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300, jaw dropping... not just Effects

Mar 19, 2007 12:41 AM 1513 views


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All of us who saw the trailor were dying to see the movie.  most of the movies trailers which dissapoint the audiences once when they actually see the movie. I must say 300 actually surpassed its Trailer n Teasers. Many movies sell for their effects, I belive 300 has a small plot but has been executed beautifully.

I dont believe that this movie doesnt have a  story or a script or that its loose n weak. it might not be complex n without twists n turns.

Spartans did existed. it was like a race created only for War. They might have been portrayed larger than life. But thats wat all movies do.

It has Brilliant Effects, Amazing cinematography. It consistent with its approach n visuals. Story line isn't bad. As in audience do have something to follow, aint like Hulk. a mutant destroying everything that come in its way. To me 300 has better story line than Spiderman n Superman.

These movies sell cos we want to see superheroes n not cos its brilliant work in itself.

Although we were fascinated by the trailers but movie isn't just bout effects. I wont say its the best movie ever, but if u watch it once u wont dislike it unless u have a problem with bloodshed and gore. It has lots of detailed stuff in that manner. even if someone feels like puking he/she cant keep eyes off screen.

watch it its worth .

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