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The winner of the'Review of the Day Contest' for 28/11/2014 is @vaibhavi990 and the rating winner is @rohanjs .Congratulations!
By MouthShut_Official  via web
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Philip huges is an idol for passionate people.
By granny908 via web | 0 hrs 1 min ago
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Ungli is a boring movie with over the top dialouges
By rahulr892 via mobile (+9198219XXXXX) | 1 hr 20 mins ago
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very useful comprehensive video...great work
comment by valiantvimal on Leoilady's review Review Comment | 1 hr 0 mins ago
cheater site, they have not respond your mails/calls
comment by ysethi on udhaya_in's review Review Comment | 1 hr 1 min ago
I understand your plight. I too have posted my experience and it is not any better. first time I genuinely felt that a zero rating was needed in my entire life
comment by ManFromMars on icareabout's review Review Comment | 1 hr 15 mins ago
Stay In MANSOOR LODGE its better than this lodge there blog,
comment by EPM730614 on chalojai's review Review Comment | 1 hr 54 mins ago
hi ganesh your review on mouthshut is eyeopening one. i have booked a classic350 recently in place of pulsar 220. do you think my decision is right or should i
comment by Ramneek39 on Ganesh_India11's review Review Comment | 2 hrs 51 mins ago

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