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8, Cubbon Road, Opp. Income Tax Building, Bangalore 560001, KA

Project By Sterling Developers, Bangalore

Under Construction
Bellandur, Bangalore
₹1.1 Cr
3 BHK Apartments
Under Construction
Koramangala, Bangalore
₹2.03 Cr - ₹2.62 Cr
3,4 BHK Apartments
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Reviews on Sterling Developers, Bangalore

0 hrs 29 mins ago Read (via Mobile)

The only good thing about this place is it is situated on the main road but that itself it a disadvantage as there is a lot of noise (traffic as well as metro and construction work) throughout the day and night which makes it difficult to stay here. The other interesting part is this apartment is very much prone to water problems (especially during monsoons) when the STP gets flooded with the drainage water which runs next to this apartment and ultimately the water supply is stopped for all houses. Builder plays an active role of being quiet throughout such incidents and ultimately the residents suffer. So think twice before you rent or buy this place.
Apr 27, 2022 06:20 PM Read

Sterling Infinia project was started in 2013 - 9 YEARS BACK- and I am one of the unfortunate buyers. The 1st 2 towers of the project are still "under construction" and probably will remain incomplete for ever. Balance 5 towers have not even been started and thus the "esteemed builder with their 30 years of reputation" as they claim in theirads has probably no intention of completing the project.

They smartly have taken 50% of the money as the payment terms are at every 2 slabs! This is their biggest scam. Take the money upfront and then stop construction. Blatantly say they have run out of money. Even though they seem to have money for ads in ToI to get more gullible buyers like me. SO MY FIRST SUGGESTION- EVEN IF YOU WISH TO BUY AN APARTMENT FROM STERLING DO NOT AGREE TO THEIR PAYMENT TERMS AND LOOSE YOUR SLEEP.

In between they tried to bring in Sobha to construct and market the project. Even the name was changed to Sobha and so were the specs. But that also did not work out as the name has been changed back to Sterling. Probably even Sobha realised it is not worth associating with Sterling and losing their reputation.

CANCELLATION EXPERIENCE: Go to them to cancel your booking and several shoes will get worn out doing the rounds of their office and you will get a finger fracture calling them. They will not say no to your cancellation but will not return the money. They will make promises. Even their sweet talking directors will make commitments which will never be kept.

FINALLY a harassed buyer like me will go to RERA or visit lawyers to get a legal recourse. And that is another saga. Nothing happens. RERA is toothless and probably run by these scamster builders like Sterling from the backend. Going to the Courts costs legal fees and endless wait.

My sincere advise- Avoid dealing with 3rd rate builders like Sterling Developers and stick to Prestige, Sobha, Brigade, Embassy! Even if you want to buy a property of Sterling BUY ONLY A READY PROPERTY.
Feb 12, 2021 12:40 PM Read

Worst builder I have ever seen….They are not thief …they are Dakayat……Before buing from them be careful …zero amenity( but payment they will take fully) …Zero promise( they promise and forget immediately) ….What mistake I have done pls don’t do …my request …


Sterling Ascentia - Bellandur - Bangalore
Mar 12, 2018 12:51 PM Read

Their buildings are exquisite and they provide fantastic service. All their projects are amazing, spacious, eco-riendly and good value for money. Their commitment towards quality and customer service is amazing. They have followed most of the compliances of RERA act since before it was launched. This gives an idea of the vision of company.
Jan 19, 2018 02:21 PM Read

Bought an apartment from them couple of years back, still they are serving their wonderful services to our apartment, particularly security. If you want to buy apartments in and around Bangalore then surely sterling developers is a good to go option according to me.
Jul 04, 2017 01:24 PM Read

The sterling shalom phase2 is one of the best apartment in Whitefield in terms of location, open space, amenities, garden and many more. I recently had a visit to this apartment based on the recommendation from customer service tand it was so nice no body knows there is such a nice apartment just 300m inside main road.

I really appreciate the builder providing the lot of open space and developing the greenery and garden. Nice property and builder to invest. I don't know much about this property regarding when it was completed and timelines committed by builder.
Jun 17, 2017 12:01 PM Read

Am one of the unhappy buyer of Sterling Ascentia . This project is in marthahalli which is under construction since 30 months and have completed only 7 floors since 2 years This would give an insight to customers as how quick sterling is with there constructions .

Sterling is the first builder whom I have come across who value there customer The least, They don't value there customer AT ALL . Mails that you send will get replies post 2 or 3 weeks they never address customer issue on time .

Flats are over priced for the quality of work and service they render . They have a so called manager Mr Akhilesh who is at his worst to address the issue highly unprofessional and not clear with company policies which he works for .

They are delaying the project due to lack of buyers and insufficient funds .

Am spending my 10 minutes to write this so that your hard earned money is not spent on useless projects by sterling .

Don't go the few positive feedback which looks like written by Sterling itself they are many people who are going through rough phase by investing In Sterling

Sterling is not Even worth a single start . High time to work on services and beyond all Value people and there time most of all there hard earned money .
Jun 02, 2017 11:52 AM Read

I am the proud owner of Sterling shalom phase2 which is located off ITPL main road, Whitefield. I would rate this is one of the best apartment in Whitefield and superb architecture, lanscaping, amenities and walking path, fully equipped clubhouse. etc.

We can easily trust this builder for future investment. But as per Shalom phase2 is concerned I accept there was a delay of one year to complete the project. Which is still ok considering other builders. Finally, we have all amenities what they committed in agreement and it is all due to engineers commitment and team work I believe.

Trust and respect this builder is my final word.
May 28, 2017 07:16 PM Read (via Mobile)

Sterling developers recent completed project shalom phase2 has come out spectacular. The recently finished landscaping work has added more sheen to the project. The management has recently added state of the art gym equipment which makes us the proud owner of such a grand project. Also being a proud owner of a flat in shalom phase 2, the open space is get good and the residents in phase 1 are also very friendly. The engineers in the project cooperated very much in handing over the project. Office staff also have been very courteous. Thanks to Sterling group for coming out with such an excellent project.
Jul 14, 2016 12:51 PM Read

My experience with Sterling Developers has been nothing short of wonderful. I was closely involved with them to purchase a flat @ Sterling Brookside for a friend in absentia. The transparency throughout the deal, the professional approach of the people involved during the handover ceremony and the arrangements made by them to ensure a smooth registration at the sub-registrar’s office was outstanding. The layout of the apartment itself was meticulously thought-out and the material used was A-class. Recently, when I was looking to buy an apartment for myself, I had no hesitation in making a bee-line for their office and picking one up in an up-coming “Sterling” Project, “Ascentia” at Sarjapur Road. Again, and not surprisingly, I still found the same high level of transparency and professionalism in my dealings with them; even after so many years. Sterling name with STERLING values indeed!
Feb 23, 2016 03:00 PM Read (via Mobile)

Sterling Developers has not learned any lessons from their past undertakings. If it's not too much trouble visit Sterling shalom 1 extend and inquire as to whether you don't trust me please visit their White field Sterling Shalom 2 stage venture. This task officially deferred by 3 years . Designer assume to convey it in 2012 now we are in 2015 and even today no indication of finishing this task. According to him it will take an additional 1 year to finish this task.

That means aggregate of 4 years delay. He has dispatched numerous other venture in Bellandur, Iblur, and in White field varthur. In the event that u need to stayed with the extortion developer u can go and purchase. It would be ideal if you please visit white field shalom extend and do the verification. u will discover the reason y I am composing this piece. Poor Sterling Brookside residents.They have figured out how to trick sterling shalom occupants as well. Their predicament is composed in subtle element at . At least Sterling Brookeside has a solid compound divider, Shalom occupants need to live with a non existent compound divider.
Aug 18, 2015 07:04 PM Read

Dear Sterling company owner at least show some humanity in doing your side of work as you have taken lacs of rupees from all of us and torturing every one.

Many of our friends who bought house from other builders much later than us are already occupied their house and happily living in their own house for more than 2 years.

At least show some humanity as you have taken full money almost a year ago. We are not asking you any favor or charity, we anyway lost most part of hard earned money. Do the remaining work and give us the house for living as we have paid full money.
Jul 25, 2015 06:46 PM Read

Life is endless hell with this builder. Extreme delay and poor construction quality worry us a lot. At least they should have given main door with good quality as they charged us hefty amount per SFT. With so many quality issues you don’t need a burglar to break things in the apartment a 10 year old kid can easily break and enter. We bought from Sterling by looking at the age of company but it doesn't show up at ground. It is very much disappointing experience for all of us .
Jul 03, 2015 04:54 PM Read

I would like to express my sincere thanks to your team for their continuous support throughout the project execution from start till handing over the keys for interior works. Of course a delay in committed time could be improved in the upcoming projects. I have interacted with the Sterling Associates quite often.

My wife & I started our first association with Sterling developers by a warm introduction about the project through Mr. Sudarshan. He is very humble, down to earth and helpful in rightly communicating about the status of the project from the time we booked till now. Mr. Prakash, who is known for his calmness, technical skill and being highly patient all the time handled all the  grievances in a smoother way. He is very instrumental and acted like a bridge and well balanced between the sterling owners, site supervisors and customers.

My experience with the engineers is highly enjoyable and remarkable as well.  Mr. Somashekhar and Mr. Bhushan are highly talented engineers and at the same time very humble in listening to  ideas, giving valuable suggestions in terms of cost effective modifications if required and explained what is happening at site and kept us informed during construction delays. They have shown high professionalism at the site premises and put their constant efforts in listening / executing  for any modifications  needed for my  apartment which reflects  their building skills and customer relationships.

I have seen a few negative reviews on the team. It prompted me to respond with a different opinion. Thank you and your associates for the wonderful journey.


Jagadish K.R
Jun 28, 2015 05:15 PM Read

It really surprises me to see the replies by Sterling developers in Mouthshut. I have a 100 mails for which there had been no replies from Sterling. But here they are alive and active just to save their reputation(which is hardly left). Since I am expecting a reply atleast in Mouthshut, let me ask them the straight forward question which they are not yet answering –

When will we be allowed to stay at Shalom including the F block?

It been more than 2 years of delay, yet they keep dodging the handover date. For C block they have given it for interiors in January itself. But what is the use as they still don’t have the basic infrastructure to start staying. Just an eyewash. We all had paid 90% of money two years back itself. Imagine the amount of loss. Rent+ Capital investment loss+ interest for EMI+ Mental agony etc etc which is endless.

The recent verdict on Unitech by consumer court is a great motivation for buyers who have suffered ruthlessly under these builders. Sterling will face the heat this time by us.

One advice to new buyers – Stay away from pre-launch projects. If its still unavoidable atleast stay away from Sterling developers.
Jun 15, 2015 07:14 PM Read

Buying from Sterling is the biggest let downs for every one of us.

Sterling is known for huge delays for all their projects with horrendous treatment to customers. All their projects are high priced and all failed to live minimum expectations of which the builder had promised the owners example, delivery of house is not possible even after 2 years from committed date from builder, quality of material usage is not possible, communication to customer is not at all possible, builder will not have time to answer your mails, phone calls, so on. In simple words you will become an idiot after paying booking amount.

This is the experience of all Sterling customers. Big gap for many of us is, we didn’t had sufficient information and feedback about this builders track record 5 years back when we booked house hence miserably failed and took wrong decision by just getting attracted with location as it is close to ITPL. Believe me the owners are suffering because of these delays and zero communication from builder to customers since years though buyers are behind him on daily basis. For Sterling customers become idiots after booking flat and treat you worse than that. This is what you are buying from them with lacs of rupees.

Shocking news that every one realized very late is Sterling management had made the owners to sign the agreement that owners cannot post feedback(basic Constitutional right of Indian Citizen: Freedom of Expression violated) on social media about customers experience, behavior with customers, about their projects delays, construction quality, used material quality so on. The owners did not know why such a clause was put while signing agreement.

Now after having the builder delayed the projects for more than 2 years, every one realized why Sterling had put such an unethical clause right at the starting of the project itself. Indefinite delay with absolutely zero communication, average quality and horrendous treatment is what they sell. You will buy all this with lacs of rupees you saved with all your struggle. You may find color full adds with fancy captions but ground reality is different. Sterling sells Horrendous treatment for 1 crore rupees!
May 23, 2015 06:30 PM Read

I would like to make one thing clear before sharing my experience is. My intention is not to write bad about anyone but we all must know the facts and experiences from others as every one of us are working hard to earn and dreaming for a house with hard earned money, especially salaried class. Buying a house with hard earned money is a life time goal for many and the decision of buying from whom should not go in wrong direction. One must take all precautions before selecting builder.

My experience follows.

While I liked the locations of the sterling properties, the management is very insensitive on buyers. Do check with any buyer of sterling projects … and will tell the agony they are undergoing with the delay of the project. What makes things worse is that no one in the management will respond, this is the experience for all of us where we have been trying to reach them since years to get an update on the completion of the project. We booked house 5 years ago, project is already delayed by more tha two years and there is no update on the completion date still. Calls and mail’s to management and marketing guys won’t be answered and there is absolutely no courtesy to the buyers once we sign the deal.

Very sad state. This is the state even after waiting for five years and GOD only knows how many more years we all have to count. All customers are waiting for builders mercy after paying full money for flat long ago.

Normally builder ask and take full money only after completing full work and flat is ready for living.  Sterling asked us to pay full money before tones of work is pending. Every one paid 100% of money though apartment is not complete because everyone thought builder is at financial crisis hence want to help him through advance payments to get our house completed as all of us are suffering heavily due to indefinite delay and uncertainty about completion. Even after collecting 100% of money builder is not moving construction work instead showing hell to all. Endless delay and arrogance is what we all are seeing with them and that kills all your savings from hard earned money.

Very unfortunate state we all were kept in to just because of our attraction towards location with missing checks about builders reputation and track record. We bought it in October 2010 and waiting even today i.e May 2015 with no courtesy from builder towards customers.

You must check everything possible and take right decision before keeping your hard earned money in someone else hands.

I am hoping one day sterling developer will do justice to the belief I kept on them and bought my dream house with all my hard earned money.
Mar 20, 2015 08:41 PM Read

Not a customer friendly builder. Choose better even if you are paying high. Not a customer friendly builder. Choose better even if you are paying high. Not a customer friendly builder. Choose better even if you are paying high. Not a customer friendly builder. Choose better even if you are paying high.
Mar 15, 2015 04:32 PM Read

We are having horrible endless journey with this builder. They screwed up 150+ families and put them in to heavy financial troubles.This project is supposed to be completed by April 2013. Now it is April 2015 still it is not complete and things are not in place, far from completion. Worst part is management attitude, very reckless attitude towards customers. They don’t care customers at all as they got their money.

Recently we got a demand note(asking to pay money) for our flat stating that the work is complete for your flat and house is ready for interiors. Worst part is there are no doors, there are no windows, there are no electrical fittings etc, how any builder on earth say house is completed and handed over when these preliminary things are not done.

Every month they are telling us with in 2 to 3 weeks time power connection will be ready from Electricity department. This is the statement since last 6months and same statement continues today, endless lie. These people never responds to any mails or phone calls from customers. This is how they behave after you book and pay part of the flat cost. I read all the reviews in this site and see they are responding to reviews in this site but not to any mails or requests from buyers to builder. May be they are trying to fool others who are reading these reviews. What do you call all this? Is this not cheating?

Bad luck Sterling Acentia project buyers. You all bought from this builder even after seeing the pains of Sterling Shalom buyers. Now the same hell already started for you people. Wait till next decade, 2021 to see your house if you are lucky. If you are unlucky(like shalom buyers) then wait till at least 2025.
Feb 15, 2015 10:28 PM Read

Sterling Developers are a bunch of cheaters. They promise you heaven and then make you go through hell. Sterling Shalom Phase 2 project has started 4.5 years ago and we are yet to receive our dream home. This is causing us huge pain and when ever we try to talk to the management we dont get a convincing reply and the marketing guys give some reasons in order to keep us calm.

I am one of the many unfortunate customers waiting for the handover. They have already delayed the project by over 1.10 yrs(almost 2yrs) in terms of handing over the apartments to us, and external work is still going on. SO as of now, no home, no swimming pool, no water/electricity connections, no lifts functional, no club house - Pretty much NOTHING.

And moreover, worst part is their sales & management team who gives you the horrible attitude as if they are the ones who are paying up from their own pockets  & favouring you to build a house for you. Scheduling a meeting for put up your grievances with them will always result into the cancellation of the meeting saying that concerned person is travelling or so. From past 2 years, we have been receiving notifications from builder for the extensions of date of possession & nothing else.

At times we feel cheated & so harassed and that feeling will make you understand that you have made a wrong choice. What a fate we have! Like you people whoever is reading this review, I also researched a lot before booking the flat with this builder but unfortunately, I ignored all the reviews thinking that all builders are same but sooner or laters We will get our property.

But I must say, it was a biggest blunder made by me as many of my friends whoever booked flats much later than me even with low class builder, are already into their houses today from past 1 yr almost now. I fell pity on us sometimes that why did not I believe upon those reviews, earlier. So guys,  this review is for them who are planning to buy any property( so many upcoming projects like Infinia, Ascentia, etc which he started  from our money by stalling our project Shalom Ph2).

Be rest assured that once they have your money they are going to take you for a horrible ride. Pls do not shell out your hard earned money and fall in their trap. Do respect your money.  Stay far far away from this builder if you care for peace of mind. PLEASE INVEST WITH THIS GROUP IF YOU REALLY WANT TO HAVE A PATHETIC CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.

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Sterling Developers - Bangalore

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