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Cons and Pros in Logan

By: | Sep 04, 2007 10:19 AM

I wil mention the negative aspects first. The indicator doesn't have different lights for left and right in the dashboard. So, when you turn left or right, both arrows blink. So, by mistake if you on the wrong indicator (there is every chance because it is designed the other way, unlike other indian vehicles like maruti), then you will never know the mistake.

The bonnet release lever is on the other side. Since the vehicle is huge, you have to physically go to the other side and pull that.The power steering costs 50000 more. It is too much, just for the power steering why should I spend this much? (But, I spent anyhow, as I wanted a power steering).

The knob for raising or lowering the glass is of very cheap and fragile plastic. I am worried that it might break. They could have charged some 5000 more and gave some quality ware.

I ordered for seat cover. They charged 7500 rupees and said that I will be given a sandal colour seat cover. But what I got was a grey coloured one. They said that it is sandal colour and only two colours(grey and blue) are given by the company.

Having said all these, I should admit that this is an amazing vehicle for the kind of money that I gave. I was about to order a Verna ( I, infact paid advance for higher end diesel which cost 8.8 lakhs on road at Tamilnadu and then cancelled). Finally, I cancelled that and switched over to this Logan Petrol which cost me 5.27 on road price. I got some accessories fitted (mainly teflon coating, seat cover, reverse horn etc) for around 25000. So, I saved nearly 3.5 lakhs money and I found that comfort wise, I don't miss anything. I drive around 1000 kms per month. So, I more than save for that kind of distance.

I drive mainly within the city(Chennai) and occasionally to interior tamilnadu. Though Logan's engine power is less than Verna, it doesn't show as I don't drive fast or with lot of people and luggage. This car cruises so effortlessly and the space inside is so huge that 5 persons can very comfortably sit in this car.

The AC is very good. Engine controls are excellent, I feel that I am driving a top end car. It is impressive when parked amongst other vehicles. It beats Accent on all aspects (ofcourse, no match still for Verna, but the cost advantage is huge). I like the golden colour too ( I would have preferred other colours, but the choice was limited for this GLE model - they have only three silver, gold and black).

At the end, I am very happy that I chose Logan. Hope they immediately improve their indicators and upgrade their window glass lever. I could have opted for some other dealer other than India Garage. They gave a very impersonal treatment. I could have gone to some other dealer who gave more attention to me. But, the price and this nice, lovely, huge vehicle compensated for these small irritations.

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Additional details about Mahindra-Renault Logan

Purchase Price (INR): 5,27,000(on road)   |   Dealer Name and City: India Garage, Chennai   |   Model Year: 2007    

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