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Pears Soap Reviews

Say No To oil face........

4 days ago Read

Pears oil clear soap - the name itself says clearly about the skin can be cleared off oil by using it. Earlier I used so many other soaps to get rid off oily skin but no other product made my skin clear as pears made. I am using it from 10 years. I am so happy now with the pears soap. Its my per...Read More

Pears soap

4 days ago Read (via Android App)

Today I will expressmy ownview about pear soap.it is transparentsoap. Pear soap is specially formulated to take care of all skin types. It fragrance is redolent of fresh. This is famous glycerin soap. There have natural oil which effectively moisturizes theskin and keep the skinsmooth and supple...Read More

Bad Fragrance!! Complete waste of money

7 days ago Read

Hey guys! I used that product couple of weeks ago but stop using it because I found many things which is not good. Lets talk one by one in detail Fragrance- Its fragrance is annoying you feel very irritated with it daily after shower. Dissolve quickly- The major problem is it finishes v...Read More

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Crystal bar

11 days ago Read

Hello everyone we are discussing about the topic of soap now a days we are useing a different kind of soap in our body each soap has been different fragrance has been using in the soap so it may contain a different smell in the soap some of the soap has been contain a different chemical product ...Read More

The best soap for best result

11 days ago Read

The pears soap is very nice to use every one in any age time,in that soap have full of gleasrin and natural oils that gives you smooth skin. You feel full better after some day from your using its give you to brightness on your face look young and feel young. There so many users world wide...Read More

Pears good

17 days ago Read (via Android App)

Pears I am using one year due to some skin prblams.that time I realise that this is the one best soap in our market.the soap smell is very attractive and that give a frshness .the soap is every one like because its fragrence.but it will finiahed fastly.and its cost is too much.it is the bad side...Read More

Pears - perfect choice

18 days ago Read (via Android App)

Hello friends, Since long time I am using Pears soap for my bathing. It has so many specialities. It wipes off all bacterias and makes the body fresh. It has good fragrance as well. It is mostly available in Blue, Green and Red Colour. It is moderately priced and well packed. ...Read More

Pears pure and gentle soap

20 days ago Read

There are tree types of pears first we will talk about blue germ shield fragrance of germ shield soap is best very fresh and   with glycerin & mint extract  specially for using in summer season it help you to secure with germs and unhygienic skin infection now we talk about pear orange soap ...Read More

Good one

22 days ago Read (via Android App)

Pears is one of the trusted brand of soaps in the world.The transparency of the soap makes it more attractive.it comes in variety of colours. It doesnt cause any harmful effects on the skin.it prevents the skin from becoming oily. It doesnt form too much foam. Pears has a unique combina...Read More

Pear soap

24 days ago Read (via Mobile)

Hello friends, I am sharing a review on pear soap.i have been using pear soap for last 1 year ant want to share my experience with you. FRAGRANCE:-the fragrance of this soap is not very cool and does not smell nice. There are so many soaps in the market which smells very nice even after takin...Read More

A great cleanser

26 days ago Read (via Mobile)

Pears is one of the most trusted brand of India.This soap is very mild and gentle to your skin.Plus it contains glycerine which makes your soft and hydrating. This soap not only works in summer but work great in winter too.The fragrance of the soap is also very nice and natural.So, if you have a...Read More

Still good soap..

27 days ago Read

This soap os gentle to hands, clean well, and importantly does not disintegrate into much the way some gelatin soaps do. This smell of this soap helps me release stress and telaxa. It reminds me of great memories. For that reason alone I will continue to purchase this soap. The soaps are reas...Read More

The pears soap like pure milk and silk

30 days ago Read

It is very useful to use in the winter. it's give feels like milk. it's give feels like silk. kjhkjf djkfhdk f djkfh df df df d fd f df df df hkjdfh fdkkjhkdf fgkjhfg ljhfld lkj diek dlkdf f df df df df df df df df kjldjfkklj ldjfdlkjdlf dflkjfdljslj dlfjldiern lkjdfl dlkfdf ljlkj sdjfl dlkjfld ...Read More

Pear soap for winter.....

30 days ago Read

Hi Guys, Today my review is about a soap especially when you are in winter season. Usually in winters our skin loose the moisture and we feel that our skin is so dry. So I have a very good and useful solution for this problem. When I am suffering such problem in winter my first choice is to b...Read More

Pears soap

May 24, 2017 09:33 PM Read (via Android App)

Hello, today I wanna share my view on the pears product. Its fragrance is good but not long lasting. Actually this soap is good in winter season but not good for summer season. Wgen I used this soap in summer season then I was facing so many pimple problem.really not good for summer season and i...Read More

A gentle soap !

May 24, 2017 12:10 PM Read (via Android App)

Actually my mother would use Pears soap when I was a child, and I also have been using it on her advice for many years. It is a gentle soap. It is enriched with glycerine, therefore it doesn't dry out our skin like other soaps do. The green one is for oily skin, to remove excess oil. The fragran...Read More

Smelly Soap

May 18, 2017 06:51 PM Read (via iOS App)

Hello guys, I have use pears shop recently, I want to share my experiance with all of you. As we all know that pears soap is a branded soap and many actors and actresses are advertise this soap. This soap is looking very nice but its FRAGRANCE is very bad. Its fragrance is dancing in my he...Read More

Fragrance is not good complete waste of money..

May 16, 2017 08:31 PM Read

I have been using Pears soap for the last 2 months and want to share my experience with you. As we all know that pears is a highly advertised product now a days. you can see it's advertisement all long a day. Fragrance: The fragrance of this soap is not very cool and does't smells nice. Th...Read More

Awesome Fragrance Soap

May 12, 2017 03:59 PM Read

Hi friends, Today I am sharing my personal views on the Pears Soap. This a well known brand in India. The 125gms packs priced me 42 rupees only. Its has many fragrance which smell pretty nice. Its said in its pack that it contains 98% of glycerine which make the skin soft and fresh. Glycerine...Read More

Pears Soap is good

May 11, 2017 02:39 PM Read

Helow friends, today I am going to review pierce soap which is very good soap Pears Soap is very good soap which is good for body as it ot react with body s it note react with body as it is good for all skin type we can easly use this soap while taking bath it have very good desig...Read More

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