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Goldflake Reviews

Cigarette goldflake

19 hrs 16 mins ago 41 Views

As a men, smoking is quite habitual. Few smoke daily and few smoke when in trouble. This brand was oldest and trusted brand.i have using this for about 3 years. It's marketing is too good. It is easily available even in small Villages. It is good quality product. It's packing quality also too go...Read More

Avoid smoking

1 day ago 37 Views

As we all know gold flake is a very comman name in cigrets, its pacaging is also in golden cllours, its easily available in all the stores, gold flake cigrete avlable in differnt sizes also small and big. so you can choose as per your choice I smoke gold flake for last 10 years in 5 years ...Read More

Please avoid it

4 days ago 50+ Views

I have started smoking since 20 years back I never changed my cigarette brand one of my favorite brand Gold Flake because it is available every where and you can get even a small shop, packing and design is very good and nice looking but what ever also cigarette is very dangerous to health I am ...Read More

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Not value for money!!

6 days ago 67 Views (via Android App)

I am drinking cigarettes since 1year and now I m a chain smoker I sarted with navy cut wgich at that times costs rupees 7 and at that time gold flake was of 4-5 I think. I get switched to gold flake after few days as because of low bugdet and then I started feeling like soo much hangover when...Read More


Sunder Nagar, India, India

8 Reviews

Ciggrate smoking

7 days ago 114 Views (via Android App)

Gold flake ciggrete is very dangerous.it cause mouth cancer, lungs cancer.on packet symbol are good but dont know why govt of india give them licence to manufacturing this product.smoke of cigarette hv many poisonous gases which damage lungs.i take a test on cigarette paper remove all tobbaco.an...Read More

Nit good for health

8 days ago 118 Views (via Mobile)

I'm a non smoker individual and completely in opposition to it. I dont apprehend whats so proper in smoking. Humans smoke in this kind of fashion they have got cracked a deal worth crores. Human beings smoke knowing the reality that its injurious to fitness and plenty of human beings smoke in pu...Read More


9 days ago 154 Views (via Mobile)

I just say why our government allow them to make this peoduct I wish that this product will be banned in india . And u can buy this product every nukkad nd every store, I just want to say please friends don't buy nd use it. Now I want to say that do u look at their packaging it was so nice bt...Read More


Mumbai, India

6 Reviews

Cigarette smoking is injurious to health

18 days ago 211 Views (via Android App)

I am going to brief you about the Gold flake cigarette, as we all know smoking is injurious to health but we don't understand the importance of message written on the cigarette packet, as cigarette contains tobacco and high nicotine which is injurious for our lungs. Gold flake cigarrettes are th...Read More

Very dangerous to body..

18 days ago 194 Views

Hello friends, Gold Flake is a leading cigarette brand in India.Its always available in almost all PAN, Kirana shops.Basically I don't smoke but I have been a victim to passive smoker.Its very dangerous to all, from the person who smokes and the once who take just smoke of it as passive smokers....Read More

Never say yes to smoke

29 days ago 255 Views

Firstly Cigarettes are very bad for health its very very bad and creates problem with our health not only goldfalke, all the cigarettes in this world should be get banned all of them are dangerous for any ones health, nowadays small age people also getting addicted towards this cigars which is v...Read More

Bure waqt ka sathi because of its price.

Nov 02, 2016 10:56 PM 273 Views (via Android App)

When I started to smoke cigarettes I used to feel proud that I am smoking gold flake but now if I ever got out of money then I smoke it secretly so that no one can see me while smoking it. the worst thing happens with it is its filter, its got shrink after 2-5 puff and after that neither u can t...Read More

Your life in danger

Oct 28, 2016 05:17 PM 277 Views

Glod flakes is a danger cigar these cigar give harmfull effect in our heart and mind and people live in your nighbour also effect dangerly Gold Flake is an cigarette brand owned, manufactured and marketed by ITC Limited, the leading cigarette maker in India. It is sold in various varieties, incl...Read More

Not too good

Oct 28, 2016 09:07 AM 308 Views (via Android App)

Gold flake is a cigaratte which is having a big name in india.because gold flake is a cigaratte which is most selling cigaratte in india and it is seen in all the provision stores because gold flake is a only cigaratte which is selling too much in india.gold flake is selling in a indian market a...Read More

Harmful for health

Oct 27, 2016 04:21 PM 284 Views (via Android App)

Hello everyone, I want giving message for all humen being about Goldflake Cigrate, Tambaku and etc.Goldflake is type of Cigrate which is very dangerous for health.It is type of slow poision and its taking every people happily but he don't know that it will your health damage and your life too.It...Read More


Bokaro, India

8 Reviews

My only Ex - Whom I ditched!

Oct 27, 2016 01:59 PM 274 Views

Well I saw many comments here - are they all teachers? Teaching them what to do and what not to do? Anyways I will share my story here-: When I was in STD 5 the essence of BIDI delighted me everytime. Then I started smoking Wills Navy Cut and then Gold Flake(because Nave cut became 2.50 &a...Read More

It is your lungs or a cigarette

Oct 26, 2016 11:39 PM 315 Views (via Android App)

I dont smoke cigarettes and iam writing this review to guide everyone the negative hazards of cigarettes to your life. Once tried we get addicted. The smoke gets stored in your lungs. That results in tumor and cancer. Various products and other chewing gun is present in the market for cigaret...Read More

Dangerous to health

Oct 24, 2016 05:45 PM 315 Views (via Android App)

This is a very very dangerous product to health and this is not good to human body becouse this product are totally bad effected to human body and many harmful to effected like kidney, heart problem and many problem to this product to use. It is a very wrong to and I never keep this bad product....Read More


Oct 24, 2016 05:23 PM 326 Views (via Android App)

This is not good commodity to use which is makes very harmful to humans please avoid this type of products. Goldflake cigarates is the really harmful product which effect on your lungs, kidneys, liver etc. It is a not good product after using this product you will attached which this product ...Read More

Gold flake injuries to health

Oct 24, 2016 01:35 AM 387 Views (via Mobile)

Howdy companions Goldflake being smoking cigerrate organization has now limitless marketting in india and just about 50% of grown-up individuals are utilized to the smoking without knowing its outcomes. In spite of the fact that beingnthe promisser by help on its cover that it crushes your lungs...Read More

Its a slow poision

Oct 23, 2016 11:00 PM 374 Views (via Android App)

We can leave our life happily as there are many source of entertainment in the world they what is the need of slow poision like sigarate. I dont only say about goldflake I say about all type of sigarate. So I suggest all my elder and younger not to smoke because its the main cause of cance...Read More

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