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Hathway Broadband Reviews

All time best

1 day agoRead

Hi I am using hathway broadband for last 2.5 years my speed is 50Mbs 50gb per month is amazing internet service if I download any 2gb movie on torrent it downloads in 10 min. I would suggest to all my friends for hathway connection and I know thir are some people they are not satisfied with hath...Read More

Fastest Internet connection

1 day agoRead

I live in New Delhi. I recently bought Hathway broadband connection. It's the BEST& FASTEST broadband service provider. I am getting 50Mbps speed. It is also the most affordable internet service provider Delhi. I am getting 650GB data at 50Mbps speed at just around Rs. 800 /per month. Isn't ...Read More

Useless connection

1 day agoRead

I am using hathway for last 8 months. and to say the least it is worst service provider that I have used. In past and still using other service providers like airtel, Bsnl. From speed and service support this is the worst. Dont go for it at any cost. it is just money waste.I m waiting for my...Read More

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Pathetic broadband service

3 days agoRead

Hi,Please note that I have approached Hathway broadband for connection at Indranagar Gachibowli Hyderabad. As the sales agent was Mr. Khan(8121658697), to whom we proactively multiple time's asked wheather, service being available at our place "His answer was" firm as available.We have g...Read More

Worst internet service provider

3 days agoRead (via Mobile)

From the past 30 days 25 days disconnected. if u don't have the money to run this service beg the customers for Money but don't cheat the customers in the name of internet.Daily disconnecting. Worst service I ever had. If we Call customer care, no one answer, ivr will tell u wat's the proble...Read More

Fluctuating connection

4 days agoRead

I am writing this review based on the service offered by the Hathway customer service in the mira road region. The office of this company is 10 minutes from my house which is a good thing for me, however since the day I have taken my internet connection from them I have been facing the problem o...Read More

Hathway Broadband - with in price range

4 days agoRead

Hello guys today I am going to share you about my personal opinion about my Internet broadband connection naming Hathway Broadband. I am using this service for last 6 months and after using this I am sharing only genuine review about this service.Internet Speed: I have purchased the package ...Read More

A broadband with good service

5 days agoRead

Every time when I purchase an internet connection I felt that I was cheated in the sense of rate or service. But whenever I purchased the hathway connection, what a speed with affordable rate and very well service. when I am in trouble in every point of view, I get in touch its concern person. I...Read More

Bad Service!!

5 days agoRead (via iOS App)

Hi All,I have taken Hathway internet connection last year due to poor service we have disconnected it.Hathway representative was more polite when I asked for new connection, till I make payment they were really nice . After making payment for connection representative has started ignorin...Read More

Worst broadband service

6 days agoRead (via Android App)

Hello guys hope you will fine and today I will share my review about Hathway broadband.i have taken this connection and started using the broadband.The first thing I noticed in first 2-3 days that the speed of broadband is not up to the mark so I was slight disappointed with the speed of this br...Read More

Worst internet speed and service

6 days agoRead

Hathway is not a good internet service provider, i activated high speed unlimited plan.internet is very slow after 10 days even youtube video is not able to stream.about service and support, the technicians are not at all feeling responsible when a problem occurs.they reacted after 3 days of req...Read More

Hathway Broadband...

6 days agoRead

Hii friends,Hathway Broadband is so good. It is good for the one who is taking wifi for the 1st time as it provides router as well. This broadband service is very fast. It is internet speed is good. This interner connectivity range is very higher.The connection speed is upto the mark as ...Read More

HathWay Broadband User Review After 3 Usage

6 days agoRead

I am sharing my review on Hathway broadband after 3 years usage.This is the one of the best broadband have in the market.It provides very good speed with low of cost.Service is awesome.Performance,service and reliability on speed I can give 5 stars.Internet Speed: No bufferin...Read More

Hathway is understandable internet provider

6 days agoRead (via Android App)

Hello friends I have recently connected a internet connection of Hathway during time of installation I have asked what are the advantage I will get after connection with this he had told me that you will get better internet speed our price is less than any other broadbandAfter connection spe...Read More

Hathway - Bad Service Providers

7 days agoRead (via Android App)

Hathway provides you with an internet connection which promises us to give internet connection with 150Mbps but when we check the download speed and the upload speed, we get to analyze that it is way far away than the promised speed. The only good thing about it is that it provides 1000 Gb which...Read More

Slow and unstable service

7 days agoRead (via Android App)

Hathway Broasband is a internet service provider, it provides internet connections.I used 4mbps service but I used to get 1mbps only and after complection of given 30gb data the speed will fall down to 100 to 200 kb/sec.-internet speed is slow sometimes I uses to lost connection . it wil...Read More

Dumb services

7 days agoRead (via Android App)

Internet speed is so poor that even on 2mbps plan it took video to buffer on 360 resolution.Connection reliability is so worse that even some clouds occur on sky connection is gone for 2-3 hrs, and on asking customer service the delay is due to rainfall everything is liar of hathway services...Read More

Fake Broadband connection

7 days agoRead

I don't know how but they actually fake these speeds because earlier I had a 2 MBPS connection that played 8K video without any buffer.now I have 50 MBPS Hathway connection and video at just 480p buffers alot and I don't get any download speed.I know browsing torrent websites is illegal in I...Read More

Useless Service

8 days agoRead

I have been using hathway 150 mbps plan since 2 weeks, so far I have registered 2 complaints related to connectivity issues, the average problem solving time is more than 24 hours and, also they are not providing committed speed as per the plan. The average speed that I get is 60 mbps. My humble...Read More

My First InterNet.

8 days agoRead

Hathway Broadband Is So Good.And This Internet Seppd Better Then Other Broadband .I have this internet connection is 2 years and I recharge EveryMonts 460 Rupes And I Shall Used 1000 Rupes Internet I Give 460 Rupes Only.This Broadband Customer Serive Is So Good . Any Problem I Call Customer Serv...Read More

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