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A different unusual yet great social cinema

By: | Dec 24, 2012 11:40 PM
(Updated Feb 13, 2013 11:22 AM)

I just saw this song called "jeev dangala, gungala , rangala asa peeramachi aas tu.." on youtube and this song just struck the right cord within me. How strange it was! At first, I was confused."Love song of two lesbians?" But then on seeing properly I recognised that one of them was a man wearing a sari. Now that's odd, I said .This created a king of mystery which led me to watch this movie. Luckily the movie was available officialy online on YouTube with english subtitles.

Jogwa is based on three different novels.

The plot of Jogwa revolves around the lives of ill fated Tannappa who is forced by his family to take up the service of a diety, wear a sari and beg alms in the village while on the other hand just because a knot was discovered in the hairs of Suli her mother  forced her to do the same.The only difference is Suli was a girl and Tannappa was forced to act and feel like a girl.Both become jogtins against their wishes.Soon they meet their similar kinds and form troupes. Both of them get psychologically affected and loose their courage .In troupe they come to know how jogtins live their lives.

The male ones , initially being raped by young men, soon become used to and then slowly start loving it which becomes their only source of fun apart from alcohol.The women become whores and many get cheated and commit suicide. One of the male jogtins tells Tannappa that he feels good when men look at him and slowly Tannappa will also start liking it as the womenhood will pierce into his soul.These words shakes Tannappa. He further narrates his married life where his wife remains unsatified because of his dead feeling towards women and then she runs away with another guy. On the way many young jogtins including suli gets cheated by men and commits suicide( except Suli). Suli gets pregnant and so is thrown out of home after a forced abortion.

A social worker regularly visits the village and tries hard to create awarnesss among the people against these mal practices and superstition but the jogtins and villagers beat him and drive him out of village . Suli and Tannappa just remain spectator as they could not help .

One day Tannappa also gets kicked out of home.Tannappa expresses his feelings to Suli who then happily accepts the proposal .Both decide to marry.The villagers  come to know about this and try to convert them back to jogtins.They fight and finally win.

Superb Direction, marvellous cinematography and heart touching music thatt leaves you humming.

Jogwa  makes me proud that there is still great cinema to watch in India. It stands out due to lack of real and meaningful cinema in India.

Ajay-Atul has replaced the long occupied position of my favourite musician- A.R. Rehman. They have done a superb job. Great music directors they are!

The movie is very bold in its dialogues and concept. Absolutely must watch!

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