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Very true they are charging very high. They are giving less approximate amount and than overcharge by 40% more
comment by vinodgoel281 on nirmanakarshan's review Review Comment | 0 hrs 28 mins ago
comment by ramesh887 on catchudaya's review Review Comment | 1 hr 59 mins ago
even i also got cheated by maxworth realty ltd, no as you said its fraud company. can i have your no so taht we all can go and fight with this fraud company
comment by ramesh887 on catchudaya's review Review Comment | 2 hrs 0 mins ago
Review looks fake..please check credentials
comment by amohod on alkasawant111's review Review Comment | 4 hrs 2 mins ago
This rating given for OMX looks fake..please check the credentials of user.
comment by amohod on poojasolanki0098's review Review Comment | 4 hrs 3 mins ago

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This is one social networking site that I'd rank above twitter. Twitter has become somewhat manipulated by corporates whereas reddit on the other hand
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