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Dettol Soap Reviews

Best health with dettol..

1 day ago Read (via Mobile)

Dettol saop is one of the best option for best health as per my knowlegde. Every product of dettol is best for health. Dettol soap is fighter of germs. The size and shape of dettol soap is too good. if anyone take daily bath with dettol soap then there is no issue of health problem. The pr...Read More

Removes germs

1 day ago Read

The soap itself looks fine.It has a nice shape, sort of like an 8., so is less likely to slip out of your hand.It has a faint color and pleasant odor and very soapy indeed.a little bit goes a long way.It does not make skin rashes disappear in one day but it helps in clearing some troublesome bla...Read More

Impeccable quality and extremely light on pocket

1 day ago Read

This is a product which has given me complete satisfaction in terms of offerings for me, a germ free and very economic soap. The quality offered is really good, this is one of the best available products in its segment. It also has a very nice fragrance to add up to the package. The bes...Read More

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Best Soap Ever!! Dettol !!!!!

2 days ago Read

Hello my friends I like to share my view in dettol soap. friends I use dettol since from last 15 years. All products of dettol are nice, trusted and oh high quality. Dettol takes care of my skin everyday. As a student I like to play chill with the friends and due to which I am sweat al the ti...Read More

Dettol is the best soap

6 days ago Read

Hello friends today I will share my experience with Dettol soap. This is one of the best soap in terms of health but not in terms of moisturizer. Dettol cool is good soap during summer.Dettol available in three verity.it is very good our skin.The dettol soap now comes in various fragrances as we...Read More

Dettol soap

7 days ago Read (via Mobile)

Dettol soaps nourishing moisturizers that also provides trusted gem protection from a wide range of unseen germs.It helps skin be smoother and healthy everyday.personal hygiene plays a critical role in preventing the spread of illness and infection.poor hygiene csuses infection, skin complaints,...Read More

Dettol soap

8 days ago Read

Dettol is a very good soap for our decision because it protects from parent(which tins not be seen by naked eyes) up to 99% It is available in many different fragrances in market which impress the clients very much but I usually use its original one due to its better consequences than others....Read More

Trusted protection

9 days ago Read (via Android App)

Dettol soaps are now available in many variants in the market, like original, skin care, menthol cool etc. Dettol is a very famous brand in indian market from many years. As we are using this product also from much time, I love its fragrance of original soap, since childhood. like most os the...Read More

Dettol Soap

9 days ago Read

Dettol Soap is good soap to use while bathing in bathroom or any other places . It is easily available on online shopping website like:- Amazon.com , flipkart , snapdeal , or on other online shopping website you want . Fragrance is also good of this soap . We can ...Read More

Dettol soap

9 days ago Read (via Mobile)

Friends I am telking my experience about this soap this is a good soap which I use daily.it clears my hands and remove the germs .before I take food.i wash my hands from this daily.it removes germs from my hands easily Also its smell is very good .it is also a cheap soap then others.i really ...Read More

One of the best Antibacterial soap i have used..

10 days ago Read

Dettol is the one of the most popular antibacterial soap in india, it is available in every grocery soap and chemist soap. The fragrance of this soap which I like most because it has unique fragrance which is not found in another soap. Antibacterial soap is work against unseen bacteria, th...Read More

Best Antibacterial Soap

10 days ago Read (via Mobile)

Before going to start with Dettol it is important to educate why Antibactarial soap is necessary.Antibacterial soap is a type of cleaning product which contain chemical ingredients that purportedly assist in killing bacteria. Studies have found that soap containing antimicrobial active ingredien...Read More

Dettol soap is one of the best soap

13 days ago Read

Hi, I like to tell about dettol soap. I am using the soap from my childhood. And till now this soap is my and my families favorite soap. the fragrance is very good and I use to of this soap. Also when I go somewhere I take the dettol soap on my bag. overall this is a good soap and no one can tel...Read More

Give protaction

13 days ago Read (via Android App)

Dettol soap is best soap for protect from bacteria. Other soap do not protect as compare to this soap. It remove the smell of sweat. In summer it is best soap because it protect us from infection which occur durring season. I like the different flafour of dettol. Me and my all family mambers are...Read More


13 days ago Read

Hello, the dettol is the best soap. last ten year my family used only dettol soap because it was clen the germ and protect your body. if you are used dettol soap then less problem in your health.many type of flavor available in the market but I used only original flavor dettol.i daily wash my ha...Read More

Happy to use dettol

16 days ago Read (via Android App)

I dont use any other soap as I know about Dettol soap since long time. I love to use dettol soap. I have very sensitive skin so I use all soap but I get sideeffect of all . My mom and my all friends told me to use dettol soap. I started using dettol soap. Now, I made it a habit to use dettol soa...Read More

Original Soapi

17 days ago Read

Hi friend today I will share my experience with the one of the basic need of our lifestyle that is soap for bathing, han wash etc. I am using the Dettol soaf since 5-6 yares it is very good soap and now a days it is avilable in many varities with different differt varities. It will removers the ...Read More

Protective soap!!!!

17 days ago Read (via Android App)

This is one of the best soap in terms of health but not in terms of moisturiser because this soap do not contain that particular particles which moisturise the skin of people. The dettol soap now comes in various fragrances as well as various smells. This soap is clinically as well as scie...Read More

Use Dettol Soap for Good Health !!

17 days ago Read

Hi, I would like to share my personal experience with you guys, Dettol Soap is the one of the best bathing soaps I ever used as of now, one should use it not only as bathing soap but as a complete gems defender as you start using it you will experience it your self for better health, its fragran...Read More

Protective soap

19 days ago Read (via Android App)

Dettol cool is good soap during summer. It is good for our skin . Dettol avilable in three verity.Orange, sky and white. Orange is good in winter. my family is using now white dettole because it give both coldness and fragrance. Please aware when you buy dettol set beause with one set one dettol...Read More

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