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The winner of the'Review of the Day Contest' for 23/10/2014 is @nitin90 and the rating winner is @yash_roxx .Congratulations!
By MouthShut_Official  via web
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Review posted.HAPPY NEW YEAR!
By fenil_seta  via web | 0 hrs 18 mins ago
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When we are aware of our weaknesses or negative tendencies, we open the opportunity to work on them.
By maaz_nawaz  via web | 0 hrs 31 mins ago
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Hi Tariq pe Tariq hi paddti ja rahi hai, Kuchh hota nazar nahi aa raha - ab kab ka tariq hai bhai - char taraf se sanata kiyu hai bhai
comment by agpphotobank on tanveeranwar222's review Review Comment | 0 hrs 2 mins ago
Its been 3 days and no one has called me regarding my complaint.. I dont know if i really get money back.. Looks like this company is turning to an online thief
comment by vijibr on snapdeal's response Corporate Response Comment | 0 hrs 16 mins ago
Nothing like this has happened to any Motorola smartphone yet.... Moto e is the best .... U must have not taken care of the phone..
comment by jatinlakhotiya on deepuk's review Review Comment | 0 hrs 42 mins ago
hi niraj modi, this is raznehkant from hyderabad, are you a trader or tips provider?i have been trading forex earlier,now am interested to do commodity tradin
comment by raznehkant7895 on nirajmodi's review Review Comment | 0 hrs 57 mins ago
This is a false and Pre motivated review . If the person is genuine ... why such false names like Rock ?? Also... we have no such customer in Dream Valley .
comment by rishi603 on kdebashis's review Review Comment | 0 hrs 57 mins ago

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