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Ate at a popular new restaurant? Love or hate a gadget? Watched a movie recently? Bought a product from an online store? Can't stop gushing about the new phone you are using? Bought a new car? Can't help drooling over the latest bike in the market?
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Great Arijeet !! thanks to share your experience.
comment by royarghodip on Arijeet1's review Review Comment | few seconds ago
Congrats for the Review of the Day. Have a Nice Day :)
comment by maaz_nawaz  on SG21's review Review Comment | 0 hrs 9 mins ago
really great view
comment by bimalkhan on rahulr892's Status Status Comment | 0 hrs 31 mins ago
very expensive though !!
comment by bimalkhan on rahulr892's review Review Comment | 0 hrs 33 mins ago
nice pic yaar
comment by bimalkhan on rahulr892's photo Photo Comment | 0 hrs 34 mins ago

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