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Priya Pickles Reviews

Especially the entire south indians love the priya

10 days ago Read

The pickle give the great taste for the meals.it is really very good and fapulor pickle perticularly have the meals without any pickle along with the great which makes us to licj our finger while eating it.the pickle feel very hot and the spices added in this pickles are just perfect.this pickle...Read More

Priya pickle

12 days ago Read

Hi all Priya pickle is the best pickle in the world I always buy priya pickle only due to its spiciness and taste makes me feel my moms handmade pickle.you get varities in it like different vegetables, gongura, mixed vegetables I personally love mango(Avakaya) priya picle.its spicy n tastes g...Read More

Real pickle

Feb 12, 2017 12:57 AM Read (via Android App)

Priya pickles are like home made pickles.this pickles have every ingredients like we have in our homemade pickle. It changes the total taste of our meal. My meal is not a complete meal without priya pickles.they are maintaining it's taste constant .and you can preserve it longer than any other p...Read More

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Jan 29, 2017 01:25 PM Read

Priya pickles are the most tasty pickles and have many flavors which prepared by ramojorao products.i am sharing my own experience I were eating daily priya pickels which has most tasty and available in different flavors.this product quality is high because it can stay for long will without dama...Read More

Priya Pickles

Jan 27, 2017 02:37 PM Read (via Android App)

Priya pickles taste is superb.only I prefer priya pickles because they are rich in taste .i love pickles taste and flavour.my total family love to eat priya with hot rice.we can use them in idli, dosa, and also in curd rice.i used to eat lemon pickle in curd rice.i never eat lunch without priya ...Read More

With out priya and Rumay no lunch

Jan 24, 2017 06:44 PM Read

A few weeks ago, at my parents’ house, my son found a jar priya pickles in the fridge . He loved them, so sent me her recipe to my home and we made them shpoping in the weekend.more sky cut mango and tomato Such fun! They’re pickles they have , which means quick and easy — no sterilizing j...Read More

Special offer Priya Pickles

Jan 23, 2017 08:29 PM Read

Priya pickles has the best product and standard.It increase extra taste in meal.Especially it is a gift for people.They want and like pickles during Ramadan.It is very tasty therefore women are used it in dashes and chicken cooking to double the enjoyment and flavor of the meals.It has a specifi...Read More

So delicious

Jan 21, 2017 09:14 PM Read

Hi Friends I prefer to buy Priya pickles among all other brands, Priya pickles are sooo delicious.I stayed in PG for 2 years honestly speaking I survived there with Priya pickles even when I travel I do not forget to take Priya pickle with me so that I can avoid eating out side foods & Produ...Read More

Best pickle brand.

Jan 15, 2017 09:22 AM Read (via Android App)

The flavours are very different from other brands like it fells like original if we taste with the rice or only with pickles so go for it and buy different favour and it is available in each and every shop so I mean you can buy any flavour and have blast to it and even the bottle is rate is reas...Read More


Jan 13, 2017 10:39 PM Read

Helllloooo guys! i'm very excited to share about pickles because I literally crave for pickles. so yummy. but I only buy priya pickles because these are very worthy. I love the taste and essence of the flavor so yummyyy. ok lets not get too into this because already my mouth started wateri...Read More


Jan 07, 2017 07:36 PM Read (via Android App)

PRIYA PICKLES IS GOOD AND TEST IS SO GOOD AND I LOVE THIS PICKLES .my all family use this pickle and it is a full off minirals . Bitamins and iron and all body nutritions . And after eating food we are take it and this is help for food digestion and PRIYA PICKLES : - IS available in lemon.green ...Read More

Good quality pickles

Jan 06, 2017 09:42 AM Read (via Mobile)

Greetings all I know and utilize this brand since my youth. Indeed, even today the taste is yummmm. Every one of the flavors, mango, garlic, ginger, lemon, chilies, thus numerous. They are quite recently unique. Despite everything they hold a sheltered place in the market and in my kitchen. Priy...Read More

Tasty Pickle

Dec 30, 2016 10:14 AM Read

Priya pickle is for me and meri jaanu ka favourite pickle.it comes many verities.i like the flavour and attracting red colour and the tangy taste was good, also the texture is perfect. particularly for me I like mango pickle goes well with hot rice and roti.no more extra oil in this.The quality ...Read More

Priya For Pickle Lovers..!!

Dec 27, 2016 08:19 PM Read

Priya foods is the leading food spices company in India. and priya pickles serves  Indian fragrance to all over world. one of my best and favorite pickle is "Priya Mango Thokku" it tastes really awesome it makes me feel hungry when ever ill get to hear about this pickle not only this product all...Read More

Best pickle priya pickles

Dec 27, 2016 04:45 PM Read

Have u ever tasted the priya pickles which are heavenly to taste. It comes in many tastes and many varieties such as mango, tender mango pickle, lemon, ginger and garlic, and many and many varieties of pickles from priya are really good to taste. I have tasted almost all the varieties of pickles...Read More

Tasty, good quality and hygiene.

Dec 26, 2016 04:56 PM Read

I personally loves pickles. But as I stay out of my home I always cant have home food! but priya pickles are giving me satisfaction as it tastes as if its homemade. I am completely satisfied with the flavor, taste, color and smell. the product quality is good and seems to be hygiene. ne...Read More

Best pickle priya pickles

Dec 26, 2016 09:59 AM Read (via Mobile)

I was born in North India to South Indian mother and father, grew up in South India with North Indians in a hostel and am presently eking out a dwelling in Western India within the corporation of South Indians. Having been uncovered to such a lot of numerous people and cultures, i've inculcated ...Read More

Bestest Pickle

Dec 21, 2016 11:02 AM Read (via Android App)

Hey guys Today I want To express My View About Pickle. I can Only Tell About Priya Pickle Because Me And My Family Personaly Use Thus product. And You Cant Believe That We Are Using It From Lat 2 year And Its play Important Role In Our Life. Now Days I Cant Eat Food Withour Pickle. and you Shoul...Read More

Priya Pickles

Dec 21, 2016 10:51 AM Read

Hi Friends, Priya Pickles: Pickles plays a major role in our life for lifetime. Priya Pickles are the most trusted brand in the International market.I am using this pickles from 10 years ago, they are rich in taste and quality. My family love the taste of these pickles. Priya pickles are availab...Read More

Mouthwatery feels@ priyas achar

Dec 16, 2016 07:46 PM Read

This achar(tomato flavour) used by me at one incident in my travel to banglore. & it taste nice which I never forget. After that I use it in my kitchen regularly. It comes in different flavours like ginger, garlic, mix but my favourTe is garlic, this suit all of us in especially winter se...Read More

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