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Plug 2 Surf????or Plug 2 Perish!

By: | Sep 11, 2007 05:12 PM

Kajol Beams blissfully, in the advertisement , assuring us that for fast and reliable internet Buy Plug 2 Surf!  Friends, I am someone who bought this much before Kajol told me to!

I bought this Sungil USB Modem, called Plug2surf from TATA Indicom in Nashik in the month of April. It was for Rs: 3850/= at that time. The Sales Representative assured me that the Download speed would be between 75-90kbps and the surfing speed would be around 256 kbps. I was pleased really pleased to hear this. Plus all this would be available Wirefree. I could connect it to any PC or Laptop all over India and even in flight. I wanted this product badly and made the mistake of buying it in a hurry without a DEMO. Here is where I made a Mistake!

Friends, this product is nowhere near its promised speeds. The actual Download speed for downloading from sites like Download.com is between 5 - 9 Kbps only and nowhere near the promised 75-90 Kbps! The surfing speed too is really really annoyingly slow. I mean it is Pathetic. Bad Really Bad! Very Slow! Pages take their own time to open and sites with heavy Flash Display rarely open. The connection is often timed out . The software provided with this USB MODEM too dwindles after being connected for some time. A message pops up, "GENERIC HOST WINDOWS ERROR! Close all programs and Restart the Modem" and Kaput goes the internet. I called up customer care with all these Problems. A representative visited me after 2 days of registering my complaint, and believe me guys, he called himself software engineer and could not insatall the TATA INDICOM software that even a 10 yr old could! I understood he couldnt do anything and I asked him to stay away from my Laptop. Who would risk a 75k Laptop for a 4k something MODEM and a Paijama Chaap Tata Indicom Software Engineer who didnt even look like a HSC Pass.

I called the Customer Care again, but this time the Customer Care flatly refused to aid. They said maybe I should try using my laptop  in a different area as the signal in my area could be weak! They mean to say that I should Buy a new premises wherever Tata Indicom Signal is strong if I wanted to use tata indicom Plug 2 surf!

To top it all, TATA INDICOM Carries out its Upgradation on Saturdays and Sundays, resulting in no availability of internet for hours together on these 2 days.

We all very well know What kind of Staff and Customer Care TATA INDICOM has! I tried complaining about this and told them I feel cheated! After all they had lied to me about the speeds! Just like Kajol is lying to all of us in these Advertisements! So firends, I eventually have turned towards BSNL. I got myself a Broadband and I am Living Happily thereafter.

Please do not be fooled by the Ads and Kajs and whatever whoever may say. Plug2Surf from Tata Indicom Plug 2 Surf, USB MODEM is Pathetic.

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Purchase Price (INR): 3850+Taxes + 700p.m. monthly plan    

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