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As per my account, I had earned 300 + 700 (though one review was miscategorized for which I received 50 Rs in lieu of 100, few of the reviews never made it to m
comment by taheemrajat on taheemrajat's review Review Comment | 0 hrs 7 mins ago
Will it last long time?? please put your comments after 3 washes. Thanks!! Sreedhar Reddy Madur
comment by madur_reddy529 on harsoraalka's review Review Comment | 0 hrs 12 mins ago
@rathimanujmt Try SBI, best conversion rates as well. Personal experience.......
comment by jodha23 on shabeerg's review Review Comment | 0 hrs 16 mins ago
Informative Review With Nice Elaboration :) Congraattzz for ROD :)
comment by kaleem05 on rajiv22's review Review Comment | 0 hrs 46 mins ago
hey good one sourabh, where are you nowadays btw ?
comment by darkSecretsExposed on sourabhweb's review Review Comment | 0 hrs 55 mins ago

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jains24 is the hallmark of simplicity, prudence and camaraderie. She believes in anything and everything which will bring in peace, harmony and well being of fellow human beings.
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Well I dont how, but previously my Windows 98 and XP gets attacked by Virus very often.  And wat happens most of time is, my brother, who is thou bein
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