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The winner of the'Review of the Day Contest' for 30/10/2014 is @irammemon and the rating winner is @gjnavin .Congratulations!
By MouthShut_Official  via web
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Sometimes you have to let things go, So that there is room for better things to come into your life.
By confusedsoul  via mobile (+9199660XXXXX) | 3 hrs 48 mins ago
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Media people should know that their readers do not like endless pictures of naked actresses.We are also least interested in sexual habits of starlets.
By ayanmisra via web | 5 hrs 9 mins ago
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hi ram even iam planning to work offline...they asked 5000 deposit...
comment by shivaniwillpro on ram4689's review Review Comment | 0 hrs 28 mins ago
Their buy back offer is an eye wash. They the item back at a lower cost from the market value. for example if you have bought 10 grams at 25000 and want to sell
comment by Dastagir0511 on sur_babu's review Review Comment | 0 hrs 56 mins ago
i am currently a student with IMTC and its end of october far no one has dropped .Yes ..there is lots of work which they tell you and it is all required.
comment by amita02 on shree604's blog Blog Comment | 1 hr 33 mins ago
Which Seed you are referring to Erinda ?
comment by sdbl on hihowru's review Review Comment | 1 hr 37 mins ago
yeah thats rite..this is a worst website i have ever seen in ma life...just stop the rediff website
comment by dheenuu on Ranjushetty's review Review Comment | 1 hr 53 mins ago

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