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Pears Soap Reviews

Magical Soap

1 day ago Read

Hi friends, I am telling about a soap which is really magical soap for any kind of skin, that is "Pears Soap".It comes in a beautiful packaging and have wonderful fragrances.It has many flavors which have different colors and qualities.Pears oil control soap specially made for summer season.I...Read More

Stinky fragrance,not worth

1 day ago Read

Fragrance: This is the worst soap I have ever come across till date as it smells very bad .and not only fragrance, it is very slippery as well, so many soaps of mine has got wasted by just slipping from my hand and when people come near us after taking bath, they will definitely notice something...Read More

Pears a great soap

2 days ago Read

When I was 5years old from that time I am using pears soap while bathing. I personally love the soad and its different flavours. the soap is havinh many different flavours and I love each of them . It keeps us cool in summer as well as protect from the germs. It is healthier than any other soap,...Read More

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7 days ago Read

I have an oily skin type, so I thought I should give this soap a try. I really like the fragrance. Pears has a typical fragrance that reminds me of my childhood. Coming back on to the soap, I particularly like this soap not because it does something magical to your skin, but because it does not ...Read More

Pears soap

8 days ago Read (via Android App)

As we all know that pears soap is very well know for its softness on our body. I came to use pears soap since 3 years because before I was not using it n onec I got some rashes on my face n conserned a Doctor and he recommeded me the PEARS soap and It got effected me very good and from the day o...Read More

Young skin

11 days ago Read (via Android App)

I am using this pears soap since my childhood and this is the best soap for a younger skin, brighter and healthier skin. The pears soap is one of the oldest soap company in india. I am using this soap since my childhood and till now also my skin is very charming, bring and fair. The pears soap w...Read More

Loveliest soap for peoples

13 days ago Read

The soap have amazing attraction fragrance,beauty . The soap retails of RS.42 .The packaging of the soap always old regular cardboard packing with neat and packed well enough . Everyone love colour theme of packaging .The soap is very useful in summer and winter for the dry skin it is very usefu...Read More

Pears soap

17 days ago Read

Pears soap is a very good soap for bathing purpose because it contain low level of basicity basicity decide the soap quality pear soap is value for money without any obstacle pear soap have very good fragrance like natural fragrance this soap remove microbes from the body this soa...Read More

Pears Soap has Great Quality

19 days ago Read

Pears Soap is 100% trustful Product in India.! I used it a year ago the result was nice but some problems occurs to me that's why I changed it.! Its not for Hard skin people it makes skin clear but skin color will remain dark only. this Soap is Useful for sensitive skin people especiall...Read More


20 days ago Read (via Android App)

The first time when I saw the soap add I got attracted to the colour of the soap. It is really available in many attractive colours like glycerine blue sea green etc. But actually the soap has much more than its colour. It is the best soap available in glycerine category. In winters this is t...Read More

Pears Soap - you can pierce through

20 days ago Read

One of the favorite glycerine soap being used for decades. When the winter starts there are not many options but Pears soap. There are some competitors but the final options we go for is the Pears soap. packing looks very nice and the fragrance of the soap is awesome. Soap comes different col...Read More

Good option

20 days ago Read

Childhood it self I am familiar with pears, my grand parents and my parents they are using pears to give bath for the new born babies that much they are bilieving this product so I am also using the same soap now a days new fragrances are available I tried it was awesome we will get a freshness ...Read More

Good job

23 days ago Read

It is pears soap .it has very nice and good fragrance .i like its fragrance very much .it is available at any shop near your house .so you can buy it anywhere near your house .its fragrance would attract you .its fragrance is like nature .its fragrance is liked by every one .and I hope you like ...Read More

Pears soap is good for us....

26 days ago Read (via Android App)

Pears soap is good soap for us his smell glowing around us .I love its smell .I use pears soap many years that I love it .pears soap sell in different flavours and different colours .It does not harm our face . This product is very good for us .pears soap is the best beauty soap .It is amazing a...Read More

Pear soap

28 days ago Read (via Android App)

The Pear soap is one of the best soaps in the market. Skin gets rejuvenated after bathing with this soap.My skin became rigid when I used to pear soap my skin became shiny. I like this soap very well.l uses all the heat. This makes my body smell.It has a very good fragrance.l've used it for year...Read More

Smooth and gentle on skin.

Mar 28, 2017 12:08 AM Read (via Android App)

Today im giving my review on Pears soap. Pears shop is good soap.i love it very much by using it my skin feels smooth and nice. Price of this soap is little high but it is completely worth it as because the fragrance of this soap is also very nice. Those to have skin problems must use this ones ...Read More

Margins and loss about pears shop

Mar 25, 2017 11:05 PM Read (via Android App)

It is my favorite shop. And its smell very nice. I'm regular using pears shop. It is compossed by Glycerin. It is transparent shop. But it is very slippery shop. Its range very little. So this is count in India's best shop. I hope you will try this shop aleast one time. And I thought you were tr...Read More

My favourite soap

Mar 24, 2017 04:17 AM Read (via Mobile)

This is my favourite soap because I like the smell of this pears. This is the original transparent scented soap composed of glycerine and natural oil. This is one of the trusted brand on my point of view. I can say that it is better than any other soap because this is is an excellent benefits of...Read More

Good soap for my skin.

Mar 22, 2017 12:03 AM Read (via Android App)

I am using regular Pears soap. I is very good soap.This soap made with glycerine .lt make my skin soft and glowing . Pears soap very good fragrance. Pears soap in our budget.Pears soap is natural soap. This is good for skin in winter and summer.Pears soap is very unique soap. Pears soap not heav...Read More

Best soap so far .

Mar 18, 2017 11:46 AM Read

Pears soap is one of the best soap in the market so far because it have very good cleaning capability and clear dirt very nicely . And it works completely fine with all type of water which is very good . It produce good amount of lather even with hard water . It has decent fragrance but it's goo...Read More

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