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The winner of the'Review of the Day Contest' for 21/10/2014 is @countme91 and the rating winner is @chalojai .Congratulations!
By MouthShut_Official  via web
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Please please watch DR. PRAKASH BABA AMTE- the real hero movie.its awesome.
By nimisha23377 via web | 6 hrs 44 mins ago
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By nimisha23377 via web | Oct 22, 2014 11:41 PM
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I dont think anyone at FedEx India is bothered about us the customers because an American company AMAZON supporting another American company FedEx at what ever
comment by pradeep503 on anushatalluri7's review Review Comment | 1 hr 11 mins ago
For lightening fast delivery order from flipkart
comment by pradeep503 on gauravj1481120's review Review Comment | 1 hr 14 mins ago
keep on emailing them with your valid reason for return, though its less likely but in many cases i had returned and received refund within 2 months timeline
comment by haiprash on amit_nath30's review Review Comment | 4 hrs 28 mins ago
Goli Vada Pav is an Indian ethnic snack. It is positioned as traditional fast food and rivals is burger.The franchise retail store is growing day by day li
comment by sidholy on avi550m's review Review Comment | 4 hrs 42 mins ago
nikolaj is a fraud know only cheating and switching places, this is his wok pattern he left 427 udyog vihar 3 gurgaonafter cheaing his employees by not paying
comment by poojacapricon on VISHAL_123's blog Blog Comment | 4 hrs 43 mins ago

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