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Reliance JioFi Reviews

Its a not bad gadget!.but it not also a good!

0 hrs 14 mins agoRead

This wifi creater is very cool.but it is hackable.yupp it is.actually it has a very powerfull speedomitre.but really it is not so expencive but not soo usefull!Check Speed Test, Battery Backup, WiFi Range. . You can use JioFi to connect up to 31 WiFi enabled devices to Jio 4G network anytime any...Read More

Reliance JioFi Is Good

7 hrs 28 mins agoRead (via Mobile)

Reliance JioFi 2 Wi-Fi is cheapest way to access the free data The Reliance JioFi is Wi-Fi hotspot and comes with the jio 4G SIM offer. Enjoy blazing fast internet., Download speed up to 150Mbps and upload speed up to 50 Mbps JioFi - 2G /3G to 4G Wi-Fi Router 4G data and HD Voice on your 2G/3G S...Read More

This is a very good jio wifi dongule

11 hrs 13 mins agoRead

The Reliance JioFi is WiFi hotspot and comes with the Jio 4G SIM offer. Here's my review of this device.A majority of the people buying Lyf smartphones for the Reliance Jio SIMs seem to have been picking up the entry-level Flame 3 and 4 devices. Their primary idea is to buy the cheapest poss...Read More

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God Gift For 3g , 2g andriod phone...

12 hrs 27 mins agoRead (via Android App)

Jio Fi Is God Gift for 3g and 2g phones.Becoz they cannot use 4g service in their mobiles but with the haelp of joi fi they can.Light weght and 2000mh battery.Its battery goes one complee day after charging.Small in size and Superb look.Goood , fantastic , superb, roock., lov...Read More

Reliance JioFi 2 Wi-Fi hub review: Cheapest way to

12 hrs 55 mins agoRead (via Android App)

The Reliance JioFi is WiFi hotspot and comes with the Jio 4G SIM offer. Here's my review of this device.A majority of the people buying Lyf smartphones for the Reliance Jio SIMs seem to have been picking up the entry-level Flame 3 and 4 devices. Their primary idea is to buy the cheapest poss...Read More


1 day agoRead (via Android App)

It has a 2010 Mah battery and it supports micro SD card with this device you can have voice calls on 3g handset also you can connevt this devices with 31 devices in one go ( as per box instructions) . it is a bit tiny device.it has a device and a charger in box a USB cable and a wall plug batter...Read More

About jio service

1 day agoRead (via Android App)

Jio is good internet provider but sometimes it's network is very slow. During ipl match is starting and when ipl is closed .data speed is fast. But I am not understand why jio give free service which number have no any recharges like 99, 303, 309e.t.c.i also use jio and I do recharges of 99, 149...Read More

No Support

1 day agoRead

For past 2 days, Am facing the following issues I have subscribed for daily 2gb usage. Yesterday night I had kept the dongle ON and this 2bg was used by morning 5 am. and during this time no device was connected, so as a precaution I switched off the device and today when I started the dongel th...Read More

Reliance jioFi Rocks

1 day agoRead

Reliance jioFi gives high speed internet with nominal price, its a 4G enable device and we can connect 10 devices. One can use HD calling via this device.Only problem of connection is that sometime it operates with very low data transfer rate, battery consumption is average.its a portable device...Read More

Reliance jio fi is very good product .

1 day agoRead (via Android App)

Reliance has introduced its portable Wi-fi internet router named Jio-Fi. The second generation of the dongle is available on the market since earlier this September. JioFi wifi router can be connected with non-4G devices as well. Hence, it is of use to a much wider range of customers.IWi-fi ...Read More

Reliance jio wifi diatels

1 day agoRead

Raliance jio network is good and hi speed is very good 10 hospit fir bhi net supar I think jio is best netwok sab se sata or achhabhi he to jio aane se aaj me sub se kanek ted hu jio wifi se mera 3g phone me opret karne bahut maza aata he or jio ke wifi lene par aaj bahu khush ho rahi aatatk muk...Read More

Jio fi is the best...

2 days agoRead (via Android App)

Last 2 months I used jiofi.Jiofi offering hi speed Internet.Battery is superb.Design is super cool.Networking is good.Comfortable to carrying anywhere also you carrying you pocket .Jiofi - 5/5 my rating.Data speeds is also super fast.We also insert a memory card i...Read More

Unworthy due to frequent disconnection problem

2 days agoRead (via Android App)

Internet speed :Specifically with this device I have never found its internet speed on satisfactory terms and performance.At same time , jio's mobile sim works better than this device with quite higher internet speed.Rating - 2.5/5Connection Reliability :Its One of the major ...Read More

Faster Net.

3 days agoRead (via Android App)

Hey guys this is really very good device for WIFI create. It is came from Relaince Gio. You can enjoy faster internat. Without a 4G phone. I was buy this before five months ago from Snapdeal.com. It is deaigned very well. Looks are very good. Stylish Wifi device. So guys if you want to use and e...Read More


3 days agoRead

JIOFI is the best dongle now in market. it has a best internet speed as my speed shows 50-60Mbps. and at night on the peak hour I can easily download 20-30 GB of data every night. and the best part is that the connectivity support is best in its class. at my home used 8 device at the same time...Read More

Very good for offers

3 days agoRead (via Android App)

Reliance jiofi is the best service provider in the similar line of business.it breaks the monopoly of airtel, vodafone, etc.but it is having very much network issue.and if network is poor den how we can enjoy the free service of reliance jiofi.so o just request to improve the network ebery werer...Read More

It is the best product for 3G users.

3 days agoRead (via Android App)

Jiofi is the best pocket wi-fi in this generation wi-fi' s.Jiofi is the one type of pocket wi-fi it is best product for 3G users who use 4G internet in 3G phones. Its connection is too good than other networks.It gives 1.8 mbps speed but if we have to go for call its network for call not...Read More


4 days agoRead (via Android App)

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4 days agoRead

I use this device to my laptop I feel very comfortable and also very fast browsing and also I use to this device to my mobile simultaneously overall my experience is very good price also very good connection reliability is very good and service and support is very good they take very less time t...Read More

JIoFi is The Greatest Product in the world

4 days agoRead

Hello Frends, I, m Sukhbir Punia.Last 1 month use in Reliance JioFi I have been doing this is quite networkBest internet speed(2mb from 8, 9mb)Make it veey easy to run and easily through the internet from 4 to 6 phonescan run on 2g and 3g phone and you too canReliance JioFi inter...Read More

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