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Can Love Happen Twice? - Ravinder Singh Reviews


Mahipalpu,Delhi, India

6 Reviews

Sach a nice book

1 day ago 14 Views (via Mobile)

Before this book I never heard about this man. And I think this is the first book that I bought . Sach a nice story in this book about the person's life love and everything. Is dis book you will get to know how he meet that girl and fall in love with her, how he purpose her .and the thing that I...Read More


Lucknow, India, India

2 Reviews

1 Follower

Love story book

1 day ago 27 Views (via Mobile)

Ravider again brought out a master piece.A book that show immense power of love.It was interesting to read to read the whole book.This story tell us the true definition of love.Falling in love is not under one's control .although a good book to read.

Simpicity with conviction

4 days ago 37 Views (via Mobile)

I have always fond of Indian writers and One friend recommend this book of Ravindra too me. I must say I have become is fan his writing is so simple yet has so much conviction, depth, relatibilty in his stories I have read his 3 books and they had quite solid impression on me and to be honest he...Read More

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Love story

8 days ago 38 Views (via Mobile)

Ravinder.alltym ma favourite. His love story.with khushi in I too had a love story is unforgettable. And now the simar too.the best n loving love story I ever read.made me to feel the love.its really an owsome heart touching story.The each line in the story make us to feel the love in inner core...Read More

Can Love Happen Twice? - Ravinder Singh

9 days ago 50+ Views

Ravindra Singh's first book'I too had a romantic tale' was an altogether different story in it's on way. I turned into a major aficionado of his composition in the wake of understanding it. The book was a blockbuster and it truly touched my heart. The candidly filled end constrained me to peruse...Read More

Can Love Happen Twice? - Ravinder Singh

11 days ago 62 Views

Can love happen twice is the book written by ravinder singh. The first part of this book was best selling and award winning and according to me that was I too had a love story. but as this book concern the author fall in love with the another girl for the second time. Their love relationship is ...Read More


Banglore, India

1 Review

Love happens

13 days ago 50+ Views (via Mobile)

This book is a very nice book to read .I feel its a really nice pass time and at the same time very suspicious about can you fall in love Twice .I like it .it's not that bad.though I don't believe in anything called as love and thing BT as far as the book it good .passtime

Can be much better

19 days ago 111 Views (via Mobile)

This story is a second part of I too had a love story. This love story shows how the writer move on in his life after her fiancé's death. He again found another love. I found the ending could be much better. The ending doesn't tell anything about what happens when they finally got together, the ...Read More

Not So Impressive Book

21 days ago 87 Views (via Mobile)

I wish I knew which parts of this book were fiction and which were authentic, with the objective that I could truly rate this book.It was a standard romance.Nothing special.After an extraordinary book like'I too had an affection story', the writer must be watchful while making a moment book. Rav...Read More

Good but not like his first one

23 days ago 161 Views

I had completed the story last night and I don't like it much. It is basically a story of ravinder at belgium. He meet a girl she is SHIMRAN then they becomes friend and then lovers. then when they decided to marry their understanding dose not match and they separated. That's all nothing m...Read More

An inspiring book for those for wish to move!!

26 days ago 96 Views

After reading Ravinder Singh's books'I too had a love story' no one can wait for his next book. Honestly, I was on my feet for his next launch.And then comes Can love happen twice? Read it in a single sitting and just once again loves Ravinder's work. This book tells how Ravinder move forward in...Read More

True love story ever

26 days ago 99 Views (via Mobile)

This is very heart touching story. love can happen twice as it is the most beautiful feeling on earth. God has created heart which always need love. At some stage of life it may happens that the most lovable person becomes the worst person of life. Unexpected things always happen in life. One sh...Read More


Uttar Predesh, India

14 Reviews

1 Follower

Can Love happen Twice?

28 days ago 111 Views

Really awesome story by Ravindar Singh. The story shows the real fact about how things changes when it comes to marriage. Love is different thing and marriage is different. This story tells you what really life is. Life is not a fairly tale but complicate.Ravin loves a girl again had cares fo...Read More


Bahawalpur, India

1 Review



29 days ago 111 Views (via Mobile)

This book is about the true story of love ?.I also read it I found it very interesting and informative.you can never examine this book.it has feelings it tells us about its writer feelings and emotions you can never find more information and entertaining book than it.


Nagpur, India

3 Reviews

Heart touching story

Dec 18, 2016 11:14 PM 141 Views (via Mobile)

Really awesome story by Ravindar Singh. The story shows the real fact about how things changes when it comes to marriage. Love is different thing and marriage is different. So you should be more wise while selecting your lifetime partner. Also story has one aspect where wealth is also one iss...Read More

Always a true point of life

Dec 18, 2016 07:07 PM 119 Views (via Mobile)

Yeah of course! Love can be happen twice.love is most beautiful feeling and after reading this book, I have more believe in love. As once a person have broken heart can make him realize that not to broke others heart .it will take tym to recover from first love but second love is more trustful t...Read More

Boring,not as expected.??

Dec 16, 2016 10:47 PM 152 Views (via Mobile)

I read this book in a train journey, and it really felt very boring.its the same old cliche love story like that of a bolly wood movie.plus it also doest have good narrative and settings.i would also like to comment about the the language, its very simple and not at all lucrative.

Real experience

Dec 15, 2016 09:45 PM 165 Views (via Mobile)

Ofcourse love happen twice. The story leads us through a beautiful experience which helps us to rethink our lost love and forget the worst experience and hurt that it gave. Love happens twice. There is someone in the world who loves us sincerly and make us belive there is a beautiful life ahead....Read More

Can Really Love Happen Twice

Dec 13, 2016 05:00 PM 153 Views (via Mobile)

Can love happen twice by Ravinder singh is an awesome novel.the book has the story about a boy whos ex girlfriend has died in an accident.the protagonist of the story stops believing in love.but a certain girl comes to narrators life and he felt in love with her .this is a great novel and I read...Read More


New Delhi, India

29 Reviews


Can love happen twice

Dec 13, 2016 11:13 AM 167 Views (via Mobile)

The story begins with Ravin’s friends meeting at Red FM’s office in Chandigarh, a popular FM radio station, where they were supposed to narrate the second book of Ravin who was admitted to a mental asylum where he was being treated for depression caused due to the heartbreak for his second break...Read More

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