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Nov 23, 2012 10:18 PM 5530 views

Personal grooming is not just standing in front of mirror and taking care of face.Personal grooming has to start from a very early age and I feel it never takes place and what ever takes place is, if a person is handsome, if a girl is pretty and good looking and tall, all the time the handsome boy thinks it is his looks all matters and the girl think it is her looks all matters and tons of make up for the girl and hundreds or thousands of shirts for the boy, that is all for a long time a boy or girl thinks. Not so good looking what for them.

Here the case is different, in youth simple comparison takes place and this competitiveness towards neighbors to class mates to acquaintance and others, but for decades personal grooming never takes place. LIFE AND DEATH IS PERSONAL GROOMING.

You are watched and as the years pass our personality fade, all because you never really built for yourself. NOT MERE HOUSE, NOT MERE ASSET.

More than asset and dwelling, personal grooming really means LOVE YOURSELF. we are shy to love our-self but try to expect.

Instead of loving ourself we expect others to love us, love us means to appreciate on what we possess, the family we have, the dress we wear or gadgets on hand like mobile or watches or cars.

This wont last long, true Grooming is self esteem, self respect, self attainment, not depending upon others all the time, being guilty all the time also is anti to self grooming. Personal grooming is very important.

No matter what happens not one in a billion will be able to groom or prepare at early age at all, This is law of nature and it applies eqally to richest to poorest and even if they belong to ROYAL FAMILY nature always is too slow for anyone who wants to groom personally. WHY.

Temptations, diversion, what others think of, restless mind, comparison, uncertain mind, wavering mind, slowness and all these happens for decades and real REALIZATION TAKES PLACE if you read this review and feel so far failed personal but a feel of this review is a BOOSTER FEEL means you have already got the message . How.

it is lonely at the top, same way when one feel achieved then only realization takes place that as far as

personal grooming has been absent till to the last breath in life, it is really worth to care for you. Solution.

1 Start thinking you are most important over all others.

2 Care for yourself more than others then only can care for others much more.

3 If the feel that I can become and come out of every problem that is personal grooming.

4 if you can erase what others think of me, from this second your real personal grooming has started. ONCE YOU START THERE WILL BE NO END, A REAL CHARM ENTERS INSIDE YOU.

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