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Pears Soap Reviews


Ghaziabad, India

4 Reviews

Make you fresh

2 days ago 50+ Views (via Android App)

I like to use little bit cosmetics products , so I use many soaps but pears is the one of the best shop which I has been use, it very good soap for those who want to grow up there fairness easily . It's main advantage is, it can useful for all the person which have skin issues . I personally use...Read More


Kota, India

3 Reviews


5 days ago 90 Views (via Android App)

The soap is really nice , has a oval curvy design and is transparent throughout , foam comes in good volume and fragrance is considerably ok . It is best to maintain fairness along with moisture . It is comfortable in hands because of its curve design , initially edges doesn't feels good but get...Read More

Pears gentle soap

11 days ago 115 Views (via Mobile)

Pears soap is the world's first translucent soap.There are many reasons for why I loves this soap so so much.Pears soap is known as glycerin in it.The glycerin attracts moisture to our skin.intact after Washing I find that my skinis glowing with a healthy radiance.It removes dark line and ageing...Read More

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Pears- The Gentle Soap

12 days ago 126 Views

Iam using pears shampoo from about 1 month.It gives smooth skin and also have a very good fragrance. Our skin becomes like our childhood. If you have a rough skin, you must use it. It will give you satisfaction.and owesome results.It moistures our skin. Wash The Skin Gently.Dry skin, rough skin ...Read More

One of the best soap

13 days ago 153 Views (via Mobile)

Pears is one of the best soap for all the skin types. It is so gentle and mild soap. I have been continuously using it for many years. It has a really nice fragnance. It cleanses all the dirt very easily. You can even apply it on the face too because its so gentle. Does better job than any face ...Read More

Pears soap made me feel like awsome

15 days ago 189 Views

I m regular user of pears since 5 years. Really its awsome and in budget. Like the fragrance of the soap. The skin becomes soft and hydrated after using it. In my family I and my mother are the consistent user of it. I would like to use the soap for years. I would recommend the manufacturers to ...Read More

Sensitive transparent soap bar

17 days ago 175 Views (via Android App)

This is a soap bar which came to existance in early 19th century in england. It was a huge hit during that time. Since it was the first transparent soap bar. It caught in everyones eyes very quickly. And the upper class people of those time liked to keep their skin as white as possible, as tanne...Read More

Melts too fast

17 days ago 206 Views (via Android App)

Pears soap is one of the oldest soap brand in our country. Previously it was a very good Soap but from last 2-3 months its quality has been diminished. Its fragrance is not as before and it melts too fast. Many a times this soap dried my skin and made it rough. I am very unhappy with these devas...Read More


17 days ago 213 Views

Pears soap is very old branded product being used by all class people very commonly. Specially I am a regular user of this soap since my student life to till now while now I have become a shinier citizen of our country. This soap is proved suitable for all the members of my family as well as the...Read More

Pears Soap dry for skin

20 days ago 274 Views (via Android App)

This soap has got a many good reviews but from my experience I am writing this review according to me this soap is glycerine made but still it makes our skin dry and stretchy which no one likes this soap was mainly designed to make the skin soft and look young buy instead the skin becomes dry an...Read More

Pears soap

20 days ago 299 Views (via Android App)

Pears is a very old brand. Pears soap ir round in shape and is available in rust and blue colours.The fragrance of pears soap is very mild and soothing. This product is very mild to use and good for the skin. One does not feel dry or itchy after using it.In fact, it's effect is so harmless that ...Read More


Yanam, India

26 Reviews

Very Very Good Especially in winter!!!

21 days ago 256 Views

Pears soap's formula has changed as of 2009. It is no longer the wonderful, natural product we all knew and loved. Original ingredients: Sodium Palmitate, Natural Rosin, Glycerine, Water, Sodium Cocoate, Rosemary Extract, Thyme Extract, Pears Fragrance Essence. They added very bunch of unn...Read More


22 days ago 255 Views (via Android App)

Pears soap I was useing it from around 6 years and it was an awesome soap.it gives you accurate result and for oliy face person it is super first iam useing it for 3 year and someome told me chenge the and did that but within a week iam faced some pimples problems and I chenge the soap iam back ...Read More

Classic product

24 days ago 302 Views

I love this product best thing is that it is good for adult as well as babies of any age yaaaa! it's true,my doctor advised me to use pears soup to my baby which 2 years old. I m using this product for last 10 years its really good for my skin I can say good for any skin type( for dr...Read More

Pears soap is good for skin and it is a natural gl

24 days ago 308 Views (via Mobile)

Pears the name itself feels very soft and happy to pronounce.iam using this soap since 5 years.iam satisfied with this soap.i want to share my feelings about this product.If we scrub this soap gently to our body it removes dirt and impurities and prevents from dryness.it retains the skin moistur...Read More


Bahadurgarh, India

36 Reviews


I like it's transparent look (Product)

26 days ago 314 Views

I am a die hard user of pears shop for 5 years. Whenever I use it, I feel more alive & relax. Its fragrance is just magic. My face is dry & I use it in the morning. Till evening my face don't get oily. The thing which I like the most about pears soap is its transparent & stylish look...Read More

Lovely product....

26 days ago 316 Views (via Android App)

This product is very good for the daily use as it keeps our skin moisturised for hours and help restoring our young looking skin it's fragrance is also good as I and my family are using it since 2 years we feel good and it is not at all a waste of money one can say even it is good than the other...Read More

Pears Soap

27 days ago 313 Views

Hi, I have been using Pears shop for 2 years now and I must admit that the quality is going down daily. I generally use the orange colour Pears Soap and I got a very bad experience of this, a few days ago. I came from college and began washing and bathing my body with this soap. It caused severe...Read More


Mumbai, India, India

3 Reviews


I'm in love with pears

27 days ago 308 Views

Pears soap possess very good fragrance which is long lasting. After taking bath with this soap it gives instant freshness. very important thing for me about this soap is that my girlfriend likes its fragrance. It is very good for face, because it removes dirt instantly. And another r...Read More

Good for dry skin

28 days ago 326 Views

Hi Friends, TODAY I am writing review for my favorite Pears Soap.Pears is made up of Glycerine.Main ingredient in this soap is glycerine, fat and oils.Pears soap is very good for skin .Mostly for those who are having dry skin. Glycerine is very helpful for skin.It makes skin Softer, Smoother and...Read More

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