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Aamir Khan Reviews

Good actor but bad person

1 hr 39 mins agoRead

I've never liked Aamir Khan as a person. He comes across as very calculating in his interviews. He might be a good actor and a lot of people in India consider him a hardworking and humble person But I've never shared that view. Also I don't like his choice of movies like 3 idiots and PK which I ...Read More


3 days agoRead

Hello friends,Amir khan the king of Box Office as well as Mr. Perfectionist needs no introduction.World hails him for his hard work and tremendous effort to put our Movies Level high.We certainly know his mass popularity among Indians all over the World.His movie makes history at Box Office ...Read More

Amir khan the superstar

4 days agoRead (via Android App)

Amir khan is one of the famous personality in the bollywood industry.he is a versitile actor.the best movie among his movies are gajani, mann, mela etc.amir khan is known as the king of modern bollywood industry.gajani is one of the movies which has been broken the all records in terms of collec...Read More

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My super star Aamir Khan

5 days agoRead

There are many Bollywood actors but I love Aamir khan.I love his smile and his eyes.Aamir khan is very hard worker and He have lot of mass popularity and have a millions fans.he have a good personality.and his performance is outstanding His all movies performance is better than ...Read More

Why Aamir Khan is Famous of All

5 days agoRead

Aamir khan is one of the famous actors of Bollywood, the reason is that he has a pure heart and he is not greedy of making money, he movies depicts his personality and obviously leads to the trending popularity over the world, his personality is amazing physically and mentally both, he is a true...Read More

Dangal,s boy

5 days agoRead

Amir khan is a genius actor. GOD give him skilfull mind.he has a massive dialogue delivery, face expression. gesture etc. Amir khan is also work s a producere, director and dancer.he was directed'tare zameen par' movie with a better experience. I like the movie of Amir khan very much and special...Read More

Best Actor In The Bollywood Industry

8 days agoRead

First Of All This Is My Personal Review I'm Not Insulting Anyone.I Have Watched Almost Every Movie Of Aamir Khan And They All Are Marvelous.His Acting Is What Makes Aamir A Great Personalty.I Haven't Watched Other Reviews But I'm Sure 90% Will Be Positive.I Also Like Other Actors Like Salman Kha...Read More

Aamir khan is great actor and good Indian citizen.

8 days agoRead

Amir khan is best actor. he has good acting skill like as good dialogue delivery, face expression. gesture etc. Amir khan is also best producer. I like of cuteness of great actor amir khan. I like of movie of Amir khan. it is name of Dangal, 3 idiot, P.K. Andaaj apna apna, Sarfarosh, Lagaan and ...Read More

He is genious man

10 days agoRead

AMIR KHAN urf Mahamad Amir Hussain Khan is a good actor, We can say he is not only actor he is a actor with brain .I have watched his all movies, I think he is doing all his film work by using own mind and he is choosing selective films.he is cretive in his nature .All these film like Tare zamee...Read More


10 days agoRead

He is one of my favourite actors since my childhood. The thing that I like about him is that he is very dedicated actor. He does one film in the year. Now at this stage of his life he is not desperate. He is satisfied with one film but that one film he does creates history may it be 3 idiots, La...Read More

My best actor aamir khan

12 days agoRead

Aamir khan is an Indian person. the original of his mohammad aamir hussain khan, he was born in the 1965 in Mumbai.He is an indian actor, director, producer, and also one one of the singer. Through out in his career he is acting in Hindi. He is one of the best actor and most popular. He got ...Read More


12 days agoRead

AAMIR KHAN name is enough.Nothing need to say aamir means box office everest.Really he is the perfectionist of the bollywood.He can anything do for perfect movie for people.He is always gift us a super and perfect movie.His personality wow amazing.AAMIR is my ideal.His dont need popularity becau...Read More


13 days agoRead

Aamir khan is not just a name its much more than that, his popularity was started from the movie LAGAN it is still the material if you furnish it and deliver it now to the cinema hall it would still run more than 100 days house full. As his films are released once in a year, his demand could be ...Read More

Great personality!!!!

14 days agoRead

Aamir khan is one of greatest star of indian cinema .Well known for his acting and directional skill. IF you ask me well I m this biggest fan of his acting.I loved his movies as everytime he releaze his movie he had broken many records, that is unbelivable.Last movie of aamir khan that I had wat...Read More

One of the best actor

14 days agoRead

Aamir Khan is one of the popular actor in world.My inspiration is Aamir Khan and he is got a mass popularity not in India on whole world.I like his personality always.His personality is different from other and thats why I like him very much.He is a nice person.His performance is always ...Read More

Best dedicated actor

14 days agoRead

Aamir khan is one of the biggest star in india .he is so popular because of his hard work . when ever he releases the movie the records are broken .recently he has a released a movie called which has broken all records and created new history at the box office .he has transformed very well to su...Read More

Mr perfectionist

17 days agoRead

Amir khan is an indian actor his movies went to oscar nomination his movie awsome mind boggling no one can break history amir khan movies.his movies always based on social activities. he is different personality and different living standard .he is super star and he is never indulge in controvey...Read More

Review of the Aamir khan

17 days agoRead (via Android App)

Aamir khan is an india film , in his career he has Receved many award , his successful career in the film industry on the strenght of the most famous artist of the hindi film industry .Wjich includes four National film Awards and filmfare Award , seven hakkhan born tahir hussain ( filmmaker) and...Read More

Aamir Khan is Super Star ??

18 days agoRead

Aamir Khan - a name that Bollywood will remember forever. You may love him or hate him, but you can’t ignore him. He is a superstar on all fronts, and his fans adore him. Despite all the flops he had, all the controversies he went through, he is still amongst the top actors in Bollywood. I can h...Read More

Attractive personality

18 days agoRead

This is the one of the most attractive personality, he was first introduce child artiste in the 1970. He was the youngest child in the trio. He perposed to her day he turn 21. There was option since, He was from hindu family and from and dovote islamic one. So he got married, Amirkhan wife reena...Read More

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