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"Fun to watch haha"
Review on: Doraemon
Rating: By: lokendraAA | 2 days ago

I have seeing doraemon for the last 8 years and my brother too watch it with me eveytime it comes on tv. We are really addicted to it and it is very emotional sometime to watch it because the doramon talks very good emotionally and gives us a mssage
"Lovely cartoon"
Review on: Doraemon
Rating: By: Barbienidhi | 4 days ago

This is my favourite childhood cartoon. This serial carries many memories of my childhood. Yet being college girl I watch doremon with same interest and excitement. Since childhood I always wished for a friend like doremon whi always had the solution
"Funny cartoon with lots of knowledge."
Review on: Shin Chan
Rating: By: sourodeep1996 | 4 days ago

I love this cartoon. I almost see all the episodes of this though I became younger but I still love it. It is best cartoon I have ever seen in my life till now. I wish after shinchan there should another cartoon like it but I am sure I will be lo
Review on: Shin Chan
Rating: By: shubhamsarraf6546 | 6 days ago

THE LAUGHING MEDICINE . I give this title because of shinchan whose age is 5 yearsThe cartoon which makes you laugh . Yes this the full of entertainment cartoon ever I had seen .it comes on hungam which is a cartoon channel The shinchan makes you
"Brave boy"
Review on: Shin Chan
Rating: By: akash753rawat | 7 days ago

Shinchan is most popular show. Shinchan is really very brave . A five year old kid was really thinking like a mature kid. Once upon a time he want to save her sister from the car accident but unfortunately they both are dead by the car accident . H
"Real story about nobita"
Review on: Doraemon
Rating: By: akash753rawat | 7 days ago

This show is my favorite show in childhood . But it is real story . A nine here old child nobita was suffering from schizophrenia . In this disease the person is failure to understand what is real and illusion . He used to see the doraemon in his ima
"East or west shin chan is the best"
Review on: Shin Chan
Rating: By: sujalkothari786 | 11 days ago

Shin shan is a very good character I liked it very much. Its worlds funniest program on tv.One special thing about it is that he is very cute. He is so small but he talks like a gentleman and the dance that he does is the funniest.If you ever get a c
"Life of kids"
Review on: Doraemon
Rating: By: justin468 | 13 days ago

Doremon is a tv program telecasted in the channel like Hungama and disney chanel . Most of the kids are addicted to this tv program . Doremon is a 21 st centuary robot which travels back time to help Nobita . Nobita is a type of person who will not
Review on: Shin Chan
Rating: By: NKing007 | 15 days ago

One of my favourite show, I watched in my childhood and still watching it. this show broadcasted on hungama channel which is a kid's channel but this is more than a regular kids cartoon. in this anime the main character named as shinchan is a 5 years
Review on: Shin Chan
Rating: By: robinsinghnegi | 17 days ago

I watch this show since my childhood, I copy this character to disturb others, I am a big fan of shinchanin acting this is a real life character it's only a anime but anyways acting is goodthe whole concept of this show is amazing the storyline inclu
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