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Dettol Soap Reviews

Great soap with excellent medicine qualities

3 days ago 44 Views

Great soap, top choice for home use to help prevent or alleviate acne, or for those at risk for infections including MRSA.(Also has a high-quality bar soap base.) As a university microbiologist who has suffered two instances of personal MERSA infection in private life, one involving a limb-threa...Read More


Rewari, India

11 Reviews

Dettol soap is antibiotic soap

3 days ago 50+ Views

Dettol soap is once best soap in the market.its smiles was so good. the best think in soap is its hygienic for health. All the doctors prepare them for handwash and child care price rate in market is cheaper then other . I was use them last 03 year in my home for child care. Many ...Read More

Health and hygiene.

4 days ago 76 Views (via Android App)

Hello friends. today I am sharing my experience with my sweet and lovely friends. today we are discussing a Dettol soap. friends dettol soap is very good for using. many people using dettol soap.my family memeber also using dettol soap. fuelled by our passion to do more and backed by ou...Read More

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Proddatur, India

36 Reviews

Perfect soap

4 days ago 119 Views (via Android App)

Hello ! Guys to day I am going to tell you about Dettol soap .which is protect the skin diseases .And also keeps away the germs.Somany doctors were suggested to people and their patients to use dettol due_ to protection .Iwas used many of branded soaps.Now I selected this soap .Me and my family ...Read More

Dettol: Perfect Soap

5 days ago 85 Views

People used many soaps. In India, many soaps are in market. Some soaps are good, some are bad. Some soaps gives allergic reaction to skin, but Dettol is a perfect soap that can be used in daily life. It protects from germs and other harmful organisms. Many physicians recommend to patient to use ...Read More

Very nice germs protection soap.

5 days ago 87 Views (via Android App)

Hello guys today I am telling about. Datol Soap. The best soap I think. Very good soap for every one . It is very good soap I am using it two years till. I am feal very good after bathing this soap. Nice smell. You can use it daily for bathing and Hand washing. Its gives you germs protection. Fo...Read More

Germs free !

5 days ago 73 Views (via Android App)

Hello friends ! Today I am going to share my personal experience to my sweet and lovely friends about this product . Today we are discussing about Dettol soap . Dettol saop is an effective saop . it protect us from germs and lots of diseases that occur by those germs . Most of people like to use...Read More

Improve Fragrance

5 days ago 136 Views (via Android App)

Me and my family, we used dettol soap since it keeps away the germs. But I personally hate this soap be before it smells like toilet cleaner. I don't know about its other benefits but at least the fragrance should have been improved. The other variants are way better than this one. They don't sm...Read More


Kolkata Balurghat, India

251 Reviews


Soap ready

7 days ago 133 Views (via Android App)

The dettol and its prodct are being used by me always as tgey needed a lot gor goid or basd work done thars why the doctors are recomending for the liking being for the time always used and this have many fragrance but they have to be in the more fragrance becose they are so old modelleling are ...Read More

Healthy soap

7 days ago 120 Views

I am using dettol soap from 2 yr. it is trusted brand in India. it is antiseptic soap. it has decent fragrance.it gives great sense of freshness after bathing.it gives awesome assurance from germs.it is healthy soap.this soap is helpful for small children also. it protects us from infection. it ...Read More

I did not like Dettol

10 days ago 207 Views (via Android App)

I think many of people use detail soap for skin problem. They think it is a good soap for the skin but I say it a very very bad soap for skin care it also cause teaching problem. I use this soap for 3 months regularly and my skin caused by eaching like problems. The fragrance of this soap is not...Read More

Dettol Soap

11 days ago 138 Views

I have been utilizing dettol for insurance against germs since youth and not even once I had stomach infecrion.after utilizing this soap.This cleanser have my trust since I had utilized my hands in a large number of the grimy or unhygienic spots like repairing work.l, cleaning houses and washroo...Read More

Good aoap for children

14 days ago 157 Views (via Android App)

Mostly students residing at hostels are using dettol soaps. And it gives good results for rushhes and skin allergies. Dettol originol soap is the best soap for treatment to skin allergies. Dettol cool is the soap which gives cool condition to oir body. But its caste is more comparing to aother s...Read More


Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India

2 Reviews

Best Soap forever

14 days ago 196 Views

Dettol soap is just like a medicine. Dettol soap helps you to save your skin from skin disease. Every body can use this soap in any season. It's better than any other soap because it smells best, it is good about wastage in compare to other soap. Best for child to use after playing out door game...Read More


Mirganj,Bihar, India

20 Reviews


It's a not only soap it's a medicine

14 days ago 201 Views (via Android App)

Dettol soap is not a simple soap e.g Other soap Nay its a medicine for save us ill or any illness.its a very good soap.I always Bath time Handwash for use this soap.I advise You that You Are using Other Soap Except You Assimilate this shop.Its soap is a Two features. He wash our Hand Clean. ...Read More

Dettol Soap ....

16 days ago 205 Views

At my home we all are very particular of personal hygiene. We take precautions of brushing our teeth twice a day, using clean and separate towels, using antiseptic face creams and so on. Year ago, I made it a habit to use Dettol Soap. Following me, all the family members switched to the anti-...Read More

Old Which Is Not Gold

16 days ago 177 Views

Hwl Friends, Dettol soap was a popular soap in past time.I used to use this soap in past time. I start avoiding this soap because of its competitor like Lifeboy, Pears etc had started providing more variety as well as they are more better than Dettol Soap.At past there was not so competition so ...Read More

Not 100 percent grem free!!

16 days ago 197 Views (via Android App)

I used to take shower with this soap which is showing thier self at 100 percent germ free. I don't belive there are any company which make soap with 100 percent protection. this is totaly fake may I belive the remove germ but not 100 percent. I also belive frengnane is not a great at all. its...Read More

Health soap for healthy people

16 days ago 195 Views (via Android App)

It is the best soap for avoiding diseases from entering to our body . It kills all the germs and bacteria when we bath with this soap . Approximately I am using it since last 14 years but till now I didn't found any substitute for it . Fragrance is also very good same as coming in the d...Read More

Dettol Soap (Regular, Skin care and Cool)

16 days ago 181 Views (via Android App)

Dettol is well known for its soap and anticeptic liquid in early era. Here today I am giving my review on Dettol soap that comes in three varients i.e. Regular, Skin care and cool. I have used Dettol soap almost all the my childhood. Well firstlt regular dettol soap is very good for cleaning bod...Read More

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