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Project By Godrej Properties, Pune

Under Construction
Keshav Nagar, Pune
Price On Request
1,2,3 BHK Apartments
Under Construction
Undri, Pune
₹25.04 L - ₹47.23 L
1,2,3 BHK Apartments
Under Construction
Mundhwa, Pune
₹29.24 L - ₹61.43 L
1,2,3 BHK Apartments
Under Construction
Hinjewadi, Pune
Price On Request
Under Construction
Mamurdi, Pune
₹42 L - ₹59 L
2,3 BHK Apartments
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Reviews on Godrej Properties, Pune

1 day ago Read (via Mobile)

We had booked a flat in Godrej properties but due to financial issues we had to cancel but they did refund the booking amount. And while booking the flat we were not informed that we won’t get the booking amount back. We tried talking to them regarding the refund but they were very stubborn. And that amount is really important for us.

We really wanted to buy the flat but our Loan was not getting sanctioned

We even recommended our friends to buy The property there and they went and booked it next day itself, we asked Godrej people to transfer the amount there instead of refund but they did not even agree to do that!

I would suggest everyone to be careful while booking.
15 days ago Read (via Mobile)

I have had a bad experience booking a flat with Godrej Properties. Booked a flat in Greens in 2017 with possession date September 2021 , I acknowledge the delay due to COVID and 6 months extention due to same and expected possession in March 2022 , However i understand the possession will not be given until September 2022 a further delay of 6months for now with no compensation.Any payment delays from the Purchaser the builders charge a intrest upto 12% , However when there is a delay from the Builders in this case Godrej Properties they keep taking extention with no compensation to the Purchaser. Sad on the part of such a reputed Builder.

Think twice before you book a flat with Godrej Properties.
Mar 17, 2022 06:34 PM Read

I'm fond of choosing apartments where I can enjoy the nature. When I was to Tune in my business trip I decided to devote more time to searching for comfortable apartments and found this one. The stuff here met me quite warm. They explained me everything, how to find my apartments and stuff like that. Everything in apartments was cool there was an air conditioner and it rescued me from scorching weather once. I appreciate the fact that I was allowed to check in there, because nowadays it's pretty difficult for travellers to find proper apartments for staying for couple of days)


Godrej Properties - Pune
Jan 23, 2022 05:12 PM Read

My review is about Godrej24 Hinjewadi Pune which is not listed here.

  1. Management is the worst of all including Adi Godrej, Pirojsha Godrej, Naman Jani, Ujjwal Sarkar. They respond on their own sweet which could take years for them to reply, sometimes they don't reply as well.

  2. RMs(e.g. Toshita Jain) are human ROBOTS who communicate with customers with Sugar coatings instructed by Management. Whereas the actual reality at the back end is something different.

  3. Promises not delivered.

  4. Without informing to customers as per RERA, Stack parking was installed and forced to customer by providing 3% of monetary benefits.

  5. Many things hidden from customer and informing them at the time of PIL.

There are many things here to be listed, but DO NOT EVER invest hard earned money into Godrej properties. Look out for some better option who does not cheat the customers.
Jan 21, 2022 12:09 PM Read (via Mobile)

I have booked a flat at forest grove Central park Mamurdi Pune. I have attended launch event at 5 star hotel and they promised me to show the property but they asked me to first sign booking form which I did without reading due to reputation of Godrej. I was denied to take to the site due to non availability of agent. But still I have faith because there are many people doing same thing as I did. After paying 5.6 lakhs i got many calls to payment the next installment but i started reviewing other Godrej projects and i got shocked to find out that there is just joint venture between godrej and third party but godrej business ethic are not followed here. So I visited the site and realised it's very deep inside a village with no proper infrastructure and remoteness which is risky to travel during night. So I changed my mind and i called and mailed them for refund for which they refused and asked me the check documents signed by me which has a clause to forfeit my deposit but i told them that I have not entered into legal agreement then why are they forfieting my deposit for that they have only one answer it's our company policy. I have researched further and realised that the booking agreement is one sided agreement for that RERA tribunal passed judgement in favour of buyer and they are not giving time to customer to go through the booking agreement because lot of rush at event and they never show site just they play video in hotel. Please if anyone have same experience then we can fight and can win our hard earned money because they are misusing our trust and fooling by lanch event. Please message me if you want to file petition together my contact is 9867083173.
Jan 20, 2022 11:48 AM Read (via Mobile)

They have masters degree in cheating customers.. They have been misusing their Brand Name .. One such example - Project Godrej24, Pune - Delivering Dependent Parking after promising Independent parking.. not allowing third party audit .. Pathetic management with no customer care.. Be safe and avoid Fraudrej !
Jan 20, 2022 12:17 AM Read (via Mobile)

Godrej 24 Hinjewadi Pune Project team is the biggest cheat developers ever. 1) Sold as a 17 acre property in 2017, promising 65% open area, made it into a 7 acre property buyers in 2021, 2) All 815 residents were promised a covered parking, and instead made unauthorised stacked parking to hide their flaws of the architect or selling the additional FSI. 3) Horrible CRM and Relationship team, will rate them 0/5. 4) The Project team did not mention about the changes to any buyers, thereby breaking RERA rules. #BoycottGodrej, and never trust any of their projects or products, despite their brand name from 1897. Pathetic builder, sic!
Jan 09, 2022 11:39 AM Read (via Mobile)

Don't go by Brand.

They cheated illegally and scammed 815 buyers at Godrej24 Pune by creating shared parking thought agreement was for independent parking. Water is not provided and project at mercy of tankers!! Several structural defaults and RMs don't pick call or respond to messages and emails. When they do its standard replies. Either you avoid the company by not falling into brand trap by reading how badly they have failed or buy and then go through the horrors yourself like 815 of us are doing right now. Such a shame that an iconic brand behaving like a road side vendor and Adi Godrej inspite of being aware not caring a damn about us public.
Nov 27, 2021 12:35 AM Read (via Mobile)

Very bad construction quality.. New flats are having severe leakage problems. Nobody is addressing the problem. They don't give any acknowledgement on the complaints made at help desk. Customer service worst and ill behaved. Layout very bad. Please don't buy any of property from them. They are looting.. Making pigeon holes. Don't waste your money. Don’t go by their Brand name.. Don't fall for it.
Oct 30, 2021 10:31 PM Read

We paid Rs. 50, 000 upfront for a flat suggested as per live inventory at a Road Show in Pune at Fairfield Marriott, 12th of Sep. 2021 without even visiting the site upon convincing strategy of their Sales Rep. - Prajwal Muralidhar. We visited the site same week and met their another highly skilled sales rep Mr. Saurabh Mali and got completely convinced and within 6 days on 18th Sep. 2021 completed the 5.5% booking amount by paying additional Rs. 60, 000 for Flat 1201, T-2 Tower Godrej Parkridge. Attached email confirmation received from Godrej towards confirmation of booking for our Flat 1201. To our badluck our home loan took time to approve; so we constantly contacted them via phone and personal visits and even wrote on the email to kindly hold till we finish the loan approval process. They agreed to hold - email attached. Next comes the twist, when our loan got approved all our calls and emails went unanswered. We called Saurabh Mali from a different number, he accidently answered and promised to call back within an hour. This is when we made all ends meet to gather the funds required to go ahead with the Agreement process. But when we got no reply, we decided to visit the site and received another shock that our chosen unit was sold to another customer. Now all we are left with to chose from the left over inventory which we denied as we didn't prefer lower floors and had specifically chosen 1201 for numerology reasons and paid upfront a Google Pay at a Road Show. They made us meet their immature Site Lead Mr. Ranjan who offered us another "exciting deal" - book any flat from left over at same price! wow! What about the efforts and time we spent arranging funds. Didn't we deserve an intimation from them before releasing the unit allotted and confirmed to us via emails? They argue we didn't reply to an email to mark it confirmed - this is after the Sales team knowing very well that if we confirm and by any chance our loan doesn't get approved they get all the rights to forfeit the entire hard earned money Rs. 1, 10, 000 for no fault of ours. We were very cautious about this as we had read several reviews about forfeited funds of customers. So now they decide to forget the emails wherein we clearly mentioned that we would go ahead with the Agreement once the loan is sanctioned and even our personal visits and phone calls to them to update them about the status of the loan process. So in short, if you reply as Approved - they forfeit the Amount and if you don't they sell your unit to another party without intimation sitting quietly on your money till the time they can and wait for you to come back to act as dictators.
Oct 15, 2021 01:45 PM Read (via Mobile)

Do not invest ingodrej project. GPL people are so arrogant onthere brands, thy don't hv interest in customers view, opinions and requirement.

Believe me u will be so much frustrated after investing ur hard earned money.

Zero service.

Zero Support

Now quality also not upto mark

Zero satisfaction.

No value for customer.

Very Expensive.

U will be 100% unhappy after investing in there project.

I am also investor in Godrej properties Pune.

Plz don't blindly trust because it's Godrej brand.

U will be regret after investing in any of there projects.
Jul 14, 2021 11:25 AM Read

I had purchased a flat and it has all the issues before selling they will promise you everything but now it's been just 2 days and there is leakage everywhere, the leakage is so high the water is coming from within tiles. There after sales maintenance is worst, they wont answer your calla, mails messages . no response . You will be looted of your hard earned money.
Jun 21, 2021 01:38 PM Read (via Mobile)

They offered me a 2bhk 624 sq ft garden facing for for which I had to make an initial payment of INR

6, 34, 695.

I told them that I cannot go ahead with the same due to my current financial situation.

Mr. Vishal then advised me to pay an amount of 51000 INR and he would hold the unit T3 2304. I paid the same on 28.5.21

As I was uncertain about my finances he said that the amount would be refunded if I don't pay the remaining.

I told Mr. Vishal and Mr. Suraj on a con call, I am still not sure if I can go ahead with the remaining amount and only can afford to pay 80000 INR on 3.6.21.

If I arrange for the remaining amount I would pay 5, 03, 695 on 10.6.21 to which they agreed and I paid 80000 INR making a total of 1, 31, 000 INR.(I still wasn't sure of paying the remaining amount)

On 9.6.21 I sent a mail to Mr Suraj stating that I cannot go ahead with the booking and as per my verbal communication with Mr.Vishal he should repay the paid amount of 131000 INR.

He did not respond to my mail, however the salesman Mr. Vishal called me on 10.6.21 saying that godrej doesn't repay the money once booked.

I haven't done any booking, as I still have to pay 5, 03, 695. I haven't signed any booking form either.

They have not shown me any policy

The salesman has the audacity of telling me that he was doing me a favor and Godrej does not repay the money.

They are not giving me any contact of their seniors or anyone.

Just saying now pay the full amount or forget your money...

They are very unprofessional and have no ethics..

Be very carefully with them.
Feb 22, 2021 12:29 PM Read

Hi I am Supriya Suresh Jadhav. On Dec 2019 I paid token amount for Forest Grove Project Pune. I was not able to continue further due to personal issues. So, I cancelled my token and requested a return of my 50000 Rs token amount to my sales person. After lot of communication your finance team returned me only 30000 Rs and after one year also my 20000 Rs is still pending with Godrej Properties. I tried reaching your sales person and finance person but none is replying to my messages. Please do needful otherwise I have to take legal actions.
Oct 29, 2020 10:40 PM Read

Godrej Customer care please respond on my complain. We have done the booking thinking that Godrej being big Brand they will take care of customer issues. I initially would like to downgrade to 2 BHK but the way they are behaving I feel very disappointed. It was not expected such behavior from a reputed brand like Godrej Properties. After taking my money no one is responding and listening to me. Sale Person Bharat Ramchandani is cheating to all customer. Multiple consumers like me have been cheated from him with false and inappropriate information just to meet his Targets in pretext of giving Gold vouchers .
Oct 28, 2020 02:44 PM Read (via Mobile)

Godrej Element Hinjewadi -411057, Sales team have Secured booking based on false information . After making payment of booking /part payment I found that there was a channel partner involved in my deal which I was not aware of

Further he is getting 3% from my deal without my knowledge where on the other hand GODREJ is not giving any benefits on my base, they literally forced me to write CP name in the Application form . When asked them about the same, they mentioned your lead is generated by that Channel Partner and it is their process and policy where I have never contacted and appointed any Agent for my booking Element. I booked the unit in I2 tower of the said project but on a false Application form which is null and void since the transaction done against the form was cancelled due to Channel partner conflict and new application form was never signed by me and was made into picture only for the purpose of forfeiting my amount.

Further when I asked for refund of booking amount and part payment paid to them then none of the team member is giving proper response and lagging the issue in name of Application form. Also, they do not give timely response to the customer grievances once you pay them.

I would say please check 1000 times before actually signing the Godrej Application form and give a booking amount. Their booking form is one sided drafted that has clause of Forfeit 20% of total consideration which takes away all rights of a valid customer and using the same they try to pressurized you to continue with the booking

Note: All views expressed on this page are personal and do not represent any organization or group.
Oct 13, 2020 10:10 PM Read (via Mobile)

The room design and scaping is the worst u can find any where . I am surprised that a reputed brand like Godrej Properties does not have quality assurance and control methods and policies .

The following are serious serious issues with this property . I suggest buyers to exercise caution before purchasing .

1.The exhaust shaft of the common toilet/bathroom opens in the drying balconey adjoining the kitchen ( in a 1 BHK configuration flat) . has anyone seen this blunder where u release air from bathroom near the kitchen insted of common shaft.

  1. The electric switches , its positioning and symmetry are totally misaligned . There are two bulb points right before the place where TV points are given so that the bulbs reflection will hit the screen and picture wont be clearly visible .

  2. The drawing room ( for 1 BHK) is so so small still the fan hook insted of providing in the centre is provided on the two corners . can understand 2 ceeling fans for a large hall but for for such small one .

  3. They have provided a 1000 W invertor to cater to power failure but there are hardly any any plug points in the drawing room with invertor connection . which means in case of power failure even though your house will have power you cannot charge your phone or even watch TV which consumes very less power.

  4. The switches in the bathroom and kitches are fully misaligned and out of place.

In general the developer had contracted low quality contractors / architects with very less worksmanship skills to construct and design this entire colony . Post they completing their job the devloper or his quality team did not even take basic care to review and inspect their work.
Sep 29, 2020 09:12 PM Read

Secures booking based on false information and once you pay booking amount you get trapped.

I have very bad experience related to Godrej Element. I booked the unit in J1 tower the said project based on the floor plan printed on Godrej element brochure showed to me by sales team but later on found that floor plan as per approved blue print is different which was shared by CRM team.

Do not understand how false information is shared with customer for the RERA registered project.

When I complained for securing booking based on wrong representation of floor plan, none of the responsible heads are giving the satisfactory reasons.

Further when I asked for refund of booking amount paid to them then none of the team member is giving proper response and lagging the issue in name of one or other.

Do not rely on the floor plan showed by sales team, request and visit to check the existence of the details.

Also they do not give timely response to the customer grievances once you pay them.

I would say please check 1000 times before booking with these type of builders who secure bookings based on false information. Donot book just in name of brand.

Note: All views expressed on this page are personal and donot represent any organization or group.
Aug 31, 2020 10:20 AM Read

I am exemployee of godrej. I had booked a flat in Godre, Pune. I had paid a booking amount of Rs204, 000 to godrej. However due to corona virus pandemic my restaurant business got closed permanently. I cancelled the booking and asked for my money back however godrej forfeited the amount. I wrote an email to Mt Pirojsha Adi Godrej however he even did not replied to my emails.

Godrej is a very insensitive company. Its does not understand the issues of the customers. They will make profit out of dead man body also. Please be careful while signing any documents with them. Be careful.
Jun 19, 2020 02:55 PM Read

So I have wasted my 4 hours of a day meeting some people from godrej properties, they dontknow basic courtseyand how to talk to people. The judgepeople with their looks and Racism follows at godrej. May be I have recheck if I have getting a fake call in name of godrej properties, But I will never forgot the 30 mins arguing with mindless people.U GODREJ MAY HAVE INVESTED LAKHS OF CRORESIN HOME BUILDING, PLZ INVEST SOMETHING IN YOUR STAFF ALSO TEACH THEM HOW TO TALK TO HUMAN BEINGS LATER TO CUSTOMERS, GOD BLESS U.

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