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The winner of the'Review of the Day Contest' for 22/10/2014 is @prasu.sreeju and the rating winner is @rjdsilva .Congratulations!
By MouthShut_Official  via web
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By nimisha23377 via web | 0 hrs 9 mins ago
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Just watched trailer of Action Jackson, looks like a Salman Khan movie but the dialogues are even cheaper, it seems the target audience is Bhojpuri movie lovers
By sachinaxis via mobile (+1403953XXXXX) | 0 hrs 44 mins ago
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bogus. dont talk rubbish
comment by shantanusamanta19 on supratik_panda's review Review Comment | 0 hrs 16 mins ago
Hi Guys...I am confused here by looking at the comments, Can you please clarify are you referring to Fortuna project or Fortuna Constructions (I) Pvt. Ltd? A
comment by ravivarshu925 on yaswanth12's review Review Comment | 2 hrs 33 mins ago
you can call to your bank and ask them to not forward funds to airtel from now onwards. Try with your bank. You are so careless; you took 5 months to realize 3k
comment by anilk2603 on deobrat.pandey's review Review Comment | 2 hrs 36 mins ago
Your review deserves to be ignored. The way you wrote about legends like Dravid and VVS show that you don't know A-Z of cricket.
comment by adkrish22290 on 010101a2z's review Review Comment | 2 hrs 51 mins ago
I suggest you to share this review on twitter.
comment by nabilshaikh007 on saju_easo's review Review Comment | 3 hrs 22 mins ago

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