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"( doraemon ) only for fun"
Review on: Doraemon
Rating: By: jitendrapatil0101 | 4 days ago

So friends, my name is prashu and I can tell you about the carton that name is DOREMON . DOEREMON: -doremon is a robot that make in 2130 so. He is a defected peace in his company. But after all he is a good robot. Doremon love to eta dora cakes and h
"Best time of my childhood"
Review on: Doraemon
Rating: By: AmritArora | 6 days ago

This is the best cartoon series I have ever watched. It's so amazing. I loved it so much that I still watch this when I got free time.Any other cartoon can't beat this.I love those gadgets hee has big light, small light, anywhere door and the most im
"Best show"
Review on: Doraemon
Rating: By: herojain25 | 9 days ago

This show is the best. I have never showen such a excellent show. When I was kid I would only see this show. I would fight for remote with my brother and sister to see this show. I loved it . This show has realese many movies . I loved his movies al
"A lovely charecter doraemon"
Review on: Doraemon
Rating: By: durga123jnp | 10 days ago

Doraemon is a cartoon show. In this show there is different charecter. Charecter 1st- Doraemon is the robo cat which come from 22nd century. Charecter 2nd- Nobita is the unlucky boy who has different problems. Charecter 3rd- Giyan is a boy who always
Review on: Doraemon
Rating: By: sarikasolankijain | 10 days ago

I will watch for doraemon every day. It is very interesting it is very funny and I feel to watch every time .All gazet are very nice also want them l also want doraemon. To do all my work. I saw all episode it is very inIntreastting.all gadgets like
Review on: Doraemon
Rating: By: rajuguddu122000 | 10 days ago

Doremone is my first and tv serial show when I am 8 year old and it is look like very interesting when nobita use the doremone's gajetes and he misuse it and it's take a problem and it become harmful then doremone resolve it . Doremone's tv serial
"The cutest little guy"
Review on: Shin Chan
Rating: By: Sonu2665 | 11 days ago

This review is about the most favourite cartoon serial of every age groupShinchan is really an addictive cartoon. When I put on my TV first I see whether Shinchan is coming or not if then I watch it till all its episodes end. The plot of this cartoon
"Hero-bhakti hi Shakti hai"
Review on: Hero - Bhakti Hi Shakti Hai
Rating: By: ssaxena8262 | 19 days ago

Hero is a comic serial that we enjoyed alot to watch. It was natural power based program. In which Durga mata gifted joy as Hero a spiritual power with two helpers dholu or babli. Kids love to watch this type of serials more. It gives kids power to f
"Doraemon and Nobita"
Review on: Doraemon
Rating: By: junaidkaukab | 20 days ago

Daily we watch this cartoon. Nobita can't do anything without Doraemon. Nobita come home crying meri madat karo doraemon.My son love this cartoon. Giaan, Sunio, Shizuka, Dagisuki are friends of Nobita. Giaan and Sunio mostly bully Nobita. Shizuka is
"Best cartoon serial"
Review on: Doraemon
Rating: By: lovelysharma309 | 25 days ago

I am watching doremon from my childhood and its episode are telecast also in today time.this is because this series took a place in the heart of children.i get its popularity day by day.i know when I am start watching it I thought that its just waste
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