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Can Love Happen Twice? - Ravinder Singh Reviews

Can Love Happen Twic

5 days ago 50+ Views

I didnt like his past book the prequel to this book I too had an affection story.I purchased this book thinking there would be some improvement.But beginning from the earliest starting point, this book was a mood killer. since this was his second book a little change in portrayal was normal yet ...Read More

Love happen twice

6 days ago 62 Views (via Mobile)

It's aswum book yes love can happen always love knows no season, age, tenure it just happens.and goes on in someone's life that's different thing we could not see but for that you have to see things differently open your heart with open mind and then let the magic begin keep your mind and body f...Read More


7 days ago 64 Views (via Mobile)

"Can Love Happen Twice?" by Ravinder Singh is a good novel. Ravinder Singh lost his girlfriend by an accident then he becomes mad for one and half year. After that long period, he becomes normal for his parents and goes to Belgium on work. There he meets an Indian girl and again falls in love wi...Read More

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A book of joy

8 days ago 92 Views (via Mobile)

The book'Can live happen twice" is the book which can not be left meanwhile. I can say about its a useful and intersting book for those who like to read books. This book will make him happy and joyable. This book reading means to read the truth of our society. Second the topic, discused in th...Read More


13 days ago 90 Views (via Mobile)

Love can happen twice.I think yes by reading the story of this book.I m very depressed in my own story but after reading the story I want to feel the love once again.thanks to the writer for giving such a romantic story to read nd inspire.I want that evry one should have to read the story one ca...Read More

Can Love Happen twice written by Ravinder Singh.

21 days ago 87 Views

Hello friends, I read a book in last month "Can Love Happen twice written by Ravinder Singh". This book is very popular in the world and one of the most wonderful books I've ever read, you can't put it down when you start reading. This was a long book to get through. I did not think I woul...Read More


Harnai, Maharashtra, India, India

8 Reviews

1 Follower

Can love happen twice?

21 days ago 130 Views (via Mobile)

The can love happen twice? Ravinder Singh is very nice book the story of this book is excellent I read this book. Ravinder fist say I love you . I like this story can love happen twice?- Revinder Singh to interesting story about the love . The can love happen twice?- revinder Singh to send massa...Read More


Kandivali, India, India

10 Reviews

Romance Book

25 days ago 169 Views (via Mobile)

First of thanks to ravinder for writing such a good book, it is just awesome, this book motivated me to love someone again, the writing and language is very simple, i read this book when I was broken and was looking for some motivation inside me, romantic and a very awesome book.


27 days ago 130 Views

When Ravin first said ‘I love you . . .’ he meant it forever. The world has known this through Ravin’s bestselling novel, I Too Had a Love Story. But did Ravin’s story really end on the last page of that book? On Valentine’s Day, a radio station in Chandigarh hosts a very special romantic cha...Read More

So better

27 days ago 142 Views (via Mobile)

Love, like life, is so insecure. It actions in our lives and occupies its sweet area in our hearts so effortlessly. But it by no means ensures that it'll stay there for all time. Probably that’s why it's so precious. The day I finished off analyzing “I too had a love story”, I had a query in my ...Read More

Love twice in life

28 days ago 149 Views (via Mobile)

This is the book that give you a lot of information about love and then you can get clarify on the love that can happened twice or not in your life. This is the best book that you find in your life that give you a lot of Clarify about love and other community happened ieshus in life and I have a...Read More


-, India

1 Review

Best Book

30 days ago 153 Views (via Mobile)

Can Love Happen Twice? - Ravinder Singh A book with not a lot of freshness .An Indian author who tries to put together a story of heartbreak hope and destiny.whoud have liked it had it had a good sense of vison. I suggest this book to be read by everyone once. and specially by them who don’t hav...Read More

Best book by Ravinder Singh

Nov 03, 2016 06:15 PM 142 Views (via Mobile)

Can Love Happen Twice? is a superb combination of love and romance. The day I finished this book I found that my view towards the love has totally changed. I suggest this book to be read by everyone once. and specially by them who don't have faith in love people like me. once you start reading t...Read More

Can give it a try

Nov 02, 2016 12:22 AM 174 Views (via Mobile)

Can Love Happen Twice? - Ravinder Singh A book with not a lot of freshness .An Indian author who tries to put together a story of heartbreak hope and destiny.whoud have liked it had it had a good sense of vison.You can complete this book in say 5 hours tops. Not a leangthy read and also no...Read More

Not good

Oct 28, 2016 02:34 PM 144 Views (via Mobile)

The day I finished off expertise "I too had a romantic tale", I had an inquiry in my psyche. By no means like you, I too asked myself, what may have took place with Ravin some time later? Will he locate a actual romance till the give up of time in his life? Will he have equal affections for some...Read More


Udupi, India

14 Reviews

Not up to the mark.

Oct 26, 2016 01:20 PM 136 Views (via Mobile)

Can love happens twice us sequel if I too had a love story. So expectations from author was more. But he could nt make. This is the authors second book but according to me it failed to create magic like his first book.as the end is not proper.the readers are in dilemma whether the hero will find...Read More

Awasome book written by ravindra singh

Oct 24, 2016 06:14 PM 158 Views (via Mobile)

It is a great love story written by ravindra Singh. You all must read this book it is awesome to read this book, the writer has done a fine job, t he writer describe about a second love story of man and a behaviour of human beings.w hen you read the book you feel that it is mine love story, it i...Read More


Oct 23, 2016 08:23 AM 163 Views (via Mobile)

Very good book amazing a big story very nice good book book book good amazing super book word is good good but one things is not good the word is not good good so the book is very good very so so so go no no no no no no no no yes no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no go book book book boo...Read More

Nothing special this book

Oct 21, 2016 12:46 AM 205 Views (via Mobile)

Hello companions I had perused the first book by ravinder singh-'I too had a romantic tale' and I had truly adored that book. you could really see every one of the feelings clarified in the book. It resembled you could picture it directly before your eyes. Be that as it may, the second book ende...Read More

Yet another dry story

Oct 19, 2016 10:18 PM 194 Views (via Mobile)

I didnt like his previous book the prequel to this book I too had a love story.I bought this book thinking there would be some improvement.But starting from the beginning, this book was a turn off. since this was his 2nd book a little improvement in narration was expected but alas it wasnt deliv...Read More

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