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Malgudi Days - R K Narayan Reviews

This book returns memories of my childhood

1 day ago Read

The Book Malgudi Days is an excellent book wrote R.K.Narayan. After reading this book I remember some moments related to this story and happened in my child hood life. Thank you sir, you are the great writer. I also watched Malgudi Days serial stories in Doordarshan channel in television with...Read More

Malgudi days is a mind blowing book.....

3 days ago Read

Malgudi days is a awesome book wrote by  R k  Narayan. By read this book I remembering my childhood days, I watched Malgudi days stories on television National  channe Doordarshan . I miss that time . Malgudi days book describes old times situations of society, innocent peoples, poor vi...Read More

Malgudidays days by R.K. NARAYAN

3 days ago Read (via Mobile)

Malgudidays by R.K. NARAYAN published in 1943 by Indian thought publications Illustrator: R.K.LAXMAN COUNTRY: India; Language: English; Mediatype: print; pages:150; proceed by: The dark room followed by the English teacher The book was republished outside india in 1982 be penguin classics ...Read More

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Inspirational, Interesting and ancient fun

5 days ago Read

Contains many ancient stories, this book is readable to consume your free time. R.K. Narayan did a great job in bringing this great book to us. There are many stories like'A Horse and two goats', 'Swami and Friends' and'The Vendor of Sweets' etc. It is also shot as television series. That is als...Read More

Malgudi days by r k narayan

7 days ago Read (via Mobile)

Malgudi days is a very good novel written by R.K Narayan. It is not a normal story. Really it is a very beautiful story. In this story got a good message from this. It is mainly politicians should learn this. The writing was very simple, realistic and very easy to understand

Malgudi daya

9 days ago Read (via Mobile)

Malgudi days is a very good novel written by me r k narayan. It's is a story of a good village their people are very kind hearted and very humbled peoples their living in that south India's small village. This novel takes more positive review by the people . Because of his creation of the story....Read More


11 days ago Read (via Mobile)

Malgudi days is called the book of Bangalore because the author of this book RK narayan was born in Bangalore. It is a lovely book. It consists the collection of short stories and novels. It takes a visit to a beautiful village with no corruption or crime. It remembers the olden days.

A complete village visit

11 days ago Read (via Mobile)

I just finished a nice and beautiful novel of RK narayanan -The malgudy days.what a lovely book it is.simple yet attractive.Its gives us a visit to nice and beatiful village where there is no crime and corruption, no pollution and no inequality.its just a simple book giving us peace of mind.if y...Read More

Malgudi days is a fantastic book

11 days ago Read (via Mobile)

Malgudi days is a collection of short stories by R.K Narayan. Malgudi is a fictitious town somewhere in south India created by R.K Narayan in his novels&short stories. It forms the setting for most of Narayan's works. It was a town created from his own experiences, his childhood, his upbring...Read More

This book is fantastic

13 days ago Read

By nitakb Contact author by Skype TRUSTWORTHY followers:46 follow Support End of Days is the third book written after the second novel World After. I have greatly anticipated getting my hand on a copy of the End of days since finishing the previous novel the World After. End...Read More

A classical delight

13 days ago Read

Malgudi days reminded me of the good olden days as to how the life we had spent in our childhood days. the writing was very simple, realistic and very easy to understand .it made me very nostalgic. Malgudi days is an all time favorite of mine .and RK Narayan is considered to be a expert in stor...Read More

The Enjoyable Reading.

14 days ago Read (via Mobile)

I thoroughly enjoyed Malgudi Days. It is one of those books that I expected to be good but which actually turned out to be spectacular. In an eloquent introduction to the book, Jhumpa Lahiri talks about how a disciplined reader should commit to one story at a time. Normally, I would scoff at the...Read More

Malgudi days Book review

16 days ago Read (via Mobile)

ReviewStream real consumers real experience Reviews » Books » Malgudi Days by R K Narayanan Malgudi days is a collection of 32 short funny and witty storiesagree+21disagree+5 by Karthik TRUSTWORTHY all reviews Support Malgudi days is a collection of 32 short funny and wit...Read More

Nice book

17 days ago Read

I think this book is from Bangalore.because R.K NARAYAN is born in BANGLORE.so we can say that it is not in Kerala it is in Bangalore or Tamilnadu The story is complete fiction and the author had never indicated about its location. He was definitely from Bangalore and hence the inspiration about...Read More

Awsome book delving into the old indian days

17 days ago Read

Malgudi Days is just an awesome book that pictures the social and cultural life of Indian at that particular time. The author R K Narayan has brought in every big and small detailing to give it the most realistic point of view. I like the simple yet strong detailing the book brings about. ...Read More

For complete your bookshelf

18 days ago Read

R K Narayan is one of the best Indian author. Malgudi days is best collection of short stories its a funny n witty stories.it`s a fiction.this book is really awsm. everyone should be read once in lifetime.a truly great story. no bookshelf is complete without Malgudi days the book I knew and read...Read More

Malgudi days

19 days ago Read (via Android App)

I would like to write a review about this book. Reading is one of my hobbies. This is one of the best Novel written by a popular author RK Narayanan. This book contains many stories which makes our mind so refreshing and thrilling.it is also a entertaining book for every age group people. All...Read More

Malgudi days

19 days ago Read (via Mobile)

Malgudi Days is a phenomenal book. I prescribe this book for everybody who cherishes the provincial existence of INDIA. What a creator is he! Shri RKN summons the sort of regard and wonder for his compositions so dissimilar to whatever other creator from the subcontinent. As he would like to thi...Read More

Malgudi days like my chilhood days

19 days ago Read (via Mobile)

Malgudi days is an book about the childhood days of every person.by reading this book any body feel thier school life and remember aboot thier childhood friends.three friends always making fun and doing so many prank.good book I loving it this book have so many humors nd nice story

Very good story

21 days ago Read (via Android App)

I have been reading the stories and the stories written by RK narayan are very beautiful and the morality in these stories are very high impact over society . The stories are related to common man and their lives in these world in a relealistic way.it ia very good novel and I would definitly rec...Read More

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