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Mindblowing film! A MUST watch!!

By: | Nov 14, 2007 12:31 AM

Before I went to watch Om Shanti Om I read reviews in mouthshut, most people did not appreciate the film. I thought I would go to the theatre with an open mind and form my own opinion. Here I am expressing my opinion.

The film was excellent. The character sketch, cast, creativity, atmosphere ect was fabulous. From the first scene to the last I was literally glued to my seat, it is a fairy tale like story, not something that you will expect to happen in real life, but it is a true entertainer.

The entire cast did justice to their role. SRK’s acting was beyond my expectations, he portrayed both characters(Om Prakash and Om Kapoor) really well. I felt Om Kapoor’s character was inspired by Prem/Yudi’s character in Kasauti Zindagi Ki. Normally in reel life when they show modern times, youngsters are usually rude, heartless, have no respect for elders or contrary a 20 year old, far too cultural, living the life of a 60 year old. However, Om Kapoors character was very well balanced and very authentic.

Shanti played by Deepika Pudkone, for a newcomer she did fabulous. You can place her in the same rank as top bollywood actresses like Preity Zinta. She gave the best performance from dialogue delivery, facial expressions, posture, elegance, grace, she had it all.

I never thought that Arjun Rampal has such potential. He played his character really well. I hope to see him work with other top directors. He should win the best villain award this year.

The sets were so expensive, elegant and colourful. The special effects were beyond imagination. You can see Farah Khan spent a lot of money to make it realistic and graceful.

As people say nothing can be perfect, here are some points that should have been addressed in the film.

1)  When he recalls his previous life, writers should have elaborated a bit more on that, it was awkward to see him return to his mum from his previous life.

2)  Should have done research on the language used in the 70s, having studied history I do not think words like ‘dashing’ existed in the UK in 70s let alone India.

3)  Om Kapoor was phobic towards fire, in the last scene when the hall caught fire he didn’t get a blackout(amazing).

Overall, the film was mindblowing that you can disregard these limitations. In my opinion, I would recommend this to everyone who wants to see a fairytale love story.

This is a message to Farah Khan if you read my review hats off to your creativity.

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