long tim...Read More

Cinthol Original Soap

11 days ago Read

Hi friends today am discoursing about chintol original soap. Godrej company made Cinthol soap. its a very old and trusted company. Cinthol soap is looking not good. but soap smell is interesting. When u bath with Cinthol soap u feel like refresh. Cinthol soap also fight with gems. I am ...Read More

Cinthol Original Soap

13 days ago Read

Cinthol soap is the one of the soap which is mostly used by the people. Its fragrance is so nice which will impart a freshness feeling to the customers after using the product. It is actually not a herbal soap but it has some properties of the herbal soap and used by the people having problem...Read More

Cinthol Original Soap - the baap of all soaps

15 days ago Read

A very powerfull fragrance even be with u(the fragrance) after a long time whenever u feel something stingy and dont feel good or if you are having headaches(then also) and also when u are mentally tensioned and depressed just use this soap for better re powering skills and then u are all ...Read More

Great family soap

16 days ago Read

It is not a herbal soap but has the properties of one and is much liked by people having rushes and acnes.this soap suitable for all climates.excellent fragnence and quality.doesnt leav the skin dry.i will recommented for everyone.i have been using this product for a long time.i think it is one ...Read More


20 days ago Read

I'm not habitual to any specific soap to take bath. I change soaps time to time. so one my husband bought cinthol soaps for bathing. from the packaging it was looking like an ordinay soap but after using then get to know about the features. it really amazing soap. while talking bath its fragr...Read More

Cinthol best soap ever you bath

22 days ago Read

Hello friends I am loving this soap because its odor is great and once you bath with it you found yourself fresh all day ans it make you fresh all day it is also useful to remove bacteria from your skin and your skin will become smooth and very charming and it is best for bath soap it's lemon...Read More


28 days ago Read

Hello guys today I am sharing my personal experience regarding to a soap which I used for the last 5 years. The smell of this soap was very good and it will give you a good smell every time . In this it will added a good natural chemicals which is good for our skin and the packing of this soap w...Read More

Excellent Soap

29 days ago Read

This is far the best soap available in India. Suitable for all climates and water and the soap also lasts long. Excellent fragrance and quality.I like the smell of the soap and doesnt get soft easily and after the bath it gives the fresh feeling. this is suitable for all type of skin and very...Read More

Best men soap

Jan 28, 2017 06:49 PM Read (via Android App)

Hello , I am using this soap from last 2 years . Earlier I had used many type of soap but when I tried this soap I felt the feeling of men . This soap is availble in many fragrances , and believe me all its fragrances are equally good . The cover of the soap is very stylesh and attractive . The ...Read More

Good Soap !

Jan 24, 2017 03:34 AM Read

This is the soap recommended by Dermatologists for sesitive skin and skin infections, has a very neutral smell which is good as no strong chemicals are used.safe to be used on face also.Recommended for pimple prone skin. old Cinthol - using it since 2001, very complexion nothing gonna beat th...Read More

Sweat and dirt good soap.

Jan 22, 2017 08:56 AM Read (via Android App)

Hello friends.i share today cinthol soap.this soap good for everyone.its good for sweat and dust.me and my family first choice of cinthol original soap. The cinthol original soap is franges is too good.i also like this soap.i have like this soap because I can use this this product since 2 yea...Read More

The Best Ever Soap.

Jan 21, 2017 07:24 PM Read (via Android App)

The best part of this Cinthol Lime soap is its fragrance which is citrus and very similar to Lemon. It gives me quite a similar feeling like that of Lemon Tea Tree Body Wash but this is far cheap than that body wash since it comes in a soap form. On usage it lathers average, a little less tha...Read More

Best bathing soap

Jan 21, 2017 09:31 AM Read (via Android App)

I have been using Cinthol Original Soap last since my childhood. This is one of the best soap in India. And result of it are all positive. So I want to guide to everyone to use product. This product also available in the market easily. The price is responsible. This soap doesn't give any harmful...Read More

Good for skin .

Jan 17, 2017 11:15 PM Read (via Android App)

I have been using Cinthol original soap since 3years.I have sensitive skin .I had used somany brand soap products .I was tired of them .one-day I had one skin problem .Then I went to doctor .He said to me first change your soap .That day onwards I am using Cinthol original soap .It was protected...Read More

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