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Tide Detergent Reviews

Tide - Very good detergent..

11 days ago 88 Views

Hi all, Tide detergent the best detergent which I have used. I wash the clothes of our home with this detergent only and I am very satisfied with the product and the results. I use 2 scoops of tide and all the clothes get washed in it and get clean also.From almost 5 years I am using tide deterg...Read More

Best washing powder

23 days ago 126 Views (via Android App)

Tide detergent is a washing powder in which we can have a best experienced of washing clothes and we can have a very good experienced for that.tide detergent is a best washing powder.tide detergent is a detergent powder in which we can not see a mixing of any thing in a tide detergent powder.tid...Read More

Bad Detergent

23 days ago 122 Views (via Android App)

My mother was outside the town and I was alone at home so I had to wash my clothes myself once. I bought Tide detergent as it was available near by my house. I put it in washing machine and mixed it with water and add clothes. I had to add too much detergent as it couldn't able to make muc...Read More

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False Adds , Indescent Quality

Nov 02, 2016 08:07 PM 177 Views (via Android App)

Tide detergent powder company advertises itself as if it were made somewhere beyond earth with a supernatural technology but the truth is known to all and that simply is that this detergent powder nowhere stands among the good detergent powders. And there is not a single reason but many. It does...Read More


Oct 28, 2016 02:52 PM 176 Views (via Android App)

I purchased a tide detergent package and The pods were all stuck together and when trying to separate the pods so I could use they break or squeeze out creating quite a mess all over and friends Then I have used these in the past with no problems but this time it was different. There is liquid d...Read More


Oct 24, 2016 06:02 PM 224 Views (via iOS App)

I am used this detergent and I like to share with you and am refer to use this. this product quality is high and I love to wash more now my dress is always well and I say thank to the owner of the product. am in saudhi am always use this detergent here and my mother always like the detergent so ...Read More

Will Stain your Clothes

Oct 12, 2016 11:55 AM 245 Views

Here is the deal. This product smells amazing and I have told my wife that from this point on that I only want this type of tide. It really is that great. Now, I suspect that no one likes to do laundry twice for the same load, or that you like to ruining your clothes. Well, these pods stai...Read More

Dont go for it

Oct 11, 2016 05:31 PM 294 Views (via Android App)

Hello guys my name is zeeshan shaikh and today I am here to share my experience with tide detergent as we should never buy it and I am very disstatsify with its chemicals. As I live alone at dombivali as I am studing in college. I got my personal house so I do all the work on my own so one of my...Read More

Gives washing as i expected

Oct 05, 2016 09:12 PM 312 Views (via Android App)

I have been using tide detergent last two days and it really gives nice washing before I was using some other company detergent but the dirt was not properly removed from the cloth but now I have used tide detergent and have a good washing experience. The cloth becomes as it was before and ju...Read More

Never buy

Oct 05, 2016 02:16 PM 319 Views (via Android App)

Hello Guys I am writing this review to tell you my experience on Tide detergent powder. This is the worst detergent powder I have ever used in my whole life. I bought this product from my local grocery store and it costed me about ? 55. I bought this and gave it a try, I washed my brand new clot...Read More

Don't like it

Sep 16, 2016 10:51 PM 398 Views (via Android App)

Hey friends today my review on tide detergent. I always used to tide detergent. It did not clean my clothes. As I live alone so I have to wash my clothes alone.It did not clear the clothes and ruined my clothes. After washing it smells something strange that is weird. guys I advised you to do...Read More

Love it

Aug 31, 2016 11:57 AM 374 Views

I have been using Tide PODS for months and am super pleased with the various scents. IT is an effective cleaner and I love the convenience of the PODS. it works in our high efficiency whirlpool machine and my kids can just toss it right in with their clothes. This scent is stronger than the ocea...Read More


Bangalore, India

24 Reviews

Not suitable for delicate clothing

Jul 06, 2016 01:59 AM 664 Views

It's a cheap powder that cleans really well but is not always good for the fabric and hands. I would say it's a highly alkaline soap which provides deep cleaning for really dirty clothes but should not be used for daily loads. For me it is an intermediate between surf excel and something like ni...Read More

Bad washing powder.. really bad

Jun 24, 2016 05:31 PM 681 Views (via Android App)

In my family we use Arial washing powder but for a change I decided to get Tide washing powder. After few days of washing cloths in Tide washing powder my mom told me that, the powder is not good for the cloths and hands also. The hands started itching and the skin was getting piled off. T...Read More

Good detergent, at good price.

Jun 21, 2016 07:03 PM 676 Views (via Android App)

Tide is a popular brand of detergent and is produces good quality product , the foam produced by it is very good and the tidyness it provides to the clothes is good cleansing effect it provides is better than any other detergent brand and is cheap too you can get 1 kg of detergent is for 85 rs i...Read More

Best detergent powder for ever

Jun 08, 2016 05:58 PM 727 Views (via Android App)

Hello friends, Now lets talk about the the tide detergent powder. I think this detergent powder is the best powder when its come. Most of the detergent's company claim that they are the best not in the money but in the products. Most of the people complaints that they have skin problem ...Read More


Dombivali, India

44 Reviews



Jun 03, 2016 07:47 PM 753 Views (via Android App)


Make cloths weak..

May 31, 2016 07:02 AM 771 Views (via Android App)

As this is very popular brand in the market and spend lots of money on advertisement, I decided to buy it so I bought 4 kg pack as there is some offer is going on 4+ 1 kg free. After using around 10 days I realised that it doesn't affect on dirt of cloths but it directly affect on cloths qual...Read More

Tide- Doesn't work

May 28, 2016 03:45 PM 796 Views

I purchased tide jasmine and rose detergent powder as stoke of Ariel which I usually preferred was not aviable in the store. but my experience was worst. tide damages the cloths quality and more over I noticed that it faded the color of my kurta.even the fragrance was not so much. as per my choi...Read More

Not that good

May 28, 2016 01:48 AM 882 Views

When I first started doing my own laundry, I tried this Tide powdered detergent for a few years. But more recently I have switched to liquid detergent because it does a far better job. Performance.At most times, this powdered detergent would do a pretty good job of removing dirt and smells fr...Read More

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