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356/1/1, Akshaya Nagar, Bengaluru 560068, KA

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Jigani, Bangalore
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2,3 BHK Apartments
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Reviews on DLF Group, Bangalore

Jul 20, 2021 04:43 PM Read

Woodland Heights is a great place near to City and sirene location with no polutions air nor sound. With more than 1800 flats and fully secured and no nonsence around the place. Being so close to Ecity the prices are still reasonable to rent and buy. Mostly it is quite infront of HCL Campus which has more than 50000 employees working. 10 minutes to ECity IT parks. Shopping malls are enough, Happening places like neeladri road and lakes around, Great club house. Huge space for kids and parents if want walk around. This will be point to stay now and later as well.
Jul 24, 2016 08:05 PM Read

Please never ever buy flat from DLF. Its a nightmare. They don't care laws, goodwill or values. They are there in India to loot common middle class peoples money. The Tax payer and middle class have no power in voting machine so people like this supported by politicians and bureaucrats will squeeze you. They are holding the money of flat owner for the last few years. Have showed no concern about the buyers loos and pain. I bought my flat there in 2009 and still waiting for it. Please do very careful studies before buying any properties from this builder. I will rate DLF as a criminal.
May 06, 2016 10:38 AM Read

Hi dlf I am karan kapoor today I tell about dlf building projects so  firstly its too expansive others project but localty and infrastructure is awsome I must say this is what a company lifestyle I just loving it I just wondring I purchased a flat in bangalore I visited sobha builder its good but localty I dont like I visit prabhavathi builders and property its flats project good area good but 1 bad think my loan is not approved than my employee say sir you visit in dlf.; than I visit in office dlf employee is well behafe and very hard  working hes says sir I m passed your home loan than I purchase a flat thanks


DLF Group - Bangalore
Apr 27, 2016 12:38 AM Read

I booked a flat in 2011. But am yet to receive the handover of the flat. The handover date  keeps shifting for some reason or the other.

Their customer service is very poor and there is rarely an explaination for the delay. We are paying interest to the bank. Developers like this should have their licence cancelled for making false promises. We still do not have a handover date despite repeated follow up with the builder
Jan 17, 2016 04:37 PM Read (via Android App)

I see many ppl are not getting possesions as this project is going on from long time that is almost 8 to 9 years and I dont see any review to their construction. Amazing! Might be construction ia taking time as they are providing very good community but I felt it is taking real long time for possesions.
Jun 23, 2015 07:22 PM Read

When I was looking for buying a flat in Bangalore in 2011, I had a few options to choose from but I went for DLF Maiden Heights blindly because the name it carries with it.

But little did I know then that it would betray not only my trust but the trust of thousands of other customers when possession date always kept changing without any notice to the customers.

To make matters worse, there would be no one to answer our calls, or give us an explanation. There is an utter disrespect for the customers. This is a perfect example of how a company goes down the drain when they do not care for their customers. Such a blunder you made DLF by ignoring your customers.

Even after 4 years, I do not know the exact date when I will get my flat. I have been paying money to the bank for a property that has not yet seen the light of the day. Shame to them. I urge the lawmakers to pass some stringent law so that companies like DLF cannot rob the customers the way they are doing it now. I am sure there are many others like DLF.
May 30, 2015 09:22 PM Read

Worst customer support - they should name it something else.

Even after 6 years they think that, they can decitate us. Unprofessional unrealistic thinking. God save their customer support(nothing to do with customers. They dont even know that, they are living with our money for so long.)

Dlf westend heights is the best example not to trust them and invest.

Everty investor haas right to know how the mone is utilized and the progress. But here, they think its banana republic.

Sure everyone who is impolite to customers.
Apr 17, 2015 06:02 PM Read

After getting it know from my friends I visited one of the project of Maithri Developers, what I found was, what ever I had heard is really true, these people are really doing a good job, the staff is so polite  and explained each and every thing so clearly that  it made my mind to book a flat, so I did, I am happy and excited to get possession.

And one more plus point is it is in central market and in reach of each and every thing near by.
Nov 14, 2013 01:13 PM Read

I am writing this to express my sincere gratitude towards the service provided by BOP. The entire process from site visit to allotment carried out professionally. I would like to recommend DLF WOODLAND HEIGHTS as a good investment opportunity in Bangalore. Lastly, many thanks to BOP for their excellent Service.

Keep it up.
Oct 27, 2013 10:30 AM Read

[Please read the note with open mind and bear with the grammatical mistakes here and there! The objective of this note is  to keep you aware of strategy adopted DLF or any other opportunist builders and not to create content for international journal.]

I have booked my apartment in DLF city( on their very first project) in 2009 July . That was the time when DLF was running under the trouble with land mutation issues.

I had been consulted by my long term financial consultant to book the property as DLF being a mighty builder, they would definitely get out of their problems. I went to their office( old office which was located close to Passport office off MG Road) . The marketing team was so impeccably rational, I found them  very impressive. What stood apart from other marketing team was their conviction, they were not using too many flattering words and/or rightly highlighted the discussed the and plans to address those issues . I liked that approach  . Which was neither over flattering, nor arrogant  but  filled with the right balance between rationale and courteousness .

Following the booking, I was very highly impressed with their operations. The invoice process was so amazingly managed until 2012 . First they operation team would float a heads up message, following the bank investigation would come the demand notice with a 30 days of payment window.

Within 2 days of payment I would receive the acknowledgement over email and via snailmail  .

Then arrived 2012 May . And I received a letter from DLF. Due to the external events in Indian real estate market the progress of the completion would be delayed and the delivery would take 18 more months.

Please note, all 9 payment milestones were executed as per the payment milestone plan  by 2012 Feb .The only one pending was the final one related to registration and possession.

What DLF has done, they met the milestones criteria for the  project completion until roof top, else Banks would not release the home-loan money for their customers  . I  was in touch with HDFC( my financier) auditor . They were not very happy with DLF but had confirmed that DLF was legally correct in meeting the deadlines  for the payment milestones. DLF collected  the money from the customers until "roof top" payment milestone  and then kept the project on hibernation for more than 2 years .

By early 2012 all the good workers from accounts and customer service team were replaced . I remember receiving great services from Sumathi Christy, Madhu Khare until 2012. They were immensely supportive and could resolve any difficult queries involving payment history analysis and forecasting etc over phone . All of the good staffs have been replaced with    less capable operational resources or in some cases no resources. Overall customer service processes has been redesigned to bring focus only towards the sales to milestone delivery( please not again, DLF ensures positive  bank audits before payment milestones) .

The problem with Indian bank audit is, there is no compliance criteria on the overall project completion. Bank just checks if a builder has really completed roof-tops when it is  sending demand letters for the roof-top payment-milestone. Bank does not check any schedule variance for the delivery milestones. As per Indian rule, a house loan is issued for a project plan not more than 3 years. DLF ensures they pass  all the delivery milestones audits within 2.5 years.

Thus DLF accumulates the maximum corpus from the customers and then keep the project in hold state! A new customer will find any trouble with DLF delivery process only in 2.5 years since the booking . They reuse the money somewhere else.

The general manager of DLF Bangalore behaviour to the existing customers can be best described as a'rogue'.  He comfortably howls at the existing customers and the new customers generally don't approach him.

Finally, you can imagine how you will feel when you have completed 90% of your payment and then you wait for 2+ years before you move in .

A friend of mine who  booked in another project in Delhi in 2008 received registration letter in August 2013.  A building project has to be of 3 years duration at the maximum . The same pattern followed there too!


DLF strategy is, recover 90% of the corpus  from customers following the compliance guideline in India within 2.5 years. Then delay the project for another  2 years as no Indian rule can touch them anymore. Customers may face a challenge if they have to finance the last milestone( registration and possession) with the help of  the bank, the bank may say they will convert the loan to commercial one with higher rate of interest.
Aug 13, 2013 03:27 PM Read

Please be careful with DLF. Do not fall prey to them seeing their brand name. I am one of the customer cheated by them and there are 1000s more. Please enquire properly before you put your hard earned money with DLF.

\All the clauses are abusive and one sided and if you sign the agreement, you are gone. They will drink you blood! Be careful!
Jul 26, 2013 12:01 PM Read

I bought a flat in this project at its initial pre-launch time in Feb 2009, so I have got the full journey to share with you. I have written this blog to state how customers have been taken for a ride.

Please read through-

May 13, 2013 05:56 PM Read

I am writing this review as a result of harassment from DLF Bangalore more specifically Maiden Heights. My story starts after booking a flat in DLF. Person at DLF failed to give me all the required documents including brochure. Since DLF holds a reputed name I booked the flat with a trust and then I applied for Bank Loan.

Bank sanctioned the loan and asked documents which in turn I asked the customer representative from DLF (Sumathi). I mailed her the list of documents required in December 2012. I followed up regularly and there was no response from them. At their customer care number for Maiden Heights no one picks the phone. If you are lucky enough someone will pick the phone and when you say that you guys don't pick the phone they will just say its not like that as if we (customer) are telling lie.

Now after a long mail chain they did not provided me with the documents bank asked me for long - till April 2013. You can see the professionalism at DLF. In turn I was getting a response that DLF does not issue such letters. (Undertaking that they hold all original documents of the property).

Now they raised the demand letter for next payment and again it took another one month of follow up for the documents and there was no response from DLF. And hence I decided to go to DLF office where I got the letter in no time which meant DLF was playing a game - a cheating with customer care that they do not provide such documents. Due to all this circus I missed the payment date which was because of obvious reasons. Now after getting the documents my bank paid the amount within two days and I asked DLF to issue me original receipts and again there was no response in the mean time I got a contact Narsimah - senior to Sumathi which tried a lot to provide me documents on phone but did not help me in actual.

Again I received the demand letter for next payment which adds the payment for the last one which I paid already. Again I mailed with the issues:

  1. To give me updated demand letter excluding the last payment amount which I already paid

  2. to exclude interest part as the delay was caused due to your non availability and since you did not provide me the documents in time.

Narsimah told that interest part can not be reduced because agreement says any amount paid after the due date will attract interest and that is true. But what if DLF has done all this, what if DLF has not provided me the documents how can I pay the amount.

I really don't understand a builder with a big reputation has no sense of professionalism, and can not understand concern of their customers.

I hope Mouthshut helps me out to provide a permanent solution for this. I really feel cheated with DLF and really frustrated with their behavior and responses.
Jun 16, 2010 05:36 PM Read

Posted on Oct 21, 2009 under General

Rs 2100/SFT, DLF, It’s a Wow feeling. But read this and think once again. A 3 BHK 1360 SFT will cost you around 39.5 Lakhs in DLF Western Heights Project. I know you may feel less than 40 Lakhs 3 BHK that too from DLF whats the problem. First, focus on Room Sizes. Hall/Living Room size 11.2x11.7 SFT, biggest bedroom is 12.1x11.11 SFT. There is no difference to Bed room size and Living room size. I should categories it into Budget Apartment. Hmmm, if its not bad, Now focus on Carpet area. It comes around 62%, I may be wrong.So please calculate yourself with the Floor Plan DLF gives if you don’t believe. Don’t listen to what Sales & Marketing boasts. Good builders give 80% carpet area. But on Average you can expect 70-75% carpet area. So you are paying 10-15% extra, effective cost becomes 2300/sft. Its not the end. They have View charge, Corner Location charge, Floor raise charges, this will make it more than 2600/sft.

Lets see it in another angle. A 8th floor flat NWC1085, 1360 SFT Flat costs 3958879/-. Its taken from the cost sheet DLF sent me.

If you see it costs 2910/- including every thing(Car Park, View charges, Club house, Floor raise, Water and Electricity charges etc). But the thing is you are not actually buying a 1360 SFT house, you are buying 1200 SFT house, because you are getting 10-15% less carpet area from an industry average of 70-75%. Now if you calculate, the total cost is 3299/sft. Now you decide, is it a good choice or you don’t have a choice? so when you go to a builder next time see all the hidden costs including Carpet area. And dont encourage fancy charges like view charge, Corner Charge etc. There are few good builders who are hidden behind the big builders clout. Search for them.Its your hard earned money, put it to best use.

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