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Pears Soap Reviews

Mild And Gentel As Always

1 hr 1 min agoRead (via iOS App)

This soap is very mild and gentle for all skin type specially for oily and sensitive skin.I have used this soap many times and got the best satisfying result. Just it cost somewhat more.The fragrance of this soap is simply awesome. I loved its smell. I enjoy my shower with this soap. I w...Read More

Pear soap

3 days agoRead (via Android App)

My wife have a very dry skin and so my wife use the pears soap specially in winter.Pears has moisterize her skin deeply during winterIt's fregrense is also very nice and soothing.The whole bathrooms gets the smell of this soap. AftEr her every bath and trust me it's smell is very nic...Read More

Pears - nice soap

3 days agoRead (via Android App)

Hii friends, This pears soap is very very helpful for your oily skin. This soap have an ability to remove oil fro the skin. So that thia is use for sensitive skin. In winter season if we use different soap than our body becomes so dry but pears soap is very nice for winter season. Also the fragr...Read More

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For you sensitive skin...pears

5 days agoRead

Hi beauties,First of all, If your skin is very sensitive go with Pears brown colour body soap. The fragrance is ultimate.If you do not want very oily soap then go for it. if your skin in semi oily then please user Pears!You can use it for babies as well i.e. very sensitive skins. I h...Read More

Skin friendly

6 days agoRead

I have used this soap for a long time. It has a nice combination of glycerine and moisturiser. It makes your skin smoother and keep it moisturised for a the whole day. It looks like a jelly and u can see its transparency. This soap is most mild product as compared to other soaps being sold in In...Read More

My Favourite Soap

6 days agoRead (via Android App)

I am regular user of Pears Soap.I am here to share my opinion.This soap is very effective in making skin smooth and oily.It is also very good at keeping moisture.Its light fragrance and transparent look makes it unique.Its ingredients are capable enough to care my skin dust free.It is the be...Read More

Skin friendly

9 days agoRead (via Android App)

This soap is very good it is suitable for all skin types I am useing this soap last two years it is transparent soap it is very ligth you can use it for face wash it is not do harmful effects for your skin and it will give you a glowing skin and it's reduce pimples also if you surfing for pimple...Read More

Pears -Pure and Gentle care for skin

9 days agoRead

I would recommend this soap to people who have sensitive and dry skins. The Glycerin in the soap helps to moisturize the skin and prevents dryness. It also keeps the skin soft. I have seen people use this soap for more that 25 years I have started using the soap from the age of 12 and still cont...Read More

Good looks but not effective

9 days agoRead (via Android App)

People use different soap for gheir body and most leople also like pears soap. But nowadays its demand getting low as leople know the fact behind it. Pears soap vomes in hogh price and most of people can not afford it. It comes in attractive packaging and the looks of pears soap is very nice. It...Read More

Very nice soap

10 days agoRead (via Android App)

Pears is the best soap for young kids as well as elders. Its been almost 10 years that I am using this soap. My mom started bathing me with this soap at the age of 5 years. And till now I prefer using this soap. It has a lovely fragrance. It makes the skin soft and smooth. Its fragrance on the b...Read More

Mild and gentle

11 days agoRead (via iOS App)

Pears soap is a well known soap selling in indian market from years . I have used this soap for years in my school days . It is a perfect combination of gentle cleanser and moisturizer . It cleans skin very gently leaving the skin soft and supple . Unlike other soaps , its very mild and gentle o...Read More

Best Medicated soap

11 days agoRead

Pears is a legacy which had been forwarded from decades in most of the indian families.Quality & fragrance is the bench mark of this product. I still remember, I was facing some eye fungal infection which was not cured by any treatment. I was then recommended by a Doctor to use Pears for...Read More

Best smell

11 days agoRead (via Android App)

The pears soap is the one of best Saling soap has a perfect smell.In my house iam using pears as my bath soap.Place it in the bath room it smells always good some pleasant smell than other soaps.It also provides better cleaning effect.The soap manufactured like transparent it wil...Read More

Pears soap

12 days agoRead

I did not buy more then once Pears soap. its no doubt the soap is good and having very friendly cleanser quality in it and containing the glycerin component that keeps the sikn moistrize all day long. but I did not appreciate the fragrance of the soap because it's not long lasting. only stay for...Read More

Melting soap

13 days agoRead (via Android App)

Pears one of the premium products of Hindustan Unilever Limited. The soaps looks very awesome but the performance is not nice. The fragrance is average but the major issue is that the soap melts alot. When I came to know that it's different from normal soap I stopped using it for bath and I thou...Read More

Pears soap

13 days agoRead (via Mobile)

Pears is a most famous brand in soaps and this Brand is a part of Hindustan Unilever Limited. Firstly we will talk about Hindustan Unilever Limited.Hindustan Unilever Limited is an Indian company and it contains different brand products. It mostly produces consumer goods. Few brands in it ar...Read More

Pears glycrein transparent soap

17 days agoRead

Pears soap benefit of skin because pear soap use natural ingredient . like palm oil, glycerin, double refined sugar, sorbitol, purified water, propylene glycerol, sls, peg4, soudium meta by sulfate, sodium chloride, etc. I always use transparent glycerin soap because after bath no requirement oi...Read More

Pears' review

17 days agoRead

Pears quite an old company and these soap has been in my house for years.It has glycerin that is good for skin in winter.It is transparent in looks.It has a mild fragrance that is refreshing, I like it, the fragrance lingers for sometime giving the feel of freshness after bath.It...Read More


19 days agoRead

Hey guys today I am going to be reviewing the pears gentle soap . Well as the name suggests the soap does feel ever so gentle on your skin . The Pear soap comes in a transparent design.The soap claims to awaken your skin leaning it extremely soft The soap also does want clog your pores and makes...Read More

Pears Soap

19 days agoRead (via Android App)

I have been using Pears Soap for 2+ years and my skin is the best its ever been. Turns out less is more with skin care! Now I used this soap twice a day. Seriously this us the best facial soap for oily and dry skin, it helped to alleviate my dry hands, which we all have from time to time. After ...Read More

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