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Good place to have fun,could have been better

By: | Apr 21, 2010 02:15 PM

Pros: -

Good and maintained amusement park. Rides for Little ones as well as grown up. Has Paint ball fight area(Rs. 600/- per person if I remember correctly(exclusive of ride package). Still, do confirm the rates and availability before going) Though we didn't try, it seemed interesting. Also has Boating area and rain dance area(inclusive in ride package). Has Go Carting area at Rs. 100/-. Gaming rooms with Snookers, Video Games, air Hockey, etc. Also provision for get together with buffet system and live music was also there.

Cons: - It just has 19 rides. Even after that, some rides were not working. Boating area is very small with just 4-5 boats, wait time could be endless in peak time. Worst part - Real Head strong Staff.

Fee Structure: Rs. 400/- for unlimited rides; Rs. 200/- for 3 rides. I don't remember rates for kids. I am also not sure if the charges are lower in week days. Need to call and confirm with them.

My Experience: - On Sunday, March 28th, 2010, 5:30 pm, I made a BIG mistake by entering into "Worlds of Wonder" amusement park, TGIP, NOIDA, with my family. And My mistake was that even at the age of 30 years, I stand 138 cms(4'6") tall only. I had to face humiliation because of this, in that so called Amusement Park(wherein I became an object of amusement to many).

My first taste of inconsiderate staff was on "Download", the very first ride I went to. The height limit is 130 cms in this ride. After settling down on the ride, I was asked to leave the ride by the operator as I do not meet their height criteria. I told them, I am 138 cms tall, yet the staff asked me to verify. By my face, by my physical appearance, sindoor on my forehead and mangalsutra in my neck, by no way I give the impression of an 8 year old kid, lying about his/her age or height to enjoy the ride. Yet, the staff ask me to pull over in front of 50 odd staring people to verify that I am not lying about my height. If you can, Please do imagine the humiliation I must have felt when people were staring at me. After verifying, They let me have the fun of the ride(if any fun was left within me after this).Yet, not to spoil everyone's mood, I kept a smiling face and tried to enjoy in other rides.

No, that was not enough. I had to go through this humiliation once again. I stepped into their third ride, "Fast Forward". The ride operator told me that height criteria is 145 cms. That was enough for me. I asked him, can't you see, I am not an 8-10 year old kid but a 30 year old woman. And the difference is mere 7 cms / 2.5 inches. He very apologetically told me that he is bound by rules. Understanding his position, I asked him to call his senior. The senior was the most headstrong person I have ever seen in my life. His style of talks can irritate any person with common sense and patience.

Reasons for my irritation with him:

(1) Speed of the ride: I being an educated person can understand that the speed of this ride is very high and could be dangerous and scary for a kid who cannot decide for himself. Yet, I being an adult, Can't I decide which ride I can take and which I should not?

(2) Safety bars: I am an engineer by profession. Ride's safety bars can easily accommodate+/- few cms. Also the seat was designed in such way that even if you try, you would not be able to pull your self in front when ride is moving. By no way I would have slipped out of bar because of my weight. And I don't even have to be an engineer to understand this. Common sense would have been sufficient.

(3) European standards have made 145 cms mandatory for this ride.: In India, average height is much lower as compared to Europe. And I am not arguing about height difference between me and requirement of a feet but just 2.5 inches. I told him, Normally, height is set as standard because a kid can lie about his/her age to take the ride but not about his height. An average height for an age group is worked out to set standards.( 4) Terms and Conditions of Ride cannot be changed: How many people they must seen with my kind of height? Couldn't they make an exception once in a while?

Also, my one question which remained unanswered is: if a kid of 8 years(with fortunately good height genes) with 145 cms+ height turns up, they can allow that kid to have ride but they cannot allow a adult woman to take ride who is just 7 cms / 2.5" short of their so called requirement? And I am not a feather light material who would have gone flying high in their tornado.

This episode spoiled our mood to such an extent that we left half their rides to avoid any more harsh treatment. I had to push my family members in few of their rides to avoid spoiling their evening because of me.

My life will not stop if I leave few rides in that amusement park. Neither would their Park be closed if I never ever come again, yet basic courtesy could have given me a good feeling to share with others.

I wrote to their management about this episode but got the same answers as given by that senior, only in a softer tone.

Closing Note: I might be right in few points, I might be wrong in few. Only thing that offended me is the way their staff talked and behaved with me.

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Entry Fee (INR):: 400   |   No. of Times visited: Once   |   Group Size: Less than Eight   |   Best Suited For: All   |   Best Time To Visit: Anytime    

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