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By: | Oct 06, 2012 07:34 PM

The way Sri Lankan cricket players play in 20  20, they are so  tough to play with and I am so sure any team be it Pak or India or WI or Australia or south Africa name the team the fear really from the first ball. SRI LANKA IS LIKE RAVANA PLAYING CRICKET.

Name Sri Lanka has come only because Ravana ruled this island and the strategy of Ravana is well mixed by the team. Forget Ravana let me talk about Sri Lanka.

They the Sri Lanka look so ordinary, I have admired on the cricket players from Afghanistan who will be future winners in any cricket but Sri Lanka is tough to crack and tough to beat and  they surprise from the first ball to the last ball. WHAT IS THEIR SPECIALTY.

In the first ball of the 20 20 they make the crowd so slow feel, batsman think run rate is less but wicket is safe, but suddenly the Srilanka in the very first over get one wicket and the run may be under ten. Second over.

Second over they dont mind giving few runs but suddenly they tighten the noose for the third over and it wil be MAIDEN OVER. fourth over.

The reason I am writing in terms of over is because they field in this way only, they have very good bowlers, there is no need to name them, any one can take wicket because their fielding control is total, either the wicket gets bowled or catch take place or run out, they get either one in this three expressed. Fifth over, done 24 balls and 15 over remains.

The crowd now gets very tightly watching because from this over Sri Lanka scare the players be it Pak or India or any in this world, they are unable to make runs at all.Now the fact is whether they have opened batting or fielding it is one and the same for Srilanka. Sri Lanka never make mistakes.

Yes their specialty is entire team is one, entire team play as one. They are from a small country, that is the advantage, every one is near to their place of birth and intermixing with them in their country is just hours away, in plane any place in Sri Lanka can be reached in ten to fifteen minutes in helicopter. What Indians must learn.

Sri Lanka they practice with faith and love to field and are not much towards wasting in pride. Since they play too good of course they wont get much runs but make others to run for run.

If we take decades back to review on Sri Lanka team, world all over did not much give importance to them, infact there was complex feel in them, but they have nation pride and when they share the joy, each have faith to acknowledge the valour of it.

Every ball is hard to reckon how it will work for the opposite team who have to feel scared all the time. They scare by their fielding and bowling.The batsman or batsmen both are scared because Srilanka bowlers are good in taking wickets and also catch the ball and the catching the ball is so surprising from nowhere they come and catch the ball which otherwise would be 4 or six. YEARS OF PRACTICE.

Yes if today Sri Lanka plays so well, it is all due to decades of dedication and entire nation supports them, this euphoric support and love for their team is simply amazing. Do India has team like Sri Lanka.

our players are more like actors, good actors , boring actors and some are simply not good, may be they over eat, over enjoy hotel life, and the end will be India may not get any more place if they play like this. Watch the future play of Srilanka.


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