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The winner of the'Review of the Day Contest' for 21/12/2014 is @vimarshmunsif and the rating winner is @urja_d .Congratulations!
By MouthShut_Official  via web
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Come on Manchester united...Go for Glory!!!!!!
By Guest via mobile (+9197698XXXXX) | 4 hrs 16 mins ago
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A happy thought is like a seed that sows positivity for all to reap.
By maaz_nawaz  via web | 11 hrs 19 mins ago
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thanks bro !
comment by jazzerjmd on beejcollabera's review Review Comment | 0 hrs 23 mins ago
A wierd way to access a hospital
comment by tusharmohta850 on arunraj18756's review Review Comment | 0 hrs 55 mins ago
Dear friends, get Rs 200 free on first ride of OLA cab in Bangaluru by using referral code 'CF2T4W' when u sign in for first time.
kargotech is a fake is already in accetnure fake list
comment by mohanatluri123 on basha232's review Review Comment | 1 hr 14 mins ago
Bangali = Disruption...LOL. Yes, we tend to stereotype everything and anything and that perhaps gives us some kind of comfort and saves us from identity crisis.
comment by GEETA1963  on GEETA1963's review Review Comment | 1 hr 18 mins ago

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