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We are closing 'Review of the Day' Contest on January 23, 2015, only to make it better. More contests and prizes coming your way! Stay tuned!
By MouthShut_Official  via web
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Big breaking of ice in fa cup, as premier league title contenders chelsea and manchester city are out of the fa cup!!!
By Guest via mobile (+9197698XXXXX) | 3 hrs 54 mins ago
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Very Elegant R-Day MS Logo, great work MS:)
By jains24  via web | 8 hrs 32 mins ago
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Dear Dessfox,Yes the Engine gets off while i was applying the break and now also i am facing sever problem on my car that is ..While am pushing the clutch the R
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Hi Foxy15 ,I cant get your apologize since its been more than a year ...though kindly apologize me ....Yes and also i am facing sever problem on my car that is
comment by ak360 on ak360's review Review Comment | 0 hrs 26 mins ago
Yes it's a good, but you might have a bad experience, I can't deny but it's a value for money device.
comment by Asad_Ali on mendirattap's review Review Comment | 0 hrs 48 mins ago
Hi Vishwa, Can you please tell us which doctor you visited after your Sister told? We are experiencing same here in Gunasheela :(
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Service aap ne kisi aur se liya rewiew hamri side pe dal rahe ho
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