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Freedom of Expression prevails, Section 66A has been quashed, If you believe in the victory of internet freedom tweet using #ThankYouMouthShut
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Red valvet cake of celejor is very tasty and creamy....its delicious to have it...
By Guest via mobile (+9197698XXXXX) | 3 hrs 25 mins ago
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Hi! good to be back!
By janelikesit via web | 4 hrs 13 mins ago
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In general an ordinary patient has to wait for at least 10 hrs for his term , irrespective of his entry time to the institute. Doctors have no time to interact
comment by srini_hig140 on Kuchibotla's review Review Comment | 0 hrs 26 mins ago
- Brought a Jaspo Pro 10 Shoe Skates order ID 5400923984 - 23rd Mar - Product delivered - 23rd Mar - Raised online return order (17612095) due to size issue
comment by santanumaiti on snapdeal's response Corporate Response Comment | 0 hrs 51 mins ago
Can you please mention which trainer was assigned to you? Kindly email us at in order for us to ensure this does not continue. Also
comment by KFitnessone on SD73's review Review Comment | 1 hr 9 mins ago
Hi, I was also trapped(?) the same way 2+ years back. I got Mahindra Holiday vouchers, some point card, Watch and FinEdge Membership. I used watch for soemtime.
comment by ramdas80 on payl1234's review Review Comment | 1 hr 39 mins ago
i have used servo futura-D (Indica dls, 2003 model, 72240 km). pl advice if the oil used is correct.
comment by gvbobby on spaceinteractive's review Review Comment | 1 hr 55 mins ago

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