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One real serial!

By: | Feb 12, 2007 01:28 PM

GHAR …EK SAPNAA is a  TV serial which comes on less watched SAHARA ONE channel every night from Monday to Friday 10 pm.It is made by Ajay Sinha who made good serials like ASTITVA, JUSTJOO and HASRATEIN in past.His serials always take up some solid storyline, they are different from usual Saas-bahu sagas.This time , he has taken a very real topic, pakadwa bibaah, a kind of abduction marriage in which a man is kidnapped, abducted and forced to marry a girl he may not be very comfortable marrying, but keeps on the marriage due to fear.This practice is still prevalent in Bihar and some parts of Uttar Pradesh.

In a way, this practice is good as bride has a say in her marriage just opposite to practice of marrying off a girl against her wishes , but in a way, this practice is bad as the girl does not lead a very good happily married life because her husband constantly grudges the fact that he did not had a say in his marriage, but was married at gunpoint.

Kakul played by Sayantani Ghosh, meets Samman played by Ujwal Rana(starred in SAATHIYA as Sandhya Mridul’s fiancé)in a marriage in Bihar where he flirts with Kakul , but Kakul gets serious with Samman.Samman is abducted by Kakul’s brother-in-law and forced to marry Kakul.The whole thing brings a whole host of problems everywhere from Samman’s fiancée Vanshika played by Kavita Kaushik attempting to suicide to Vanshika’s father withdrawing business relationship with Samman’s father played by AlokNath.

When Kakul comes to live in Mumbai with Samman’s family, everyone blames her for all the ruckus including Samman’s sister who was going to be married to Vanshika’s cousin, that marriage is also called off.Vanshika’s father sues Samman’s father and money brought by Kakul’s uncle Nana is also thrown away by Aloknath  which leads to further bitterness.

The messy atmosphere shown in the serial is no different from reality when a girl enters a family against their wishes.I wonder why boys flirt and why they take marriage so lightly?May be they do not envision the future which brings a storm in such abusive relationships and lives are changed forever.

Thanks for reading my review.

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