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Malgudi Days - R K Narayan Reviews


-, India

1 Review

Amazing series

1 day ago 26 Views (via Mobile)

It's a book of engaging short stories set in India, "revealing the essence of India".The characters are so well drawn, both in the book and the movie. They're simple characters with universal emotions. Highly recommended for something a little bit different from what we're used to. It's indeed a...Read More


Gudur, India

14 Reviews

Creative book

2 days ago 38 Views

The book, I had read this book and the pleasant wonderful book to read the stories expressed in this book is good experience in assuming and a good example of real life experience of life.book which valued as this review.The author is very much creative in his literacy.The book expressing the ex...Read More


Bokaro Steel City, India, India

3 Reviews

Childhood memories refreshed

2 days ago 63 Views

Once you go through the book, it will give you a glimpse of life of southern part of India . written by RK Narayan its simple to read and very beautiful stories . I watched the serial Malgudi Days in childhood but when I went through the book it was awesome . The cartoons of R K Laxman his broth...Read More

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New Delhi, Delhi 110088, India, India

11 Reviews


Malgudi days took me my childhood days

3 days ago 71 Views

When I was read the book of name was malgudi days, he took me my past in my childhood days when I m in 10 class .i saw the malgudi days serial on durdershan tv. the narrator is good writing work he give him a very realistic story. in the books is not a single story, there many little story whom ...Read More

Always admirable content

4 days ago 126 Views (via Mobile)

Malgudi Days by RK Narayan Introduction If I were to ask you whether you have perused any work of Rasipuram Krishnaswami Ayyar Naranayanaswami, you would state "who is that?" I too was wonderstruck when a companion made this inquiry. When I stated, "I have never known about this name, " he gave ...Read More


Indore, India, India

5 Reviews


Nice collection of stories for growing children

6 days ago 123 Views (via Mobile)

I have read this book when I was in high school. It is a awesome book based on a south india imaginary village malgudi although you will not feel it is imaginary while reading.You will feel as though you are the character in the story yourself and that is the secret behind the success of this im...Read More

Worth reading

7 days ago 159 Views

The book remind me of watching the show Malgudi Days in Childhood. The title tune is still on my mind. Simple Language. Great narrating skills. Just loved the book. Each Character in the story is amazing. The illustrations are also so nice. Overall the book is fantastic to read. I enjoy reading ...Read More

Memories of old days...

10 days ago 216 Views

This book is very much classic and simple. Easy to understand and really enjoy the stories. this story is more inspirable and a best thing to bring old days memories. Each of the stories portrays a facet of life in Malgudi. everyone in the book seems to have a capacity for responding to the q...Read More


Gujranwala, Pakistan

25 Reviews

Best book

10 days ago 207 Views

It is nice book and it provide the old stories of mughal days.ans it is, a gud book which is very famous, nowadays because it is a reasonable and. Vest and south countries for all girls boys and it is gud book it has past stories of mughal persons like king, queen and princes and undr all worker...Read More

The best time killer

13 days ago 243 Views (via Mobile)

This book is the best entertainer for the short time laps the stories are very inspirational as you all knows about that the show malgudi days . this book is the best way to memories your old days about the quality of this book the font is printed in a ohk manner and easy to grasp. about the sto...Read More


Titagarh, India

1 Review

Malgudi Days

14 days ago 251 Views

A short story about an astrologer who knows nothing about stars or astrology. He never wanted to be an astrologer but his poverty made him so.With more of matter of study, practise and shrewd guesswork he retorted such verdicts that it astonished and pleased people . One day he meets his rival w...Read More


Jhansi, India

1 Review

A Classic Read

14 days ago 307 Views

I have read the book, and have seen the series too. I must say the book is way much classic. The book is very simple and enjoyable. The books tells us the classic tale of malgudi and its characters the simplicity characters can easily be judged. The small stories contains some turns in life. Up ...Read More

Emotional story

15 days ago 301 Views (via Mobile)

Rashipurm krishnaswami narayanswami is very good writer. His story is very hart touching. Malgudi days story is vary sincereable story. His malgudi days book is very good . I like it. I love this story. Malgudi days are heart touching story ?? .malgudi days song is very good . Its song tone is T...Read More

Child's best friend

17 days ago 325 Views (via Mobile)

When I was a kid, my father read it to me for a good night sleep. It was One of the best friends in childhood. I was able to learn many aspects of life by following the book. Very informative about our young and growing country. Must read and watch.


Yamunanagar, India

13 Reviews

1 Follower

Good book to read

17 days ago 435 Views

I had really high expectations when I picked this up and, of course, it is very good. I eventually started to enjoy these short(4-6 page) stories because each has fully developed characters experiencing mini-dramas. All the stories take place in the same town and a few of the characters pop up i...Read More

Malgudi Days

23 days ago 495 Views (via Mobile)

It's one of my favorite story books. It has a lots of humour and informative details about the society. Swamy is everyone's favorite character. Lots of stories to learn about the social characters and behaviors. All of the stories are based on the real time issues we face in life with neighbors ...Read More

Great Story Ever

25 days ago 525 Views (via Mobile)

Malgudi Days means childhood. These series of story we all love to see again and again in National Television. Incredible story, incredibly acting skill, incredible memories. I personally like these kind of story. I think we all thank to god for that moments. Thank you so much for the entire Mal...Read More

Classic Stories

Dec 18, 2016 12:03 PM 614 Views (via Mobile)

Who can ever forget the stories of Malgudi Days when it used come in Tv as a serial. I loved to watch it always, I never missed any of the episodes. In fact the Tv serial was more popular than the book, the serial was an adaption of the book only but it was good to watch than to read.

Awesome book

Dec 14, 2016 11:58 PM 641 Views (via Mobile)

This book is awesome really awesome guys. I think tht everyone should read this book atleast once in life. When u completely read this book sure u guys salute to Mr. R. K. Narayan. Its very good book and also it is good for timepass any where. I salute to R. K. Narayan Great job sir ...Read More

Malgudi days by rknarayan

Dec 14, 2016 12:07 AM 664 Views

Malgudi days by rk narayan is an artistic work by him even though Malgudi sounds imaginary but u won't fell wen reading the book . You will fell that you are the character in the story and blending yourself in the situations of the story.u will feel that as though u are the character in the stor...Read More

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