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I Too Had A Love Story - Ravinder Singh Reviews


Greater Noida, India

7 Reviews

One of the best romantic novel ever read..

2 days ago 29 Views

This novel is undoubtly one of the best romantic novel.it is the real story of Ravinder Singh and he explained his all emotions beautifully.this novel shows that how irony works, you find someone and then both of you fall in love with each other and suddenly your beloved one leaves your hand jus...Read More

Every lover must read this story

3 days ago 34 Views

Hello friends.let me share my personal experience with this book.actually I Too Had a Love Story is an English autobiographical novel written by Ravinder Singh.i used follow the ravindhar singh books.Ravin and Khushi are the male and female protagonists of the novel. The novel starts with a reun...Read More

The heart touching story

3 days ago 50+ Views (via Mobile)

I had heard lot about this e book from my buddies and my colleagues. So I ultimately decided to examine this e-book and right away I ordered it from my workplace library. Narration and tale line up is pretty simple and practical. It's far quite just like movie Vivaah however it provides greater ...Read More

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Bahadurgarh, India

36 Reviews


Nice love story

7 days ago 76 Views

I read this book twice as liked the love story & all incidents given in it. I can relate many things given in this book with my life. I am fully aware about the locations talked about there. I can also relate the hostel life with me, this might be the reason why I like this book very much. A...Read More

Cuteee love story

8 days ago 75 Views (via Mobile)

OMG.its such an owsome and cute story I had ever read before.Ravz and khushi UA cute love story is really beautiful. This story shows what is actual love.it's being a tragedy but its ma favorite I ever read.I can't image a guy can love a girl like this before.its too owsm. Each line depicts the ...Read More

I Too Had A Love Story

8 days ago 91 Views

The book is little bit boring at the start but when you go after 100 pages namely in the book its more interesting than any other book I liked it very much. while coming to the story its awesome and the writer Ravinder singh has given a detailed explanation about the incidents and moments and...Read More

I Too Had A Love Story - Ravinder Singh

11 days ago 98 Views

This is the principal book of Ravindra Singh. Another author in the pool of scholars. The title of the book is not appealing, but rather still selected as it was the primary book from the author. 'I too had a Love Story' is an account of Ravin and Khushi. Ravin and Khushi areboth very much settl...Read More

Real love story - we can't stop reading full book

21 days ago 138 Views

Ravinder Singh wrote his own story very attractive way. I liked his story presentation. I can't stop in between until I read full book. The author loves a girl named Kushi. But he didn't marry her. Author presented the things are heart touching. He wrote the things happened with his friends and ...Read More

Beautiful story

23 days ago 152 Views (via Mobile)

The bestest love story I have ever read. This novel will bring out all the emotions- joy, sorrow, happiness, anger, love everything. The story will bound the reader around itself. If you are so much into love stories, then this novel is a must read with such a beautiful story. The story is a lov...Read More

Loving tragedy

24 days ago 166 Views (via Mobile)

A novel with tears. I am connected with the story very well. The charcters in the story going us with emotional interaction . I really connected with the character kushi . ravinder also reveal the mentality of boys towards love he expresses in melodious manner the I red the last pages of the boo...Read More

I don't want a story like this!

25 days ago 134 Views

The story is good, the book is not. While reading the book, there were various points which would have made many people emotional. The language and some of the basic book writing aspects needed a lot of improvement, but still, it depends on you, to like this book or not. There is hardly an...Read More

Best Love Story

25 days ago 159 Views

The love story of Ravin & Khushi is timeless, characters are realistic and so close to reader. The backdrop is story is very nicely created, after reading 15-20 pages, I forget that I was reading a novel, completed this novel in one sitting. The best part is that every single character looks...Read More

Heart touching love story

28 days ago 155 Views (via Mobile)

Its book based on love story written by Ravinder Singh . He is now a promissing writter of India.Its a book which captures the story of Ravin and Khushi . I had read this book one year ago and what I have found I can not describe I just cried. One more thing is that if you are a book reader then...Read More

The best love story i have ever read !!

30 days ago 152 Views (via Mobile)

I too had a love story book seems to be a genuine story in which author ravindra Singh has told that it is his real story. I loved the story of it, but the ending of this story bought tears in my eyes because the ending part was the saddest scene among all the secens. Some times, consideri...Read More


Uttar Predesh, India

14 Reviews

1 Follower

I Too Had A Love Story...!!

30 days ago 185 Views

First novel of my life “I Too Had A Love Story by Ravinder Singh” . This book is a simple capturing the story of Ravin and Khushi. A true love tale. I became fan of writing style of Ravinder after reading this book. Its just a simple story but will really touc your heart.It will tell you that wh...Read More


Bhopal, India

3 Reviews

This book always Make me feel cry...??

Dec 18, 2016 10:20 PM 204 Views (via Mobile)

Guys plz read this book.this book is a type of heart melting book.it changes your mood suddenly.awsum book .awsum writer.when u read this book .you will be able to imagine the whole story and u feel like the thing is happen ing with you only.just go with this book.ravindra sir has a very good ca...Read More


Kolkata, India

3 Reviews

A heartbreaking love story......

Dec 10, 2016 09:18 PM 239 Views

This is the story that everyone should read if they have ever been in love with or suppose to fall into it. The story is told in a very simple and neat manner. The flow is so smooth that you never know when you started reading it and when you finished it. The time flies while reading this boo...Read More


Yamuna Nagar, India

3 Reviews

I Too Had A Love Story....

Dec 04, 2016 05:34 PM 250 Views

First novel of my life. This book is a simple capturing the story of Ravin and Khushi. A true love tale. I became fan of writing style of Ravinder after reading this book. Just a simple story but while your reading this book you will realise that author has put his heart and soul in the book ...Read More

I Too Had A Love Story

Nov 30, 2016 12:19 AM 272 Views

One of those books which make you consider whether the Bollywood film industry is charged by genuine stories or additionally. Ravinder Singh, starts off with the delineation of a social gathering with his school associates and does not indicate them wherever inbetween beside when he needs to giv...Read More

Good book with heart touching memories

Nov 28, 2016 02:34 PM 241 Views (via Mobile)

I too had a Love story book was written by ravinder Singh, a software engineer. He is born in Orissa. I became a fan to his story while reading this book. The reader involves a different type of emotions while reading this novel. Simply I loved this story and it is heart touchable. ...Read More

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