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Malgudi Days - R K Narayan Reviews

Malgudi days the best boom

2 days ago 72 Views (via Mobile)

This book is really awsm. Everyone in their lifetime, once should read this beauty . Salute to R.K. Narayan . Great job ….it's too good book.but the location is not given in the book.I think it might be south India.Kerala Karnataka or Tamil Nadu.No bookshelf is complete without malgudi days.best...Read More


Dombivli, India

2 Reviews


8 days ago 163 Views (via Mobile)

Malgudi is not only the book it is more then that. This novel explain how the life is and how people are in this world and this give the bit introduction of India before independence with swami and his friend. It always a pleasure to read the book as well to thewatch the series.


Kurukshetra, India

27 Reviews

1 Follower

Very good book

12 days ago 303 Views

Very nice book with good moral, interesting stories and characters, easy and understandable language, nice presentation and very interesting, readability is great, it is so interesting that it becomes addictive, have read this book 2 times, brings out emotions, and character placement i...Read More

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Malgudi days I loved reading this book Rabindra na

16 days ago 296 Views (via Mobile)

Malgudi days I loved reading this book Rabindra nath tagore has done lot for India. Village Characters are too Good Specially Swami. Every story has a moral I used to watch when it comes on telivision And I am sure you will love the book also So please read it and I am sure you will become a hug...Read More


Beawar, India

1 Review

Malgudi days

17 days ago 322 Views (via Mobile)

Malgudi days I loved reading this book Rabindra nath tagore has done lot for India. Village Characters are too Good Specially Swami. Every story has a moral I used to watch when it comes on telivision And I am sure you will love the book also So please read it and I am sure you will become a hug...Read More


Dharamsala, India

1 Review

Malgudi days :Good time killer

19 days ago 320 Views (via Mobile)

Its a nice bunch of stories based on early india. Everytime you read this, you can actually visualize things happening. Great storyline and best time killer. I promise, you will read the book in one go. I liked it so much and I can tell u guys, if you love the vive of old india where dusty ro...Read More


23 days ago 403 Views (via Mobile)

Malgudi days is a set of brief testimonies of a young boy name swamy. The memories revolve round early life studies of swamy. There are memories approximately swamy meeting new pals, loyalty to antique buddies. Swamy taking his tests, his pre exam fears. Swami starting a cricket membership. How ...Read More


24 days ago 386 Views (via Mobile)

Malgudi days I would like to call it  " A PLATE FILLED WITH VARIETY OF DELICIOUS FOOD ITEMS " . It was written by padmabhushan sri RK Narayan . The Indian cartoonist, illustrator, humorist padma vibhushan sri RK Laxman brother of RK Narayan drew the cartoons of this book . These brothers were al...Read More

Very impressive,a lil bit funny and knowledgeable

25 days ago 390 Views (via Mobile)

Malgudi days is the collection of short story by RK Narayan published in 1943 by Indian thought publication. The book includes 32 stories, all set in the fictional town of Malgudi, located in South India. Each of the stories portrays a facet of life in Malgudi. In 1986, a few of the storie...Read More


Mughalsarai, India

4 Reviews

Last days of Life In Malgudi, Once Again Malgudi

26 days ago 419 Views

Great experience reading by this book and a great thought for village life. A long story book but you put up this book for reading so can't drop down book before complete the story. R.K.Narayna stories happen in Malgudi, an imaginary town located somewhere on the banks of Sarayu(a river I Sou...Read More

Malgudi Days written by R K Narayan.

29 days ago 459 Views

I want to share my personal experience about book Malgudi Days written by R K Narayan. This book is very popular in the world and one of the most wonderful books I've ever read, you can't put it down when you start reading. This was a long book to get through. I did not think I would ever fin...Read More


Thane, India

1 Review

Addictive tales of Malgudi days

30 days ago 452 Views (via Mobile)

It will always be one of my favorite book to read and learn life lessons from old days. Just can't forget them even after 15years. It's a must have collection. Because it will really our kids know their grand parents life plus struggles better than we explain. Good gift for grandparents wh...Read More


Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

2 Reviews

Very famous book by RK Narayan

Oct 18, 2016 11:48 AM 804 Views (via Mobile)

It's a nice book which gives inspiration and experiences of life. A famous show is also directed which was telecasted on DD National channel. Each episode is based on each story. Some of the stories are not telecasted but the book contains all of them


Mumbai, India

2 Reviews

I am a big fan of RK Narayan.....

Sep 19, 2016 01:12 PM 1263 Views

RK Narayan has been the best author, his books are very different.Malgudi days contains the unique factor.all his short stories always teach us many different things.His english skills proves he is equal to foreign author.this book also contains the aesthetic fact.malgudi is a small village in t...Read More

Best book

Sep 13, 2016 02:23 PM 1326 Views (via Mobile)

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Jalandhar , India

47 Reviews

A book to cherish..

Aug 26, 2016 07:40 PM 1546 Views

I had some faint memories of my childhood watching malgudi days television serial on dd national. So when I first came across this book I decided to give it a shot. The book is a complete charm to read. The book is very well written. I really like the writing style of the author r.k.narayan. The...Read More


Aurangabad,India, India

82 Reviews


Must Read.

Aug 23, 2016 01:01 AM 1646 Views (via Mobile)

Malgudi was an earth-shaking discovery for me, because I had no mind for facts and things like that, which would be necessary in writing about Malgudi or any real place. I first pictured not my town but just the railway station, which was a small platform with a banyan tree, a station master, an...Read More

Save Your Precious Time

Aug 21, 2016 12:44 PM 1652 Views (via Mobile)

Malgudi days - So I used to watch the T.V. Series of this show in my childhood days which is also available now at Youtube. It was 90's then and now its 2016. So according to the today's generation, I don't think the kids would enjoy reading this or watching. Tjough each story has some emotions ...Read More

Best book

Aug 20, 2016 10:40 PM 1679 Views (via Mobile)

The Every story has a underlying theme and the same is put forth beautifully. There is a rustic charm to each of the stories. One can feel the emotions being conveyed. If you are looking for a very light read, then you might give this book a skip, but if you looking for a good read and willing t...Read More

Heart touching story

Aug 14, 2016 09:13 PM 1747 Views (via Mobile)

Mr. R K Narayan is an exceptionally tall driving structure in the field of composing. this story is around a genuine residential area in South India. This novel additionally had a Program made on its story. The story is composed in the center decade of the twentieth century and all things consid...Read More

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