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"Gadget Guru...!!!"
Review on: Doraemon
Rating: By: hastir123 | 1 day ago

Doraemon. it is a cartoon show. and this is the only cartoon I have watched in my college years also. I just love this cartoon. Basically the gadget he uses to resolve the situation it just take me into the fantasy world where I think it exists. And
Review on: Doraemon
Rating: By: vvkedari | 1 day ago

Doraemon is a cat - type robot in 22 nd century . He is 129. 3 cm tall , the girth of the chest are 129 . 3 cm and his weight is 129 . 3 kg.He has a pocket of the fourth dimension of this stomach . His favourite food is dorayaki which he eats everyda
"The gadget guru Doraemon"
Review on: Doraemon
Rating: By: harshalhedau1 | 2 days ago

Doraemon is one of the best cartoon ever.The ideas which is shown in this cartoon is very innovative.I like doraemon the way in which he help Nobita and other people.In this cartoon the glimpse of 22nd centuary is also shown.The gadgets of Doraemon a
"One of the coolest animated series"
Review on: Shin Chan
Rating: By: mahipalmahi117 | 2 days ago

The animation series of shinchan is most wonderful animation series I have watched till date The shin chan show includes the naughty tgings and questions and naughty works done by naughty child shinchan who is a small lad and hero of the series to le
"One of the Best cartoon show ever"
Review on: Shin Chan
Rating: By: vineeta0312 | 3 days ago

Shinchan tv series is a hit it can make anyone smile and laugh the naughty boy shinchan is apple to everyones eye shinchan is the best tv series I had ever watched one can go for watching it whole day the notorious and cute style of shinchan is just
"A best cartoon ever"
Review on: Doraemon
Rating: By: manishdixitlko | 4 days ago

Doreamon is the best cartoon ever. I seen many cartoon but doreamon is my favorite show because of its technical thinking. They present many gadget which I like most. It is best quality show with best performance. My favorite cartoon in the show dore
"My favourite"
Review on: Doraemon
Rating: By: beautykoko19 | 4 days ago

Doraemon is my favourite cartoon after tom n jerry series.its imaginary stories really nice. Movies of this serial is also adventurous and funny.i enjoy this episodes so much and feeling refreshed after watching it.its characters are also very nyc I
"Best cartoon ever"
Review on: Doraemon
Rating: By: asthabora12 | 4 days ago

To my opinion Doraemon is the best cartoon on disney channel.this cartoon is mainly based upon doremon who is a robot cat, nobita and his three friends sunio, gyan, sijuka.this cartoon is loved by most of the children.this cartoon shows a boy nobita
"Kids favourite show"
Review on: Doraemon
Rating: By: pravallika123 | 5 days ago

Hi friends, one of my favourite cartoon show is doraemon. Now a days I am not much interested to see that because this show lends some lazy stuff.My cousins son without this show he will not eat food, thats why I called it as kids favourite show. Not
"Funny cartoon"
Review on: Shin Chan
Rating: By: vaidikpimplapure1 | 5 days ago

Best and funny cartoon for kids if you are sed for anything you can sey shin Chan you well get happy this is best tv cartoon in all world shin Chan in comady cartoon in all world is vary vary hit cartoon all shin Chan all movies are varry varry good
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