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Patanjali Dant Kanti Dental Cream Reviews

Danta Kranti!!! Healthy Teeth.

0 hrs 16 mins agoRead

Patanjali Danta Kranti tooth paste is a unique revolutionary Natural product that helps our tooth and gums healthier. It cleans my teeth nicely. Its flavor is natural. I have been using Danta Kranti for the past 9 months, and its really amazing. My teeth are now healthier and I have got relief ...Read More


3 days agoRead

I was using the coalgate thoothpaste from the past 22 years( present age 24) the patanjali products came into effect I purchased patanjali dant kanti paste, its clean your teeth throughly and didnot harm you as it is not chemical based pure ayurvedic product.its taste not as good as the chem...Read More

Its very good for my children teeth

4 days agoRead

Patanjali dant kanti is good for my children teeth I strongly requirement to all people to use this product. and tack experience how it work in teeth . my child age around 8 year. steel 8 month . he is a very shy boy reason of his teeth. but when I use dant kanti hi is so qute smile. without any...Read More

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Patanjali Dant Kanti Dental Cream

5 days agoRead

Friends firstly, oral health should be given priority of all things in daily life. Brushing teeth twice daily is a must. If a fraction of what you eat stays in your dental area even for some hours it starts decaying resulting in bad smell or even developing some sort of ulcers in the mouth. To s...Read More

Must Try......Its Really Good !!!

5 days agoRead

I am not a big fan of the Public figures using their Public Image for commercial purpose, So I have not used the Paste for a while after its launce, but after hearing good things about it, can't resist to give it a try and friends after trying, I used it again and now after using it for 3 months...Read More

Herbal is better

6 days agoRead

I have been using this dental cream and it has proven very beneficial to me. This cream has a very good cleansing effect and makes your teeth strong. This dental cream has a quite good flavor as the number of ingredients in it are herbs like cloves, neem, turmeric, etc. After using this dental c...Read More

Far Better than others....!!

7 days agoRead (via Mobile)

I am sharing my own experience with you all. Patanjali dant kanti dental cream is a great product and an outstanding toothpaste. Its fragrance also smells good. By cleaning the teeth with it makes mouth more clear and fresh. Due to its great fragrance it also provides great smell of breathing. I...Read More

Patanjali Dant kanti Dental cream

7 days agoRead (via Android App)

Hi , Today I am going to talk about patanjali Dant kanti paste as we all know about patanjali product they are far better then chemical products . according to me I am use this dental cream from 1 years and I got superb results from sensitivity and before my teeth use to be yellow now I got a go...Read More

Patanjali dant kanti crem of face

8 days agoRead

Hello pretty people, warm greetings. This post is on an ayurvedic product from Patanjali. I love using patanjali product and have reviewed so many of them. Today I am doing Patanjali Dant Kanti Dental Cream Review. This is one of the toothpaste which will keep your mouth, gums all free of diseas...Read More

Not so good protection for my kids

9 days agoRead (via Mobile)

Although I had been using it for a while, I have come to a conclusion that my old classic favourite brand Colgate is far more better than Dant Kanti when other comes to my 2.5 yrs old kid. Instead of going by its good flavour I am rating it on basis of overall cleanliness and long lasting effect...Read More


9 days agoRead

I had sensitivity issue in my teeth so I had guided to use for patanjali Dant Kanti Dental Cream. I was happy to use because o the overall effect. this cream is good for teeth cleaning and curing dental problem like mouth ulsar, cavity and all really help to cure to help to remove all mouth rela...Read More

Bad Taste

11 days agoRead (via Android App)

Hello friends I am Priyanka and I am here with a new and genuine review on Patanjali Dant Kanti Tooth Paste. Friends it made with many natural things and hurbs. It is 100% natural and veg. I am using it for a month and my family are using it too. But one thing is I want to tell and that is its t...Read More

Ramdev ji ullu bana rahe hai

11 days agoRead (via Android App)

I am using this product for last one yearI am giving you the real fact it is not a good toothpaste my tooth still yelloish.Its taste is also not good.aisa lagta hai ramdev ji desi ke nam par logo ko ullu bana rahe hain.Han ramdev ke kuchh product jaroor achhe hain par sare nahi aap l...Read More

A decrease in the enamel thickness

11 days agoRead

I am a regular visitor to a Dental Hospital because I have  Braces, a dental treatment, So as I am a medico, I ought to interfere with what sort of issues do the patients have, or what sort of Techniques, the doctors use in order to treat their patients.Though there is less awareness of taki...Read More

Solid theeth with Solid India

12 days agoRead

Its really very effective to solve dental problems such as bleeding gum, sensation etc. Its totally made by herbal product and cost effective too. Most important thing that this is one of the Swadeshi product which means if we use this Patanjali Dant Kanti Toothpest we will not only make our the...Read More

Dental Care by Patanjali Dant Kanti Dental Cream

13 days agoRead

I would like to share my true experience with you. I am using the Patnjali Dant Kanti Dental Cream since last one year. It is made up of Neem, babool, Pudina and many more herbal items. It is pure & safe to our teethes.Cleansing Effect:  When I started my teeth were little bit yellowish....Read More

A Best Ayurvedic Product

13 days agoRead

My personal experience which I am sharing with you guys.First of all it is pure Bhartiya(Indian) product by Patanjali(Patanjali Dant Kanti toothpaste) with affordable price and good quantity, good refreshing taste, it really removes sensitivity and gives solid protection for teeth like bleed...Read More

Pantanjali Dant Kanti Tooth paste !

16 days agoRead

Dant Kanti toothpaste is the product of Patanjali company. this product advertised by Baba Ramdev.Its cleansing effect is awesome and make a teeth white and strong. The cleansing effect is important for a good smile.We talk about the flavor that this toothpaste have herbal contents flavo...Read More

Best ayurveda product

18 days agoRead (via Android App)

Today I am saring my personal experience with you about this patanjali dant kanti dental cream.I use this cream because patanjali is very famous brand in india & it is the brand of india.i am totaly satisfied with this product.it is pure ayurveda cream.After use of this cream my teet...Read More

Very good product

19 days agoRead (via Android App)

Affordable price, good taste and smell, gives refreshing feel, comes in good quantity, 100 grams last long even on using it twice daily, round cap which it stand easily on the shelf or in the wash basin area, travel friend, it also removes sensitivity and gives effective protection for teeth, go...Read More

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