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Hum honge kaamyaab ek din..........

By: | Dec 24, 2002 03:14 PM

Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron is a satirical film, that exposes the corruption in our politics & society. It reminds of & seems to be inspired by the famous Hollywood mad-chase film : It's a mad mad world. Here the chase is not for money......well not at least directly !


The Story :

Vinod Chopra (Naseeruddin Shah) & Sudhir Mishra (Ravi Baswani) are two photographers who are accident prone & always end up in some trouble. Business isn't so good, so when they are offered to ''spy'' on a millionaire property developer Tarneja [Pankaj Kapoor] both friends cannot refuse. This job has been offered to them by Shobha (Bhakti Bharve) who is the editor of a newspaper called - Khabardaar. Our heroes are to follow Tarneja & his meetings with police commissioner D'Mello (Satish Shah). Shobha is sure they are engaging in some malpractices & keeping a tab on them would uncover dirty business deals.

The photographers soon discover that Tarneja & his rival Ahuja (Om Puri) are both trying to win a contract for building up a flyover & trying to bribe D'Mello. By coincidence, they stumble upon the murder of the D'Mello & capture it on film. However, the film isn't clear & they are unable to identify the killer. Vinod & Sudhir suspect that the killer is Tarneja, which is confirmed when Tarneja wins the flyover contract. The only way they can now prove that D'Mello has been murdered is by getting hold of his corpse. But the dimwits that they are, the corpse is soon lost & then begins the chase wherever everybody wants the corpse, for different reasons. In the end Tarneja, Ahuja & Shobha all strike a deal amidst themselves & plot frame Vinod & Sudhir, for the collapse of the flyover.


The Film / Performances :

Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron is outrageously funny & surely the greatest comedy film made on the Indian screen, with the right touch of satire on almost all departments of our system. The film has not spared any institution, be it the business section, police, press or the government depts; every dept is corrupt & the film shows the same with its slapstick humour & witty dialogues.

The mayhem that results when all the characters are trying to locate the corpse of the police commissioner, had been portrayed with rare finesse and humour. During this chase, there is a scene where all the chasers end up in a theatre which is playing the ''Mahabharata'' on stage. Seeing no option to save the corpse, the heroes dress it up & present it on stage as Draupadi ! What happens next is a scene which has alwayz been called the best scene of this film. The other scenes that stand out brilliantly by itself are a the secret meeting at Tarneja's house & hero/villain talking on the phone in the same room & also the scene where Tarneja plants a bomb or the cake throwing scene.

Recently Naseer was on a tv show where he recalled his ''not being to happy'' about the scene where he talks with Tarneja on phone, in the same room ! He thought this was a very childish scene but consented to do it only when Ravi Baswani coaxed him. Needlessly to say, this was one of the humourous scene in the film which made Naseer remember it even after so many years !

All the actors were new during the making of this film and all of them have put in sincere performances. Each actors performance is unique with the right comedy timing.

However, it is Satish Shah as the corpse who actually takes the cake. One is amazed to see him play a deadman & being tossed around so easily !

Special mention should also be made of Om Puri who plays the rival builder & has a scene where a drunk Om Puri meets D'Mello's corpse in his coffin, thinking that D'Mello's car has broken down Om Puri tows him around! This is a wonderfully funny scene in the movie & Om Puri, a actor known for his serious roles, is at his best comic role here.


I wonder if there'd be many out there who have not yet seen this film. Are there? Well, don't be a minority......... go and watch the film ! :)


Thanx for reading :)

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