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"Completely Relaxes..."
Review on: Shin Chan
Rating: By: shruthishreegandhi | 1 day ago

This show is amazing .and very useful for stressful person.whenever I see this I feel relaxed from stress.i really enjoy and love gives a good mood and a nice feel after my point of view psychologically very be seen.Good
"Chin chan is love ?"
Review on: Shin Chan
Rating: By: saswata99 | 2 days ago

Hello everyone, first of all i'd like to tell u that shin chan isn't a cartoon. Its an anime which was crated by japanies company.shin chan is very popular among children and now we can see even the elders are interested in these types of anime bcz i
Review on: Doraemon
Rating: By: prosunpaul005 | 2 days ago

Doraemon is normal sifi carton good enough for kids, but som of stories is absolutely vogas, I wished to add some of series that helps to improve the kids brain and also learned somethings. A vitalfault is nobita loves suzuka it's ok but nobita any t
"Sabka pyara shin Chan"
Review on: Shin Chan
Rating: By: neerajbhatt1254 | 2 days ago

I love this cartoon. This is good cartoon for kids. I think all the kids watch the shin chan. Some time I also watch this cartoon. I love the character of shin chan mother's. I love the naughtyness of shin chan. All the Characters in this cartoon sho
"Sorry about the sad story"
Review on: Shin Chan
Rating: By: pkkaushik24042002 | 2 days ago

Sinchan sorry about your sad story. Slute to your baravry you were a real brother. You are a inspiration to all the brother. How you donated your life in saving your sister.Friends today I will tell the untold story about sinchan.The cartoon chracter
"I love this cartoon sooo much."
Review on: Doraemon
Rating: By: Ratnam151 | 2 days ago

Doraemon is the famous cartoon in our school we used to talk about Doraemon episodes in the classes.I love the story is Doraemon very much because we can't imagine thatSomeone from future will come for us to help us.And the love for suzukaIn Nobitha
"I love this show"
Review on: Doraemon
Rating: By: kavyasri92748 | 3 days ago

When I was a child I used to wacth this serual daily I never missed a single showI like the carector doremon it is vary interesting carector I love the shap of that cartoonit looks vary funny all carectors in this serial are vary nice , believe me
"Shin Chan, shin Chan pyra pyra."
Review on: Shin Chan
Rating: By: rajurajput1219 | 3 days ago

Hello frnds This show is really amazing. It is based on comedy. This show is really famous in kids. Me and my brother loved this show. We see this show together. In this show a naughty boy which named shinchan. Shinchan is a naughty boy. And it's p
"I love u shin chan"
Review on: Shin Chan
Rating: By: piggytost | 3 days ago

I love this show the first show ever whice is very very funny to compare to other cartoon I like the way he behave I like to watch all the time at this series is being aired at the moment in my homeland and it's becoming really successful. Everyone's
"Very good show"
Review on: Doraemon
Rating: By: vajrakireeti66 | 3 days ago

This show is awesome.It is very funny show. I like the characters nobita and doraemon mainly his gadgets.Very addictive .In this show a school boy nobita who is lazy and unintelligent has a horrible and a future robot changes his future.The innocence
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