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Dabur Meswak Toothpaste Reviews

It is not genuine one

2 days ago Read

About purging impact. It doesn't spotless any diamonds in the teeth. Doesn't function as you anticipated. Misuse of cash and time by utilizing this tooth glue. It doesn't give any whiteness to the teeth and clean of diamonds. I don't believe this item any longer to ruin my teeth. About fla...Read More

Dabur Meswak - Complete Oral Care Toothpaste

2 days ago Read

Hi Friends, I am using this from 6 months onwards and still using it. It is produced by the famous brand Dabur groups. It is purely made from the herbs of Meswak Plant which helps in fighting antibacterial fungus and protects our tooth. This Dabur group also into various contents like Dabu...Read More

Strong teeth forever

3 days ago Read (via Android App)

At every morning everybody using to brush ya juz use meswak paste and enjoy the refreshing mouth everyone feel the truth after using it. also it available for rupees ten twenty fifty etc. the quantitywise so it is budget friendly I feel the strength of my teeth after using this also im not havin...Read More

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Worse toothpaste

5 days ago Read

This is the worse tooth paste. it's a low quality product. we use product for better result but this product is totally disappoint me. I hate this prodcut.it hasn't cleansing effect quality. when I use it I didn't get any effect in my teeth. it has a worse flavor. I didn't get any improvement...Read More

Failed to impress

5 days ago Read

Failed to impress me as well as my family members as we gave a try with this toothpaste, the meswak tooth paste according to me the worst tooth paste I have been through the cleaning effect of this toothpaste is very bad and had no effective cleaning as such from this toothpaste, the flavor of t...Read More

Honest review about meswak toothpaste

6 days ago Read (via Mobile)

About cleansing effect. It doesn't clean any gems in the teeth. Doesn't work as you expected. Waste of money and time by using this tooth paste. It doesn't give any whiteness to the teeth and clean of gems. I don't trust this product anymore to spoil my teeth. About flavour. Overall goo...Read More

Meswak Toothpaste

30 days ago Read

Meswak Toothpaste is used by so many people and gets very satisfied. I am also the one of them and using it from the last years when I have some dental problem. The product is very good and very effective for the cleaning of the teeths. Its flavor is little bitter but quite having very good resu...Read More

IF you don't care about your tooth then buy it .

Feb 23, 2017 04:37 PM Read

I have used almost for a week this toothpaste. This paste is only just to clean you teeth there is nothing great thing in it. taste is also sweet and doesn't help to remove mouth smell, and also my tooth are bleeding . Only wastage of money to buy if want to get or cleaning that's good els...Read More

Meswak Toothpaste

Feb 16, 2017 12:24 PM Read

Hi Friends I had used many different different type of toothpaste during my life and Meswak also one of them, I used this toothpaste till a long time and during using this product I feel sensitivity due to its poor quality products So I stopped using the same During using the same I never ...Read More

Useful and good oral care

Feb 14, 2017 06:52 PM Read (via Android App)

Keeps your tooth safe by toothpaste has good flavor that gives you fresh for many hours and it has great effect on bad breathing.it helps to fight against plague and germs and helps to clean your mouth and make your teeth strong, white in few weeks.In my home we all use meswak because of its qua...Read More

Meswak Toothpaste

Feb 10, 2017 03:49 PM Read

I bought once Meswak toothpaste when I was travelling to the small town only this was in trande that location I also bought. price is also low and after using I got to know about the quality that is also low as price. I have used almost half of the tube then dumped into dustbin. This paste is...Read More

Herbal Product

Feb 08, 2017 10:20 PM Read

Meswak toothpaste is a herbal product. A very good oral care and giving us the satisfactorily result. Its flavour is very good and feel fresh after utilizing it. we all have been using since years back. The paste is very helpful for gums and teeth protection along with the cavity problems from w...Read More

A Good oral care

Feb 02, 2017 07:04 PM Read (via Android App)

I have been experiencing this toothpaste quite a long time.Its really a natural, good flavoured herbal product which is purely extracted from nature.It acts as a best purifying agent in the gums and teeth protection and works on all the cavity problems from which you are suffering from.Its reall...Read More

Meswak toothpaste

Jan 26, 2017 10:03 PM Read (via Android App)

We want every product for our growth and ourfacility.but anytime anyone product not as our think.i bought a toothpaste for our better clean.this was meswak toothpaste.there is no quality in this toothpaste that I could appriciate related to cleansing action.this product only sweet taste and that...Read More

Don't buy

Jan 26, 2017 04:12 PM Read (via Android App)

There is no quality in this toothpaste that I could appricaite related to cleansing action. Only this product will produce sweet scum and that looks amazing but when I wash and checkout the teeth then get to know it is the same as like before wash. I used only 1 flavour and found bad resul...Read More

Too bad effects.

Jan 21, 2017 05:34 AM Read (via Android App)

Hello friends. today I am sharing my experience with my sweet and lovely friends. today we are discussing about a meswak toothpaste. friends, meswak toothpaste is too bad toothpaste, many people say that , this is amazing toothpaste, but friends its a too bad toothpaste. some days ago I...Read More

Unsatisfactory result!

Jan 19, 2017 07:28 PM Read (via Android App)

I've thinking about it will give me satisfactory result but its still cut no ice and its have no effect at all. I've saw thier ads in Tv thought it will work but after using I've found its have no cleaning effect just like colget and closeup. flavor is bitter and hard to swallow I just don't ...Read More

Awful toothpaste !

Jan 19, 2017 03:53 PM Read (via Android App)

Hello friends ! today I am going to share my personal experience to my sweet and lovely friends about this product . today we are discussing about the product meswak toothpaste . meswak toothpaste is not an effective toothpaste . I used to this product for last 4 months to clean my teeth but it ...Read More


Jan 15, 2017 08:14 AM Read (via Mobile)

I bought meswak hoping for great results. It does not give the basic satisfaction of a fresh mouthfeel. As there is no way I can measure if it has prevented my teeth from germs or made my gums stronger, I can't comment on it. I am using it for about a month and I am sure to never use it again. ...Read More

Natural teeth protection.

Dec 22, 2016 08:03 PM Read (via Android App)

Meswak toothpaste is one the best toothpaste which I have used ever in my life. It is best toothpaste in the market there are many reason it is natural and less chemical used in it. I used it and I experience that my teeth looks better and feel strongness in my gems. The problem of gum bleeding ...Read More

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