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Choosing a Water Heater Tips

Choosing a water heater

2 days agoRead

Hello choosing best water heater and see good company to made water heater and it water heater after show green light ect and every one not use water heater but it is good for water heater and how much price water heater but not shop online and see hoe much year warranty this water heater and bu...Read More


3 days agoRead

HI today I toking about choosing a water heater I thing every one wants a water heater because water heater given a more comfort about water I also like to use water heater because water heater given a more pure water I thing all companions given a best about water heater I like every model for ...Read More

Heaters from Havells

30 days agoRead

Its very good heater as compared to other I am using it from 3 years I dont have any issue about this modelHavells water heater aim to make life easier more comfortable. You should not to make choice between convenience and performance. For so this Havells water heater is best choice where y...Read More

Thermocool geysers

Jan 11, 2017 12:31 PMRead (via Mobile)

Never buy thermocool geysers. I purchased 2 and both are not working. It is a fake company. They have no customer service. Keep calling them, emailing them, no use. Nobody will revert. I made a great mistake, hence I wish warn others about it. I purchased from csd canteen. Hence it came as a sho...Read More

Don't buy made by china water heaters

Oct 29, 2016 01:56 PMRead

I buy a water heater made by china company.they give me warrenty 2 years but I fit this in my bathroom only 5 days it will work good but after 5 days one day sparkels happen in that water heater.wire of that heaters are burn.my godness is that I fit mcb in my homes it help to automatic cut t...Read More

Never buy crompton geyser.

Oct 15, 2016 11:38 AMRead

Tank start leaking after two month of use. its more than one one month I loaded a complaint. but I didn't got any solution. please don't buy fake products. do not waste your money on such products. I have purchased solarium instant heater three litre.now its going in dustbin.i have called custom...Read More

The best water heaters are in this review

Sep 22, 2016 08:29 PMRead

A Guide to buy a storage or instant water heater geyser(this review is from http://waterheater.weebly.comSimple Steps you follow to buy a water heater are as follows:What you would find in the market is branded and unbranded water heaters and almost similar features but how would you cho...Read More

Try to make the advice helpful in making decisions

Jul 04, 2016 04:50 PMRead

Choosing a Geyser that means Electronic Heater in this sizzling winter may give you a perfect peace of bath but there are something which should be kept in your mind before choosing a water heater.Water Heater or Geyser's inner tank should be coated by copper or heavy materials which helps t...Read More


Mar 24, 2016 11:09 AMRead

Dear Sir/Madam, Instead of verifying the sale bill bearing no.1111221331 and its installation and commissioning certificate dated 03/03/2012 THEY have send a reply wherein it is stated that the cost of tube and other charges amounting to Rs.950 to be paid.When there is a guarantee for a peri...Read More


Feb 15, 2016 05:49 PMRead

A year ago I obtained this water structure nearby hardware shop and its working great. I pick this Perticual item in light of the fact that in that condition this item was in my financial plan yet its working fine.As comapared to kenstar hot spring stockpiling this one is not that better but...Read More

Choose Water heater 2 bath in this sizzling winter

Jan 29, 2016 12:28 PMRead

Choosing a  Geyser that means Electronic Heater in this sizzling winter may give you a perfect peace of bath but there are something which should be kept in your mind before choosing a water heater.Geyser should be off Good Brand such as A.O .Smith water Heater  Bajaj Water heater and keep i...Read More


Dec 09, 2015 11:44 AMRead

I had purchased Haier Water Heater, Model Matrix spa ES 25V P-1 on 19.01.11. It worked well till Nov 2015, when its display started showing "E-1" for which I complained to their Customer care Department on 11 Nov 2015. After 3 days a mechanic visited & said that its chip needs to be changed ...Read More

Water Heater

Dec 08, 2015 11:09 PMRead

Here may be a little fast guide for you to assist obtain the proper warmer.Points to be noted:Point No: one - don't obtain unbranded water heaters Its a bit like investment your cash on a wrong stock or open-end fund. A branded warmer offers you not solely guarantee however conjointly sa...Read More

Donot BuY Nuetech Solar All are Fraud Persons

May 30, 2014 03:09 PMRead

I brought Nuetech Solar 23/01/2013 after 24.05.14 it is not working I called customer care they sent one service person he told if I give bill 2000/- charge without bill 1200/- ok I told no need bill you do service that broke solar pipe he told it is ready after I paid 1200/-Next day I calle...Read More

Anu Solar water heater:: DO NOT BUY

Dec 07, 2013 06:51 PMRead

I bought Anu Solar water heater almost 3 years back. I was promised that the inner tank was made of SS 304.[This is good quality steel material and good for bore well water ]. After 3 year it started liking. After several follow up with customer care, a service guy visited and asked me to replac...Read More

Hot Water Systems

Jul 22, 2013 09:46 AMRead

Choosing the right hot water system to suit your needsWhen deciding to choose the right hot water system to suit your individual household’s needs you will need to determine your daily consumption of hot waterBased on the daily average of 200 litres and 19 tap turns you can use a number ...Read More

Water Heaters Buy Online Guide

Dec 19, 2012 03:23 PMRead

Simple Steps you follow to buy a water heater are as follows:What you would find in the market is branded and unbranded water heaters and almost similar features but how would you choose the right product for your house.Here is a small quick guide for you to help pick up the right water ...Read More

Water heater review - thermoking

Oct 27, 2012 04:50 PMRead

Thermoking is a pathetic brand for water heaters. Their tanks have leaked twice in 2 years. It was replaced free of cost once, but now they are asking for visiting charges and have delayed it so much that rest of the parts have also got hit. NEVER go for this LOCAL brand. Their customer service ...Read More

How to choose a Water Heater?

Jan 13, 2012 07:20 PMRead

I am not an electrical expert but I would like to pen down here whatever I learnt from internet and by practical experience about Water Heaters(WH)/Geysers. Electrical Water heaters are of two types: a) Instant Water heaters and b) Storage type water heaters.Instant WH:It consists of a s...Read More

Haier water heater - ES 15V P2

Jan 06, 2012 10:35 AMRead

As usual it was a long search for me before buying a product. I was looking for something very specific(I didn't knew if something close to it is there in market).I wanted a water heater with a option by which it can switch on in the morning automatically so that I don't have to wake up and ...Read More

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