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117/1, Rakshitha Complex, 1st Floor, Sarjapur Main Road, Bangalore 560035, KA

Reviews on Astro Builders and Developers, Bangalore

Apr 05, 2022 06:45 AM Read

Keep in mind all these things before buy a property here. Get yourself verified thoroughly and you will definitely fall across the below one or all problems!

  1. Astro builders are no more selling any property here

  2. All available properties are either from brokers or land lords.

  3. No one will give you any property doc before you pay advance so it is hard to identify broker or real owner.

  4. After paying advance, if you see any paper not there for loan purpose, you cant get the advance back!

  5. Most of the time they are not giving papers of property after you pay advance and many buyers suffering badly.

  6. Some brokers charging huge! Even though site on going price is 4.8k(MAX for best site) they say huge price.

  7. Some property has some paper issues in some survey numbers which you will come to know after paying advance!

  8. There are extra(hidden) charges to be payed even to Astro builder even if you take land from land lords(else you cant construct!)

  9. Brokers and land owners are looking for BLACK money! Even though you have read cheque or bank transfer modes, they will tell you to with draw moeny and give in lumpsum. This will be an issue after paying the advance(First they may not tell this)

  10. No association is there in the layout till now. You dont know whom to contact when a problem comes!

Mar 15, 2022 05:11 PM Read (via Mobile)

Natraj does not keeps his words. He is not trustworthy and is a cheat. He promises a moon but all his projects are delayed. Takes money and never returns.
Aug 13, 2019 11:30 PM Read (via Mobile)

If you want peace of mind just stay away from this builder.. Once you booked you will realise that even snail and tortoise are most fastest in the world..


Astro Builders and Developers - Bangalore
Mar 26, 2019 07:29 AM Read (via Mobile)

I live in Astro green villas & this is one of the worst places to live as there is no security, water, street lights or any other basic amenities. Pls don’t buy any property from Astro builders, & still you want to proceed visit Astro green villas once before buying.
Jan 02, 2019 11:14 PM Read

Location is quite bad with lean roads. I recently visited this layout. Road conditions are quite bad, car base was touching at many places. Infact at the entrance of layout itself there is a big pot hole. Builder even doesn't bother about it. Club house is ready but in a bad shape. please visit and see your self. In that area pricing cannot be more then Rs 2500/sqft but builder is asking Rs 3500/sq ft for few left sites. There is high tension wires are crossing the layout. Right now not operational but any time Govt can take any decision and can start it or can remove it. So be highly cautious before buying there. Park is not maintained at all though there are approx 25 houses built there.

I found another new layout they are building with name Astro Boulevards. There are high tension wires are crossing.
Jun 25, 2018 02:43 PM Read

At reasonable but less price you will get a decent home with many amenities. Advantage is quality of materials and nice amenities. Astro which I booked is in a good location around 4 km away from electronic city . Appartment is in a 3.5 acre area in which they have given 1.2 acres of free space which can be used by the residents. They give OC is a big plus point.
Dec 09, 2016 05:00 PM Read

Astro does not give an OC for any of their properties. They will make you run around for a long time if you ask for an OC for a property you buy. Although, the quality of work is good, the attitude of the owner Natraj stinks. He never honors commitments. So please be aware of this situation. Again, no issues in the quality of their work, but you will not get other things from them. They will not give you OC
Jun 27, 2016 04:54 PM Read (via Mobile)

I have three apartments in this group each one is better than the other thanks.

Astro keeps it up and let me know your next projects also for my self and my friends also want to book. The price also good and the material quality they have used also very good.

I came through one of my friends recommendation and I also recommend to my friends and they too.thanks Astro we are with you were ever you start a new project lets know and we can build a strong relationship.
Apr 28, 2016 10:05 AM Read (via Android App)

This is the worst builder in our area and after giving the contract we realize it. This builder have been given the project five years back of renovating but the work haven't been completed till now. We had given him the full money and now he is not returning it and also we can't afford other builder now.

The manager is very harsh. He just changes the mapping and interior of the building every year giving any reason. Even if we say him anything then he just don't listen to us. There are comparatively less worker working so the work is completed slowly. The manager also don't visit the construction site daily. The builder charges a huge amount for any contract. I suggest not to give any contract to this builder.
Apr 24, 2016 02:41 PM Read

Astro Green Cascade plots, Choodasandra, Gattahalli, (Off Sarjapur Road) Bangalore.

By Astro Builders. Review as on April 2016.

Address: Choodasandra, Gattahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560099

(being advertised as Sarjapur Road, Bangalore)

The layout will be divided into 300 BDA approved plots and site sizes will be 30x40, 30x45, 30x50, 40x60, 40x70, and 40x80.

Proximity from this project:

Electronic City - 8 km

Hosur Main Road - 6 km

Sarjapur Main Road - 3.5 km

Wipro Corporate Office - 5 km

Primus International School - 1.5 Km

Prakriya School - 1.25 Km

Sophia High School - 2 Km

3 Towers construction was proposed for apartments for which it seems approvals were not in place. That plan is now closed.

In Nov 2015, I visited the place and 30X40 site was quoted at 40.80 Lakhs i.e Rs 3, 400 per sq ft. In 2016 it seems some marketeers have been appointed and trying to sell the plots at Rs 4, 000 per sq ft.

It is not clear whether these are BDA approved as these are still plots. What has BDA approved?

It seems that water is the main problem. Although 4-7 bore wells are already dug/in process of being dug, the water is not sufficient for families in 26 acres of property.

The property is near IT hub of Electronic city, equidistant from Konapanna Agrahara(11.5 km, approx 30 min drive), or 8 km(25 min drive from Electronic City main bus stop.

It is closer to Wipro office in Sarjapur Main Road(5.1 km, approx 15 min drive).

As property prices in Bangalore are stagnant and are not expected to move up in the near future, it is definitely not worth putting in money as an investment, however, in case you would like to stay/live, then low water could be an issue, even though it is near Gattahalli lake(previously joined to Raysandra Lake)

This layout does not have a straight connecting road from Electronic City or Sarjapur Main Road. It is all via narrow lanes and other peoples property. There is NO bus service by BMTC or private operators. Not sure if a bus can even reach this layout in future.

IT(Information technology) is also not doing too well since past 5 years, and seems to have peaked out. A number of rental flats are also not occupied within Bangalore City.

These plots were available on 2013 as far as I know and were priced around Rs 500 per sq ft. Now some marketing agents are selling the same at Rs 4, 000  per sq ft to unsuspecting buyers. My personal evaluation is that it is worth around Rs 1, 500 per sq ft.

Instead of purchasing a plot for 35-40 Lakhs and paying an EMI of 35, 000 every month plus cost of construction with your own money, it would be better to stay in a rental flat/apartment with all amenities(like kids club, gymnasium, social events, etc) for a much lower price of 15 - 20 thousand per month. The rest of the money can be saved or used for betterment in childs education/lifestyle, etc.

The above is just an idea and personal experience, you can take as a suggestion. Do your own research. the decision should be yours always.
Mar 26, 2016 02:59 PM Read (via Mobile)

Recently saw add of thier new project maison douce which says think thrice.May god be with you if you have thought and put your money in any of thier projects.

Coupl of reviews I got and read here is they dont do much PR and they mostly sell through referrals - " Correct " Initailly they might have done some good job and earned referalls. Talk to any recent buyers and hear thier horror stories. It seems builder doesn't hAve appetite to grow, they have made money and dont care about your concerns once money changes hands.

Hieight of negligence and taking customers for granted is 2 years after shifting they have not finished the promised work.There must be many stories from recent buyers - amazed why not many reviews here. Highly recommed go for new developers who have hunger to grow, have plan and vision - avoid Astro.


1) if by reading all negatives you are not convinced like I was not becz f luracative offer list every small thing- colors, finishing, tiles every minute thing you can think about in agreement.

  • Dont pay full money in advance, keep some balance and pay only when you shift and work is done accirding to contract.

  • Mr MJ of marketing and others are nightmare, they are rockstars for astro, they are the guys who lay the trap- wonder why they are not sacked after so many complaints. Don't trust - Thier promises, not paying full money in advance is only way to ensure to  reduce your sorrows.

  • There are 100 builders around, avoid them y to take so much worries and tension when u r putting ur hard earned money.

Astr - if your happen to read this, please stop taking us for granted.Deliver what you promise.Get rid of parasites - have vision, be polite and respectfull to your customers after u take money. Its our money ehich keeps u n businnes.
Feb 20, 2016 12:34 PM Read (via Mobile)

Before taking decision - please visit green park regency project.outside all look good but here are some of the highlighters you get to know after talking to owners of phase 2

  • not a single wall is straight, very poor workmanship n masonry

-leakages within an year wasting money on interiors.water dripping from ceiling

-water tanks installed are dummy, because f design fault they are useless

  • walkway tiles are wearing off and mostly broken

  • if you can manage to get a connection with any astro employee, native or relation. Your work would be done n priority with comparatively better quality( like govt dept). Definitely u ll rate 5 star

  • I dont have any personal grudge with these guys, I feel cheated after spending and loosing my hard earned money, every day when I step out and see broken tiles leaking pipes Reminds me the wrong decision.

Sep 10, 2014 04:32 PM Read

My first word of advice to anyone dealing with ASTRO.


Their management team is the worst ever professionals(though they are not) I have ever seen so far. They do not know how to talk to ladies, they do not know how to behave, they do not know how to respond, they do not know how to keep their words.

Mr.Tamil/Mr.Manoj and the Director of the company himself are so un-professionals that they do not even take the phone calls. Mr.TamilVel(7676767667) is always hospitalized(as he claims that he is ill every time I calls him). Mr.Manoj is one big liar as he makes false commitments and claims. Mr.Director is never reachable.
Apr 03, 2014 01:24 PM Read

After long time I saw a good apartment project which is near Wipro corporate office at Sarjapur road, ie. of Astro Builders & Developers. Noise less atmosphere with a huge amenity area at a reasonable price, compared to other builders and they are giving standard specifications. These builders are also flexible to do alterations as per our need.
Mar 18, 2014 04:15 PM Read

My point of view about Astro builders is, they do have good structure of apartments with nice ventilation which I saw yesterday & also they are using high quality specification compare to other builders.

They do reserves lot of space for amenities. Also that the building is not a high rise and crammed like a lot of other apartments you see around the city.

Over all I liked Astro builders project.
Jul 26, 2012 11:55 PM Read

Astro builders is your worst nightmare if you are planning on buying anything around sarjapur road. They don't complete their commitments and don't understand the meaning of customer. Be careful if you are planning on buying anything from Astro builder.

Try visiting their properties around sarjapur especially Green villas (& club house), which is opposite wipro Corporate.
Jan 17, 2011 05:06 PM Read

Never ever buy your property from Astro builder. His company has no value for customers after purchase. His company do not take care for our property once all our money goes in their hand.

Their Chief engineer Loknathan seems not to be qualified enough to look at the construction. So many thefts have happened so far due to lack of proper infrastructure. List of stolen things from premises, shoes, bicycles, petrol from two wheelers and many more.

And many things in premises are broken purposefully and they are not repaired till date. Even outside wall and grill painting is done with poor quality (Many walls are without paint!!).

Staircase grills are rusted and can be broken any time.Fire shaft work is still incomplete and was started only after Carlson incident. Else Builder had no intention to complete the same.

Last but not the least. Slope on the main entrance door is still under progress for over one month.Shame on you ASTRO BUILDER, Sarjapura Road, Bangalore

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Astro Builders and Developers - Bangalore

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